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  • Home Page
    through German Insegnare la Verità in Bengali through Italian Ensinando a Verdade em Bengali through Portuguese Enseñando la Verdad en Bengali through Spanish Learn Mandarin Chinese using Pinyin Jaspell Jaldi09 word processor is free to use Process docx rtf htm etc in many languages and scripts Download Jaspell Jaldi Word Processor Download Fonts only Download Sounds only more information on free software Jaspell Innovating for You Civil Engineering GET READY

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/ (2016-02-14)
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  • Read or Speak a Language
    to Read or Speak Another Language Choose a language for you to read Choose a language for you to speak Range of courses provided in various languages Make language learning easier Greetings in many languages Conversion of language files to

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/learnreadorspeaklanguage.htm (2016-02-14)
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  • Multilingual Software
    form West African Yoruba etc font only see Fonts below Asian Script Systems Arabic Assamese Bengali Devanagari Farsi Gujarati Gurumukhi Hindi Hindustani Hiragana Japanese Katakana Marathi Naskh Nastaliq Nepali Persian Punjabi Romaji Sanskrit Urdu Brahmi Family Bengali Assamese Devanagari Hindi Marathi Nepali Sanskrit Hindustani Gujarati Gujarati Gurumukhi Punjabi Gurumukhi Naskh Horizontal Family Arabic Persian Farsi Pushtu Urdu Hindustani Nastaliq Descending Family Arabic Persian Farsi Punjabi Cursive Pushtu Urdu Hindustani Japanese Phonetic Family Hiragana Kata Kana Romaji What system equipment is required Current 32 bit software for 32 bit or 64 bit Windows Earlier 16 bit software How to get the software and materials Software Free Trial and Full Use of Software Description of Software Downloads Description of downloads available Minor Upgrades Upgrades are classed as Major or Minor depending on the change of software Version and the language range covered Version 7 to Version 8 is a Major Upgrade Version 8 0 0 to 8 0 1 or 8 1 0 to 8 2 0 is a Minor Upgrade Major Version upgrades must be purchased Minor Version upgrades are free Upgrade Record From the release of Version 8 onwards a record is provided of the changes made to the published software Word Processor Package Download Select either a full package with or without sound files or just update the word processor exe file Dongle Drivers For use only with a movable Dongled Access Code and dongle supplied by Jaspell for the latest major version of Jaspell Jaldi Fonts Download Select which fonts to download to test examples for each of the script systems available with the Jaspell Jaldi Word Processor Sounds Download The sound files are not necessary if you only want to create word processor documents They are used in routines provided in case you need help to learn

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/multilingualsoftware.htm (2016-02-14)
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  • Civil Engineering and Innovation
    been limiting his services to charity activities language training and support for Jaspell software The services he previously offered as noted below through self employment under Jaspell Services or as an employee of Jaspell Services Limited have ceased Jaspell Civil Engineering and Business Activities Please note that we continue to provide software and language support Jaspell Software Jaspell no longer trades but serves to provide free products It still functions as an organisation conceiving creating and producing software for a uniform method of word processing in many languages This software has been used to create the language materials featured on this website See details about our software Please note that we no longer provide civil engineering or miscellaneous services Jaspell Services Jaspell Services has closed This was a business through which Jasper Burford prior to retirement offered a wide range of miscellaneous services including language training translation word processing software programming problem solving and innovation manual services and so forth Jaspell Services Limited Jaspell Services Limited has been dissolved It used to provide the professional civil engineering expertise of Jasper Burford but finished trading in 2010 Problem Solving and Innovation for You General Suggestions How to revise for examinations How

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/engineering_innovation.htm (2016-02-14)
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  • Contact Us!
    MIHT Address 2 Pilcox Hall Lane Tendring Clacton on Sea Essex CO16 0DL England Landline 01255 830825 Mobile 07949 250403 E mail GET READY FOR THE CHANGE Current burford jaspell co uk Planned burford jaspell uk from 23 May 2017 Homepage GET READY FOR THE CHANGE Current www jaspell co uk index htm Planned www jaspell uk index html from 23 May 2017 NOTE THE CLOSURE OF OUR COMMERCIAL PROFESSIONAL

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/contact.htm (2016-02-14)
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  • Speak a Language
    Basic Bengali Short Online Course as htm with sounds Learn Quickly to Read Bengali Basic Reading Routines Bengali Grammar Course Teaching Truth in Bengali through English Enseignant la Vérité en Bengali through French Insegnando la Verità in Bengalese through Italian Ensinando a Verdade em Bengali through Portuguese Grammar Summary with Study Review Questions and Answers printable online viewing only Incremental Phrase Method Word Lists and Dictionaries Chandrabindu Word Order Very Frequent Word List Most Frequent Word List Dictionaries in UNICODE character set English to Bengali Dictionary printable online viewing only Bengali to English Dictionary Script Order printable online viewing only Bengali to English Dictionary Romanized Order printable online viewing only Dictionaries in ASCII character set asigned to Jaspell fonts English to Bengali Dictionary Bengali Script Order to English Dictionary Bengali Romanized to English Dictionary French to English and Bengali Dictionary Italian to English and Bengali Dictionary Songs Bible Study Aids Whole Syllabus Download Fonts used in these Bengali publications Download Sounds used in thes Bengali aids Speak Mandarin Chinese Read Mandarin Chinese as Pinyin Language Grammar Conversation Introductory Course as pdf Introductory Course Online with Sounds as htm Introductory Course Exercises as pdf Introductory Course Incremental Phrases as pdf Introductory

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/learnspeakalanguage.htm (2016-02-14)
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  • Read a Language
    Bengali Read Bengali Read Assamese Read Devanagari Read Hindi Read Marathi Read Nepali Read Sanskrit Read Hindustani Read Gujarati Read Gurumukhi Read Punjabi Read Mandarin Chinese Using Pinyin Read Japanese Read Hiragana Read Katakana Read Romaji Read Naskh and Nastaliq Read Arabic Read Persian Farsi Read Pushtu Pashto Read Urdu Read Hindustani Read Punjabi Download Fonts used in Language Files Download Sounds used in Language Files Note that the charts

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/learnreadalanguage.htm (2016-02-14)
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  • Bengali Grammar Course
    correct Compound Verbs with the Auxilliary Verb karaa Study 15 English Étude 15 Français Estudo 15 Português Compound Verbs with an Auxilliary Verb other than karaa Study 16 English Étude 16 Français Estudo 16 Português Time periods days of week arrangements During in on Study 17 English Étude 17 Français Estudo 17 Português War The Conjunctive y e meaning That Study 18 English Étude 18 Français Estudo 18 Português Hand perfect Or else using naa ki Study 19 English Étude 19 Français Estudo 19 Português Various other near reason effect benefit deliverance Plural Possessive of Nouns Study 20 English Étude 20 Français Estudo 20 Português Asking More Questions Interrogatives Study 21 English Étude 21 Français Estudo 21 Português Particles instead of the or a express definiteness favour or form For persons generally For things Contempt or favour Study 22 English Étude 22 Français Security hardship paradise ransom salvation letter heaven Declensions of Nouns and Pronouns Subject Verb Predicate Word Order 9 Cases defined Declension of Nouns Study 23 English Étude 23 Français Declension of Pronouns Declension of Nouns Study 24 English Étude 24 Français More Demonstrative Pronouns Study 25 English Étude 25 Français For before after inside because of etc More Post Positions Study 26 English Étude 26 Français Future Tense Chalito Style Future Tense Sadhu Style Study 27 English Étude 27 Français Personal relatives neighbour separate Gerundives for Present Participles and Infinitive Nouns Formation of Present Participles Special Forms of Gerundives Study 28 English Étude 28 Français Present Continuous Tense Sadhu Long Form Study 29 English Étude 29 Français Present Continuous Tense Chalito Short Form Study 30 English Étude 30 Français Studying way proof application promise freely Infinitive Nouns Study 31 English Étude 31 Français Possibly normally slowly amid change Adverbial Phrases formed by using a Present Participle Doubling of Adverbs to indicate continuous activity Study 32 English Étude 32 Français Invisible sinless righteous characteristic certain important Formation of Opposites Antonyms Study 33 English Étude 33 Français The conjugation of nai nao nay nan am not etc nei does not exist is not so naa not when used with verbs except to be present and future tense ni did not happen past tense Study 34 English Étude 34 Français Past Indefinite Tense a simple past tense similar to Past Historic or Preterite Tenses Avoiding use of Simple Past form of thaakaa Recounting of past events using the Present Tense Study 35 English Étude 35 Français Simple Past Tense in the negative Study 36 English Étude 36 Français Open Conditional sentences with If y adi If not y adi naa Study 37 English Étude 37 Français Miscellaneous vocabulary Collective plural class form Study 38 English Étude 38 Français Interrogatives Relative Clauses and Correlative Clauses Study 39 English Étude 39 Français Use of until par y anta Spelling with double y Use of negative in while not Study 40 English Étude 40 Français Methods of describing the purpose or detail of an action Gerundive in for the purpose of doing Possessive

    Original URL path: http://www.jaspell.co.uk/bengali_grammar.htm (2016-02-14)
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