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  • Optimising for Mobile – Cash In on Christmas! | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    by eDigitalResearch and IMRG 35 percent of UK consumers plan to do more shopping via their smartphones this Christmas Derek Eccleston Research Director at eDigitalResearch explains Christmas is by far the most important time for retailers This year will be one of the first Christmas shopping periods where mobile shopping will be readily available to the majority of consumers The rapid development in mobile technology and the quick uptake by retailers of mobile sites and retail apps means that more and more brands have the opportunity to connect with potential customers encourage purchases and increase revenues As we continue to be gripped by the MEcommerce revolution where the consumer now holds the power to shop where when and how they like it is crucial that retailers have a strong presence across multiple channels in order to maximise the potential rewards that this Christmas has to offer This is just one example but numerous other surveys have shown similar results and goes to show why optimising for mobile devices is crucial if you want to maximise your earning potential over the Christmas period and beyond A mobile friendly website isn t just for Christmas because it s safe to say that accessing the internet and shopping via mobile devices is not a fad that will die out anytime soon it s with us for the foreseeable future and optimising for mobile is now just as vital as having a website was just a very short time ago Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money

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  • Web Design – Linking with Sitemaps | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    ensure all links are working correctly because broken links may result in search engines indexing just a few pages instead of the whole site Sitemaps can become even more important if your website contains hidden or archived pages because search engine bots will still reach them even if your internal link structure isn t all it should be It is highly advisable however to repair any faulty links yourself so you don t have to rely totally on the bots doing their work Additionally and importantly a sitemap will speed up the indexing of new or altered content on your website which although for obvious reasons wouldn t happen instantly will still be actioned faster than a site without one Aside from the SEO aspect sitemaps are organised so every page title can be easily found at a glance and so will allow visitors a much smoother ride in terms of navigation especially on larger sites which consequently will make them much less likely to leave in frustration at not finding what they want As with all business websites owners need to use every means at their disposal to get the best out of them in order to remain competitive and any businesses that don t currently have a sitemap should have a word with their web designers to find out more What I ve touched on so far is only a very brief idea of what sitemaps do but I hope to revisit the subject in more detail at some point Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/web-design-%e2%80%93-linking-with-sitemaps/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Link Building – It’s Not All About Numbers! | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    come across what are known as link farms which are basically sites with the sole purpose of increasing links to your website with the aim of getting it ranked higher in search engines but there are a couple of good reasons why linking to these types of sites is not recommended Firstly search engines don t like them with most of them including Google considering them as nothing more than a form of spam Secondly link farms contain no categories so you are unable to direct your link to a section relevant to your business something which renders the whole exercise pointless Surprisingly perhaps link farms have little or no page rank because just about every search engine penalises them for what they are which is rather ironic considering their supposed aim is to get other websites to attain higher rankings The truth is that linking to them will see your website penalised as well so don t be tempted When it comes to link building you should exercise care in your choices and just a little bit of patience because it can sometimes be a slower than expected process but as I said the emphasis is on quality not quantity and eagerly linking to all and sundry will certainly defeat the object If you re unsure about what to do with regards to link building then your web design company would be worth contacting for further help Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/link-building-%e2%80%93-it%e2%80%99s-not-all-about-numbers/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Web Design – This Really Shouldn’t Work but it Does! | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    s reckoned the business leases around 3 5 million pounds worth of vehicles every month I think for many this website is everything a website shouldn t be but for some reason it works and US internet marketing expert Seth Godin has even praised it for its internet marketing best practices The site s owner Ling Valentine has employed some wild publicity stunts over the years not least when she bought a Chinese military truck with a large rocket on the back which she used to advertise her business to motorists who drove past her premises She has also appeared on Dragon s Den and turned them down something that did her business no end of good Of course not every business person has the creativity nerve or time to do those kinds of things preferring instead to let their websites advertise their services and products in a more traditional manner and this is probably one of the reasons Ling s Cars website works so well for her because it s an unusual and quirky website complemented by a quirky business woman with unusual but memorable publicity stunts If you haven t already seen it the site is worth a look for the curiosity factor alone It s certainly an assault on the eyes and most website owners would never dream of having a site like it but as it s phenomenally successful for Ling s Cars there s really no reason why she should change it not least because the internet would be a little less colourful if she did Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/web-design-%e2%80%93-this-really-shouldn%e2%80%99t-work-but-it-does/ (2016-02-13)
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  • The Importance of Investing in Your Website | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    allow novices to create their own websites not everyone has a natural or acquired design talent so whilst a self created website might look ok there are almost certainly going to be noticeable differences between those and professionally built ones Firstly web design is far more than taking a template and populating it with stock images self composed copy and a company logo There are many other important factors to consider such as ease of navigation SEO coding and user friendliness to name but a few Understandably it would be all too easy to try and save money by building a website yourself in fact some businesses already have albeit with varying degrees of success mainly because there are certain areas of web design that are best left to the professionals New businesses will know that a good website is essential but may be under the impression that a professionally built site is beyond their pockets and depending on the type and capability of the site required this might well be the case However there are some web design companies that offer various payment options to help spread the cost so shopping around is highly recommended Another important reason to invest in your website is to create just the right impression to increasingly internet savvy visitors who may not know anything about actual web design but they know what they like and will easily spot a half hearted or amateur attempt so it s up to you to ensure they like what they see Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/the-importance-of-investing-in-your-website/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Web Design – Is Your Website Ageist? | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    gardening Challenging the stereotype that the internet is purely for the younger generations the survey shows that in fact 41 of those questioned say internet usage is their preferred pastime a figure that places retired Britons amongst the top 5 users of web time out of the 11 nations studied Activities such as email and searching come top in line with general usage trends regardless of age and on average retirees are spending 6 hours online every week organising their finances reading the news in fact everything that their younger contemporaries do Older users are catching on quickly and what they once didn t understand or were afraid of they are now embracing with open arms The point I m making is that as more users in their senior years take to the internet your market is potentially larger than you might imagine but what will they make of your website Having a user friendly website is a given easy navigation clear information and an easy to use shopping cart is enough for most internet savvy visitors who expect no less but is it easy and clear enough for inexperienced senior users If it isn t you could be losing out It may be time to take a look at your current site to identify any areas that might create a problem for older visitors This doesn t mean dumbing down either that would be an insult but simply making your website more age friendly something that even younger visitors are likely to appreciate anyway A chat with your web design company to audit your site would be a good first move in preparation for the growing numbers of older users who despite the current economic climate and gloomy news regarding pensions still have the means and potential to make

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/web-design-%e2%80%93-is-your-website-ageist/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Google is 13 Today | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    information or answers you don t Bing it Dogpile or Yahoo it you Google it It s estimated that Google has over a million servers worldwide and receives over a billion search requests every day a staggering figure by any standard In thirteen years Google has gone from being a straightforward search engine into a force that now dominates every other It has become the search engine for websites to be found in with every business vying to be among the top of the listings Google has also had its share of controversy over the years not least the criticism and protests it faced over Streetview which some found extremely entertaining whilst others felt it was an invasion of privacy the debate goes on Google s life and growth from new company to teenager has been anything but uneventful and as it continues to grow and expand it s hard not to speculate where it will be in another thirteen years from now There s much more I could write about Google s time in existence but the best way of finding out more is to Google it yourself In the meantime Happy birthday Google and it ll be interesting to see what the future holds Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March

    Original URL path: https://www.ihm.co.uk/blog/news/google-is-13-today/ (2016-02-13)
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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 27
    a mobile phone number The majority of website visitors don t even think about phoning a company when they decide to contact them at least not on their first visit They often prefer the relative anonymity of email to begin with so they can assess the professionalism and competence of a business based on their email conversations Now technically there is nothing to say that it s wrong to offer only a phone contact option because even in this email age some businesses might prefer to be contacted in this way and that s their prerogative However looking through the website it was obvious that this business invited contact through email as well though how they thought that would happen is a mystery to me Yes there were click here invitations to contact them on every page and all were underlined so they stood out but that s all they were underlined words not clickable links and nowhere on the site is there a visible email address clickable or otherwise The website in question is homemade and not the work of a web design expert and so understandably not without its rough edges but of all the errors it could contain having no way of contacting them by email could be amongst the worst Since looking at this site I have come across others where email links are present but inoperative and there are more out there than you d imagine Broken email links will not only be an annoyance for visitors they also do nothing to enhance a company s online image In fact that goes for any broken website links not just email Website owners should be making periodic checks on their website links especially their email because although some visitors will take the time to type in an email address many others are likely not to bother and instead just leave the website in favour of another one Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design Mobile is Pocket Power for Consumers This was posted by John Sheridan on December 23rd 2011 Before writing this the last post before Christmas I went to my local supermarket to get some last minute bits and pieces and you d expect the place was extremely busy despite the early hour but I quickly got what I needed anyway and headed for the checkout I didn t actually reach the checkout for another twenty minutes or so because of a shopper s comment to her husband boyfriend or whoever caused me to stop and eavesdrop on their conversation which to me got more interesting by the minute The shopper in question was looking at her Blackberry and had commented to her companion that a particular item I don t know what it was was being sold cheaper by a rival chain It was hearing this that caused me to stop and listen because although they were already in the store she was still searching product prices via her smartphone Her partner suggested she try yet another website to check the price only for her to reply that she d already looked at that one but The website was too big for the screen I couldn t find it I assume she meant the product itself and I couldn t be arsed with all the messing about Obviously the website she d looked at wasn t optimised for mobile and consequently had missed out on a potential sale Web design blogs including this one have long been preaching the need for businesses to have a mobile friendly website and I saw firsthand what happens when they don t Smartphones numbers are growing daily and the conversation I witnessed this morning is likely being repeated by countless other smartphone owners all over the country Optimising for mobile is no longer a matter of choice but an absolute must As a secondary observation what really surprised me was when I heard her say they would drive to this other store where the item was cheaper and buy it there because up to then it appeared to be just a price comparison exercise but actually went much further to the point that despite the busiest time of year for shoppers and traffic they were prepared to travel somewhere else for a better deal What I m saying is that once consumers are on your premises with everything they need under one roof it s no guarantee they will take advantage of that convenience if they can find something cheaper elsewhere In other words it s not a done deal because smartphones have given money conscious shoppers the power and ability to browse other outlets even whilst they are shopping in yours That s about it for now except to thank all our readers for being with us this year and to wish each and every one of you a very merry and happy Christmas from everyone at the in house media web design blog Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design What s in Store for 2012 This was posted by John Sheridan on December 18th 2011 This is traditionally the time of year when blogs and articles start to fill up with various web design predictions and expected trends and today s post is no different This week s search of the web found my interest piqued by a few predictions one of which stated that an apparently old design trend will be making a return the use of circles In short where a site has a photo or image it could simply be made circular Coloured borders and blocks of colour could also have circle designs incorporated into them and the few template examples I saw leads me to think that it could work very well Parallax scrolling is another design trend that looks promising and there are some excellent examples to be found on the web Parallax scrolling gives the illusion of 3D as website images move

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