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  • Tech Media Obsessed With Deals & Rumors – Bring Back Ideas | Web Designers, Leicestershire and Midlands - SEO, CMS, Ecommerce | Ideanetics
    lists several characteristics of his post idea world There is the eclipse of the public intellectual in the general media by the pundit who substitutes outrageousness for thoughtfulness and the concomitant decline of the essay in general interest magazines And there is the rise of an increasingly visual culture especially among the young a form in which ideas are more difficult to express Information Thinking So less intellectuals more pundits less essays more posts less text more visuals But Gabler is careful not to blame any of those factors for the lack of ideas Rather he notes that the huge increase in the availability of information has caused the post idea era The real cause may be information itself It may seem counterintuitive that at a time when we know more than we have ever known we think about it less emphasis mine It s a valid argument although one that futurist and author Bruce Sterling disagrees with What Gabler is really lamenting according to Sterling is how annoying it is to have the former audience tweeting at each other instead of reading the New York Times There s some truth in that observation in that the world of ideas is no longer limited to intellectual figureheads talking down to the rest of us However I mostly think Gabler is right we know a lot but before we can think about it deeply we ve moved onto the next thing Certainly in the tech blogosphere which has been my intellectual playground for the past decade I ve noticed a distinct downward spiral in ideas For the full article please click the source below Article Source ReadWriteWeb Google Rankings Explained Why Ideanetics We not only build beautiful websites but aim to generate more enquiries leads and sales for your business We

    Original URL path: http://www.ideanetics.co.uk/latest/bring-back-ideas/ (2016-04-24)
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  • The Future of WordPress | Web Designers, Leicestershire and Midlands - SEO, CMS, Ecommerce | Ideanetics
    the battle against spam be won MM I don t think it ll ever be won but we seem to do the most damage to spammers when we focus less on the symptoms and spam and go to the root economic interests that are driving it These are essentially criminal activities so I think it s best to target them through finances like payment processors MB Publishing has become more accessible and less elitist which instinctively we feel is a good thing but at the same time it now means that we get widely varying content quality with poor quality content being a real problem on the web How do we reconcile these two issues MM There was bad content on the web before publishing was easy before WordPress existed it s just a matter of life Everything is good to somebody even if it s just that somebody that wrote it Ultimately I think the benefit to the world of everyone having a potential voice outweighs the folks who might misuse that freedom MB When is WordPress not a good choice as a CMS MM If you prefer to run a non PHP environment like Node Ruby Java or whatever WordPress is probably not the best fit MB WordPress development Could you share with us some of the mistakes did you make And what would you have done differently MM The early mistake I made in WordPress development was trying to do it all myself even though it was an Open Source project In the WordPress community a consistent theme has been that the more people contribute their best work the better the end product is and my primary job is just to get out of the way It took me a while to learn that but now it s ingrained MB Many people know about WordPress but very few people know about Automattic can you tell us about it MM Automattic is the company I founded a few years after WordPress to provide world class services for the WordPress ecosystem like a user friendly version at WordPress com anti spam with Akismet com backup and security with VaultPress com and surveys and polls with Polldaddy com We re now 90 full time folks around the world working to make the web a better place both through the products I listed above and through significant contributions to the core WordPress software which we contribute to but don t control MB What advice can you give to young programmers developers who would like to follow in your footsteps MM If you re a developer you re already five steps ahead of everyone else Scripting is the new literacy and the ability to learn and execute on your ideas without relying on anybody else is going to be invaluable as you iterate and experiment on building something It s good to build for yourself first because in the worst case scenario where no one else likes it at least you will

    Original URL path: http://www.ideanetics.co.uk/latest/the-future-of-wordpress-qa-with-founder-matt-mullenweg/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Monitor Your Reputation with Networking | Web Designers, Leicestershire and Midlands - SEO, CMS, Ecommerce | Ideanetics
    around the world in a matter of moments Tools like HootSuite and and TweetDeck allow you to see when your company name is being used in a Tweet Twitter is also a great tool for your customer service representatives to monitor Many consumers Tweet complaints or ask for help so being able to quickly respond to a user is a great way to maintain a good relationship with that user as well as protect your online reputation An angry Twitter using can quickly become a satisfied customer Google Realtime will show you how much social networking activity has been going on around your search This can include your company name products brand name employees etc It should be noted that most of the Realtime results are pulled from Twitter as Google does not have access to Facebook information Bing however does incorporate Facebook into their search results You can stay also stay up to date by setting email alerts that note every time your desired phrase is used online This includes social networks articles press releases blog and more It s a good way to get a snapshot of where your company name is being used and it what context Set up several alerts using different keywords company name brand name well known employees etc so you don t accidentally miss something Most businesses would be wise to also keep their business profiles and local search profiles under heavy scrutiny Sites like Yelp are a breeding ground for customer reviews the good the bad and they ugly As more and more customers are looking to these sites for peer recommendations a steady string of average or bad reviews could keep potential customers away Encourage satisfied customers to write reviews as a way to counteract any negative ones Article Source Search

    Original URL path: http://www.ideanetics.co.uk/latest/monitor-your-reputation-with-networking/ (2016-04-24)
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