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  • Team Coaching in organisations
    facilitating the performance learning and development of a team Downey Team Coaching The purpose of team coaching is to enable the team to succeed at a particular objective The focus of team coaching is to enable the team and also the individuals within it to develop Hardingham Aim of team coaching There is a strong argument for defining the aim of team coaching in terms of bringing the team to the point where it is largely self sufficient in coaching itself Clutterbuck In the book Team Players and Teamwork The New Competitive Business Strategy Glenn Parker notes some common issues teams are likely to experience and which team coaching from Iridium can address There is talk but not much communication Disagreements are aired in private conversations after team meetings Team meetings are formal or tense Decisions tend to be made by the team leader with little involvement of team members Team members cannot easily describe the team s mission Team members are not open with each other because trust is low There is talk but not much accomplishment There is confusion or disagreement about roles within the team People in other parts of the organisation do not cooperate with the team The team doesn t recognise the strengths and differences of each team member The team may have been in existence for some time but never reflects on how it goes about things What is Team Coaching in organisations You may be wondering what exactly team coaching is and whether it s really just a rebranding of team building or team development In our experience there can be a number of similarities and activities that could equally feature in team building team development or team coaching However the key distinguishing characteristic of team coaching is that the coach or facilitator

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  • Team Building, Team Development, Northampton, London, UK
    Centres Team Team Coaching Team Development Coaching Coaching Skills Training Executive Coaching Presenting Yourself With Impact Coaching Creating a Coaching Culture ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Coach Supervision Solutions In house Interpersonal Skills Workshops Emotional Intelligence The Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Specialists Presenting Yourself With IMPACT Insights Discovery Developing Talent Personality Profiling Making Change Happen Work Life Balance In House Programmes and Coaching Recruitment and Selection Resources Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work The Book Books And Resources Meet Us What People Say Contact Us Iridium Blog Team Building and Team Development Northampton London and UK Wide We are passionate about enabling teams to maximise their potential Imagine your teams operating to their full potential Iridium based in Northampton and operating across London the UK and Europe has considerable experience of working with teams at all levels in an organisation We can provide team days team building events team coaching and on going team development programmes If you know what you want contact Colin Graves now on 07881 636538 else read on Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds public and private sector large and small and include Vodafone The NHS PoloRalphLauren and The Open University Team Building Days Northampton London and UK wide The choice of programme is up to you We can provide a mixture of analytical and thought provoking exercises and also use tools such as personality questionnaires see Myers Briggs Team Building Days and Insights Discovery Team Building Days We can also add in some fun themed elements such as treasure hunts karting drumming pottery chocolate making horse whispering the choice is almost endless A recent team event was the largest we have ever done and involved organising an afternoon of activity for 120 international staff

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  • Coach training, coach supervision and executive coaching
    in Coaching ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Coach Supervision Solutions In house Interpersonal Skills Workshops Emotional Intelligence The Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Specialists Presenting Yourself With IMPACT Insights Discovery Developing Talent Personality Profiling Making Change Happen Work Life Balance In House Programmes and Coaching Recruitment and Selection Resources Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work The Book Books And Resources Meet Us What People Say Contact Us Iridium Blog Coaching IMPACT We are passionate about enabling leaders managers teams individuals and coaches to maximise their potential We believe everybody has the potential to learn and grow We are therefore passionate also about coaching as we believe that through coaching individuals can make profound positive change Our best selling book Coaching With Impact at Work is available from Amazon Are you looking for a coach Or maybe looking to grow coaching skills within your organisation to create a coaching culture Or maybe you are a coach looking for supervision Iridium is a coaching company that specialises in providing executive leadership team and personal coaching to enable individuals to realise their potential We also provide outstanding coach training and supervision both one to one and via bespoke in house training programmes Contact us now on 07881 636538 or via the contact us page and start making an impact So what is coaching Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives careers businesses or organizations Through the process of coaching clients deepen their learning improve their performance and enhance their quality of life In each meeting the client chooses the focus of conversation while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action Coaching accelerates the client s progress by providing greater focus and awareness

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  • Coaching Skills training, Coaching Skills trainer
    in Coaching ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Coach Supervision Solutions In house Interpersonal Skills Workshops Emotional Intelligence The Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Specialists Presenting Yourself With IMPACT Insights Discovery Developing Talent Personality Profiling Making Change Happen Work Life Balance In House Programmes and Coaching Recruitment and Selection Resources Presenting Yourself With Impact at Work The Book Books And Resources Meet Us What People Say Contact Us Iridium Blog Coaching Skills Training We are passionate about coaching and the impact it has in enabling leaders managers teams and individuals to maximise their potential Iridium provides a range of bespoke coaching skills training programmes tailored to your outcomes including one to one coach training ILM certificate in coaching programmes and introductory in house coaching skills one day and two day workshops Coaching Skills Coaching with Excellence In house Workshops This programme provides participants with state of the art coaching skills and techniques enabling them to motivate empower coach and develop team members and colleagues to realise their full potential Participants will also learn how to self coach and gain clarification on their personal goals and aspirations The exact content will be tailored to your own needs In a typical coaching skills workshop participants will learn how to Use high performance coaching skills to facilitate the achievement compelling personal business goals in themselves and others Learn how to self coach through problem issues in work and life and support others to do the same Support others in undertaking rigorous reflection on learning from experience and applying that learning or feedback to enhance their performance Inspire others to consistently perform to the best of their ability by agreeing learning and development plans that meet both individual and organisational needs and include clear evidence of success Have coaching conversations Be able to communicate

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  • Executive coaching in London, Northampton and UK-wide
    coaching and the impact it makes in enabling leaders managers and individuals to maximise their potential We provide some of the most highly qualified executive coaches in the country who have rich experience in enabling their coachees to develop Our book Coaching with Impact at work is available from Amazon There are numerous definitions of coaching but to us coaching is about realising potential and getting performance for the organisation We use the following definition of coaching The overall purpose of coaching is to enable people in an increasingly competitive and pressurised world take responsibility and control of their own learning and development in order to Develop their skills Improve their performance Maximise their potential Become the person they want to be Coaching for Managers in London Northampton and UK wide One of many testimonials that we have received Gill s coaching has significantly increased my personal impact I m much more self aware delivering an impact that I control and getting positive outcomes for me and for others Gill coaches with a good blend of carrot and stick communicates with knowledge common sense and empathy and guides me to find my own solutions to improve my personal performance Adrian Griffiths Head of Mental Health Continuing Healthcare Finance NHS Birmingham East North Why Choose Iridium There are many organisations and individuals providing leadership executive coaching so why choose Iridium Firstly our coaches are highly skilled and professionally qualified to the new European recognised standards We ve all had senior hands on in company roles as well as significant professional consulting experience Click on the pictures for more information Secondly we have considerable executive coaching experience and success stories Our executive coaching clients include Vodafone The Open University The Prudential and The NHS We are based in Northampton and operate UK wide and in particular in London the South East and the Midlands The focus of our coaching sessions is determined by the coachee Typical areas of work include Helping competent technical of functional experts develop their interpersonal or management skills Developing a more strategic perspective after a promotion to a more senior or management role Handling conflict situations so that they are resolved more effectively Providing a sounding board for ideas Personal productivity time management and work life balance Leading diverse personalities Presenting yourself with impact Case Studies Take the following real life examples names have been changed to keep confidentiality David had been working for his organisation for 4 years He d consistently been a top performing sales manager and had recently been promoted to a Regional Sales Director However he was struggling to make the transition from a hands on sales manager to someone managing both a team of sales and sales support personnel He was too involved in all of the detail and working far too many hours Over a period of 6 months we worked with David focusing on his delegation skills performance management and taking a more strategic perspective in his new role By contrast

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  • Presenting Yourself With Impact Coaching
    in order to enable them with the confidence to excel If you know what you want contact us now on 07881 636538 else read on A typical coaching programme covers Beliefs of excellent presenters Understanding our own presentation preferences and getting into the zone to present Making an impact through body posture Impactful use of the voice Use of influential language Creating stories with impact and storytelling How to have more influence Putting an important presentation together Practice and feedback of a presentation presentations There will be ample time to practise and presentations can be recorded for subsequent review Contact us now on 07881 636538 to discuss how we can work with you or contact us via the web You can also request a free copy of out top ten tips for Presenting Yourself With Impact from the contact us page Typically some or all of the chapters of Gill s Presenting Yourself With Impact book will be covered One Outcome Based Communication This chapter focuses on the importance of knowing your outcome before you start the message you want to get across to your audience and how to present this in a memorable way Two Enabling and Limiting Beliefs Most books on presentation skills focus on the acquisition of new skills and behaviour This chapter explores how if we do not challenge some of the beliefs we have about ourselves as presenters our chances of embracing and using our new skills are severely reduced Three Building Rapport Rapport is one of those words that we use without thinking about its real meaning What does it mean to be in rapport with someone How do we know we have rapport It is so much easier to get people to buy into our message if we have some level of rapport with them This chapter seeks to answer these questions and explores how we can set about building rapport with our audience Four Engaging The Senses Here we explore the different ways in which people take in and process information going on to analyse how we can use this knowledge to make sure we engage all the senses when presenting our message both in the language and medium we choose Five Language Of Influence How can we use language to positively influence our message We look at how the use of some everyday words and expressions can reduce our overall impact We also look at words and language patterns which if used sparingly can create a positive impression on our audience and get our audience into a yes way of thinking Six Creating A Resourceful State Using the technique of anchoring we can create a resourceful state for ourselves be it confidence energy calm which we can access when we need it and use this state to our advantage Seven Mind and Body A highly practical chapter focusing on how we can increase the positive impact we have non verbally posture and gestures and verbally volume pitch breathing and tonality It

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  • Creating a Coaching Culture
    levels value learning and collaborative working and take responsibility for their own development In short a coaching culture recognises and values organisational goals and direction whilst also encouraging individual growth as a way to achieve excellence and superior performance How to create a coaching culture Building a coaching culture takes time It requires true commitment from senior management and the development of a way of working that puts individual growth at the heart More and more organisations are now recognising the value of coaching and there has been an exponential increase in coaching in recent years The 2011 Learning and Development Survey carried out by the CIPD found that coaching now takes place in 86 of large organisations In addition the survey made the following findings Coaching by line mangers was seen to be the most effect learning and development practice for employees generally Coaching by external coaches along with external conferences workshops and events was reported to be the most effective learning methods for leaders Overall coaching was commonly rated by respondents as one of the most effective talent management activities All of which make a strong case for ensuring that the leaders in your organisation are equipped to use coaching methods in their role by understanding the key principles of coaching and have the skills to exercise these on a day to basis Through the use of coaching conversations managers enhance personal performance by creating a culture of support and challenge enabling all team members to achieve their true potential At Iridium we run a range of programmes to assist you in building a coaching culture in your organisation including the In house ILM level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring for Managers Courses are always tailor made to suit your requirements Sample programmes are provided below Creating a Coaching Culture One Day Introduction to Coaching The goal of this one day workshop is to introduce participants to some of the key tools and techniques to enable them to create a coaching culture within their own team The workshop will be highly participative with emphasis on learning tools which can be applied immediately The participants will work in triads throughout taking it in turns to be coach coachee and observer Participants therefore get the added benefit of receiving coaching throughout the day The workshop will include What is coaching and how does it differ from managing mentoring counselling The coaching continuum from directive to non directive coaching and when various styles of coaching are appropriate not appropriate What makes an effective coach Reflection on the characteristics of an effective coach What are helpful unhelpful coaching behaviours Communication skills for coaches building rapport intuitive listening and asking powerful questions Outcome based thinking Introduction to this powerful process of setting compelling outcomes that will maximise the chances of a coachee achieving the results that they really want for their career personal development The GROW coaching model introduction to the model and practise in running a full coaching session using GROW

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  • In-house ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching
    Managers to become internal coaches If you know what you want please call Colin Graves an ILM Level 7 qualified coach now on 07881 636538 else read on The in house ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management from Iridium provides managers and professionals with the knowledge skills and confidence to perform as effective coaches and mentors as part of their day to day role It is run by Gill Graves a very experienced coach mentor supervisor and facilitator Gill is one of the UK s most highly qualified coaches with an MA in Coaching and Mentoring and the EMCC Master Practitioner designation Gill is also a qualified supervisor of coaches The programme is highly interactive fun and demands a very high level of participation both during workshops and between workshops Testimonials for this programme I can highly recommend it for its quality I found it useful not only to develop my coaching skills but it also gave me food for thought about using coaching techniques in my day to day management The trainer Gill Graves was excellent Training does not always turn out to be good but this course certainly is The structure worked well some information giving but a lot of trying out with colleagues It came at a good pace and resulted in confidence and understanding growing quickly I really looked forward to attending the days and left feeling inspired Overall the best course I have been on This in house ILM Certificate in Coaching is made up of three core components 1 The characteristics of effective coaching and the business case for coaching 2 Building of core skills for coaching and reflection on the ethical and moral issues involved 3 Planning and delivering at least 12 hours of coaching in line with organisational

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