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  • Great tools for testing cross-browser compatibility | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    if you want to test the design of your latest newsletter but it works well for websites too Simply enter a URL and see how it appears on the most popular web browsers Easy IE NetRenderer Anyone familiar with web design will know what a pain Internet Explorer can be due to the significant differences between versions Allowing for the various quirks of every version is incredibly difficult but IE NetRenderer lets you test your website on most of them from 5 5 to the current 11 Once again it s as easy as entering your URL It s free too Browsera This is really useful to quickly test entire websites because Browsera is able to crawl your site looking for imperfections which may harm cross browser compatibility It is also capable of looking behind logins therefore if you offer a web application of some kind Browsera can log into it and see what lies beyond without you having to do so yourself Very clever In conclusion These tools are fantastic for web designers there s no doubting that However nothing beats good old fashioned manual testing Some of the tools above are able to test your website on hundreds of browser and device combinations however some are so rare that you needn t lose too much sleep over them Those browsers we listed at the start of this blog post are the ones to focus on Even if your website has been around a while in fact definitely if that s the case spend some time this week testing it on the leading browsers You might be surprised by what you find No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You

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  • Why responsive design beats mobile-only hands-down | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    it actually exists for a very good reason Website visitors have the exact same expectations when they visit a website whether it be on their desktop computer or mobile phone The latter shouldn t result in a watered down experience Because of this it is all too easy to turn to separate mobile websites citing responsive websites as simply a way of rearrange columns That s looking at it a little too simply though Re arranging website elements is all well and good but why not grant mobile visitors the ability to choose the content they want to display That will significantly enhance their experience You no longer need to categorise the experience Some websites have experimented with different presences in order to enhance the mobile experience For example they will categorise the use cases there ll be one for those operating a mouse one for those using their fingers and perhaps one which collaborates with mobile operators in order to offer free access to the website in question All in all it gets very complicated and the user suffers There is no such thing as a use case category any more It s easy We can get awfully tied up in marketing and design jargon but responsive web design comes down to one thing ease of use The user doesn t have to do anything websites just work on any device they possess Not having to think about what you re doing ensures the browsing experience is uninhibited Make your website responsive and you ll find engagement will increase significantly Everyone s a winner No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily

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  • Why visuals aren't everything in web design | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    exists Just like a print advert of old it is designed to make your company money Therefore if you invest X amount in visuals for your website you re going to want to see a return You want it to look good but over spending on fancy design is one of the biggest mistakes you can make Things move on Quickly Technology evolves at a staggering pace and web design is a neat example of just how brutal it can be What was once considered cool is suddenly bloated inefficient and jarring And you don t have to look back far either We re not talking about websites from the 90s No even a couple of years ago there are examples of design trends which promised so much yet failed to catch on As a result many pockets were emptied of cash in order to jump on each of these bandwagons That s cash which won t be seen again The current trend of flat minimalist web design is a little more positive as it forces us to be more sparse with our design considerations It is also a great example of why focussing on trendy visual elements simply isn t a good idea ensure your site looks good of course but don t go overboard User experience can be damaged How often have you arrived at a website only to be frustrated by the inability to move freely through the various pages Sure it looks amazing but where on earth is the About Us button Over designing can cause havoc with usability We take usable websites for granted these days but next time you find yourself genuinely enjoying the experience of browsing a website ask yourself why I can guarantee it won t be because of the way it

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  • Templating: is it for you? | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    that no matter where they are within your web presence they know it s you Why templating is a good idea Firstly there s a huge cost saving attributable to templating Multiple websites can be rolled out quickly and with the use of content management systems the unique content for each added without breaking the brand message Templating avoids confusion on the part of the customer If one company sells three different software solutions and chooses to advertise them via three different websites retaining brand recognition may be one of the most important parts of their business plan Templating ensures the brand s colours design and ethos are not lost across those websites Why templating is a bad idea It s not perfect Nor does it suit every business In our software company example above it may well be that the firm wants to establish separation between the products and present them as entities themselves Templating can remove the uniqueness from a product or service It is also far too easy to get lazy with templating too Creating a template which works across multiple web presences is a challenge for any web designer and those who are more keen to get our of the door at 5PM may take shortcuts in order to build a website which can quickly and dirtily be copied and pasted into another website Templating can also introduce too much rigidity Trying to account for all outcomes isn t the best idea if the content on the website changes dramatically or if it needs to occupy different elements of the page throughout the site Is templating for me Templating is cost effective no doubt But it shouldn t be viewed as a cheap way of building a web presence Before deciding whether or not it is

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  • The fundamentals of images in web design | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    it ll often beat words hands down in terms of engaging the visitors on your website Before you place any image ask yourself if it is sending the right message If it s just there to make up the numbers forget it Don t forget the fundamentals Size composition contrast and quality are all aspects you want to keep at the forefront of your mind when choosing photography and imagery for your website Don t skimp on any of those elements and don t be afraid to invest in high quality images Appeal of the image You want to elicit something from visitors to your website Does the image you ve selected work on an emotional level Does it show the benefits of your product What about your brand Does it fit in with the image you ve worked tirelessly to create over the last few years Placement of images is absolutely crucial It is believed most people read websites in an F format i e they follow the lines of that letter as they read the page Consider this when placing photos and imagery You want them to be surprised delighted and drawn in at the right stages of their journey through your page The best piece of advice we can give about images in web design however is to ensure that every image on the page has a purpose It might just be one bold image scanning the width and breadth of the home page or it might be several which guide the user to your call to action CTA Whatever the purpose is make sure it relates back to the reason your website exists No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 6
    true across the board worrying about information falling below the fold is something that doesn t need to cross a designer s mind too much allowing the focus to be put on making the information and content as relevant and useful as possible knowing that almost all visitors will scroll down to find it and read it anyway It s worth pointing out that opinions on the matter are still divided but the results certainly make for very interesting reading all the same No Comments Read More Tweet The Importance of Upwardly Responsive Web Design This was posted by Adam Lewis on January 22nd 2015 We ve mentioned a number of times on this blog the importance of responsive web design for smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets but responsive web design is also important for larger devices Upwardly responsive web design is particularly important when optimising your website s layout for people using much larger screens often with very high resolutions People using the latest iMacs for example and there s a lot of them will have a large screen resolution which will often result in a lot of dead white space on websites which could be used for other purposes The statistics on users of larger screens may be surprising with studies showing that 65 of visitors have a screen resolution larger than 1 280px wide 33 of them having a resolution greater than 1 680px wide and a relatively large 20 having more than 1 920px of screen width to play with That might not seem like a lot but the simple fact is that you re likely to have more users with ultra large screens greater than 1 920px wide than you are mobile and smartphone users With this in mind then it s very important that your website is optimised and responsive for larger devices as well as smaller mobile devices In fact you could say it s even more important Back in the day when there were only a handful of screen resolutions and everyone accessed the internet on a desktop computer using Windows responsive design wasn t really necessary Nowadays though it s become one of the most vital aspects of website design If your website isn t designed and optimised with a responsive layout there s a very good chance that a large number of your visitors won t be able to view your website properly which could leave you losing business Fortunately having a responsive website layout created for your website doesn t need to be difficult or expensive Take the bull by the horns and give us a call and we ll talk you through the options and explain the benefits to you clearly and concisely No Comments Read More Tweet Northampton Digital Agency Launches New Website This was posted by Jonathan Bentley on January 21st 2015 To celebrate the start of an exciting new year we have launched a new website for Northamptonshire s much loved hospice Cynthia Spencer The new site www cynthiaspencer org uk includes an abundance of fabulous pictures detailed information about the work and services the Hospice provides both within the Hospice itself and out in the community as well as everything anyone needs to know about fund raising from forthcoming events to the very latest news about monies raised And what Fund Raising Manager John Helm believes makes this new website so special is the fact that it has a real community feel There has been a tremendous amount of good will in putting together our new site Not only did the photographer Charles Ward give up an entire day to capture the real spirit of the Hospice by taking some terrific photos but all the models patients and staff generously gave up their valuable time to make sure we had the best possible pictures We are hugely grateful to them all Continued John We are extremely pleased with the finished result and cannot thank in house media enough for all the work they have done developing the new site We believe that together we have come up with something that is totally visitor friendly easy to navigate and perhaps most importantly includes up to date relevant information on all aspects of the Hospice For information about the Hospice or how you can help visit www cynthiaspencer org uk No Comments Read More Tweet Content Management Systems and Their Effects on Your Website This was posted by Adam Lewis on December 11th 2014 In the modern age a content management system CMS is vital for the running of any website big or small A CMS allows you to edit content on the fly amending and improving your website without the need for advanced coding knowledge However many popular content management systems have significant drawbacks of which all website owners should be aware WordPress WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS on the market today mainly being targeted towards the blogging sector but also perfectly usable for a static website WordPress is unfortunately very vulnerable to attacks due to its popularity and open source nature with just one single plugin potentially giving hackers access to your admin area Its SQL base also makes it vulnerable to SQL injection attacks SEO can be an issue with WordPress if not carefully managed and it uses a lot of server resources too Joomla Joomla has declined in popularity recently after enjoying a heyday mainly because a number of the plugins will only work with particular sites and the learning curve for operating its admin area is much bigger than with other content management systems It s not particularly user friendly compared to other systems and is very heavy in terms of its server usage Drupal Drupal was once lauded as the content management system of the future but it also has a very steep learning curve which makes it unattractive for inexperienced users It s incredibly intricate which can be an advantage but many of the features

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 7
    to make things easy for the user and get them into following that call to action above anything else A soulless About Us page People often neglect this page Factually it s usually the last page people read When they do though it s because they want to find out more about you as a company Don t waffle on about the rubbish no one wants to know about This isn t where you try to impress people it s where you need to instil trust and do that final bit of convincing to push the user over the line into trusting you with their money and their business Automaton videos No no no Facebook have really taken a huge rap from their users recently for enforcing auto playing videos and if people can refuse to use Facebook because of it they can certainly click away from your site and onto a competitor s Never force anything on the user give them the choice and they ll thank you for it with their money and their business If as a website owner you ve managed to avoid each of these 10 website horrors you ll be going a long way to online success If you re starting to feel a bit guilty about a couple of them it might be best you give us a call No Comments Read More Tweet 10 Shocking Halloween website horrors Part 1 This was posted by Adam Lewis on October 6th 2014 Halloween will soon be upon us and it ll be perfectly normal for a couple of nights to see witches ghosts and monsters walking the streets of the world In the world of the internet though we re subjected to some monstrous horrors every single day of the year Yes we re talking about horror websites This week and next we ll show you 10 of the worst things you can do to your website But for now here s 5 Frighteningly bad stock images Seriously No one s fooled Nobody really thinks that woman with the gleaming white teeth with the phone pressed up against her ear actually works in your office especially as she s on five hundred other websites across the net And no we don t want to see two men in suits with briefcases shaking hands Behave yourself Over SEO d zombie like content Yes we know you know the basics of SEO We also know SEO is important But what we know and you don t is that you can over SEO a website to the point where it s actually doing you harm If a user can t read your website properly because it s loaded with keywords and weird over SEO d stuff they re going to go elsewhere The search engines might love you they probably won t but your potential customers will be leaving in their hordes Information overkill Your homepage should help the end user get what they want quickly Give them the basics don t give them the life story of you and your company and every single service you perform They need to know the basics and they need to know them quickly else they ll go to your competitor After all your competitor is only two clicks away Keep them on your site instead Mysterious navigation Make your site easy to navigate or users won t bother trying As above your competitor s website is only two clicks away and the customer doesn t care that you re losing business They want an easy life and to get the answers they re looking for quickly so help them out Don t use confusing jargon and industry speak keep it simple Creaking loading times We know it s 2014 and that a large proportion of the country is on super fast broadband but that s no excuse for extremely hi def images on your homepage and massive great videos swamping the page real estate It s going to make loading times much longer than they need to be especially for users on mobile internet who are looking for something quickly Again it goes back to making the experience easy for the customer as otherwise they ll go elsewhere Of course none of this should apply to you If it does you ll need to get it sorted out and pretty quickly so your website doesn t become another Halloween horror More next week No Comments Read More Tweet Jazzing up your website for Halloween This was posted by Adam Lewis on September 23rd 2014 It might seem like a long way away especially with the warm weather we re still having across many parts of the country but Halloween is only five weeks away Oh you don t celebrate it Well a good number of your customers and website visitors no doubt will do so you ll want to mark it in some way What not to do We all remember how we used to know Christmas was coming a few years ago You d log on to your favourite website and the logo would have a Santa hat and there d be animated snowflakes falling down the screen Thankfully the days are long gone and these days the jazzing up of websites for Christmas is far more tasteful and done in the spirit in which it is intended There are though a number of other methods which you should not be tempted to use Firstly don t let your developers or tech guys do the design Back end coding and design are completely different things Your customer won t see the perfectly formed PHP code or well organised SQL tables They ll see a terrible design The same goes for for copy if you re writing pages for Halloween itself don t be tempted to do this in house Writing copy for the web is a very specific art It s your shopfront You wouldn t do your

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  • Negative space in web design | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    space positive and negative Positive is where all of the elements of your website reside the navigation images content etc Negative space sometimes referred to as white space is the empty space in between those elements It separates them and helps to put them into context Why does it matter Without negative space your website would be a hideous jumble of words images and navigation bars It would literally make no sense whatsoever It plays a significant role in usability Visitors to your website need to comfortably interact with it but also find what they re looking for Keeping the site clutter free means they ll do so quickly and will enjoy the process Poor use of negative space results in websites which are unappealing and difficult to use But am I paying for nothing In a sense yes White space isn t particularly tangible but as we ve learned today it can make or break a website It can act as a powerful tool of persuasion by guiding users to the content which matters the call to action buttons which you have defined in Google Analytics as your end goal So while it would be understandable to question why a designer would spend quite so much time on blanks parts of the screen it is amongst the most important money you will spend on your web presence No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015

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