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  • Comments, Feedback & Testimonials - Janet Phillips Weaving
    feel confident that for the moment at least I could design something myself from the weave structure point of view The colour possibilities would take a bit of doing and a huge amount of sampling but at least the structure would be firm bedrock Janet s studio is tucked away behind her cottage All the old cottages have disconnected gardens reached by winding back alleys from individual back doors Samuel Taylor Coleridge the Romantic poet was a resident in the village for several years and you can easily see why he chose this particular spot Nether Stowey is a lovely village For those of you in the USA it is a fairly typical large Somerset village with tiny old cottages set alongside a road with a stream running down the side Do have a look at the website It s gorgeous Janet s Garden Studio is in a patch of ground that was once a series of tan pits It s important to remember that all these pretty villages with their well kept cottages were once full of industry which we nowadays would relegate to industrial sites because of the environmental damage they cause It s no accident that the tan pits were adjacent to the millstream which now babbles merrily down the village street When Coleridge lived here that stream would probably have been orange from tanning liquid Although I wouldn t advocate a return to that it was a good feeling practising our age old craft of weaving in that environment It has a kind of honesty and direct connection with the weavers and other craftsmen and tradesman who once would have made Nether Stowey and thousands of similar villages self contained communities It s the way we should be going as far as possible a natural extension

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/third-courses/testimonials (2016-04-29)
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  • Lectures and Workshops - Janet Phillips Weaving
    degree style course showing teaching methods and student outcomes Designing Woven Fabrics This is my most popular lecture I use the many samples of fabrics that I have woven during my life and discuss the criteria that need to be considered when designing a woven fabric Colour Yarn Fibre Sett Weave structure and Finishing Colour in Fabrics This is a hands on audience interactive talk Thirty Years of Weaving Power

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/third-courses/lectures (2016-04-29)
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  • Reviews for Designing Woven Fabrics - Janet Phillips Weaving
    like nothing better that for readers to begin experimenting themselves BEATRIJS STERK TEXTILE FORUM 4 2008 This is the book which is going to be by my side as I move from exploring weave structures to designing fabrics It s based not just on Janet s knowledge of weaving but also her knowledge from many years of teaching hand weaving She explains things in her own way and is very thorough and careful in her writing She doesn t talk down to the reader nor does she assume any more than a basic ability to warp up and weave and four shafts to play with DOROTHY LUMB fibre2fabric There are few weave structures as versatile as four shaft twill Janet Phillips makes this structure the basis for her book The third section is perhaps the best section of the book It includes instructions for fifty actual projects beautiful fabrics that illustrate the design concepts presented earlier in the book These simple twills combined with a variety of yarns and setts will provide any weaver with an unlimited number of design ideas to use for years to come ROBYN SPADY HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE Interweave Press December 2008 Janet Phillips book is truly an inspiration for weavers and an absolute joy It is made for any weaver from beginners to advance The second part takes you into a secure way of designing your own weaving There are lots of great help ideas A must for every weaver s bookshelf Thanks Janet for creating something so beautiful URSULA STEHLE Brisbane Australia December 2008 Designing Woven Fabrics is for the beginner to intermediate weaver who wants to explore four shaft weave structure in depth and who wants to experiment with texture colour and sample different yarns The final 15 projects include using different fibres and

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/second-designing-woven-fabrics/reviews (2016-04-29)
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  • Purchase Designing Woven Fabrics - Janet Phillips Weaving
    of Designing Woven Fabrics now through PayPal choose a link below according to your location The price of the book is 31 95 plus post and packaging From the UK From Europe From the Rest of the World You will be redirected to paypal com where you wll have the opportunity to review and confirm your purchase Alternatively download the paper Order Form to order by post and pay by

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/second-designing-woven-fabrics/order (2016-04-29)
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  • Master Class Syllabus and Programme of Study - Janet Phillips Weaving
    Studio Session 2 8 shaft Block Weaves 8 shaft Colour and Weave Effect 8 shaft Twills Constructing Block Weaves Interchanging Double Plain Studio Session 3 Colour Designing Stripes Shadow Weave Shrepp and Repp Sett Story board Mood Board Studio Session 4 Rug Weaving Presentation Marketing Project for Commercial Company Studio Session 5 In depth research into three weave structures Cold water dyeing Painted warps Interior Design Brief Studio Session 6

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/fourth-weaving-masterclass/syllabus (2016-04-29)
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  • Some Recent Comments from Master Class Students - Janet Phillips Weaving
    and materials It was greatly appreciated that we could come and go at anytime outside the main teaching day The village of Nether Stowey and the local area are wonderful what a joy to visit such a lovely place on a regular basis and Janet and her husband Nigel were so friendly and welcoming Pam Hall Cumbria November 2014 This is the best course I have ever attended My aim was to learn to design and I feel I have achieved this 100 Mirja Woollard Devon November 2014 The course has equipped me with so many tools and more so has convinced me that weaving is what I want to do Now I ve just got to make it happen You re such an inspiring teacher thank you Andrea Klar Austria January 2015 Thank you for Master Class it has been a truly amazing experience one which taught me more than I could have hoped and has given me the chance to explore my creativity Joan Scriven Surrey June 2013 Thank you so much for being such an inspirational tutor who has pushed me the limits of my creativity and beyond Christine Wheeler Suffolk June 2013 Thank you so much for your time enthusiasm and patience I have learnt so much more than I thought possible in two years Very best wishes may Master Class go from strength to strength Marilyn Burton Bristol January 2013 I am now preparing my first warp for something that is not an assignment It is a scarf for a friend s 60th birthday and based on his colour preference with a bit of brightness thrown in as I did not want it to look too beige I have enjoyed going through the process of planning the design focusing on the choice of yarn weave

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/fourth-weaving-masterclass/comments (2016-04-29)
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  • Gallery of Students' Work - Janet Phillips Weaving
    Janet Phillips Designing Fabrics for the 21st Century Janet Weaving Courses Book Master Class Master Class Syllabus Testimonials Gallery Graduates Gallery of Students Work Janet Phillips Weaving 2016 CMS SITE

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/fourth-weaving-masterclass/master-class-gallery (2016-04-29)
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  • Graduate Roll of Honour - Janet Phillips Weaving
    Deborah Briggs from Canada Sue Browne from Suffolk Alison Sharman from Lancashire Sue Wallis from Cambridge Graduation date 7 October 2015 Pam Jones from Luxembourg Jennifer Warren from Cambridge Ann Fox from Wales Graduation date 19 March 2015 Pam Hall from Cumbria Andrea Klar from Austria Mirja Woollard from Devon Graduation date 5 November 2014 Maggie Roberts from Taunton Joan Scriven from Surrey Christine Wheeler from Suffolk Graduation date 16

    Original URL path: http://www.janetphillips-weaving.co.uk/fourth-weaving-masterclass/master-class-graduates (2016-04-29)
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