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  • InstantKB - Help Desk & Ticketing Software
    Send Tickets To Customers Want to raise a case or ticket for a customer That s not a problem support agents can also open tickets on behalf of contacts and optionally send a copy of the created ticket to the contact Any replies to the sent ticket from the contact will automatically appear under the ticket created by the support agent Relate Tickets Relate Private Tickets To Customers Support agents can also create private tickets within InstantKB that are related to a specific contact but only accessible to support agents within the Agent Control Panel This can be helpful if you need to assign some work or tasks to another support agent for a specific contact Automated Time Tracking Know Where Your Time Goes InstantKB automatically tracks the time agents spend responding to customer questions This helps you see the most active agents or the most demanding customers InstantKB also shows the time worked within various reports to help you understand the most time intensive support questions and know where to focus your self service support efforts Private Notes Private Customer Notes InstantKB lets your support agents add or review private notes for any ticket or customer Private notes are only accessible to support agents and can be easily accessed by agents from any ticket or customer profile page Notes are a great way to store information about the customer that may help agents better serve or know the customer on future requests Canned Replies Save Time With Canned Replies Canned replies can save you time if your often answering the same questions Whilst helpful use canned replies carefully and always try to answer the customers questions If a question can truly be answered without modifying a canned reply then the canned reply should really be an article within your public self service support portal Powerful Search Search Across Every Customer Interaction InstantKB lets you search across all your tickets ticket replies file attachments from every customer support channel Want to find all tweets with the word Awesome we ve got you covered You can filter tickets by channel contact list work flow step status priority individual contacts several other fields If you perform a keyword search results are ranked in order of relevance with the most relevant results showing first Custom Views Customizable Views InstantKB lets you completely customize the fields shown when working with tickets You can display custom fields rearrange fields or control the visibility of existing built in fields to ensure only the most relevant information is displayed to agents to help customers Statistics See The Big Picture A quick statistics menu accessible from any Admin or Agent page shows a summary of activity within every InstantKB tab For ticket tabs these statistics let you see the number of open tickets or the number of tickets assigned to you For knowledgebase tabs you can see how many articles are due for review or review pending user comments Custom Fields Capture Custom Data Add any number of

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/instantkb/support-tickets/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantKB - Multi Channel Customer Support (Email, Web, Phone & Social)
    can act upon Better yet support agents can respond to all Facebook messages right from the ticket within InstantKB Agents don t need to navigate away or login to Facebook to help customers All automation features within InstantKB can be applied against inbound questions from Facebook to automatically assign route messages to the right support agents Twitter Integrations Twitter Support InstantKB can monitor any number of twitter accounts and convert direct messages and mentions for those accounts into support tickets your agents can act upon Better yet your agents can respond to all DM s and mention right from the ticket within InstantKB Agents don t need to navigate away or login to twitter to help customers All automation features within InstantKB can be applied against inbound questions from twitter to automatically assign route messages to the right support agents Olark Integration Live Chat Support InstantKB integrates with Olark right out of the box to enable you to easily add real time live chat support to your InstantKB support pages All chat conversations are automatically converted into InstantKB support tickets and associated with the contact A full transcript of the chat conversation is also automatically added to the ticket generated for the chat Twilio Integration Phone Support InstantKB integrates with Twilio to let support agents make and receive phone calls from within the InstantKB Agent Control Panel When a call is made or received a new ticket is automatically created for the call which is related to the caller or contact your calling Agents can add notes during calls and once the call ends the ticket is updated with any unsaved notes and the time spent on the call is added to the ticket Better yet all customer information is displayed whenever you call a customer or the moment a

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/instantkb/multi-channel-customer-support/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantKB - Customer Support & Help Desk Automation
    route inbound tickets or escalate overdue tickets Automate Content Approval Article WorkFlows If you work in a team article work flows help you configure approval processes for content before it s published within your customer facing support center Work flows can be customized to help you work in a way that makes sense for your team At each work flow step you can perform a number of automated actions against articles For example you can trigger notifications restrict editing permissions show or hide specific fields or automatically changes the values for any fields associated with articles going through work flow Automate Support Processes Ticket WorkFlows Similar to article work flows you can use ticket work flows to automate several actions at once against tickets For example you can use work flows to automatically trigger notifications to agents customers or automatically set the value of any of the fields associated with tickets This can be helpful to trigger an email to a support agent if a tickets is assigned to them or send an email notification to the customer whenever a ticket is closed by an agent Ticket work flows are very flexible and can be customized to suite how you offer support Automate Inbound Support Inbound Outbound Rules Similar to rules within your email client rules within InstantKB can be executed against all inbound support tickets from any support channel Rules help you automatically organize inbound support Rules can be used to prioritize or assign new tickets send notifications to specific support agents or even send an automated response to customers to let them know a ticket has been received You can create any number of rules and multiple rules can be executed against a single ticket Automate Escalations Escalation Rules Escalation rules run every few minutes within InstantKB and constantly check for overdue tickets If a ticket is overdue and meets the conditions defined within any escalation rule the actions for that escalation rule will be executed against the ticket This can be helpful to automatically escalate or notify support agents if tickets becomes overdue Automate Due Dates Service Level Agreements SLAs let you to automatically set the due date for tickets You can assign SLAs to tickets through rules For example you could create a rule that instructs InstantKB to add a 6 hour SLA to any ticket where the customer opening the ticket belongs to your Premium Support contact list You can also set override conditions within SLAs to always apply a specific SLA if a ticket meets specific conditions For example if a tickets status is set to Escalated you may wish to always assign a urgent SLA to the ticket regardless of rules Alerts Agent Alerts Every support agent within InstantKB can opt in to get notified of important events happening within your help desk These notifications are unique to each support agent and each support agent has full control over the notifications they receive Explore More Ticketing InstantKB boosts a number of powerful ticketing

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/instantkb/automation/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantKB - Help Desk & Customer Support Reporting
    articles product documentation are performing See a complete history of every article view alongside your top articles user engagement rates comments and top categories Ticket Reporting Measure Response Times Know Where Time Goes Ticket reports show you all inbound and outbound support activity You can see all customer tickets replies from every support channel alongside all agent responses Our automated time tracking feature also lets you see the total time agents have spent assisting individual customers helps you identify the most time intensive customers support activities all automatically Search Reporting See Open Vs Resolved Tickets See the total number of tickets received and resolved on a day to day basis This can be helpful to identify if support tickets are being resolved in a timely fashion or to identify if inquires are going unanswered Topic Suggestions Get Intelligent Suggestions For Topics You Should Cover InstantKB can suggest topics you should cover to help customers within your self service support portal These suggestions are based on the keywords or terms customers are searching for and the number of results and relevancy of those results returned to the customer If we see search terms are producing poor quality results InstantKB shows these search terms as topic suggestions within the search report page showing the most poplar suggestions first Status WorkFlow Agent Reports Additional reports are available within all tabs to show you a break down of articles or tickets by status work flow step or support agent Date Filters For Reports All reports can be filtered by date Show content search or ticket activity from last week last quarter or any date range you need Reports For Every Tab Whever your creating a custom ticketing tab to capture internal change requests or a public tab for product documentation full reports are available

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/instantkb/reporting/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantForum - Customer Community Software
    To Help Support Your Users Peer To Peer Q A Help users help each other Replies can be flagged as answers within InstantForum with reputation rewarded to the answer author User Reputation Reputation levels make it easy to identity experts and help members know who to trust Become an expert by posting helpful answers Highlighted Answers Visually customize the look feel of your community using our built in theme roller or download themes from our gallery Community Designed To Keep You In Control User Post Moderation Simple bulk moderation tools make it quick easy for assigned moderators to manage your conversations community members Built In Spam Protection Stay SPAM free with out the box StopForumSpam com integration reputation based permissions Complete Management Control every aspect of your community through a comprehensive administrator control panel Response Tracking Built In Real Time Theme Roller Our built in real time visual theme roller lets you easily customizae every aspect of your community no need to learn CSS or HTML Better yet your customizations will work seamlessly across all devices Topic Types Keep Conversations Organized Easily find what interests you You can now create any number of color coded topic types to help you group and identify specific types of conversations Users can filter conversations by any topic type from the new homepage menu User Profiles Get To Know Your Community We ve revamped user profiles with our recent releases Users can now upload a personal cover or banner image shown within there profile user card We ve also redesigned the way users build profiles to make it even easier than before Post With Mouse Or Touch Touch Optimized Composer We ve improved our editor to ensure this works great on current versions of iOS Android and Windows Phone You can now also start

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/instantforum/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantASP - Download Trial
    On Twitter On Google On LinkedIn If you like InstantASP help us spread the word Tweet about InstantASP Like InstantASP on Facebook 1 InstantASP on Google My InstantASP Edit Profile My Downloads My Tickets My Support Plans Order History Welcome Guest Login or Create an Account Start Your Free Trial Download try our software on premise free for 30 days No Obligation We need a few details We want you to be 100 happy our software is a good fit for your business To help you fully evaluate our software we offer a completely free no obligation on premise 30 day trial To get started with your evaluation please create an account below Once your evaluation is ready you ll receive an email and can login here on our web site to download your evaluation begin the installation process We ll never share your details with any 3rd parties Your Name Optionally provide your full name This is never shown to others Username A unique username is required for your account on our web site This is visible within our forums Company Email Please provide your company email address This is private and never shared or shown to others IMPORTANT As you are using a free email account such as Gmail Hotmail or Yahoo we will need you to further validate your genuine interest in evaluating our software We will contact you after registration to validate your evaluation request To avoid this extra validation step please consider using a company email address if available during registration Please select which product you would like to evaluate InstantForum InstantKB Both InstantForum InstantKB Subscribe to occasional update from InstantASP Create Account We will contact you on the email address provided above once your evaluation has been approved and is available for download By

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/try/download/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantASP - Free 30 Day Hosted Trial
    sales instantasp co uk or call us on 44 0 1565 832 827 between 7 30am and 5 30pm UTC Forums Blog User Comments Contact Us On Facebook On Twitter On Google On LinkedIn If you like InstantASP help us spread the word Tweet about InstantASP Like InstantASP on Facebook 1 InstantASP on Google My InstantASP Edit Profile My Downloads My Tickets My Support Plans Order History Welcome Guest Login or Create an Account Start Your Free Trial Try Our Software Free For 30 Days Within Our Windows Azure Cloud No Obligation We need a few details Please register below to create an account on our web site Once your evaluation is ready you ll be able to login here on our web site to download our software We never share your information Your Name Your Username Your Email Address URL you would like to use which product would you like to try InstantForum Hosted InstantKB Hosted Subscribe to occasional update from InstantASP Create Account We will contact you on the email address provided above once your evaluation has been approved and is available for download By clicking Create Account you agree to our privacy policy All 30 Day Free

    Original URL path: http://www.instantasp.co.uk/products/try/hosted/ (2016-04-24)
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  • InstantKB 2014 - Features
    deliver engaging customized online support portals You can see a few examples below If we can help your business please contact us Dedicated admin control panel ensures complete control As an administrator InstantKB provides unparalleled administration control Create member groups to control access to tabs categories content within your knowledgebase Define the fields functionality visible to users through permission sets Create staff departments and permission sets to control over the content workflows options available to staff Customizable Look Feel InstantKB comes with an incredible flexible skinning system allowing your developers designers to fully brand and customize your knowledgebase to fit perfectly into your existing web site or intranet You can use standard ASP NET master pages to quickly wrap your existing design around InstantKB or customize our documented CSS to change colours fonts and layout Complete Cross Browser Support InstantKB produces light weight strict HTML 5 CSS 3 0 W3C validated mark up InstantKB has been tested on all major browsers to offer complete desktop and mobile cross browser support Extend InstantKB through custom plug ins providers InstantKB provides a robust plug in framework allowing developer s to add additional functionality without modifying the core code This allows you to keep your InstantKB installation right up to date without worrying about losing your medications For example if you wanted to capture unique data during registration you can use our custom registration form plug in to capture this data When we release an update to the core product your plug in will continue to work and you won t need to re apply any custom changes to InstantKB Visual Studio 2012 2013 Ready InstantForum will work great with Visual Studio 2012 2013 or 2010 Express editions LightSwitch are also supported Developers can modify or customize InstantForum from within there favourite development environment All Features Incredible Flexibility Create your own custom tabs to capture any unique knowledge Customize or create your own forms to collect data within tabs Apply custom workflows to articles or data within any custom tab Easily adaptable to track issues defects or product features Security Control Control the tabs categories content visible accessible through member groups Use staff departments to control the workflows editing options available to staff Create custom workflows to control content approval or track issues defects Control features editing options for both users staff through permission sets Flexible member group security modal Supports multiple staff administrator groups Powerful Search Standard TSQL SQL Server full text contains freetext support out the box Search attachments Office Text HTML etc with SQL Server 2008 full text enabled Search additional attachments content types such as PDF or CHM using extensible iFilters Ranked security trimmed AJAX enabled search results ensure quick relevant results Optionally allow member groups to also search user submitted comments tags Dynamic RSS feeds for all search results Get notified when new content is available Knowledgebase Articles Easily create control maintain share knowledgebase articles Organize articles within a familiar windows explorer style AJAX enabled treeview Add any number of file attachments content tags related links to articles Allow eponymous registered members to comment rate articles Easily send articles by email bookmark articles or share using social bookmarks Troubleshooter Guides Create an interactive series of articles to guide users through specific problems Effortlessly build your troubleshooter step structure through our AJAX enabled treeview All the features available within articles are also available for troubleshooter guides Downloads Organize control access to your digital media or product downloads Password protect or restrict access to downloads through permission sets member groups Store files directly within SQL for enhanced security checks no direct URL to downloads All the features available within articles are also available for downloads Glossary Create maintain a glossary of terms for common terminology used within your company Staff members can easily add edit or delete entries from the glossary through the Staff CP AJAX enabled allowing users to navigate your entire glossary without a single postback Tags Tag any content within your knowledgebase helping improve discoverability Provide web 2 0 tag clouds allowing users to quickly explore your content Easily remember reuse common tags with auto completing tag text boxes Dynamic RSS feeds are available for all tags User can get notified when new content is available matching a specific tag Attachments Upload associate file attachments to any content within InstantKB NET Search Office HTML Text based attachments with SQL Server 2005 full text enabled Define the allowed attachments within any tab set storage limits using permissions Access can be controlled for each tab member group using permission sets AJAX enabled file upload mechanism for staff members Member Permissions Groups Permission sets allows you to control features for each member group within each tab Associate permission sets with entire member groups or individual members Associate multiple member groups with members to control the visible content Associate member groups with tabs categories content to control group access Staff Permissions Departments Control the editing options available within the staff CP through staff permission sets Associate staff permissions with entire staff departments or individual staff members Allow separate teams or departments to work separately on there own content Associate workflows with staff departments to control access to available workflows Multiple staff member groups allow you to separate your staff into multiple member groups allowing you to further control the categories staff can modify and create content within Member comments Recognition System Allow users to add comments to content all completely configurable with permission sets Comments marked as helpful a specific number of times will be automatically highlighted Content that receives a specific number of comments will automatically be marked as hot As members contribute rate other members comments recognition points are awarded Define the number of points awarded to members for specific actions within InstantKB NET Member levels will increase based directly on the number of recognition points Dynamic RSS Feeds Live RSS feeds are available for all tabs search results comments Tags Subscribe to search results or specific tags through

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