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  • Pat’s House | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    bag Make a cushion Make a dining chair Make a firescreen Make a footstool Make a handbag Make a needlework stand Make a placemat Make a pole screen Make a rectangular stool Make a sampler Make a table centre Make a table runner Make a teacosy Make a traycloth Make a wallhanging Mahogany finishing pack Customers Stitching Magazine Articles Newsletter Home Blog Pat s House Jan 12 2015 Pat s House Customers Stitching Comments Off on Pat s House Pat who lives in Hertfordshire UK wrote to us sending photos of three of her stitching projects This is what she wrote Dear Janet Enclosed with order are 3 photos of my dollshouse featuring 3 of your kits I have enjoyed stitching them very much The Aubusson carpet Lilian was stitched from your book using blues to tone with the room The footstool is also one of your kits The embroidery on the frame is my own design Pat s other two photos show a pair of Medieval wallhangings in keeping with the baronial hall atmosphere evoked by the armour on the stairs On the left the Cluny Merchant design and on the right the Cluny Women Anna Carin s Carpet Currency converter Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only GBP USD EUR Product Categories Bellpull kits Bolster cushion kits Canvas Gauze Sundries Carpet kits Large carpets Medium carpets Small carpets Chart Packs Chart packs large carpets Chart packs medium carpets Chart packs small carpets Chart packs stair carpets Chart packs wallhangings Christmas stocking kits Christmas tree mat kits Clutch bag kits Cushion kits Dining chair kits Firescreen kits Footstool kits Handbag kits Needlework stand kits Placemat kits Pole screen kits Printed Catalogue Rectangular Stool kits Sampler kits Staircarpet kits Table centre kits Table runner kits

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  • Janet Granger Designs celebrates 20 years in business in 2016! | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    hall this was before everyone had their own mobile to phone his headmaster to say that he was leaving Using the hank unwinder 1998 When I was searching for pictures to use to illustrate this feature I came across this one which I think is really funny it s me in about 1998 winding wool from a hank into a ball on a home made hank unwinder that Chris made for me so that I could make the skeins for the carpet kits quicker It looks really basic but worked really well It was supposed to be a temporary fix Would you believe I still use that When we used to attend the stitching shows the other standholders used to call us Mr and Mrs Cardboard because everything we used to assemble our stand seemed to be made from cardboard just like this hank unwinder The trade stand showing all the stitched models for the carpets that I had in my range at that time 1998 We felt after a few years of running the business that we would like to sell more through shops as well as doing mail order ourselves so in 1998 we applied to attend Stitches which at that time was Europe s largest stitching trade show and very difficult to get into as they had a long waiting list for stands But we got in as we only needed such a tiny space two metres by 1 5 the smallest stand in the show We didn t have enough space on our stand to sit down but at least we were being seen by the trade visitors The heap of parcels ready to be shipped out after the first trade show We did really well at our first trade show there during the week after it I made up dozens of trade parcels to be sent all over the world Eventually we were to have over 200 UK stockists and around 40 international ones Olympia April 1999 this was the very small stand that I used to hide under to study for my Open University course We settled into a pattern of doing shows most weekends doing the shopping housework and kitmaking on Mondays and Tuesdays and driving off to the next show on the Wednesday for four days stitching shows tend to be four day affairs rather than just at weekends Of course it was very tiring I wouldn t be able to do it now Not enough energy And at that time I was also studying for an Open University degree in Social Science and Criminology Often I d sit under the stand at a show out of sight of the public so that I could catch up on my studying and if people asked my husband at the stand where I was he d claim he didn t know where I was This is me teaching at a doll s house workshop 1999 On top of doing shows regularly I also took

    Original URL path: http://www.janetgranger.co.uk/janet-granger-designs-celebrates-20-years-in-business-in-2016/ (2016-04-28)
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  • Colour Theory and Interior Design for Your Doll’s House | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    then painted cream or a mid tone brown Sometimes the wood work including doors baseboards and shutters were painted in darker browns or even black This was the norm until the middle of the 18th century when everything changed dramatically Around 1760 interiors started becoming lighter and lighter thanks to the use of plaster Wainscoting and wood panels were replaced by plaster walls above the chair rail To protect this plaster surface dado rails became all the rage Today we think of plaster as being bright white but back in the Georgian period plaster was a softer white with a yellow undertone due to the linseed oil and lead mixture While basically anyone could tint their plaster with earth tones like yellow or brown only the wealthy could afford the more decadent costly colours Tints such as blossom pink straw pale orange and lemon became popular as well as cool ones like olive and light blue Deep greens and cobalt blues were the most expensive pigments to obtain and were limited to the very wealthy This is because the pigments were created from natural flowers and roots Georgian golds predominate in this photo By the late Georgian period really strong colours were being used below the chair rail all but eliminating bare wood panelling From terracotta to crimson red dining rooms and libraries were all the rage as people found it provided a striking backdrop to gold framed artwork But the big star of the Georgian period was green in all shades and tints Other popular late Georgian colours included Wedgwood blue often with white or lemon for a restrained classical look soft grey dusky pink and a flat white or stone Deep colours such as Hunter green typify the Victotian era During the Victorian era 1837 1901 imports meant that the middle classes could decorate and furnish their homes in a much more lavish style than had previously been possible This period is typified by a richness of colour decoration and opulence Use deep shades particularly from the blue red wedges of the colour wheel to achieve the effects you need In spite of technological advances in the manufacture of chemical dyes during the second half of the 19th century the use of paint colours throughout the Victorian period remained surprisingly close to the late Georgian period at first though By the 1840s the use of restrained secondary tints such as buff lilac and salmon was common though paler tints of those and other strong colours were also used Victorian interiors were by no means always the dark and gloomy rooms we have come to expect The main difference from the Georgian period however was the practice of picking out architectural features with different and often surprisingly strong colours Three part colour schemes were popular The area below the dado rail was often decorated with an embossed wallpaper painted in a deep colour such as a Brunswick green or purple brown which had the effect of breaking the sudden

    Original URL path: http://www.janetgranger.co.uk/colour-theory-and-interior-design-for-your-dolls-house/ (2016-04-28)
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  • AIM – Blog of the month | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    recent passions such as the recently started full size patchwork and quilting Janet explains that she gets very helpful tips and comments from the people who read her blog about where to get supplies for these larger projects from and so on Janet will also use her blog to review books by people who she finds inspiring usually embroidery books Janet occasionally use her blog to write about things things that she does in her spare time which wouldn t fit on the main embroidery kit website For instance she is deeply involved in doing Dances of Universal Peace and she goes to dance events about once a fortnight all over the country so she has written about those a few times She has also blogged about a couple of charities that she is involved with when she wants to spread the word a bit Janet will also use the blog to share her experience on solutions to health problems that she has had In fact Janet explains she use her blog to write about anything she feels like writing about She loves to write and finds that it comes really easily whatever the subject Janet finds the blogging community is on the whole very friendly and says that she has had some lovely comments when people have seen her work Janet explained that It s often a surprise to normal people i e people who don t do miniatures to see the scale that we miniaturists work at I have had some spam comments and a couple of offensive things posted but not so much that it s become a problem It s still a great way to get feedback from people when there s a comments facility on a blog that just isn t possible with a website I know there s email but people don t think to email me with comments as often as they respond by posting a comment when they ve read a blog post Janet feels that she has made contact with people through the blog that she wouldn t have known about otherwise and they wouldn t have known about her Looking at Janet s blog the design is quite subtle a white background and simple font with headings in dark green The header image is what grabs people s attention It is a close up of a piece of stumpwork embroidery taken from a handbag full size that Janet made a few years ago It s worked in bright colours on black silk Dupion so it s quite dramatic Janet did consider having some miniature embroidery as the header image but decided that most people coming across the blog wouldn t understand what scale it was just from a picture and as she chats about full size embroidery as well as the miniature embroidery on the blog it is still relevant We asked Janet about the look of her blog and how she found using blog templates Janet explained I am

    Original URL path: http://www.janetgranger.co.uk/aim-blog-of-the-month/ (2016-04-28)
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  • Maker profile | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    run my business from home so that I can combine home and work life If it s sunny I can do some gardening by day and pack parcels in the evening It all gets done eventually but not always in the conventional order There is no typical day at Janet Granger Designs but this suits Janet well I love that my work doesn t follow an organised pattern Fulfilling orders tends to be the first task then making sure adverts and deadlines get done then maybe a bit of designing if I m in the mood Whatever she has been doing Janet likes to clear everything away at the end of each day I am obsessively tidy so my office is like a show home with nothing left on the desk overnight I have a messier store room where the parcels are made up and the kits stored by necessity it has to be more untidy sometimes and that part drives me to distraction The company is run by Janet and her husband Chris As Chris is good with the technical side of things they were one of the first miniatures businesses to have a website That was back in 1997 My husband is wonderful at website design and my website now has over 200 pages with loads of information as well as a well organised shop section When they allow themselves time off from the business Janet and Chris have a hobby that involves travelling all over the UK I love doing Dances of Universal Peace Janet told me It is a form of spiritual dance a bit like circle dance with singing celebrating all kinds of religious traditions The words are not often in English they re usually in the language of the religion being celebrated such as Hebrew Arabic Maori etc It s very energetic and I love it Janet s embroidery skills have been mainly self taught as by the time she went to school embroidery and sewing were being phased out of school lessons She finds her inspiration in many places and you can tell she has a real eye for colour I have a huge collection of books about interior design especially William Morris Nature always provides lots of inspiration for colour schemes Having honed her skills over the years there are still times when a design doesn t quite work out as planned Sometimes I think I ve chosen the right colours for a project but as I m stitching it I realise the colours aren t working well But things can always be unpicked even though that can be soul destroying Janet s favourite item usually tends to be her most recent I always love making the newest item in my range Working out how to get a new line on sale is what I love to do Once all the problems have been solved I need to move on to something else Regular readers of DHW will recognise Janet s latest

    Original URL path: http://www.janetgranger.co.uk/maker-profile/ (2016-04-28)
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  • News at Six | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    the miniatures in it The television crew were due to arrive at 2pm on Tuesday but at 1pm we had a phone call Apparently there was a demonstration over male calves being uneconomic to take to abattoirs that had suddenly become news worthy cows are very big news here so the appointment was postponed until the Wednesday No of course we don t mind Wednesday morning we were less edgy because by now we expected it to go wrong and it did Calves were now being abandoned at an animal rescue sanctuary much bigger news than miniaturist couple escape from Essex to Staffordshire so the interview was postponed for another day Thursday morning we carried on with packing orders assuming that by now the television company would be losing interest too But at 2pm prompt the doorbell rang and a very young female reporter asked us if the cameraman had arrived yet The reality dawned that we would actually have to be filmed saying sensible things and moving about stuff like that I suddenly remembered that I don t like having my photo taken let alone appearing on film Bit late now though We hastily explained to the reporter that we are a full time manufacturing business and just happen to be in the field of miniatures We could hear her musing to herself that it might be fun to film us playing with the dolls house or whatever it is that we do She was insistent that one of us should be filmed stitching despite the fact that we only ever get the time to stitch while at shows when we are nowhere near our computers Chris nominated me but I nominated Chris and as the idea of a man stitching seemed a much more outlandish thing to film I won and Chris had to go first You d think it would be easy being interviewed wouldn t you They ask you things and you reply while somebody else films it Unfortunately it wasn t like that Right then in a minute I m going to ask you if it is easy to sew and you re going to say that yes it is and then explain how to do it while the cameraman films you stitching as you talk Try to remember to smile Don t look at the camera look at me Keep it brief but not too brief about twenty seconds will be fine Oh and look relaxed Actually Chris managed it really well and only I could tell that he was tense because his Cornish accent comes out more then When it was my turn I had to explain in the strict twenty second time limit how I started the business and why and what my customers tend to be like and how I see the business expanding in the near future By the time the reporter had finished asking the question I had forgotten what the beginning had been She kept saying things like

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  • Janet’s Dollshouse | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    doll s house I now think this is appalling and one day I will get around to stitching real ones Across the landing from the bedroom is the music room Although I cannot play any instruments I love miniature ones if well made so a music room was a must The harpsichord and harp were made to commission by Tony Scammells and are beautiful The recorder on the mantelpiece is by David Edwards The cello and violin are cheap imports which will do for now but will probably be replaced when I see better ones The carpet in this room was specifically designed to fill the space between the harpsichord and the fireplace and to echo the blue in the wallpaper Beneath the music room is the study This is my favourite room and I think reflects my own personality more than any other room in the house People have commented that it seems like a particularly masculine room but I think it is just a Victorian hoarder s room The old gentleman doll made by Rod and Lorna Treloar of Little Women suits this room really well He is obviously a traveller his trunk is at the ready and he enjoys collecting souvenirs from the various countries he has visited The Buddha on the mantelpiece was unearthed while I was gardening a few years ago and seems ideal for this room The tiny clay pagoda was bought from a shop in Polperro Cornwall which specialised in those huge Chinese urns which are large enough to hide a person in Of course the only thing I was interested in in the whole shop was the tiniest cheapest item for sale it only cost 1 The map above the desk is of Cornwall because my husband was brought up there and we love visiting the county Also although I like maps there was no way I was going to display a map of Essex where I come from The display cases in this room contain butterflies semi precious stones birds eggs and fish There is also a beautiful set of drawing instruments in a leather box on the games table The specimen chest in the corner was my leaving present from my job in a public library the librarian when presenting me with it commented that he had never presented such an expensive but small item as a leaving gift Perhaps he needs to visit a doll s house fair and see for himself exactly what is available On the same floor as the study is the drawing room which contains a gorgeous upright piano by Linda Grant a very generous birthday present from my husband Chris My widow doll again by Little Women looks as if she is about to play it which doesn t impress the little spaniel in the slightest Choosing this spaniel was hilarious because my family owned a real brown and white spaniel at the time so I wanted to choose one that looked like him

    Original URL path: http://www.janetgranger.co.uk/janets-dollshouse-article/ (2016-04-28)
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  • Privacy policy | Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits
    about that information What information do we collect The type of information we will collect about you includes your name address phone number email address We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent The information we hold will be accurate and up to date You can check the information that we hold about you by emailing us If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it promptly The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy the law and the Which Web Trader Code of Conduct which we choose to follow If we intend to transfer your information outside the EEA European Economic Area we will always obtain your consent first ONLINE SHOP Our ONLINE SHOP s checkout section requires you to give us details of your name and email address and mailing address These are used only by us to enable us to send you your order We do not disclose buyers information to third parties Where credit cards are sometimes used card details are sent in a very secure encrypted form to the Paypal secure server Paypal handles the transaction between your bank and ours without passing any of the actual card details on to us Will we email you We will not email you unless you have opted to receive our newsletter or if you have placed an order with us in normal correspondence relating to that purchase We do not pass on addresses to any other person either Newsletter On our Newsletter subscription page you may opt to send us your email address so that we can send you information about special offers new products or important changes in our services You may also opt out of receiving future mailings by unsubscribing which is done by clicking on the unsubcribe link provided at the foot of every newsletter email Links to other sites This site contains links to other sites Janet Granger Designs is not responsible for the privacy practices and or the content of such Web sites When visiting such sites we urge you to be an informed surfer and use caution when providing any personal data Are your details safe This site has security measures in place to protect the loss misuse and alteration of the information under our control by restricting access to the hardware where it is stored to authorised personnel of the company only This is to guarantee the privacy of our visitors and customers Do we use cookies Cookies are used on this shopping site but only to keep track of the contents of your shopping basket once you have selected an item Although you can usually modify your browser to prevent cookies being stored you need to be aware that this may prevent you from making a purchase using our shopping basket technology Removal of your records This site gives you the following method for removing all your information from our database to ensure you

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