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  • A real stoopid question??? - Internet Business Forums
    buy when they land on a page I did notice that your product descriptions were often brief and made no effort to sell the items 2c 30 05 2007 09 05 AM 7 permalink mercator Junior Member Join Date May 2007 Posts 7 Re A real stoopid question Thanks for your advice Yep the PPC campaign was something I looked at in depth and is really why my concern has now focused on the products themselves All the ppc campaigns are broken down as much as possible After much advice the adgroups were built on the following basis 1 Take a keyword phrase from the server and tracking stats something that had actually been used to bring traffic to the site but at the same time showed a high relevance to my specific products 2 Create an adgroup for each one of these keywords Apply 2 adverts for each of these adgroups title with the keyword ad title function and split test the two ads with one minor difference 3 Apply 10 20 keywords to each of the adgroups including only specific longtail variations of the keyword phrase itself 4 Send each ad directly to deep linked pages with optimum relevance for the specific keyword In most cases I created a dedicated landing page based on each particular keyword Each landing page has the specific search keyword product link prominantly displayed 5 Set each adgroup keyword at 3 7 positions and obviously booted the content network into touch The adgroups immediately gave improved CTR showed well for what seemed to be valuable search phrases and gave significant cost reductions But did nothing to improve sales Tracking shows no pattern of punters leaving the site at any particular page or bottle neck I had initial concerns with both the checkout process and maybe even shipping costs but there s no evidence of these as exit pages Thanks for the description suggestion The descriptions are brief adding sales copy is something I d considered but previous research had led me to conclude that a simple descriptive sentence may be favoured by my sucessful competitors within their own offerings I will certainly give some sales copy a go how much weight does sales copy have in the overall mix I mean could a lack of sales boil down to not selling at the description stage cheers 30 05 2007 08 22 PM 8 permalink numnutz Member Join Date Jun 2006 Posts 36 Re A real stoopid question Your site looks generally OK to me I cannot comment on PPC and such However I think you photography needs to be better the products are shown in tiny windows although I accept the a large version is available the photographs are miles out of focus so you cannot see detail and show far too many reflections and bright highlights If you took the photographs yourself I suggest you read here http www tabletopstudio com docume hotography htm and Here http www ganoksin com borisat nenam

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  • A real stoopid question??? - Page 2 - Internet Business Forums
    photos to her website www palitrading co uk but I have some issues with the definitions against the backgrounds she has used Any advice would be helpful Last edited by velofosse 05 06 2007 at 02 14 AM 05 06 2007 07 39 AM 14 permalink SageMother Member Join Date Mar 2007 Posts 53 Re A real stoopid question Have you thought about photographing against velvet That might bring some texture to the background without overwhelming your subject 05 06 2007 02 12 PM 15 permalink mercator Junior Member Join Date May 2007 Posts 7 Re A real stoopid question Any chance you could give some details of your jewellery photography system geti The images on your site are incredible It looks like I have some photos to take Would it be ok to pm you re WS Supply cheers mercator www whitewolfjewellery com 05 06 2007 02 23 PM 16 permalink mercator Junior Member Join Date May 2007 Posts 7 Re A real stoopid question Quote Originally Posted by SageMother Inspiration Showing your items on models might help bring a personalized tone to your jewelry I don t get any feeling from looking at the items When a place sells diamonds it works on the romantic notions with couples kissing little boxes with bows that hint at a special gift When would your product be given When would someone buy it for themselves Who might the item be for You might look at some color theory as well Since women will probably look at the site more often than guys you might be able to bend some of the conventions when it comes to color to spark interest in a market that isn t looking at the items with a business mind Many web design conventions are based on what the male mind works best with just a thought Thanks that s interesting stuff alot to consider Can you expand on the colour theory idea We were trying to achieve something a bit different with our current colour themes most jewellery sites tend to stick with a more or less bright white we were aiming for something a little more intimate in feel 16 06 2007 12 12 AM 17 permalink Chris Kaday member Join Date Jun 2007 Location London Posts 6 Re A real stoopid question Noone is going to buy from your pics Others have said it and that is the number one reaosn you are not selling anything To be frank they look like the toy gems you get in Christmas crackers Copy the big boys Look at John lewis and how they display the product and they are the most succefull etailer from the high street Also get that text off the home page People have come to buy product show product product product Very simple really just do it quickly Chris kaday Business mentor 16 06 2007 12 17 AM 18 permalink Eagle Senior Member Join Date Mar 2004 Posts 236 Re A real

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  • A real stoopid question??? - Page 3 - Internet Business Forums
    probably be well of using the content network The content network is completely opposite of what the search network is and has lower per click costs Main thing you need to focus on is finding out where you folks are leaving your site from 29 07 2011 05 35 PM 23 permalink mercator Junior Member Join Date May 2007 Posts 7 Re A real stoopid question Just as an update Things are much better now We ve totally revised our product lines and suppliers We now have some great high quality lines and I believe we re obviously presenting a valuable offering Thanks for all the advice A great deal of SEO work has now been put in place this stuff seems to really work once you get the ball rolling Cheers for the help 30 09 2011 01 34 PM 24 permalink Tony221268 Junior Member Join Date Sep 2011 Posts 3 Re A real stoopid question Just read the last post after constructing a long reply Great news good luck Last edited by Tony221268 30 09 2011 at 01 41 PM Page 3 of 3 1 2 3 5 Important Steps to Understand Cltural Difference Biggest lessons you ve

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  • Internet Business Forums
    have sufficient privileges to access this page Are you trying to edit someone else s post access administrative features or some other privileged system If you are trying to post the administrator may have disabled your account or it may be awaiting activation Log in User Name Password Forgotten Your Password Remember Me The administrator may have required you to register before you can view this page Forum Jump User

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  • Who Posted? - Internet Business Forums
    Posts mercator 6 geti 3 SageMother 2 Eagle 2 Brian Turner 2 Tony221268 1 numnutz 1 157site 1 Toadstool Toys 1 Subbynet 1 Chris Kaday 1 velofosse 1 inova 1

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  • 5 Important Steps to Understand Cltural Difference - Internet Business Forums
    working internationally there are certain principles that are good to remember 1 Acknowledge differences exist 2 Understand and analyse why those differences exist 3 Appreciate the unique values beliefs attitudes and behaviours of different cultures 4 Adapt your behaviour including your cross cultural communication style to meet the needs of others 5 Be sensitive to feedback and adapt accordingly When things just don t seem to be going right Remember Don t take things personally Dr Deborah Swallow 22 09 2011 06 27 PM 2 permalink PrimeOutsourcing PrimeOutsourcing Services Join Date Aug 2011 Location Manila Philippines Posts 5 Re 5 Important Steps to Understand Cltural Difference good point there I will definitely remember that Tags communication cross culture amtuk A real stoopid question Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On IMG code is On HTML code is Off Trackbacks are On Pingbacks are On Refbacks are Off Forum Rules All times are GMT 1 The time

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  • Who Posted? - Internet Business Forums
    Who Posted Total Posts 2 User Name Posts PrimeOutsourcing 1 Deborahswallow 1 Show Thread Close Window

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  • amtuk - Internet Business Forums
    bedroom and bathroom can add upto 20 to the value of your home Why move when you can improve Remember to consider plumbing and heating if you re adding a 4th or 5th bedroom and only have one bathroom in your home by adding a second you will increase the value of your house further If you re converting your loft into a bathroom you will need to ensure that enough hot water can be provided by your boiler The design of the bathroom will need to take into account where pipes and plumbing can be laid Costing anywhere between 12k 40k a loft conversion can be a big money maker also Loft conversions can take approx 12 15 weeks and should be relatively undisruptive as the majority of work is all carried out on the roof and not to the inside of the house until a stair case is added There are 4 main types of loft conversion you can choose from which are Dormer Loft Window Hip to Gable Mansard depending on the size of your property and the reason for the conversion will enable you to choose the correct type of conversion Magazine Business HELP 5 Important

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