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  • Google’s Secure Search will force all marketers to focus on what’s important | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    is likely to be significant Experts originally suggested it would affect around 10 of visits but that number has steadily grown after the dawning realisation that this could one day impact all searches Secure Search only works for natural searches Those paid for Adwords ads will still generate meaningful keyword statistics So no need to panic Put simply no Secure Search is significant but not for any negative reason Quite the opposite in fact It will simply force marketers and web professionals to pay more attention to what matters good old fashioned content One thing at Google hasn t changed They love content They love relevant engaging unique content That still wins in the ever present race for search result supremacy and Secure Search will have no bearing on the importance of content whatsoever It will mean that you ll know far less about the keywords which led people naturally to your website but you ll still be able to see just how much traffic is reaching your website and for how long people are staying before moving on elsewhere which is far more important SEO has never been about cramming in keywords apart from in the old dark days of SEO admittedly Remember that It is likely the changes Google have made recently will level the playing field a bit by making it easier for small businesses and SMEs to compete with those boasting massive SEO budgets It is time to look at your Analytics and identify which pages are driving the most traffic Once you ve found them build on the content within Spend more time on that than worrying about keyword statistics and you ll go far No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/googles-secure-search-will-force-all-marketers-to-focus-on-whats-important-content/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Google’s Hummingbird lands, and it could benefit your business | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    to be ultra specific as the search engine will gather results based on keywords contained within the string entered This can often result in clumsily constructed sentences and a laborious search process Hummingbird aims to take a more semantic approach to understanding what people want which should in turn yield more relevant results It will take greater note of the who what why where and when in search phrases combining them with any keywords What we once considered results on Google will therefore become answers which is a far more intelligent approach A more intriguing aspect of the Hummingbird update is that Google will begin encrypting search results which means keywords used by websites will start to produce not provided results in Analytics This could be particularly frustrating for businesses as it will becoming increasingly difficult to ascertain the source of a large portion of web traffic It would be fair to assume that an underlying commercial motivation for this is for Google to remove such restrictions on its paid for search listing service Adwords thus forcing people to upgrade to that if they want more detailed analytics On the plus side Hummingbird should offer a more level playing field The current search algorithm tends to favour big companies and brands who have the resources and capital to invest heavily in keyword placement Smaller businesses are often left behind in these bidding wars but semantic search is less predictable and it should enable more niche websites to enjoy a higher page rank when a precise phrase is used Hummingbird is out there now but its true effect won t be felt immediately we ll certainly be keeping an eye on it No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016

    Original URL path: http://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/google-rolls-out-a-new-algorithm-and-it-could-benefit-your-business/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Just what is Google’s Hummingbird? | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    nice too Why do we need another Google update Fair question Google s pretty good after all isn t it Nothing is perfect however and nowhere is the phrase constant improvement more apt than in tech Google has to deliver accurate search results and it has to learn and adapt in order to continue doing so Before Hummingbird we had to be quite precise to find slightly unusual answers Similarly if we weren t entirely sure how to search for something effectively we had to use odd phrases The new algorithm is taking a leaf out of Apple s Siri by allowing us to be more human with our searches According to Google Hummingbird is comfortable with natural language search For example where you might previously have Googled Moon distance from Earth you might now want to try How far is the Moon from Earth You should get the same answer What does this mean for my SEO strategy Don t panic According to Google SEO advice remains the same original quality content prevails Google still loves that and we doubt they ll be changing tack on that any time soon Carry on as you are How does this affect Google Analytics It has been reported that Hummingbird now encrypts search term data thus potentially leaving you with lots of not provided reports in Analytics when viewing organic searches paid for searches will still display search terms However fret not Hummingbird works from an encyclopaedia of around 570 million concepts and the relationships between them in order to provide relevant search results Consequently it puts less of an emphasis on keywords in the user s search phrase it is far more interested in working out what they really want to find out So if you re creating content which does

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/just-what-is-googles-hummingbird/ (2016-02-13)
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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 13
    and a number can be both numerical or alphabetical as soon as you have to explain your domain to someone you re on the back foot 8 Think copyright Obvious but quite easy to overlook Avoid picking something which could refer to another company s property It ll save a lot of hurt and potential expense in the long run 9 Target your location If your business is local consider adding your town name as this will assist your SEO 10 The longest domain name you can register is 63 characters The most common 9 10 Keep it short in house media are members of Nominet one of the UK s leading internet registry companies and can check if your domain name is available and register it on your behalf Contact us today if you d like help choosing your special name No Comments Read More Tweet Use the Force Luke Psychology in web design This was posted by Mark Ellis on July 23rd 2013 Usability imagery copy and layout have traditionally been considered the cornerstones of any successful website For web design to be truly effective it needs to encapsulate all of those elements into one engaging package But what about the target audience Considering what drives them psychologically can have a surprisingly positive effect on users Big brands have the benefit of big budgets They can experiment with the latest web technologies to create ever more impressive websites which engage immediately and change quick enough for the inherent lack of longevity not to do them a disservice For smaller businesses to have a chance of standing out in the crowded web applying some basic psychological principals can do wonders Firstly you need to build trust with your audience This doesn t come easily and particularly with the seemingly never ending news items about identity theft online Your website s purpose must be immediately clear by offering patterns which chime with your industry product or service This will make users feel instantly at home and their natural barrier will be lowered just enough to keep them browsing for longer Triggers are important in web design Well worded copy can result in emotional triggers which force the user to hit that call to action button or form Images also work well here They can reinforce concepts and reinforce your professionalism providing you invest in good imagery it s worth doing so Consider the Z pattern which is the direction in which most people are expected to read a website That s why logos commonly appear at the top left Place your most important content in that Z pattern to maximise it s effectiveness As we re always keen to point out you shouldn t be afraid of white space It can be a powerful aid which can settle the user and allow them to focus on what matters Understanding the basic principals of human behaviour and incorporating them into your business website will reap rewards If a user feels good about using your website they ll come back and what s more they ll share the experience with their friends No Comments Read More Tweet How has the Internet Changed in the Last 20 Years This was posted by Beverley Silvester on July 17th 2013 It s been over 20 years since the World Wide Web was first made available to the public In those 20 years the Internet has completely changed the way we live our lives do business and entertain ourselves The Internet itself has also changed immeasurably during this time with web designers and developers having to adapt to these changes in a relatively short space of time Here are a few of those changes Mobile Even as little as 10 years ago it was difficult to imagine browsing the Internet on a mobile phone Nowadays mobile is fast becoming the most popular way to access the web We now take for granted that we can read emails post to social networks or look something up on Google while on the move Web designers and developers now have to consider a huge number of difference devices when creating websites Browsers Back in the early 2000s browser optimisation for websites was relatively simple 95 of web users used Microsoft s Internet Explorer This meant that developers really didn t have to worry about cross browser compatibility Nowadays while the majority of web users use Google Chrome a high percentage of people use Firefox Internet Explorer or other minority browsers This means that web developers have to work hard that to make sure that sites look good and work correctly on all browsers Usage The way we use the Internet has also changed a lot in the last 20 years In the beginning it was mostly used as a source of information Now the Internet can be used for almost anything paying bills playing games buying groceries meeting new friends and many more things However this raises the very real problem of online security another issue that designers and developers now have to deal with every day No Comments Read More Tweet Jobs trailer is first to use Instagram video This was posted by Mark Ellis on July 16th 2013 We ve written a lot about video on this blog but that s for good reason It s one of the stickiest forms of web media and will keep people on your website longer Instagram was launched on 6th October 2010 and in a little over two months grew its community to one million users Unlike certain social media services which suffer from quick uptake but limited engagement the Instagram community was instantly active and remains so to this day At the time of writing they now have 130 million active users 16 billion photos shared and around 45 million photos posted to their servers every single day It is therefore little wonder that back in June they introduced the ability to capture and publish video Vine was admittedly

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/page/13/ (2016-02-13)
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  • HTML5: an ever-present, transparent part of the web | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    web apps are now delivered to users is at times breathtaking with the latter finally starting to offer a genuine desktop experience albeit in a web browser From the user s perspective HTML5 has had a profound effect Most notably the majority of web users simply aren t aware of its existence They use it every day and rely on it significantly but they have no real concept of what it is that is making their web experience so enjoyable and productive Websites are now far lighter and consequently load quicker Scrolling through large single web pages is intuitive and interactive Picking up your iPhone presents the exact same website you were looking at on your laptop albeit automatically redesigned for the smaller screen size As Apple would say it just works For web developers HTML5 has simplified the process of designing and maintaing websites It certainly hasn t made the process an easy one for novices but those conversant in HTML and web technologies benefit hugely from the increased control and lightweight code offered by HTML5 What s more the full standard specification for HTML5 hasn t even been finished it is due for completion in 2014 and it is something all web browsers will need to adhere to making cross browser compatibility far less of a concern There s no doubt about it HTML5 is the present and future of web design What we re seeing now is brilliant yet often entirely transparent imagine what we ll be able to achieve as we reach ever further into the future No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/html5-where-are-we-now/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Web design: start with the words… | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    design has become a bit of an obsession and it is a worrying trend Design by its very nature is subjective Show two people a website and they ll likely offer entirely different opinions on its look and feel Similarly as important as responsive web design is it is also far too easy for developers to get lost in clever code which might be ultimately irrelevant to the user After all what s a mind boggling Einstein like script good for if the text contained within it is as interesting as wallpaper paste Care needs to be taken on your website copy A common mistake is have too much Too many pages full of duplicate albeit slightly reworded paragraphs that neither delight nor engage visitors One page with sparkling content might be enough If you have a new web project approaching start with the words Try it Open your favourite word processor and pen the strap line introduction and body content Stay away from Photoshop mock ups until you re happy the words are beginning to shine Get them right and you ll see the website before you ve even touched its design and you ll find the latter will come far easier Words are as much a framework as wireframes themselves We can communicate on the web fantastically with colours and images but it is difficult to convey the true value of your brand products and services without words No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/web-design-dont-forget-the-words/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Flat web design: attractive but ultimately confusing? | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    threaten to confuse users with large colourful uniform buttons potentially making it difficult for them to work out what they need to do in order to perform a desired action Some even suggest that there is a golden middle ground between skeuomorphism and less references to the real world So how do you avoid turning your business website into an attractive yet ultimately unusable iOS7 clone Firstly don t hide key call to action buttons behind bright colour schemes and blocks of buttons Users intrinsically expect to find a back button for example when viewing search results If your back button is absent entirely or doesn t function in the way intended they ll quickly get fed up Active elements of your web page i e those the user can actually interact with need to be very clear Flat design can sometimes make everything appear as one Thus page elements which have no function can blend against call to action buttons leaving the poor user searching for something to click Time is most definitely of the essence on the web as we all know and it doesn t take long to frustrate visitors When planning your website always think content first A solid content strategy will ensure you bring into focus the elements you want users to interact and engage with User testing is absolutely essential get as many people as possible to try your latest design and ask them how quickly they became confused as lovely as your new flat design looks it might be turning people off No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/flat-web-design-attractive-but-ultimately-confusing/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Minimalism in web design: it’s not just about taking away | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    reach the call to action with the least amount of clutter or fuss blocking their path So rather than just removing things from an initial design you need to ensure that everything which is present contributes to the final goal It s not an easy task to perform which is why employing professionals who can build a site where nothing can be removed or added to improve it is absolutely crucial Wabi sabi isn t something you put on your sushi rather it is a traditional Japanese aesthetic which is the appreciation for things that are in a natural state or imperfect It focusses on asymmetry and irregularity which are two things we enjoy in the natural environment It is these qualities which define what is essential about a web project s minimal design Like anything design led minimalism is entirely subjective what you think is as simple as pie might not be to someone else and an element you ve added to your website which is in your mind absolutely crucial might simply be a stumbling block for potential customers Working in a minimalist fashion can be extremely rewarding and it is ideally suited to websites As we always recommend test your creation continually We recently posted a blog which highlighted three tools with which you can test your latest web project Use them throughout the design process in order to refine your minimalist design Users will love you for it No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/minimalism-in-web-design-its-not-just-about-taking-away/ (2016-02-13)
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