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  • March 2015 / J A Milton Upholstery
    This entry was posted in Behind the Scenes J A Milton News on March 9 2015 by jamilton How to use our decorative nails We offer a wide range of lovely fancy upholstery nails at J A Milton but one important question we are often asked if how to hammer them in without damaging the head Well the answer is a nylon tipped hammer This hammer as the name states has a nylon tip one end and a bronze magnetic one with other Although the nylon tip will last years is it replaceable so your hammer will be a tool for life Another handy tool when putting in your fancy nails is our quick nailer This device has two ends one side holds one larger nail to save your fingers when hammering it in The other end has spaces for 5 smaller sized nails and helps you to keep them perfectly lined up on your furniture Finally another option if you don t mind a subtler finish would be to use our nail trim which comes in three finishes It comes in strips with four fake nails and then a space to hammer a real one in This means you can add a nailed effect with a lot less effort This entry was posted in Hints and Tips and tagged hammer how to fancy nails on March 2 2015 by jamilton 2 Item s Show 10 20 30 per page Search Search Recent Posts Why use upholstery buttons Mending holes and splits in furniture frames Joan is featured in Woman s Weekly How to use our decorative nails J A Milton Open Day 2015 Recent Comments jamilton on Do you know Which Tacks You Need Malcolm Piper on Do you know Which Tacks You Need jamilton on Mending holes and

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  • February 2015 / J A Milton Upholstery
    11am with presentations at 12 noon for our students who completed their AMUSF qualifications last year You will be able to meet upholstery professionals chat to the students and view their work which will be displayed around our workshop There will then be time to talk to our staff and find out more about our workshop courses and supplies Refreshments and buffet lunch will be available so please RSVP by emailing Rhianna at rhianna jamiltonuphoslstery co uk for your free space This entry was posted in J A Milton News on February 25 2015 by jamilton 2015 AMUSF Assessment Day On Tuesday 27th January we held our Assessment Day for our 2014 AMUSF Students During this time our level 2 students brought in examples of their work and also their portfolios to be assessed by The Association of Master Upholsterers We re proud of our students and are sure they all did great we re now just waiting patiently for their results to come through In the meantime we wanted to post some photos from the day and of the work they completed over 2014 If you re interested in the AMUSF courses you can find out more information here This entry was posted in Behind the Scenes Courses on February 2 2015 by jamilton 2 Item s Show 10 20 30 per page Search Search Recent Posts Why use upholstery buttons Mending holes and splits in furniture frames Joan is featured in Woman s Weekly How to use our decorative nails J A Milton Open Day 2015 Recent Comments jamilton on Do you know Which Tacks You Need Malcolm Piper on Do you know Which Tacks You Need jamilton on Mending holes and splits in furniture frames sandra davies on Mending holes and splits in furniture frames jamilton on

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  • December 2014 / J A Milton Upholstery
    surface area you wouldn t want your webbing coming undone Fine Head Fine tacks have a smaller head and are great for closely woven calico which has lots of threads per inch meaning that in simple terms more threads are beneath the tack head and secured A wider weave would pull through past the head Next is the length of the tack shaft and we have a few different options Always use the smallest length of tack that will do the job Using too large a tack will do unnecessary damage to the frame Code H1A 5 8 inch 16mm Improved For fixing webbing to very heavy frames and for securing lacing cord when tying in springs Code H1B 1 2 inch 13mm Improved For fixing webbing to most frames except very heavy ones such as sofas and arm chairs when a 16mm is used Code H1BB 1 2 inch 13mm Fine For attaching close weave fabrics when a 10mm is not long enough Code H1C 3 8 inch 10mm Improved For fixing hessians tarpaulin webbing to some finer frames Code H1D 3 8 inch 10mm Fine This is probably the type and size that is most often used For fixing good close weave hessians like scrim or securing calico and top fabric These are available in 200grm bag or 500grm and 1KG boxes both of the larger pack sizes come with a FREE plastic box with resealable lid If you have any more questions regarding tacks or their use you can comment below or call to chat to one of our team on 01691 624023 This entry was posted in Hints and Tips on December 2 2014 by jamilton 1 Item s Show 10 20 30 per page Search Search Recent Posts Why use upholstery buttons Mending holes and

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  • November 2014 / J A Milton Upholstery
    to measure a box that fits any hobby perfectly View our toolboxes in Brown with Rivets or in Red Michelle I think books are a great idea for Christmas presents and there are so many to choose from The ones I like best have lots of photos in to help you learn There are book with projects or just those that work like an encyclopaedia so that you can just look for instruction on the task at hand View our books Rhianna I ve recently been on one of the upholstery courses and I d love to receive a course voucher for Christmas It s a great way to learn and the tutors have lots of experience and are really patient even though I had never even held a hammer before We run a few different courses so whether you re buying for someone interested in curtain making or cushion making it would be a great gift View our courses Rod The DVDs are a great idea for a present I like to see someone actually completing the project and DVDs are a great way of seeing this We ve got a variety of different projects to choose from and I would love to get one as a gift as would anyone who is learning upholstery View our DVDs Sue I d probably pick a gift voucher because then I can buy exactly what I want Our gift vouchers can be spent on books DVD s materials or tools also the price can fit any budget because they start from 5 increasing in multiples of 5 View our gift vouchers To see our Christmas opening times click here We d like to wish happy holidays to all of our customers if you d like any more information about any of

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  • October 2014 / J A Milton Upholstery
    to help people choose the durability they need Decorative Less than 10 000 rubs Light Domestic 10 000 to 15 000 rubs General Domestic 15 000 to 25 000 rubs Heavy Domestic 25 000 to 30 000 rubs Severe Domestic 30 000 rubs plus Severe Contract 40 000 rubs plus We are currently updating the fabrics on our website to include more details This will include information such as the Martindale test but also pattern repeats Fire Retardant Treatments and fabric content so you can choose one that s right for you If you have any questions about the Martindale Test or any suggestions for our new Do You Know series please let us know This entry was posted in Hints and Tips and tagged Did you know on October 31 2014 by jamilton J A Milton Introduces Two New Legs We have just added some brand new legs to our collection check out the Long Tall Sally our tallest leg ever and beautiful Elegance leg The Long Tall Sally is an incredible 12 and half inches tall 320mm It is 50mm at its widest point and tapers square on two sides It s perfect for a tall stool or even a side table It s available in a natural polished beech and a natural polished oak WF3866N Long Tall Sally in Beech WF3866OAK N Long Tall Sally in Oak The Elegance is a beautiful leg including lovely castor Satin Nickel Castor in both a solid Walnut and also a Matte Black finish It measures 180mm high and has a width of 70mm WF50961MB C816 Matte Black with Satin Nickel Castor WF50961WW C816 Walnut with Satin Nickel Castor This entry was posted in Upholstery on October 8 2014 by jamilton 2 Item s Show 10 20 30 per page Search

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  • September 2014 / J A Milton Upholstery
    Electric Staple Guns Electric staplers are the next step up They can be great for upholsterers who use them occasionally and are easy to transport to if you work on site They do need time to recoil as a spring in the nose is what actually makes the staple fire and needs to return to its original state between staples This only takes a second or so but it can be something you need to get used to if you ve previously used a pneumatic gun Electric guns also can only be left on for a few hours it s best to check the manual to keep it in great condition We ve got a selection of electric guns the most popular being our MAE3G 71 Pneumatic Staple Guns Pneumatic staplers are the ultimate option and really are a gun for life They re very powerful and can fire many staples in a row unlike the electric gun as its air that pushes the staple out and therefore doesn t need to wait for a spring to recoil Pneumatic staplers do need to be used with a compressor some of which can be harder to transport but is a lot quicker and faster if you are doing a lot of upholstery work Some compressors can be noisy but we offer a range of silent compressors which makes no more noise than a normal fridge freezer and also the option of wheels to help with moving it around Check our pneumatic guns here and our range of compressors here How do I know which staples I need Most types of gun will tell you what series of staple to use To identify what type you need it will be written in this manner 13 4 8mm The figure 13 signifies the series number of the staple this determines the gauge shoulder width and type of wire The 4 8mm signifies the depth of staple that your gun will fire in this case 4 6 or 8mm could be used This entry was posted in Upholstery on September 30 2014 by jamilton Panel Fasteners or Christmas Trees The upholstery industry is special in the way that many people learnt the trade through apprenticeships and then these people again passed on their skills to other people One thing that comes with this way of learning are regional differences in product names It s always interesting to hear new names for products that we didn t know about We recently had a customer and ring up asking for something her tutor referred to as Christmas Trees After a little discussion about what she needed to use it for and trying to think of what products it could be that we realised it was our panel fasteners Here are a few alternative names for products that we ve discovered over the years Webbing strainer stretcher puller Webbing Strapping Staple remover Staple knocker staple puller Cotton Felt Porridge Wadding Panel Fasteners Christmas Trees Laid cord Lashing

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  • August 2014 / J A Milton Upholstery
    colour to your room without redecorating and something you can change more often than your wallpaper Here are a few of the cushions we ve made If you d like to learn how to make your own cushions to brighten up your space why not join us for our one day cushion course on Saturday 4th October Sue Hazell is a member of the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers and has many years experience in cushion and loose cover making Sue lectures nationwide training interior designers and holds the National Teaching Certificate for Tutoring Adults teaching all aspects of soft furnishings You can learn how to make many types of cushion from scatter to bolster and how to add zips and trimmings Call us before the course and we can arrange your cushion inners and send samples of our lovely fabrics so everything will be ready for you on the day For more information and to book your space call our team on 01691 624023 More information can be found here This entry was posted in Courses on August 28 2014 by jamilton Shrewsbury Flower Show On Friday 8th and Thursday 9th August J A Milton exhibited at the Shrewsbury Flower Show We all had a lovely time and it was great to see so many people interested in upholstery and asking us about what we do Joan Alison and Jo were working on chairs doing demonstrations of different skills and methods and we had our demo chair which is half upholstered to show the different layers of the upholstery pad The Flower Show has many different stands and attractions throughout the day the food hall was definitely a favourite with our staff but there were also floral displays competitions and a craft tent among many other stalls

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  • July 2014 / J A Milton Upholstery
    we ve made some huge changes in the J A Milton offices we ll be featuring it on the blog as soon as the finishing touches are in place We ve knocked down a lot of walls and now have a lovely open plan office and added a second floor for lots of extra storage Now we re starting to get a bit more organise we noticed that our chairs were starting to look a little under the weather which isn t great for an upholstery company So we asked Alison to reupholster them and we ve got some much comfier and nicer looking chairs now Here are a few before and after shots If you have any office chairs or any other type of furniture that you d like perking up then why not give us a call to request a quote Our sales team will be happy to help on 01691 624023 This entry was posted in Behind the Scenes Reupholstery on July 9 2014 by jamilton Attaching Braid Attaching braid The finishing touch when upholstering your chair is to add your trimmings Whether you choose braid gimp upholstery nail trim or something slightly different like fancy upholstery nails which can be used in many different patterns use your imagination We can help Recently we have had a few questions about how to attach braid so below are a few of your options with links to the items you will need Gimp pins Gimp pins are one of the more traditional methods to attach braid with They are fine coloured tacks which are half an inch long Gimp Pins are available in black brown grey blue fawn green and red each colour can be bought in either 50 or 500 gram packs Please take in to account that wastage can occur so order a few more than you expect to use Your braid should be glue into place before using the gimp pins in order to stop sagging in between each pin Code H2ABLK Black Code H2ABR Brown Code H2AGR Green Code H2ABLU Blue Code H2AFA Fawn Code H2AGRN Green Code H2ARE Red Glue guns A glue gun is another option for attaching braid to your furniture and has hundreds of other uses around the house Our 202 Hot Melt Glue gun has a solid state heater and reactive trigger for easier control during use All of our glue guns come with 2 free glue sticks but more are available to buy in the packs below Code R202 Hot Melt Glue Gun Code R202GS SPBX Economy box of 170 Code R202GS 34 1 kilo sticks pack of 34 Code R202GS GS ½ kilo sticks pack of 16 Sew Simple Glue Sew Simple is a great product if you have a DIY project as it is incredible versatile It can be machine washed and ironed so it can be used to mend hems or seal fraying fabrics as well as attaching your braid Code MC4A for 20ml If you

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