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  • Internet Marketing Blog
    matter of hours It s Read more Types of Search Engine Optimization Services October 1 2015 SEO SEO experts have gained a lot of popularity nowadays because more and more businesses are looking for search engine optimization services to improve their online presence Many of these experts are even become so popular all around the world like rock stars at least in the world of online marketing but it is true that Read more The Easy Way to Find a Trustworthy SEO Company June 10 2015 SEO If you know anything at all about SEO you ll know that it can be really difficult to find a trustworthy SEO company Some companies claim to be legit but practice shady techniques when it comes to getting results You can bet that after a little while you ll be right back to where you started To Read more Various Applications Of Graphics Design May 26 2015 Graphics Design Graphic design has evolved at a fast pace with advancing technology It is now being applied in various fields and has become an integral part of every business which wants to reach out to its clients Some of the most common applications of graphic design are seen in Advertising Entertainment Education Journalism and other fields Read more Use Social Engagement to Take Your Business To New Levels April 12 2015 Social Media Have you ever thought that social media networks could become a platform for you to market your business online Well social media networks were started to share messages information and photos among internet users But now social media is considered to be the very easy and affordable option to share information about new products or Read more 1 2 3 6 Search for Recent Posts A Business Owner s Introduction To CRO

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  • Why Online Marketing is a Very Cost Effective Option for Your Business | Internet Marketing | Internet Marketing Blog
    size of the budget Logically bigger companies have the advantage because they have larger resources to drive up an aggressive traditional marketing program You do not need to spend so much to produce and launch an online marketing scheme Just try online marketing strategies and tools like affiliate marketing the use of Google AdSense AdWords and email marketing Competing with giant competitors Whatever the industry your business is getting into there surely are giants and titans that are already dominating the market in the particular industry Through online marketing you could take an equal and fair chance of running against those huge rivals Businesses small or large could have equal chances and opportunities in terms of online exposure You do not need more money to be more visible across the Internet Targeting specific audience or consumers In traditional marketing it is usually very difficult to target a specific audience or consumers Online marketing is different Because more people could possibly receive your marketing materials you could more easily target your specific and intended audience or consumers More importantly you could do so without additional costs Possibly going global The Internet has a worldwide reach Your business could take this as an opportunity You could market your products or services to not just a particular community or city You could actually reach more consumers in other states or even countries Thus it could be possible for you to make your business go global It helps that there are now electronic payment systems and international shipping services to help make your business reach expand globally Online marketing is 24 7 The opportunities online marketing could bring about could be streaming continuously 24 7 You could be sure your marketing materials and ads would reach more consumers any time of the day You

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  • Reasons Behind The Rising Popularity Of Email Marketing | SEO | Internet Marketing Blog
    marketing is often deemed to be the backbone of business If the marketing of goods or services is carried out successfully and smoothly then one can consider winning half the battle There are different kinds of marketing medium but the one that seems to have taken the market by lightning speed is the is the use of electronic mail marketing This kind if marketing is becoming increasingly popular because of number of factors The most important is the price difference in comparison to the other media Marketing goods and services over the electronic mail is comparatively cheaper Sending email for the purpose of marketing is cheaper that most other forms of communications Unlike placing advertisements on the websites where visitors may or may not notice them email reaches out to your desired prospects keeping you assured that the message has been delivered and noticed This form of marketing may produce successful results provided it is done the accurate way A promotional message may be sent in the form of direct mail For example the email may cite some interesting and exciting offer which is bound to attract the fancy of the readers The email address of the customers or prospects

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  • Four Trends that are Emerging as Top Guest Blogging Alternatives | Guest Blogging | Internet Marketing Blog
    coming months Press Releases Writing and publishing newsworthy press releases can do wonders for your website Interestingly the SEO benefits are very similar to the ones that guest blogging used to offer except you also get the added benefit of exposing your brand to people and publications that can drastically boost public awareness as it relates to your brand Q A Sites Many in the SEO community tend to overlook the benefits that come with being active on the Q A sites These would be sites such as Quora and Yahoo answers However these aren t the only ones If you just search for them online you can find a ton more The reason you shouldn t overlook the chance to answer questions on these sites is that 1 answering questions there can establish you as a subject matter expert on your topic and 2 if people like your answers they will review you profile and may click through to your website Contests and Giveaways If you offer any sort of products or services on your website this strategy could be a good fit for you The way it works is that you take a scaled down version of your offerings and offer that one product or service in a giveaway contest You could even set it up so that in order to enter the contest your audience must spread the word for you Infographics Another trend that is quickly leaving a lasting mark upon the SEO and linkbuilding community is the publication of infographics An infographic is a visual way of displaying complex data information Surely if you ve been online for the past year you ve seen at least one of them They are usually found on blogs or social networking sites and they look like really colorful

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  • A Business Owner’s Introduction To CRO | CRO | Internet Marketing Blog
    persona allows the marketer to make important decisions They use this fictional web user as a model for all the content and design features which will be going into your website It can also influence the kind of keywords used for SEO Image from Flickr After a detailed buyer persona is established a CRO company would start looking at user journey scenarios This is a prediction of how a given buyer persona will behave using the company s website What kind of information will they be most concerned about What links and tabs will they be most drawn to What route are they most likely to take through from your homepage These are the kinds of questions a CRO specialist will be asking and answering in order to carry out their work Web design companies tailor their work to your instructions CRO firms on the other hand tailor it to the needs of the individual consumer As they look into your site CRO professional will be able to understand your company s buyer persona more Then they ll emphasise the things which are most valuable to them After these changes you ll have a much easier time of turning a browser into a customer Image from Wikimedia After these initial changes a CRO drive will usually involve user surveying The findings from this will give you clear points for improvement on your site A CRO professional will be able to draft an effective survey but of course you ll be able to have some input The best user surveys have clear definite answers Don t go with a sliding strongly agree to strongly disagree format Ask your users what the best feature of your site is and what they d like to see improved A multiple choice format is fine

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  • CRO | Internet Marketing Blog
    a fast growing business that doesn t show any signs of slowing down As a business owner you probably know a fair bit about it already SEO can push your company s site to the top of a list of search results and PPC will boost your traffic exponentially in a matter of hours It s Read more Category Internet Marketing CRO Email Marketing Reputation Management Video Marketing Newsletter SEO

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  • Types of Search Engine Optimization Services | SEO | Internet Marketing Blog
    services because as said earlier reputed SEO experts are actually quite popular so they won t be too difficult to find There are several kinds of SEO services that you can get from these companies some of them are offering packages that combine various types SEO services in different packages and some others also provide a la carte services where you have the freedom to choose what kind of service you need People who choose these a la carte services usually do their own SEO work but they need help in some areas that they cannot handle themselves The types of these services can be so many but basically there are three major types of SEO services available today On page SEO This kind of service basically deals with fine tuning your website This includes all aspects of your website such as content keyword analysis HTML coding META tags internal linking outbound links and many other aspects The SEO company will conduct a complete SEO audit and analysis in order to make sure that everything is in compliance with the latest search algorithms A lot of business owners who prefer to do their own SEO often hire an internet marketing company to do an SEO audit for their websites They will then create an SEO plan based on the website audit report Off page SEO Off page SEO mostly deals with link building strategy A good SEO agency will only implement ethical link building strategy that complies with the guidelines of major search engines They usually put your links on websites with high authority and have high relevance with your website Besides good for improving your search rankings quickly such technique will also avoid you from being penalized Additionally the SEO company could also manage your social media presence in

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  • SEO | Internet Marketing Blog
    it comes to getting results You can bet that after a little while you ll be right back to where you started To Read more Four Trends that are Emerging as Top Guest Blogging Alternatives October 20 2014 Guest Blogging The SEO industry has always resembled a game of cat and mouse The only difference with this game is that it s played by search engines and SEO professionals The way it works is that whenever the SEO industry catches on to the latest search engine algorithms and ranking factors the search engines respond with even Read more What are the Unique Points to Consider While Hiring an In House Search Engine Optimization Expert July 9 2014 SEO A good search engine optimization SEO for your company website can help to boost business Therefore a company should hire professionals in order to develop their site as it ll help in its business growth Here are the following points that you are required to keep in mind when you are planning to optimize your website Read more Taking Your Online Business to the Next Level June 15 2014 Internet Marketing SEO Are you one of those companies with first mover advantage to the internet but just haven t been able to maintain success in the recent years If your long established business has never taken advantage of SEO services or the plethora of social media tools that exist now it s unfortunate to say that more often than Read more Reasons Behind The Rising Popularity Of Email Marketing December 27 2013 SEO Email marketing seems to have taken the world of internet by storm There are a number of factors which work in its favor and add to its popularity Marketing of goods and services in the proper way is the

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