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  • ITrex - Web Development, E-Commerce & Web Design - Brighton UK
    STUDIES OUR MISSION The Work Cheltenham We delivered real time images to mobile Appletiser Our hardware powered an online socially driven fountain Capture The Event We used cloud technology to automate image processing Sussex University Our platform is used to analyse student admissions Ultimate Frisbee Our technology drives the fastest growing field sport Paching We can place a value on individual social media platforms The Partners Let s Say Hello

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/ (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex, Scientific Agency
    is to provide a blueprint for the questions which need to be considered when developing of software products This document approaches software development from the point of view of the user the software is intended for The reader will be familiar with technical projects and the the full project lifecycle Download Now Example Contact Report A critical part of running an agency is transparency Here is an example Contact report

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/consultancy/ (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex, The Mission
    which has been nurtured from a seed idea to a multi million valuation in under one year and ITrex is the sole tech advisor The Founders Over 15 years experience in IT and a background in theoretical physics and AI Stuart has worked with some of the largest brands in the most exciting spaces Stuart McCamley Incredible experience in IT management and sports with a background in computer science and artificial intelligence Ben has built an unrivaled technology Ben Rich Years of experience in IT systems design and finance and a solid background in robotics and sales Philip has built a unique range of skills across business and technology Phil Hodgson The Mission ITrex builds great products with the best available technology No excuses No exceptions Science maths and research backed works We do what works what we know and what you need to ensure success Lean management We run our projects like micro or macro startups Direct targeted management to get the job done The right technology We are pragmatic and in touch We build what is sustainable maintainable and extensible We leave you with what you need Business return on investment and end user focused no ego or

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/our-mission.html (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex - Cheltenham Case Study
    images directly form production ready systems direct to a spectator s mobile device without the need for users to sign up and there and then thus maximising the number of people that could be a part of the experience How We Helped We worked directly with Adobe to rapidly build a server side API and mobile application These applications allowed customers to scan codes and QR codes provided on the personalised photos In the customer application there was the facility to purchase a framed photo or share their images directly to fans In this product we managed the gathering of data and analysis of such data to help guid the project and publish results on the outcome What Was Awesome In this project is was great to work with the Adobe guys when great minds meld amazing things can happen and happen fast We were also excited to work with QR codes and test some theories we had been working on for a while There is nothing more satisfying to a scientist than testing a theory and creating a lasting contribution Today As a result of this project we had real users statistics on the vitality of photo sharing the

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/case-studies/cheltenham-races.html (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex - Appletiser Case Study
    Now with a range of exciting flavours it is enjoyed in over 35 countries How We Helped We we re commissioned by appletiser to help build a unique fountain as part of a PR stunt at the Royal Ascott Race Course Not only was this to help advertise the brand during the race weekend but also to heavily promote the Social Media presence of the Brand The structure itself was over three metres tall and constructed out of Appletiser bottles with three tiers of fountain jets In order to push the link to social media we interfaced AppletiserUK s Twitter feed into controlling the level of the jets Making the first twitter responsive fountain in the UK What Was Awesome By using the three flavours of Appletiser we were able to make the fountain dance depending on the flavour that was Tweeted at the AppletiserUK s account Not only did the size and build of the fountain attract large amounts of attention and pictures being taken by the general public and shared Also the interactive side kept attention spans for longer and promoted the brand much further through social media linking With such a unique project there was a lot

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/case-studies/appletiser.html (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex - Capture The Event Case Study
    local and national sporting events to take professional player and fan photos They focus on younger person events but have also managed to land some incredible work Most recently they worked with LOCOG delivering the images for the touch bearers of the 2012 Olympics How We Helped We worked with Capture The Event taking a scientific look at their business to help drive more sales to their platform Modern users expect images to be instantly available online and purchasable in minutes of the snap of the camera Capture The Event was not able to access these highly engaged fans as their image process time and e commerce solution was not suited to their business ITrex worked with Capture the Event to deliver a fast cloud solution which was only required during match time to bring fan s their images up to 25x faster What Was Awesome Working with the cloud is always fun and rewarding and this is especially true when a product delivers exactly what is needed for a customer The cloud only being on during match time meant low costs This project is a classic example of where it pays to do the research with fans and let

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/case-studies/capture-the-event.html (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex - University of Sussex Case Study
    since it was founded back in the August of 1961 Each year they have an ever growing cohort of applications which are generally analysed in one key area of the university As the applications grow and the university departments become more self managing many new management requirement crop up one of which we chose to help with How We Helped We set out to build a simple and easy to use analytics platform for the university staff to use We chose a web platform as this allowed for all members of the team and faculty to easily share and monitor work from all over the world which although may sound like it was overkill it turned out that a key problem for faculty was their need to be working out of the country during admission time so a web platform was perfectly suited We worked very closely with admin staff learning and watching them use each iteration of the application making sure any solution would be easy to use and simple for new members of staff to be trained on What Was Awesome It was great to help out the department of the university that was once home to one

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/case-studies/sussex-university.html (2016-04-24)
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  • ITrex - Ultimate Frisbee Case Study
    sport played by thousands all over the world in Open Mixed and Women s teams Ultimate is a fast paced game demanding its players to develop razor sharp throwing skills stamina and agility Ultimate is the only IOC recognised sport to be self officiating The sport promotes Spirit Of The Game SOTG and fair play How We Helped Brighton s Ultimate Frisbee club is one of the largest frisbee communities in the UK and ITrex has been involved with their technical direction for as much as ten years Our relationship started with a simple information site but as their social requirements grew we integrated forums blogging platforms and worked with them to develop Facebook campaigns What was awesome In conjunction with some of the tournaments Brighton s club run ITrex wanted to test drive a new technology we d been working on This was in the early days of hybrid mobile app development and these tournaments were perfect to build a prototype and release it into the wild Usually at these tournaments scores of paperwork is passed to the organisers throughout the weekend We built for the club a mobile optimised website that allowed participants to enter their own data

    Original URL path: http://www.itrex.co.uk/case-studies/ultimate-frisbee.html (2016-04-24)
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