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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 10
    have been sent By being social you will quickly see your follower numbers increase No Comments Read More Tweet How to write copy for your website s most important pages This was posted by Mark Ellis on December 10th 2013 With blogging now such an integral part of business websites it is all too easy to focus copywriting efforts in that area But what about the rest of the pages The quality of the writing throughout your site has to be top notch in order for it to prove a worthy return on investment Today we ll look at the three most important pages a website has and offer some tips on writing content which will engage visitors and make Google love you dearly The Homepage This is where it begins Think of it as a virtual lobby for your business or a digital reception area You wouldn t just throw a table some chairs and industry magazines in there would you No you d want to make it as inviting and brand conscious as possible The best way to write for your homepage is to consider your visitors and think about the type of experience you want them to have on first viewing your website It ll be new to them and unfamiliar therefore they will take in every little detail both consciously and subconsciously As a result they ll make some very quick judgements and decisions on whether or not to hang around To make them stay focus on the headline The first piece of text they read needs to confirm that they have arrived at the right place For example re iterate your place in the industry and your product and service categories Whatever you do don t simply write something like Welcome to our website That means nothing Follow this with a clear concise introduction Don t ramble People have come to your website looking for an answer give it to them in the first two paragraphs Also try not to over emphasise keywords They re important for SEO but you want sentences which make sense Google likes that too Landing pages Your email marketing campaigns are nothing without great landing pages Email and other forms of digital advertising start the conversation landing pages finish it They should result in your chosen conversion goal A landing page isn t about helping your visitors find what they want it is about delivering it Once again when writing for a landing page keep one thing in mind the visitor s mindset They ve arrived and need instant gratification Focus solely on the offer Make sure the headline has a keyword connection that will confirm the user has arrived at the right place Landing pages aren t the place where you show off your creative writing skills you re not trying to teach anyone a lesson you are simply looking to offer a reassurance that the visit was well worth it by giving people exactly what they came for Use second person narrative i e plenty of words such as you and avoid referring to your company s name Use words such as our instead About Us page This page might be one of the hardest you have to write for there s no escaping that It is too easy to head off into a long rambling whimsical tale about the company and its heritage A bit of that certainly doesn t hurt but try and focus on the visitor once again Tell them why the company exists and why that very existence can help them Keep the piece tight and well paced Each and every sentence needs to heighten the visitor s interest and tell them something they want to hear Perhaps the best piece of advice for your About Us page though is to write conversationally Don t be afraid to step away from the corporate world you inhabit be friendly light hearted and without trying to be the next Michael McIntyre humorous Visitors will warm to you that way and continue to the pages that really matter No Comments Read More Tweet How MVC architecture can improve the performance of your responsive website This was posted by Mark Ellis on December 3rd 2013 A responsive website needs to achieve two things The first is relatively obvious it needs to work well on multiple screen sizes Tablets desktop monitors smartphones your website should shine on all of them without the user having to do a thing The second is something which is all too often forgotten speed It needs to be quick A beautiful responsive website is next to useless if it takes forever to load Lots of things can count towards poorly performing responsive websites Large images poorly written code or a reliance on multi media elements rather than good old fashioned text are all bad practices which have made their way into new web design The solution to bandwidth hungry responsive websites can often be traced to something called Model View Controller or MVC Designed to separate the representation of data from users interaction with it MVC is a well established architecture pattern followed by software and web developers worldwide You ll find MVC frameworks widely used in most programming languages and in the technical building blocks from which the web is made Unfortunately when it comes to resolving responsive design problems the basic principals of MVC are often overlooked The most basic principal of MVC is that it focuses on the ability to provide different views of software or websites for different reasons Ignoring this often results in websites which are built with just one responsive mindset that attempts to fulfil the requirements of every screen size imaginable Inevitably this results in websites which are bulky and can cause particular problems when you get down to the smartphone level where such devices are left struggling trying to pick their way through heavy images and inefficient code So why should web developers invest time in

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 20
    a business website to be successful it must be well designed We know it needs to have engaging content nestled within its pages which will encourage visitors to read on We know it needs to be unique captivating and Google friendly We also know the importance of great imagery and the type which hasn t been poached from Google Images But what about the user It s easy to forget that the reason your website exists is for the humble visitor Those existing and prospective customers who pass through your digital shop doors will be interacting with it and a fabulous looking website is next to useless if it is unusable User centric design should be a top priority in the early planning stages of your website and in order to achieve the best you ll need to carefully analyse and consider your target audience What are their interests and values The more you know about them the more you ll know how they are likely to use your website What information do they need to access more readily Such information is key when building the core navigation of the site and if applicable your shopping cart experience It is also important to consider the responsiveness and interactivity of your website The rise of mobile devices has implanted an intrinsic expectance of user experience in many users minds Thumbs and fingers interact directly with interactive elements of web pages almost as much as mouse clicks and it is therefore important you instil an equally intimate user experience which will encourage your website s users to explore further Lastly don t underestimate the importance of share buttons They may litter nearly every page you visit and not always the correct ones but that s for a reason If you ve spent considerable time getting the content perfect you want to be sure the users of the site can share your hard word quickly No Comments Read More Tweet 5 most common web design mistakes This was posted by Adam Lewis on October 29th 2012 When designing a website it is all to easy to commit some common faux pas and make fatal mistakes Here however we ve shown you the biggest pitfalls of web design Firstly don t use too many graphics Large graphics can take a long time to load and impatient visitors will simply disappear Use GIF image files instead of JPEGs and reduce them in size whilst still being clear Do not put a visible visitor counter on your website either as this looks amateurish and ridiculous Keep your stats hidden and use them for your own benefit Don t use scrolling banners either These are hugely outdated and just look like adverts to most users You can be quite sure they won t be clicked on Keep a clear pattern in your infrastructure don t scatter your information create a focused path for the user Finally make sure you lead everything towards your target audience Keep things

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 30
    its sleeve one thing is clear The debate and speculation amongst potential users and the concern that Apple must be experiencing at the moment is priceless PR Except for the Kindle Amazon aren t really known for pushing their own branded products and yet with just a rumour of something to come they ve got the computer world wondering what s going to happen next Time will tell of course but for the moment I m sure Amazon s potential competitors will remain a little bit twitchy Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design Online Payment Options This was posted by John Sheridan on September 6th 2011 It s an achievement whenever a visitor to your site likes what they see enough to make a purchase but frustrating for them on reaching the checkout only to discover that the only payment options on offer is by cheque or via BACs Amazingly there are still some businesses albeit smaller and possibly home run enterprises that only accept cheques and occasionally others where bank transfers are the only way in which a customer can pay for their purchases neither way is very practical any more especially if the website in question is a busy one sales wise More often than not for many smaller online businesses PayPal is perhaps the favoured option because it s fairly easy to obtain and allows traders to have a basic payment gateway up and running in a very short space of time although PayPal now also have systems that lets online businesses accept payment via credit and debit cards as well As most shoppers prefer to pay using a credit or debit card websites that don t cater for these potential buyers could and probably already are losing a significant amount of business Of course for some businesses securing other payment options such as Visa and Mastercard isn t always easy or straightforward because of the need to obtain merchant accounts something that isn t always as quick straightforward or hassle free as you d expect However there are growing numbers of payment gateway providers offering payment processing services who are now making it much easier than it once was to take online payments There are obviously commission charges to consider before you choose and they vary from company to company but a good look around for the best deals should be very worthwhile Aside from the limitations for online buyers and the effect it could have on sales many visitors are likely to view a single payment option or indeed the inability to accept any online payment as being rather amateur an opinion that in most cases isn t deserved but unfortunately practically unavoidable when encountered Nevertheless website owners currently offering only one method of payment would do well to rectify the situation as early as possible Until next time No Comments Read More Tweet Web Design Why Captchas This was posted by John Sheridan on September 1st 2011 The other day

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  • web design northampton - in.house.media news blog | Check here for the latest industry related news from in.house.media. - Part 48
    posted by Gavin Hills on March 20th 2008 In house media is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website for Hawkes Technical one of Europe s leading cutting presses and systems specialists In addition to cutting anything from cork to carpets and leather to laminates the company also supplies an extensive range of cutting machines to various clients around the world more Tags Web Case Studies No Comments Read More Tweet Page 48 of 48 First 10 20 30 44 45 46 47 48 Search for Recent Posts Our Predictions for the Biggest Web Design Trends in 2016 What Are Landing Pages and When Should You Use Them Should All Websites Be Designed Primarily for Mobile 8 Hottest New Design Trends for Your Website Is Your Website Costing You Money Archives December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 February 2014 Click to Contact Us today or call on 01604 790007 during office hours What s wrong with your website Get your website audit today

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  • How Quality Content Could Revolutionise Your Site | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    to 2014 You don t need to be concise make sure all of the information is there and readers will appreciate it if it s done properly 2 Write as an expert but not as a dullard This is more of a caveat on the previous point Don t write like a school kid but don t pretend you re Professor Stephen Hawking either You need to sound like an authority in your industry whilst still being accessible to the general reader or visitor This is where a skilled copywriter really comes into his or her own 3 Write for humans not for Google Don t write your content with Google and SEO in mind Write for human visitors After all Google s main aim is to provide the best sites for human visitors If you try to aim it at Google that s a very short sighted approach and will likely backfire Target human beings and Google will follow and you won t need to worry about algorithm changes tripping you up either Most importantly you need to ensure you know your audience How old are they What s their gender likely to be What about their hobbies and interests Educational background Do they have children Know your target market and ensure you re creating your content around them The tone of your writing should always be geared towards your target audience 4 Focus on the user experience This is tied into the point above but you need to make sure that your whole site is structured towards the user experience Make it easy for people to navigate through your content and allow them to spend more time on it Google knows how long people spend on your website especially if they go back to Google straight after or use the Chrome browser or Google toolbar If they leave your site seemingly unsatisfied your rankings will suffer If the majority of visits end in a phone call or form submission you re likely to see your rankings rise One of the areas in which people trip up is in telling everyone about the features of their products or services Don t do that Instead focus on the benefits those features can offer especially over your competitors So you can get out to my house inside 24 hours OK fine What that s almost half the time any of the competitors can get there in Great you ve got the job At the same time you should know what objections potential customers might have price quality safety and address those before they even surface in their mind Create trust and put them at ease 5 Create naturally shareable readable content Simply writing articles and popping a few backlinks in doesn t work as a lnikbuilding strategy any more It s all about content that people share on social networks so create something cool that people will actually want to share and pass on That way you re going to have

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  • 6 Website Improvements You Don’t Need a Web Design Company For | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    who answers They d want to find out about how our company was formed or They d want to see pictures of our directors and the industry accreditations they have firstly give yourself a slap round the face and secondly get someone else who doesn t work for your company to put themselves in the shoes of a website visitor and answer the question 3 A sign up box or form with no introduction Having a sign up box or contact form in order to harvest email addresses is a fantastic marketing opportunity which you should definitely take advantage of However simply having a sign up here market with a box and a submit button just won t cut it Why should someone enter their email address Would you do it with a strange company you d never heard of Who wants to sign up to a company newsletter Answer No one Give them something Give them a reason to enter their email address Will they get exclusive discounts Free stuff A call from a salesperson Let them know 4 Keep your content up to date The importance of this really can t be understated If your website footer says Copyright 2009 or your latest news article is from 2013 how do customers know you re still in business We can tell you one thing they sure as hell won t phone you up to find out They ll go off to a competitor who they know s still in business because they can see it from their website The bottom line is that if you don t put the care and attention into something as simple as keeping your website up to date the subconscious reading that potential customers get is that you won t put the care and attention into your products or services either 5 Don t overwhelm them with content What you don t want is a plethora of buttons and menu choices all over the site Keep it simple give users a path through your website to find out the information they require and then get in touch with you Anything else is extraneous wastes your time writing or creating it and will likely put potential customers off If you keep things basic and simple you ll be rewarded by customers who haven t had to spend hours trawling through a website After all the average time users spend on any given website is seconds Surprised Make sure you allow them to use those seconds wisely then 6 Confusing navigation Do your website visitors really need to know the biographies of your directors Nope so get rid of that page Do they want to see a testimonials page Probably not unless they re time travelling from 2003 Get rid of it Do you need separate pages for Locations Opening Times and Contact Us No they all belong on the same page Slim down your menu and navigation by getting rid of extraneous pages and merging

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  • Getting Your Website up to Date Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult… | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    your industry Test test and test again This is more important now than it s ever been It used to be the case that new websites were tested on three different monitor resolutions That s now been blown out of the window by people using laptops and desktops and anything from a 13 inch screen to an enormous 4K retina display The variation is huge What s more Macs are much more popular as is Linux and other operating systems Mobile browsing has taken over desktop and laptop browsing too so ensuring that your website displays effectively across all of these media is vital to capturing your whole target audience Get feedback Find out what your customers and your target market think of your website from a variety of angles by asking them Set up a survey or ask them individually looking at the design and layout sales process information and ease of navigation In any other area of your business you d want to know what your customers and target market thought so why not your online shopfront Sometimes it just needs a complete overhaul If you ve let things slip for a while you might well just need to bite the bullet and get your website completely overhauled Maintenance and constant attention is always the best way to keep your website up to date without the large costs or efforts but if it s been a while since you ve given your website some love you might be better off starting again That doesn t need to sound daunting though A complete overhaul can bring your website and your company right up to date and help to boost business from the off showing your company to be a modern forward thinking business which cares for its customers Moving

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  • The Tricky Problem of Quality Website Content | web design northampton - in.house.media news blog
    they should choose you and how they can get in touch with you You should at all costs avoid Content that s been generated automatically Pages with very little content under 350 words generally or unoriginal content Hidden text Content that has appeared elsewhere on the web These are the biggest no nos in creating website content Put it this way Google will know if you re trying to be sneaky Doing things the right way will always get you the best results And it ll allow you to sleep at night Above all your content needs to be readable In other words sentences such as Our innovative team of executives is experienced in providing corporate redistribution solutions to the expanding global marketplace Snore Put some life into it Show that an actual person has written the text Look at that paragraph there for an example People s attention spans on the web are extraordinarily limited They won t read websites in the same way they read newspapers or letters They ll just disappear off elsewhere to a website with far better and professionally written content Your focus should always be on the reader not the search engines If your readers love your content search engines will follow That s the holy grail Your content needs to be interesting informative and entertaining or people just won t want to share it And let s face it the internet is all about sharing these days We get more and more of our online input from social media than we do from Googling our own stuff And remember keeping the quality of your content as high as possible doesn t mean getting your thesaurus out and showing off at all the big words you can use If you want to make sure

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