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  • 5 most common web design mistakes | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    hidden and use them for your own benefit Don t use scrolling banners either These are hugely outdated and just look like adverts to most users You can be quite sure they won t be clicked on Keep a clear pattern in your infrastructure don t scatter your information create a focused path for the user Finally make sure you lead everything towards your target audience Keep things personal and write for the customer rather than as a sales piece If you focus things towards your target customer as well as following the rest of our tips you can be assured of an effective website for your new online business No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 May 2014 April 2014

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  • Space Skydiver sets YouTube record | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    miles is a feat few other human beings will ever attempt In stark contrast the ever increasing rise of web streamed video viewing is becoming a common living room trait and one more and more people are taking advantage of While YouTube still has some way to go before it can claim to beat traditional television viewing figures improvements in video steaming technology and the uptake of faster home broadband services are ensuring the web is gradually becoming a reliable channel for video content People are choosing to watch online instead of turning on their TV sets They re no longer afraid of the dreaded buffering message halting their viewing This trend is likely to continue The wide range of devices on which to watch web streamed content has had a dramatic effect on its popularity Tablets smartphones and devices such as the Apple TV are often a quicker route to watching live viral events such as Edge of Space than hunting for the right TV channel The mission itself boasts an impressive website where you can watch numerous videos of the jump learn all the facts and get updates The site also works very well on mobile devices so you can check it out wherever you are Visit www redbullstratos com to find out more No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014

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  • W3C announce ‘Wikipedia for web developers’ | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    focus Indeed the world s main international standards organization for the Web has traditionally focused on standards therefore WebPlatform Docs is a departure from their usual concern It s an encouraging one though as it will ensure web developers across the globe can actively participate in creating a bible for web design and development Anyone can contribute with W3C promising that they are dedicating significant resources to keeping the site on track and up to date Businesses investing in their own websites will clearly benefit from the new tool as their sites developers will be able to finally add to and pool information from a reputable reliable source With backing from major players across all platforms few stones will be left unturned meaning that cross browser compatibility will be more easily achieved and standard web practices adhered to resulting in a more cohesive and familiar browsing experience for visitors As a member of WebPlatform Docs stewards committee Opera s Developer Relations Manager Chris Mills is particularly excited about W3C s new venture This is potentially the Holy Grail of web documentation sites he said We want and need the whole community to come on board and help us shape the documentation into something fabulous It s not us big web giants telling people what to do it s everyone s web platform Anyone can choose to come on board and contribute to the material No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015

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  • How important is colour in web design? | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    people and come across as trustworthy and honest It s not quite a simple as choosing a welcoming or trustworthy colour though Having your website stand out and fit your existing company colours brand and message is very important These are all things which need to be considered and weighed up when you are having your new website designed Like most things it s about striking a balance Decide what the message is that you want to convey and have a look at which colours put across those thoughts and messages in the mind of the website s viewer That way you can be sure that your message comes across effectively No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 May 2014 April

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 19
    by communities families and used for activities outside the business world The fast growing area of personal cloud is rapidly replacing the personal computer In the ever emerging mobile and personal cloud world a variety of mobile devices will be used by consumers and IT will not always be able to enforce strict standards Therefore no single platform form factor or technology will dominate so mobile device management and managed diversity will be imperative No Comments Read More Tweet 5 golden rules for an effective business blog This was posted by Mark Ellis on December 4th 2012 Adding a blog to a business website has become de rigueur the thing that is now accepted as a staple of any site map Often replacing the humble news page a blog can inject a welcome form of personality into even the most corporate of web presences Unfortunately they can also do more harm than good Whether it be neglect or poor practice it s important to avoid the common pitfalls There are five golden rules for creating and maintaining an effective business blog 1 Post regularly If your last post was sixty seven days ago few people are going to bother clicking it They may even think you ve done a disappearing act No matter how fresh or intriguing the rest of your content if you post a list of recent blog posts on your homepage a good tactic the lack of recent posts will undo all your hard work your site will have an air of outdatedness Posting is time consuming there s no escaping that but if you can share the load or employ an external copy writer all it takes to keep your site fresh is one or two posts a week of 200 300 words each 2 Avoid short posts In order to increase the number of recent posts it s tempting to make a series of small updates Two or three sentences and a link to a related article will not only be a disappointment for those who click but will have next to no effect on your SEO As mentioned above consider 200 300 words as the absolute minimum required and avoid adding too many links unique content containing keywords is what Google likes best 3 Make it interesting Google may take a more technical view of your blog content but in order to captivate a human audience it needs to be engaging too Tone is key and striking a balance between conversational and business like is what you should be aiming for Keep to the point and always bear in mind your target audience picture them reading your post Will they want to read on To write for your audience you need to know them like the back of your hand research their likes and dislikes Spend as much time as possible researching your market too If you re abreast of the latest trends within it you ll be able to apply that to your writing 4 Content first keywords second Gone are the days when simply filling your blog posts with keywords would see you to the top of search results Google is too clever for that and regardless doing so makes your content incredibly difficult to read and a real turn off Content is king As long as it includes enough keywords for search engines to take note but few enough to make the text genuinely interesting you ll be onto a winner 5 Be cautious of spam Allowing comments on your blog is very much down to personal preference Provided you moderate before allowing them to go live you have full control over what appears beneath your hard graft Blogs can incite useful debate and add to the value of your posts Unfortunately they can also attract lorry loads of spam Spam comments are often easy to spot but can just as easily be approved by mistake if you re in a rush They ll often be written quite convincingly albeit with the addition of a link you d certainly want to avoid appearing on your business s website A great way to get around this is to instead implement Facebook commenting or anti spam software No Comments Read More Tweet Increase your conversion rate with great web design This was posted by Mark Ellis on November 27th 2012 Whether your business deals in ecommerce business to business sales or is service based its website is a window to the world Considering it to be a sign that you still exist or a necessity because your competitors have got one is the wrong approach It is your virtual shop sales and marketing departments all rolled into one Measuring the success of a website is simpler than you may think Hits page views and the length of time people spend on each page are all important statistics but they are trumped by the conversion rate How many of those visitors turn into paying customers Leveraging and increasing that conversion rate needs to be built intrinsically into the design of the website On entering your site for the first time it needs to be user friendly The user needs to be effortlessly guided to your chosen goal Above we suggest a paying customer as a successful conversion That may not always be the case Perhaps you simply want to them to contact you or sign up to the monthly newsletter either scenario might be a conversion in your eyes and rightly so The path to those goals therefore need to be clearly defined and implemented in such a way that you are getting the user to do what you want them to do Human beings are visual creatures We like attractive imagery Take advantage of this on your website by using plenty of photos specific to the products or services you are offering Ensure any peripheral imagery is kept to a minimum and is unobtrusive enough to not distract from the thing you want

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 18
    s likely you ll have plenty more on your plate than simply worrying about the performance of your website on search engines SEO can also be a tedious elongated process and one best left to the professionals An SEO company should always get you the results quicker and in the most effective manner possible 2 Getting it right We all make errors and mistakes but doing so within the SEO of your website can have extremely detrimental effects Trying yourself is admirable but inadvertently ending up on a Google blacklist isn t Such search giants regularly change the rules on SEO and keeping up with the latest trends and knowing how to avoid common pitfalls is a job in itself and one you are unlikely to have the time for 3 Tools We ve established that SEO can be a time consuming task but it is made all the more difficult without the right tools Gaining the right tools means more time researching them and hunting them out An SEO professional will have a tried and tested SEO tool belt at the ready No Comments Read More Tweet Mobile development HTML5 vs Native This was posted by Mark Ellis on January 8th 2013 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously referred to their bet on HTML5 as a sustainable development platform for mobile apps as one of the biggest mistakes if not the biggest strategic mistake that we ve ever made Anyone that used the previous incarnation of Facebook s iPhone and iPad application may be inclined to agree Whilst offering nearly every feature of the social networking platform s desktop counterpart it arguably presented a less than enjoyable user experience with slow loading times sudden disappearance of style sheets and content which simply refused to load As a result Facebook completely redesign their app from the ground up and made it fully native The result is far more pleasing and crucially usable It is therefore with some surprise that software development company Sencha recently revealed it s own HTML5 take on Facebook It s even more surprising that their effort is far superior to Facebook s own native app let alone the old HTML5 variant As detailed on their blog they don t believe the problem with HTML5 lies with the technology itself more with the team using it as a tool When a team has problems with HTML5 it usually stems from the fact that they take a website development approach to building an app and often don t use the right tools and architectures for application development They continued This is what we suspected about the Facebook HTML5 app The way that app performed slow loading choppy user experience in the News Feed low framerate exhibited the usual symptoms So which way should businesses head in the mobile arena Which will provide their customers with the best experience while maintaining cross platform compatibility The obvious answer is HTML5 of course and particularly after seeing Sencha s effort but the answer isn t quite as simple as that As industry expert Ty Amell pointed out Facebook made the right decision in supporting native apps in addition to HTML5 after all m facebook com is still up and running and available for other mobile devices to use that aren t iOS or Android Of course much of this depends on budget and Facebook arguably have plenty at their disposable with which to invest in mobile development Therefore if you have the budget it is best to develop a mobile strategy which includes both native and HTML5 support For smaller businesses HTML5 applications are likely to be the way to go The burgeoning web language is likely to see an explosion of growth in 2013 and while nothing is ever concrete in tech its future is likely to be relatively secure and easily upgradeable when surpassed Utilising it means that crucially your app will work on a far greater number of devices and as Sencha proved when done correctly can beat the native competition No Comments Read More Tweet in house media client promises a brand new you in just 12 days This was posted by Mark Ellis on January 3rd 2013 With the festive period behind us and the inevitable clamour for gym memberships and fitness DVDs gathering pace Richmond based Chris James has picked the right time to launch his latest healthy lifestyle product the Mind Body Cleanse Chris a sought after name on the international yoga circuit combines teaching yoga and meditation with his unrelenting passion for health and nutrition The infectious and sensible way he approaches the subject has led to his services being in significant demand across the world for fourteen years His promise to inspire you to transform the relationship you have with yourself and your own lifestyle is something that has earned him significant respect in the health industry Mind Body Cleanse promises to kick start a new health regime which combines weight loss increased energy improved skin health and tips on being more healthy and creative in the kitchen to name but a few of the benefits In order to advertise the new product James needed a fresh website from which he could market its attractive promise to create a brand new you in 12 days Research led him to Northampton based in house media who gladly accepted the challenge Chris wanted to market a single product on the new website said Gavin Hills director at in house media This meant creating a site which was both informative and engaging but to the point The resulting website offers as much vitality as the product it is advertising with clean design warm inviting colours and a homepage which instantly informs the visitor of the benefits offered I m delighted with the website said Chris James Visitors can find out everything they need to know about Mind Body Cleanse and even purchase the pack directly on the site There s also a log in area for

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 21
    intriguing method of moving elements on a webpage Typically a page will scroll up and down left and right in a very two dimensional fashion Parallax scrolling adds depth to the movement of a page by forcing specific elements to scroll at different rates creating a faux 3D effect This offers an engaging and immersive browsing experience which can be used to fantastic effect when promoting products No Comments Read More Tweet Is mobile web design really that important This was posted by Adam Lewis on October 2nd 2012 If you think that having your website optimised for mobile web is not particularly important you need to think again The most recent statistics from a recent Google survey may not make for pleasant reading The survey showed that 67 of users are more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile friendly website with 74 being more likely to return to such a website In addition 52 of users would refuse to engage with a company whose website was not mobile optimised with almost as many 48 saying they get very frustrated or annoyed with such sites Worryingly the same percentage said that if they find a business site which isn t mobile optimised they see this as a sign that the company simply does not care With such shocking statistics showing that mobile web is increasingly important to businesses are you still sure that it doesn t matter Almost all industry experts expect mobile web to become the dominant way of browsing the web over the next couple of years so failing to capitalise on this fast growing industry could be truly catastrophic for you and your business No Comments Read More Tweet What should come first Content or Design This was posted by Beverley Silvester on September 25th 2012 The answer is very important in fact with the ever increasing online marketing the content marketing strategy is paramount to the success of the business If you are redesigning or starting a new online business many designers will agree that the content of the website must be thought about seriously before the web design is created Prominent Irish website developer Jeremy Keith says that the mistake many web designers make all too often is to design the menus and the navigation first when they should be concentrating on the content first So to put it simply the content is the tool that delivers the information and brand message to your customers and the web design should be created around the content This results in both the content and the web design successfully portraying your business and reaching your customers The content and the design must complement one another that is why it is so important to know what information you want to communicate before you begin the design The brand message and the story is often not as adaptable as the web design but this doesn t mean that the whole of the content has to be written as this is part of the web development and often the content and design changes in the process I am saying that you should think about what you want your content to say and how you want to say it What are the most important messages and information you want to reach your customers and what form do you want to use i e tables videos lists images The answers to these questions will all have an effect on your web design and understanding the content and the developing strategy will help to create the appropriate and effective design for your business Professional web design is important to promote your company branding visually impress your visitors and make the site user friendly however good design won t keep your customers But in the digital environment it is the content that the search engines will pick up and it is the content that will gain new customers and keep them coming back 1 Comment Read More Tweet Pinterest should your website be ready This was posted by Mark Ellis on September 19th 2012 You may or may not have heard of Pinterest The virtual pinboard certainly isn t a household name like Facebook or Twitter but many believe it is something businesses should seriously consider when designing their website The premise is simple Users of Pinterest can pin images from the web to their virtual pinboard Typically these will be used simply to collect stuff which interests or inspires the user Some use it more creatively in order to plan weddings for example Pinboards can be shared with other users and pinned items re pinned in a similar way to a tweet can be re tweeted At it s most basic level Pinterest should be considered a bookmarking site As much as you ll want people to save your company s website in their browser s favourites list it s a smart idea to ensure they can pin it too Users of Pinterest are interested in fantastic imagery It is therefore important that your website features eye catching and attractive photos and graphics This is always good practice but if your website includes eye popping photography and even better your company logo and branding is unique and intriguing enough you are already well set up to be a target for pinning In order to get pinned you need to make it easy for your visitors to do so Happily Pinterest offer a Pin This button which can be added to your website via a simple piece of HTML code If your offering is product based the Pin This button should be added to each product s page Your blog and news pages should also feature the button on each post It s advisable to stop short of planting it everywhere however no one is likely to want to pin your contact us page for example A good yardstick is twitter if you want something on your site to be tweeted

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 22
    noticed that when you click onto some websites there isn t really a lot of content to see straight away Sometimes the meat of the content is pushed further down the page by large graphics or menus Sometimes it s pushed below the fold by ads Arguably it s the ads that are more important to focus on as we know that web users tend not to like being bombarded with ads when they re browsing the internet This doesn t necessarily mean you have to get rid of all the ads on your website but it does mean you need to be careful with where you put them Filling up the above the fold section of your site with ads is not only frustrating for web users but it could also end up getting you penalised in the search results thanks to an algorithm change made by Google earlier this year Of course making sure you ve got great content above the fold of your site isn t always the easiest issue as the location of the fold can differ between devices it might not be in the same place on a laptop as it is on a smartphone for instance However this is still an important issue to consider and it just goes to show how important it is to make sure we fill our sites with high quality interesting content and do everything we can to create a top user experience at all times No Comments Read More Tweet The Potential Impact of the Company Logo This was posted by Beverley Silvester on August 20th 2012 Logos have been around for several thousand years but not necessarily as we know them today From ancient tribes branding their animal herds for ownership to the Romans and Greeks marking their pottery to identify the manufacturer and not forgetting the great faiths world wide adopting symbols to be recognised Today the logo has evolved into a vital part of recognising companies corporations and organizations all over the world Your company logo should be designed to impact on your targeted audience leaving a lasting and memorable impression on them it is the face of your brand The perfect logo takes time time and much thought about about the company its goals and objectives to create the logo that will capture the attention of the public Remember this is one of the first images that will represent your business There are many factors that should apply when designing this infographic tool uniqueness creativity visual representation memorable intellectual flexible eye catching clear and simple colour the list goes on but if all of these and more are not considered your logo will not do the job it was designed to do It should contain clear and readable text so as not to confuse the public so keep the design simple You should aim your logo design to be applicable to all the sections of your business not just your website so flexibility is important Colours effects and uniqueness are vitally important to impress the public and thus impressed will dwell on the image for a few moments We are all familiar with the logo s that represent companies like McDonald Tesco Nike etc and that is the effect you should aim for with your logo Which brings me to the point of explaining why a logo should be long lasting You may just be starting out or a small but growing business if your business is successful you want your logo to be long lasting hence the research into the company s future goals Having to change the company logo further down the line could have a very negative effect on your brand so getting that logo right is all too important There are millions of companies with millions of logos many of them are designed relating to the different industries in the design and the name of the company Your logo should inform the public your field of business whether it s a fun company or a high tech cutting edge company Choosing a short name for your business increases the chance of it being remembered easily Company logos are part of our everyday life they surround us in physical and digital space They portray a visual identity to all types of businesses and organizations using a silent image of shapes colours and typography many of us unaware of the deep thought and artistic creativity that results in a logo that could become recognised word wide Your company logo is a symbol a sign a trademark or a badge that should convey the identity or ownership of your business to the public in the most memorable way possible No Comments Read More Tweet Does Your Website Need Redesigning This was posted by Tracie Sherlock on August 17th 2012 Nowadays a large proportion of consumers will turn to the Internet when looking for a product or service Your website is generally the first contact they will have with your company and even in the virtual world first impressions mean everything If your website is poorly designed or difficult to navigate potential customers will simply go elsewhere Here are some signs that your website may be in need of a redesign Your Site Looks Dated Although the Internet is a relatively new innovation websites can start to date quickly Web technologies have evolved dramatically since its inception and modern Internet users expect more from the websites they visit Websites that still use frames visitor counters and intro pages may once have been cutting edge but now only indicate a company that refuses to move with the times Your Visitors Can t Find What They Need Have you ever had phone calls from customers asking for basic information like When do you open or Where are your offices based If so it could be a sign your website needs to be redesigned The answers to your customers most common questions should be included in your

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