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  • World Archives of Rock Art - W00756.bmp
    Art W00756 bmp AreaCode C I Country Morocco Locality Oukaimeden Chronology Bibliography Unpublished slide of CCSP Copyright Updated 06 09 1999 FileName W00756 bmp Description Keywords Rock engraving Five daggers

    Original URL path: http://rockart.iworm.co.uk/morocco/00000005.htm (2016-02-13)
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  • World Archives of Rock Art - W01266.bmp
    Copyright Photo Cirani Updated 26 01 2000 FileName W01266 bmp Description Keywords A massive overhanging flat sandstone surface is engraved with a variety of wild animals There are giraffe horned antelope and other wild animals The giraffe is often depicted

    Original URL path: http://rockart.iworm.co.uk/namibia/0000000b.htm (2016-02-13)
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  • World Archives of Rock Art - W01350.BMP
    Bibliography Unpublished slide of ccsp Copyright CCSP Updated 15 09 1999 FileName W01350 BMP Description Keywords Rock engraving with modern white infill Deer are represented in x ray style The bodies of the animals have linear patterns these may represent energy internal organs or the identity of individual beasts Below stands a stick figure of a human in comparison to the careful depiction of the animals the figure is small

    Original URL path: http://rockart.iworm.co.uk/norway/00000005.htm (2016-02-13)
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  • World Archives of Rock Art - W02103.bmp
    and lines may be graphic representations of rhythms and sounds The lines extending from the head could be schematic representations of psychic powers or trance hallucinogenic experiences Ethnographies report fear of engravings so the figures depicted could be a powerful spirit or shaman Myths of the Machiguena Arawak Indians state that the engravings were created by their mythical ancestor Chiangavane The straight and wavy lines on either side of the

    Original URL path: http://rockart.iworm.co.uk/peru/00000029.htm (2016-02-13)
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