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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 29
    from websites with no relevance or connection to your particular line of business will do you no favours and likely dilute the value of the better ones From time to time you might also come across what are known as link farms which are basically sites with the sole purpose of increasing links to your website with the aim of getting it ranked higher in search engines but there are a couple of good reasons why linking to these types of sites is not recommended Firstly search engines don t like them with most of them including Google considering them as nothing more than a form of spam Secondly link farms contain no categories so you are unable to direct your link to a section relevant to your business something which renders the whole exercise pointless Surprisingly perhaps link farms have little or no page rank because just about every search engine penalises them for what they are which is rather ironic considering their supposed aim is to get other websites to attain higher rankings The truth is that linking to them will see your website penalised as well so don t be tempted When it comes to link building you should exercise care in your choices and just a little bit of patience because it can sometimes be a slower than expected process but as I said the emphasis is on quality not quantity and eagerly linking to all and sundry will certainly defeat the object If you re unsure about what to do with regards to link building then your web design company would be worth contacting for further help Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design This Really Shouldn t Work but it Does This was posted by John Sheridan on October 6th 2011 If you ask anyone what their idea of a good website is opinions will vary but ease of navigation quick loading no pop ups or music clear information and not too busy will invariably crop up and probably a hundred more things I haven t mentioned So when you come across a website that seems to break all the rules yet receives in the region of 100 000 unique visitors a month you have to wonder how The site I m talking about belongs to Ling s Cars and has been running for quite a few years without really changing much in appearance over all that time The site is garish much much too busy cluttered contains lots of flashing animation and looks like it was built by a wannabee web design enthusiast with no actual design talent but it s reckoned the business leases around 3 5 million pounds worth of vehicles every month I think for many this website is everything a website shouldn t be but for some reason it works and US internet marketing expert Seth Godin has even praised it for its internet marketing best practices The site s owner Ling Valentine has employed some wild publicity stunts over the years not least when she bought a Chinese military truck with a large rocket on the back which she used to advertise her business to motorists who drove past her premises She has also appeared on Dragon s Den and turned them down something that did her business no end of good Of course not every business person has the creativity nerve or time to do those kinds of things preferring instead to let their websites advertise their services and products in a more traditional manner and this is probably one of the reasons Ling s Cars website works so well for her because it s an unusual and quirky website complemented by a quirky business woman with unusual but memorable publicity stunts If you haven t already seen it the site is worth a look for the curiosity factor alone It s certainly an assault on the eyes and most website owners would never dream of having a site like it but as it s phenomenally successful for Ling s Cars there s really no reason why she should change it not least because the internet would be a little less colourful if she did Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet The Importance of Investing in Your Website This was posted by John Sheridan on October 4th 2011 The cost of starting a business of any size can be considerable and certainly not for the fainthearted and almost every new start up will very likely be in debt long before they ve made a penny If you are a new business you will understandably try to save costs wherever possible and have to make some hard decisions on where the bulk of the expenditure should go what to prioritise and what is of secondary importance However when it comes to your website it s imperative that you invest as much as you can into its creation because even if your business also has a physical presence potential customers are still almost certain to visit your website first so a professional online image is vital Although there are numerous and rather good programmes available that allow novices to create their own websites not everyone has a natural or acquired design talent so whilst a self created website might look ok there are almost certainly going to be noticeable differences between those and professionally built ones Firstly web design is far more than taking a template and populating it with stock images self composed copy and a company logo There are many other important factors to consider such as ease of navigation SEO coding and user friendliness to name but a few Understandably it would be all too easy to try and save money by building a website yourself in fact some businesses already have albeit with varying degrees of success mainly because there are certain areas of web design that are best left to the professionals New businesses will know that a good

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 28
    leaflets etc they could also be used on advertising boards business cards websites promotional gifts and even T shirts they can be placed literally anywhere and as more and more people are using smartphones there is every chance that they will be scanned if only for the curiosity value Should the use of QR codes really catch on and develop further there s little doubt that creative marketers will quickly come up with other innovative ideas for their application but for now we ll just have to wait and see I really wanted to be a lot more in depth in this post but because QR codes are a fairly new arrival there isn t too much in the way of information as I d hoped However any businesses that might be interested in using QR codes but not sure where to start should have a look here where they can download a free QR code generator with which they can experiment for themselves In the meantime I will be on the lookout for more information and watching their development with interest Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Tempting Website Visitors with Discount Codes This was posted by John Sheridan on November 5th 2011 With the UK and the rest of the world still firmly in the grip of recession online traders are always on the lookout for new ways to tempt visitors onto their websites and spending whilst visitors themselves are cautiously watching the pennies and looking out for any bargain or offers that will make what they have stretch just that little bit further Understandably in a global slump even online spending could be in for a bit of a nosedive However the internet didn t evolve into the force it has become without constant innovation from those with something to sell So whilst some companies batten down the hatches to sit and weather the storm others are facing it head on by introducing internet discount codes in an attempt to get visitors to part with their cash Internet discount codes can be used to get money off online purchases in the same way traditional paper type vouchers are redeemed in supermarkets and high street stores Many internet traders are now commissioning new websites or adapting their current ones to enable them to issue discount and promotional codes whilst others have seen the potential and opened dedicated sites which tell visitors where the best online discount codes and deals are to be found As saving money will be most shoppers main priority even during boom periods an ecommerce system with the ability to issue and accept internet discount codes would almost certainly turn out to be a worthwhile investment because its usefulness won t end when the recession does With nearly all businesses feeling the pinch and the sound of tightening belts filling the air it s likely that some ecommerce traders will see them as an unnecessary expense while others will realise that apart from the future potential the marketing value alone could justify the cost and make them a must have for any online trading enterprise Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design QR Codes are Coming This was posted by John Sheridan on November 3rd 2011 Many of you may have noticed the increasing number of little black and white boxes appearing on websites magazines and newspapers and like myself wondered what they are A chat with my local web design company provided the answer These are called QR codes QR stands for Quick Response At first glance they look a little like a heavily pixelated image but in fact could be considered as the more versatile cousin of the standard barcode except where a scanner reads a barcode horizontally QR codes are read both horizontally and vertically and are capable of holding far more information Their purpose can cover a number of uses but perhaps the most basic one being a quick link to websites via a smartphone Users simply point their smartphone at the QR code so the phone can scan it and it automatically takes them to the website in question without the need to type in a URL something that can be a bit of a fiddly undertaking on some smartphones Certain smartphones will have a scanner already built in but for those that don t there are various apps available that will work with most models Quick response codes is a fairly new concept but one that looks like it will catch on quickly because of the ever growing use of smartphones I suspect that in the very near future we will start to see more and more QR codes appearing on websites and in magazines and newspapers and perhaps even in unexpected places as it s almost a certainty that marketers will come up with novel ways for their use I will write about QR codes in more detail in future posts but in the meantime if you do happen across any and your smartphone has a scanner give it a go and see what you think Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet DIY SEO Article Marketing This was posted by John Sheridan on October 30th 2011 Once your website is up and running it would be nice to think it could be left to its own devices to draw visitors and convert them into paying customers but unfortunately it doesn t quite work like that and so most web design companies offer various packages that provide ongoing SEO for your website aimed at giving it every chance to be amongst the top of search engine listings Another method to drive traffic to your website I m briefly going to mention in this post is the use of article marketing which can be very effective but does have its limitations one of the major ones being time itself Business owners often struggle to find enough hours in the day to do everything

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 31
    the click of a mouse to pay the bills the creature comforts that the Internet provides and what we have quickly grown to accept and expect would eventually be forgotten or committed to a nostalgic memory but I sincerely doubt it would be an easy transition and suspect we d never be quite the same again Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Popular Google Chrome extensions part 2 This was posted by John Sheridan on August 12th 2011 Taken from the Techlabs com article 13 Google Chrome extensions no one should live without In the second part of this article I am looking at some more in their list starting with a URL shortener which is becoming almost essential for use on social media websites goo gl URL Shortener This extension is essential for anyone that uses links on social media profiles like Twitter Facebook or business blogs The goo gl URL Shortener extension takes any internet URL lengthy or not and shortens it into a very simple link for use anywhere Considering the current global economic climate this one is likely to prove extremely popular Monster Jobs The Monster Chrome extension allows users to browse the internet and look for jobs simultaneously Jobs are in high demand these days and therefore such an extension is in need The Monster Jobs extension also allows users to see job postings for individual sites they are visiting This is a good idea but somewhat limited WiseStamp This extension works hand and hand with a Google mail or G mail account so naturally if you prefer another mail service this extension is useless to you Basically the WiseStamp extension allows users to include social media and social network profile links in their e mail signature Another handy extension but with limitations unless you have a G mail address Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail This extension is essential for anyone that uses a Gmail account and would rather keep an external application open instead of Gmail in an open browser window Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail provides users with unread messages notifications and allows them to preview new mail delete or mark it as spam The last one Chrome Toolbox The Chrome Toolbox extension by Google adds some more advanced browser options and commands to spruce up any browsing experience For example users can save unsubmitted internet form data for use later view web videos in standalone windows and can pre define the browser to open all links in an external window As I said in the first article there seems to be something for everyone in Google Chrome however everyone will have their own opinions as to whether they work for them and of course their own favourites It s likely though that as Google is already the dominant player when it comes to browsing the others will find it extremely hard to compete and be left trailing in their wake Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Website Copy How Much is Enough This was posted by John Sheridan on August 8th 2011 Everybody has their own opinion on what constitutes good web design opinions which will be based mainly on how they think a website should be set out how it should look and how it should perform but when it comes to the amount of copy on website there are generally two opposing camps those who believe websites should contain as much information as possible and others who insist that the copy conveys only the salient points Everyone is Different It s a well known fact that most website visitors don t read every word on a page they hunt for and extract only the pieces of information they want That said the internet is a vast place and populated by people with totally opposing tastes and ideas So it follows that there will also be those who prefer their web copy to be long and descriptive Best Method So how much information should there be on a site Does it makes good sense for a site to have so much information on it that visitors can learn everything they need to know about a product or service before deciding whether or not to contact the company Or is the less is more approach the way to go Display the minimum amount of product information so that visitors will have to make that all important first contact to discover more and where a salesperson will hopefully persuade them to buy which works sometimes but not always There will always be differences of opinion on the issue of copy quantity because in reality there can never be a one size fits all but as a website owner when you ask yourself how much copy is enough The answer is quite simply however much works best for you Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Just How Secure are Your Passwords This was posted by John Sheridan on August 4th 2011 Signing up to any online resource such as chat rooms discussion forums or article and auction sites will almost always require you to supply a certain amount of personal information and inevitably having to choose a password With web security being of paramount importance you ll hopefully pick a password that should ensure all your details remain safe and secure and if you re inventive with your choice then you may be relatively safe However using the same password for all the other websites you login to could mean that your personal details don t remain private for very long Keyloggers Unscrupulous hackers are making huge sums of money is by stealing supposedly protected information from other users computers with the aid of a programme called a keylogger which lets someone see what another user has been looking at on the Internet in other words it allows one person to spy on another s computer A keylogger records every keystroke made by a user and

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 32
    re professional they will listen to what you have to say and gather as much information as possible before going anywhere near a computer Moreover they will always be willing to offer sound advice and help bring your ideas to life Choice It is worth mentioning that there are so many capable and talented designers available that perhaps the hardest part of getting your website built is deciding which company or individual you want to do it Taking the time to look into all the options should help to ensure that whomever you choose will produce the required result Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Google Plus New Kid on the Block This was posted by John Sheridan on July 14th 2011 The world of social networking now has a new player although its name is known the world over Google has recently unveiled Google Plus their answer to established websites such as Facebook and Twitter Circles In many respects Google Plus is pretty much the same as Facebook but one big difference is that it centres in targeted sharing as opposed to large groups of friends To achieve this Google uses Circles a HTML5 system that allows users to drag and drop contacts in and out of custom groups Hangouts Google Plus is packed with additional features such as Hangouts a facility that lets users instantly create a video chatroom where they can wait for friends to join them No invitation is needed because as soon as a hangout is created a message is sent to their social circles informing them that their friend is hanging out Sparks Another interesting feature is Sparks a collection of content such as videos and articles that have been grouped by interest something that should make finding particular information extremely easy and a perfect example of targeted sharing Mobile Apps Mobile hasn t been forgotten either as Google is soon to launch a Google Plus app for Android phones with plans to develop apps for other platforms in the future However what is innovative though is that when you take a picture or video on your phone through Google Plus they are automatically uploaded to your computer ready to share with contacts There are sure to be other bits and pieces in Google Plus but they will have to wait for another post However whether you like it or not it seems as though there s no getting away from social networking and with Google now firmly in the mix it will certainly be interesting to see what effect it s going to have not just on Facebook but on the whole social sharing scene in general Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design Ecommerce and Online Security This was posted by John Sheridan on July 12th 2011 One of the most attractive aspects of ecommerce from a buyer s perspective is that of convenience total armchair shopping with little or no stress involved and the majority of online payment transactions processed quickly efficiently and generally trouble free However there is a universally recognised rule that for every pro there is usually a con and the world of ecommerce is not exempt from that rule Any type of online process or system that is capable of taking payment via credit card is open to abuse by the more unscrupulous and devious elements that haunt the Internet It is also important to remember that it s not only credit card transactions that are under threat Hacking into programmes that hold personal information such as bank account numbers names and addresses etc is another area that has a vast income potential for those who would use the information illegally Ecommerce security is more a case of prevention rather than cure and to this end designers are constantly developing new and innovative anti intrusion solutions into their ecommerce programmes The use of highly sophisticated encryption software and secure servers are just a couple of the numerous methods employed to keep the uninvited out and although it s true to say that at present no system can be guaranteed to be one hundred percent secure or fool proof today s rapid advances in software and technology certainly seems to be heading in the right direction Despite the occasional horror story about Internet scams and deceptions online transactions generally remain quite safe but that doesn t mean that the issue of online security has suddenly become a lower priority and designers and consumers alike should be wary of becoming complacent Ecommerce is here to stay and for many it s already second nature when it comes to shopping Others may need some more convincing that their money and personal details will remain safe It s a reasonable and understandable fear and because of the business world s ever growing demand for shopping cart capabilities it s perhaps the designers themselves that should realise if their systems instil user confidence ecommerce will continue to grow successfully and safely Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Is Your Website Copy up to Scratch This was posted by John Sheridan on July 8th 2011 The Internet contains a phenomenal amount of written information on every subject imaginable some of it accurate some of it not so accurate and some of it just downright untrue All this data is supplied by companies individuals and organisations that for one reason or another have information they want to share with others However apart from the issue of accuracy another major problem with a huge amount of online copy is a lack of care and attention paid to the quality of the writing Yes there are numerous websites that look brilliant but are let down by errors in their copy errors that could easily have been rectified long before the site went live had a little extra effort been made Luckily though websites are totally versatile when it comes to changing graphics or copy and both can be altered

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  • in.house.media sponsors seven summits climber! | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    celebrity It took several months to start getting the challenge into the local media and raise enough to complete the first climb and in October this year Ailsa reached her first peak Uhuru on Kilimanjaro the highest point in Africa The seven summits is regarded as on of the hardest mountaineering challenges first postulated as such in the 1980s by Richard Bass Many mountain climbers beyond the approximately 200 who have completed the huge challenge aspire to complete the seven ascents but the expense the demands placed on fitness the physical hardship and the dangers involved are often too great The Seven Summits gives a focus to Mountaineers worldwide most people can start the challenge with the easier peaks of Kilimanjaro Aconcagua Kosciuszko and Elbrus gaining the strength and expertise to attempt colder peaks of Vinson and Denali and finally Mount Everest the prize jewel of mountaineering It is a unique challenge having to travel and climb in every corner of the globe though the journey to climb all seven is long and difficult accomplishing it is a great achievement to which many aspire Ailsa is now in training and preparation for the next climb Mount Aconcagua the highest mountain in South America and the entire American continent She will be carrying out this climb over the Christmas and new year period The seven summits are Everest 29 029ft Asia Aconcagua 22 840ft South America Mckinley 20 320ft North America Kilimanjaro 19 339ft Africa Elbrus 18 481ft Europe Vinson 16 067ft Antarctica Kosciuszko 7 310ft Australasia Ailsa is hoping to finish all seven summits by climbing Mt Everest in spring 2009 Further details about the seven summits challenge and Ailsa Wright including online sponsorship a photo gallery and a personal blog can be found at www ailsawright co uk Tags

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  • Sponsorship | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    student from Northampton attempting to become the youngest briton to climb the seven summits The highest mountain on each continent All in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation more Tags Sponsorship Web Case Studies No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 February 2014 Click to Contact Us today or call on 01604 790007 during office hours What s wrong with your website Get your website audit today Your websites strengths and weaknesses SEO speed compliance and more Competitor analysis to see how you compare Advice on changes to improve performance IHM arranged everything from purchasing the domain name full design and hosting at a very competitive price Brillpix Photography we believe our website has

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  • Web Case Studies | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    very competitive prices This was the company s first website giving our design team creative license on the final outcome Strategy Results As with any corporate site the cornerstone provided the style guide for the rest of the site and this theme was continued with watermarks and use of gold and black We saw this site as the perfect opportunity to use an interesting line navigation which is fun to use and may also increase click through rate As with many of our sites recently a CMS was featured allowing members of Kalat to update their latest case studies which in turn would update the homepage giving users reason to return to the site Click here to visit the site Tags CMS Web Case Studies No Comments Read More Tweet Berzerk Leisure This was posted by Christopher Pinches on May 15th 2009 The challenge To produce a fresh new site which captured the fun exciting nature of the company The previous site had become seriously dated and did not do the Berzerk Leisure brand justice Even the logo had aged badly so this was another integral element which needed to be brought in line with its modern day standing The background Berzerk is a children s activity centre based in Northampton The centre has had literally thousands of children visit since they opened and pride themselves on the fact that they always try to incorporate something new every year Berzerk also have Barney the bear as a mascot and we thought this would be a perfect way to grab attention on arrival to the homepage Strategy Results A bright welcoming site using the companies colours of red yellow and green The play areas facilities are another usp so it was important to feature these on the homepage in order to instantly convince the user of the company s credentials All children love a big cuddly character and Barney the bear is a favourite amongst children so it was important to show him in his Sunday best The site also included a custom CMS s allowing staff from berserk to manually update latest offers to give people reason to come back and visit the site Tags CMS Web Case Studies No Comments Read More Tweet New site launched for Autospares and Salvage This was posted by Gavin Hills on January 21st 2009 This month we launched a new site for Autospares and Salvage with a whole new clean modern look Autospares have a massive range of quality used vehicle parts Prominent boxes at the top of the site take visitors to Autospares Ebay shops where parts can be bought online If you can t find the exact part you are looking for you can easliy request a part by completing the quick from on the home page more Tags Web Case Studies No Comments Read More Tweet New web site for CLIMB Magazine This was posted by Gavin Hills on October 22nd 2008 In house media is pleased to announce the

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  • New web site for Hawkes Technical | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    applications for each piece of equipment The site has a news page and a used machine section both of which are fully updateable and integrated Google maps make the company extremely easy to find To find out more visit www hawkestechnical com Hawkes Technical has also introduced a new generation of Screen Mat cutting systems and software which offers bespoke design and cutting solutions to their clients For this particular service they asked in house media to create a separate website dedicated to this one system To see and find out more about this latest technology please visit www screenmatcutting co uk Tags Web Case Studies No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 February 2014

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