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    to Start BENGALI PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE 5a h rri Ê e Ë ee oy Ê Á o Ê à oo au krri krrik kakrri ³Á krrigaa Ê È ken Ê Á kekaa Ê j keke Ê ³Î keg Ê Á ko Ê à koo Ê àÈ koon aSj³Á kaaigo Ê a Á kokaa ² kha ²f³Ï khu gak a ²gj khuuke ²h³g khrriguu ʲ khe ˲ khee ʲa²aS khokhaai ʲà khoo ʲàj khooke ³dj Á giiko ³h Á grrikaa ʳ² gekha ʳÁ go ʳaj³Á gogo ʳà goo ³µÎj³Á gan¹ go gha h Á ghrrikaa Ê Á gho Ê àj³ ghoogek a ³dj Á giiko aSj³Á kaaigo BENGALI PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE 5b ³Á Ê È Ê Á Ê j Ê ³Î Ê Á Ê à Ê àÈ aSj³Á Ê a Á ² ²f³Ï ²gj ²h³g ʲ ˲ ʲa²aS ʲà ʲàj ³dj Á ³h Á ʳ² ʳÁ ʳaj³Á Ê³à ³µÎj³Á h Á Ê Á Ê àj³ ³dj Á aSj³Á Go to Top Go to Start BENGALI PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE 6a ca cha ja ¹ jha n²a aS caai aL caao L cuo d chii Ê Á cho Ê aS choi Aa aach a Aas aachi Aaj aache Aaj Á aacho S ich è ooch aj kaache ³a gaach a s kichu s S kichui kuch kuch a a kaaj È jan Ïa j aak a a³aL jaagaao ʲa Á khojaa d jii H rriju ²fÏj kh uje Ê Ïa j ok a ¹ jha L¹ ojh a ¹Á jhaa ¹Ïa jh aaj a s¹ jhi s¹s¹ jhijhi ¹fÏs jh uki ʹ jhe ʹF jheu ʹÏa Á jh okaa Aa aan² a j an² a a kaaj BENGALI PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE 6b aS aL L d Ê Á Ê aS Aa Aas Aaj Aaj Á S è aj ³a s s S a È Ïa a³aL ʲa Á d H ²fÏj Ê Ïa ¹ L¹ ¹Á ¹Ïa s¹ s¹s¹ ¹fÏs ʹ ʹF ʹÏa Á Aa a Go to Top Go to Start BENGALI PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE 7a q t a w th a e d a r dh a t n a E r a R rh a q t a qj Á t ako qa t aaku qaq Á t aa t akaa qºÏa t a k sq t i sqs q t iki t q t uku q q t u t u ÊqÏ Á t ekaa Êqaq Á t o t akaa Aaq aa t a aq kaa t aqÁ kaa t aa w aL th akaao wÏaS th aai wºaÈ tha n wd th iik ÊwÏqÁ th e t aa ÊwqÏÁ th e t aa ÊwÈ th en e d a e³Á d agaa ea d aaka ea d aaku eÏaS d aai e ³e s³ d uga d ugi ÊeL d eo r dh a rµ dh an¹ a ra dh aak ra d dh aakii r Á dh ukaa Êrq dh e t a ÊrÏaEÁ dh o r aa t n a at kaa n Ht rri n Ót gu n Ê

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  • Bengali Online Sounds-German
    er Dental on the teeth Dental auf den Zähnen t t t pan t ing Tan t e th th th an th ill Plat th eit d d d be d s ge d acht dh dh dh bedheads stan dh aft Jag dh und n n n be n ding Ki n der Labial on the lips Labial auf den Lippen p p p p eace P lanke ph ph ph u ph old Gyrosko ph alter Ph otgraph hel f en her v or b or v w oder v w b w v b v w aue bo b t w in ad v ise ge b en Kla v ier e w ig b aue n bh bh bh ni bh older Trei bh aus m m m m op Na m e Forward Semi Vowels Vorwärts Halbvokale y hints j Hinweis dj j dj j og A dj utant San dj acht y y y j y es y acht j acht an j ochen r r r r ed r ot l l l l ed l eicht Sibilants Sibilanten zischend sh sh sch di sh es wa sch en s hints sh Hinweis sch sh sch ra sh ly fal sch e sch lecht s hints sh Hinweis sch sh s sch s wa sh room en s ure Sch ritt ver s tehen s before t th p ph s vor t th p ph s s s top Gotte s We s ten Semi guttural Semi Vowel Halbguttural Halbvokale h h h h appy h alf Neu h eit Oben der Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis ROMANIZED SCRIPT SYSTEM ROMANISIERTES SCHRIFTSYSTEM The Romanized form is a script system in which each Bengali letter is matched accurately and uniquely by a character or a group taken from the Roman alphabet Many of these sound nearly the same as the normal sound of the Bengali character However some Bengali characters are sometimes pronounced differently from normal In these cases we provide phonetic hints like shaak kå A further great benefit of this Romanization method is its conformity of use in all the aids that we provide that we provide for other Sanskrit based languages So you can easily adapt to these scripts and languages Some students have learned the Bengali script with the help of the Romanized script in less than two days It also conforms with the Romanized typing method available with Jaspell s free Jaldi Multilingual Word Processor Software Package Die romanisierte Form ist eine Skript System worin jeder bengalische Buchstabe genau und eindeutig durch einem Zeichen oder mit einer Gruppe des römischen Alphabets ersetzt ist Viele dieser klingen fast das gleiche wie den normalen Laut des bengalischen Zeichens Jedoch sind einige bengalische Zeichen manchmal unterschiedlich ausgesprochen In diesen Fällen bieten wir phonetische Hinweise wie shaak kå Ein weiterer großer Vorteil dieser Romanisierung Methode ist die Übereinstimmung ihrer Benutzung im Hilfsmittel das wir bieten für andere Sprachen die sich auf Sanskrit gründen Also

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  • Bengali Online Sounds - Portuguese
    PORTUGUÊSA Guttural in the throat Gutural na garganta k k qu k een qu ilômetro kh kh qu resp roc kh ead qu h g g g g ot g ato gh gh g resp sla gh eap g h n¹ n n do n key i n glês Palatal on the palate Palatal no palato c hints tch sugestão tch ch tch ch air Tch au ch hints tchh sugestão tchh tchh tch resp ma tchh ead ch h j j d g en j oy verda d e g eral jh dgeh dg resp he dgeh og d g h n² n n e n joy pi n ch i n quieto Cerebral or Retroflexive with the tongue bent back on the roof of the mouth Cerebral no telhado da boca t t t al t er vol t a th th t resp mal th ouse t h d d d hol d er sol d ado r r rr rr mill r un ba rr el a rr edadores dh dh d resp gol dh ammer d h rh rrh rr resp my rrh lump rr h n or n³ n or ou n³ n n i n laid fácil n oção Dental on the teeth Dental sobre os dentes t t t TTTT pan t ing t ema th th t h t resp an th ill Mon t e h otel d d d be d s d iz dh dh d h d resp bedheads gran d e h otel n n n be n ding n este i n dicar Labial on the lips Labial nos lábios p p p p eace p az ph ph p resp u ph old p h f il b or v w ou v ou w b w v b u bo b t w in ad v ise b om ig u al bh bh b resp ni bh older b h m m m m op m undo Forward Semi Vowels Dianteira semi vogais y hints j sugestão j j d ge j og metó d o g eral y y i y y es me i os Nova Y ork r r r r ed r azão l l l l ed l ápis Sibilants Sibilante sibilando sh sh ch di sh es ch ave s hints sh sh s ra sh ly fre s co s hints sh sh s s wa sh room en s ure re s peito s before t th p ph s antes de t th p ph s ç s top a ç ão Semi guttural Semi Vowel Semi guttural semi vogal h h h h appy o h otel ha h a Topo Lista de Conteúdo ROMANIZED SCRIPT SYSTEM SISTEMA DE ESCRITA ROMANIZADA The Romanized form is a script system in which each Bengali letter is matched accurately and uniquely by a character or a group taken from the Roman alphabet Many of these

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  • Chinese Mandarin Pronunciation Course Using Pinyin
    different ways depending on which sort of consonant it occurs with It is easier to remember which is right if you register where in your mouth the first group is pronounced Note c ch r s sh z and zh are a family of sounds They are all pronounced in the roof of the mouth towards the front of the palate with the help of different amounts of pressure from the tongue With r the tongue barely touches the palate whereas with zh the tongue is folded back there somewhat painfully WAYS TO PRONOUNCE I ci wha t si r did bi Bee n chi wha t chu rns around di Dee d ri neve r i rksome ji Jee p si si r li Lee k shi shi rt mi Mee k zi zi rcon ni Nee d zhi a djou rn pi Pee k qi Chee k ti Tee xi aa h see yi ee l Repeat Repeat If this i occurs with characters in the group in left hand column but it occurs without a tonal mark especially at the tail end of a word it tends to be restrained Compare the end of English words like sire shire adze badge etc in which the final vowel e is almost lost For example this applies to shi but not to sh sh sh or sh PRACTICE 1 3 Varying Pronunciation of i With the help of the table given above please read these syllables Read bi ci chi di ji li mi ni pi qi ri si shi ti xi yi zi zhi Repeat PRONUNCIATION 1 4 Vowel Tones and Their Tone Marks in Pinyin Mandarin is pronounced with tones These are indicated in Pinyin script by tone marks Mandarin Tone Pinyin Tone mark Description of Tone Example First tone ā highest and level pitch mā mother Second tone á starts high and rises máfan trouble Third tone falls first and then rises m horse Fourth tone à starts high and then falls mà scold Toneless a No mark unstressed or neutral ma eh surely Repeat NOTE 1 When a third tone precedes another third tone pronounce it as a second tone Hence h n h o is pronounced hén h o Similarly n h o is pronounced more like ní h o NOTE 2 Some words like bù change before a fourth tone syllable such as mà or before a toneless syllable such as ma bù changes to bú in this context PRACTICE 1 4 Pronunciation of Vowel Tones Read the following verses from Galatians 5 22 23 Lìng yì fāngmiàn shènglíng de gu shí y u àixīn x lè hépíng On the other hand the fruitage of the spirit is have love joy peace jiānr n réncí liángshàn xìnxīn wēnhé zìzhì long suffering kindness goodness faith mildness self control Lìng yì fāngmiàn shènglíng de gu shí y u àixīn x lè hépíng jiānr n réncí liángshàn xìnxīn wēnhé zìzhì PRACTICE 1 5 Pronunciation of Vowel

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  • Roman Fonts for Chinese Mandarin Pinyin
    Normal Download font jpinnn01 ttf Narrow Download font jpinnn02 ttf Wide Download font jpinnn03 ttf This facility allows you to download a sample of the fonts which are used with Jaspell Jaldi multilingual word processing software They are included in the software that gets downloaded with our full or demo word processing packages However they are also provided here for you to do testing or reading htm files These fonts provide for word processing in the following languages Chinese Mandarin Pinyin The Roman scripts are arranged technically as the internationally recognized font sets Latin 1 Latin 2 Latin 3 Latin 4 and added by Jaspell Vietnamese and Chinese Mandarin Pinyin Jaspell Jaldi provides for easy typing on a standard keyboard of accented characters using these fonts Another font is provided by Jaspell for West African languages including Yoruba but Jaspell have not provided a special typing programme for it Instead special characters can be inputted by selecting them from a display of the character set on screen The full registered software package includes other styles and other typefaces may be added by Jaspell from time to time Jaspell have provided free help if you have difficulty reading writing or pronouncing

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  • 0462 0224 0256 0193 0461 0192 ē é è e Ē É È E HEX 0113 00E9 011B 00E8 0112 00C9 011A 00C8 DEC 0275 0233 0283 0232 0274 0201 0282 0200 ī í ì i Ī Í Ì I HEX 012B 00ED 01D0 00EC 012A 00CD 01CF 00CC DEC 0299 0237 0464 0236 0298 0205 0463 0204 ó ò o Ó Ò O HEX 014D 00F3 01D2 00F2 014C

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  • Exercises in Chinese Mandarin
    today for this reaon I did not study my book I did not study my book the reason is I did not know you would come today 3 As my friend is not well so I will not go to your house today 4 They did not know that I would will be here 5 I do not know whether he will be well tomorrow 6 There are houses here but there aren t houses there so we know that their houses aren t there 7 I didn t read the book so I don t know the book s message EXERCISE 16 5 1 wóde pêngyou mêi zèi nèr 2 wómen mêi rìnshi zhìge rên 3 zhìr yóu shõ dènshð nïde shõ bö zèi zhìlï 4 nï zhídao ma zhìge lù shð hço bù hço 5 zhìge lù shð huôzhë hço huôzhë bù hço 6 yóu wìntî hê dæfù 7 zhìr shð wómende wìntî hê tåmende dæfù 8 wó huð gëi nï wómende wìntî nèshî nï qïng gëi wó nïde dæfù 9 wó huð gëi wìntî nèshî wó huð næ nïmende dèfö 10 xiêxie nîn EXERCISE 16 6 1 My friend was not there 2 We did not know this person 3 Here there are books but your book is not here 4 You know is it so this way is good or not good 5 This way is either good or bad 6 There are questions and answers 7 Here are our questions and their answers 8 I will give you our questions and then you please give me your answers 9 I will give the questions and then I will take YOUR answers 10 Thank you polite form EXERCISE 16 7 1 wóde pêngyou bù rìnshi nïde mèma êr tå rìnshi nïde bèba 2 wómen nèshî mêi rìnshi nège rên êr wómen xiènzèi rìnshi tå 3 tåmen læile zhìlï êr nèlï 4 wómen huð læi êr dö nïde shõ 5 tåde pêngyou dö êr xuêxî yðge hço xðnxí EXERCISE 16 8 1 My friend does not know your mother but he knows your father 2 We did not know that person at that time but we know him now 3 They came here but not there 4 We shall come and read your book 5 His friend reads and learns a good message EXERCISE 17 1 1 zhìbën shõ shð shênme 2 nège pêngyou shð shêi 3 shêi rìnshi zhìge rên 4 nïmende dæfù shð shênme 5 shêi yóu wìntî 6 nï zhídao shêi gëile nï nèbën shõ 7 nï wìishênme nège fångfç shuñle 8 nï zhídao ma tåmen wìishênme mêi læi 9 tå shênme shîhou qùle tåde fængzi 10 wóde shõ zèi nçr EXERCISE 17 2 1 What is this book 2 Who is that friend 3 Who knows this person 4 What is YOUR answer 5 Who has questions 6 You know who gave you that book 7 Why did you speak in that manner 8 Do you know why they did not come 9 When did he go to his house 10 Where is my book EXERCISE 17 3 1 nï zhídao bù zhídao tåmende fængzi zèi nçlï 2 nï qù nçr 3 nïmen shênme shîhou huð læi wómende dèhuð 4 nï shênme shîhou huð gëi wó nïde dæfù 5 nèbën shõde xðnxí shð shênme 6 shêi gëi shõde xðnxí 7 wó bù zhídao wó shênme shîhou huð qù nèr EXERCISE 17 4 1 Do you know or not where their house is 2 Where are you going 3 When will YOU come to our meeting 4 When will you give me your answer 5 What is the message of that book 6 Who gave the book s message 7 I don t know when I will go there EXERCISE 17 5 1 nï zënme zhídao nè gì 2 wó zënme qù nïde fængzi 3 nï duñ rìnshi nège rên 4 tåmen xuêxî zhìbën shõ duñ shén le 5 zhìr yóu duñshço shõ 6 duñshço rên qù dèhuð le 7 tå shð shêi de bèba Note See the note at Exercise 14 1 about ge and gì EXERCISE 17 6 1 How do you know that 2 How will do I come to your house 3 To what extent do you know that person 4 To what extent did they study this book 5 Here are how many books 6 How many people went to the meeting 7 Whose father is he EXERCISE 17 7 1 shêi de mèma gëi nï nèxié shõ le 2 nçge rên shð nïde pêngyou de bèba 3 tåmen zhídao bù zhídao shêi de mèma læile 4 wómen jíntiån huð xuêxî duñshço 5 tåmen duñ shén zhídao dèhuð de lù 6 nçbën shõ shuñ nège xðnxí 7 tå zënyèng rìnshi nï 8 nï zënyèng gëi tå zhìxié dæfù EXERCISE 17 8 1 Whose mother gave you those books 2 Which person is your friend s father 3 Do they know or not whose mother came 4 How much will we study today 5 To what extent do they know the way to of the meeting 6 Which book said that message 7 How in what manner does he know you 8 How did you give him this answer EXERCISE 18 1 1 shõ de fængzi 2 xuêxî de shõ 3 xuêxî de dèhuð 4 dèhuð de lù 5 lù de shõ 6 dèhuð de fængzi 7 shõ de xðnxí 8 xuêxî de fångfç EXERCISE 18 2 1 house of books 2 study book 3 study meeting 4 way of to the meeting 5 book of the way 6 meeting house 7 message of the book 8 way of study EXERCISE 18 3 1 wóde fængzi 2 pêngyou de bèba 3 nï bèba 4 shêi de mèma 5 tå mèma 6 nïmende shõ 7 wó mèma de fængzi 8 zhëben shõ shð shêi de 9 zhìge fængzi shð tåmende 10 tå bù zhídao nïde fængzi 11 wó bö rìnshi nï bèba 12 tåmende pêngyou zuòtiån mêi rìnshi nï mèma dènshð tåmen jíntiån rìnshi tå yínwìi wó jíntiån shuñle tå shð shêi 13 tå bèba kèn tå mèma de xðnxí le EXERCISE 18 4 1 my house 2 the friends father 3 your father 4 Whose mother 5 Her mother 6 YOUR books 7 my mother s house 8 This book is whose 9 This house is theirs 10 He doesn t know your house 11 I don t know your father 12 Their friends did not know your mother yesterday but they know her today because today I said who she is 13 his mother s message EXERCISE 18 5 1 hço de dèhuð 2 hën hço de pêngyou 3 bù hço de fångshð or fångfç EXERCISE 18 6 1 good meeting 2 very good friend 3 not a good manner EXERCISE 18 7 1 hço de shð wóde shõ 2 wó zhídao nèxié shõ dènshð wó bù xuêxî bù hço de 3 wómen xuêxî hën hço de EXERCISE 18 8 1 The good one is my book 2 I know those books but I do not study bad ones 3 We study very good ones EXERCISE 18 9 1 zhì shð shðdang fangfç 2 tåmen shðdang de xuêxî 3 shðdang de shuñ 4 tå kèn hën shðdang de EXERCISE 18 10 1 This is the proper manner 2 They study properly in a proper manner 3 Speak properly 4 He reads very accurately EXERCISE 18 11 1 tå jíntiån xuêxî de hën hço 2 Tå zuô de hën hço 3 tåmen shuñ de bù hço 4 nïmen shuñ de shðdang 5 wó qùle dèhuð de 6 tå shð mêi læi de 7 nï zuòtiån kèn le hço de 8 tå shð mêi kèn tåde shõ de 9 tå shð bö kèn tåde shõ de EXERCISE 18 12 1 He studied very well today 2 He makes things very well 3 They speak or spoke badly 4 YOU speak properly 5 I went to the meeting 6 He did not come 7 You read this well yesterday 8 He has not read his book 9 He does not read his book EXERCISE 18 13 1 wómen qù nèr de zhídao 2 Tå zuô de dèo nège dñngxi 3 tåmen shuñ de xuêxî 4 zhìbën shõ gëi wómen zhì de dèo EXERCISE 18 14 1 We could get to know how to go there 2 He is capable of doing could manage to do that thing 3 They could learn to speak 4 This book could give us this is capable of giving us this Note For the negative form couldn t replace de with bù EXERCISE 18 15 1 zhìbën shõ shð nï gëile wó de 2 nège lù shð wómen qù dèhuð de 3 zhì bö shð wó xuêxî de shõ 4 nï zhídao bù zhídao wó qù wóde fængzi de lù 5 zhì bö shð nï bèba kèn de xðnxí EXERCISE 18 16 1 This book is what the one that you gave me 2 That way is the one that we go to the meeting 3 This was not the book the one that we study 4 Do you know or not the way the one that I go to my house 5 This is not the message the one that your father read EXERCISE 18 17 1 nè shð xuêxî hço de rên 2 zhìge rên shð zuô hën hço de dñngxi de pêngyou 3 wóde nï rìnshi de pêngyou mîngtiån huð læi zhìr 4 gëi wó nèbën shõ le de pêngyou zuòtiån læile 5 zhìxié bù xuêxî de rên mêi læi le 6 shêi zhídao næle wóde shõ de rên 7 wó rìnshi qùle nèr de rên 8 tåmen shð wó rìnshi de rên 9 tåmen shð rìnshi wó de rên EXERCISE 18 18 1 That is a person who studies well 2 This person is a friend who does very good things 3 My friend whom you know will come here tomorrow 4 The friend the one who gave me that book came yesterday 5 These people the ones that do not study did not come 6 Who knows the one who took my book 7 I know am acquainted with the one who went there 8 They are the people whom I know 9 They are the people who know me EXERCISE 18 19 1 wó bù zhídao tå mêi qù dèhuð de yuænyín 2 qïng gëi wó nï bù xuêxîle de yuænyín 3 zhì bö shð tå shuñ nè de yuænyín 4 shênme shð nïmen mêi yóu nèxié shõ de yuænyín EXERCISE 18 20 1 I don t know the reason why he didn t go to the meeting 2 Please give me the reason why you didn t study 3 This was not why he said that 4 What is the reason why YOU do not have those books EXERCISE 18 21 1 nï zhídao ma tå shênme shîhou xuêxî 2 mîngtiån huð shð tåmen læi de 3 nège rên shð shênme shîhou qù de 4 zuòtiån shð wómen læi de EXERCISE 18 22 1 Do you know when he studies 2 Tomorrow is when they will come 3 When did that person go 4 Yesterday is when we came the time of our coming EXERCISE 18 23 1 nège fængzi shð wó qù de fængzi 2 tåmen qùle wómen xuêxî nèlï de fængzi 3 tåmen zuòtiån qùle wómen mîngtiån huð xuêxî de fængzi 4 nï zhídao bù zhídao wóde shõ zèi nèr de dðfang Note that it is preferable to insert a word like fængzi dðfang dñngxi or similar to make clearer the aspect being specified house place thing etc EXERCISE 18 24 1 That house is the house where I will go 2 They went to the house where we study there 3 They went yesterday to the house where we will study tomorrow there 4 Do you know or not know the place where my book is there EXERCISE 18 25 1 qïng gèosu wó nï qù dèhuð de lù 2 tåmen læile tåmen qù nïde fængzi de lù 3 wó læi dèhuð de lù shð hën hço de lù 4 shênme shð nï læi wóde fængzi de lù EXERCISE 18 26 1 Please tell me how the road or way that you go to the meeting 2 They came how the road or way that they go to your house 3 How the way I come to the meetings is a very good way 4 How do you come to my house What is the way that you come to my house EXERCISE 18 27 1 nï zhídao ma wó xuêxî de fångfç 2 nï zhënme rênshi Tå de 3 shênme shð nï rênshi wó de fångfç 4 tå shuñhuè de fångfç bö shð hën hço de 5 tå shuñhuè de fångfç mêi shð hço de EXERCISE 18 28 1 Do you know how the manner or way that I study 2 You know Him how 3 What is the way how you know me 4 How he speaks is not very nice 5 How he spoke was not nice EXERCISE 18 29 1 nè shð yí gì wó jíntiån qù tåde fængzi de pêngyou 2 nï shð tå mèma læile de rên 3 zhì shð bèba tåde fængzi hën hço EXERCISE 18 30 1 That is the very friend whose house I am going to today of whom I m going to his house today 2 You are the person whose mother came of whom his mother came 3 This is the father whose house is very nice This is the father his house is very nice EXERCISE 18 31 1 zhì shð tå gëi de shõ 2 nè shð tå næ de shõ 3 tåmen shð wó zhídao de fængzi 4 wó bù zhídao de dæfù shð zhìxié 5 nèxié bö shð nïmen zhídao le de wìntî 6 zhìge dèhuð bö shð wó bèba zhídao de 7 wó huð xuêxî qù nèr de lù EXERCISE 18 32 1 This is the book the one which he gave 2 That is the book the one which he took 3 They are the houses the ones which I know 4 The answers the ones which I don t know are these 5 Those are not the questions the ones which YOU knew 6 This house is not the one which my father knows 7 I shall study the way which goes there EXERCISE 19 1 1 tå gén wó shuñhuè 2 tå mêi gén nï shuñhuè 3 wó mîngtiån huð gén tå shuñhuè 4 wómen huð bç tå gëi nï 5 tåmen lùguô zhìge fængzi 6 nège rên lùguô wómende fængzi le 7 tåmen tñngguô zhìbën shõ xuêxî le 8 zhìge pêngyou fìng tå bèba de mîng shuñ or zhð le 9 nï còng jíntiån de dèhuð xuêxî le shênme hço dñngxi 10 tå còng nïmende fængzi chõ læile 11 tå còng Zhñngguò læi 12 wó còng nèbën shõ xuêxî tåde xðnxí Note that bç is a device used to let you state the indirect object tå before the direct object nï and still make it clear what is happening to what or whom Normally in Chinese the direct object is stated before the indirect object EXERCISE 19 2 1 He spoke with to me 2 He didn t speak with to you 3 I ll speak with him tomorrow 4 We ll give it to you 5 They go by way of this house 6 That person came through our house 7 They learned through this book 8 This friend spoke or managed in the name of his father 9 What good thing did you learn from today s meeting 10 He came out from YOUR house 11 He comes from China 12 I learned his message from that book EXERCISE 19 3 1 zhìge dñngxi shð gëi nï mèma 2 tå næle zhìgì dñngxi gëi tåde pêngyou 3 tå wìile jíntiån de dèhuð êr læi le 4 wó huð tð nï bèba bç nïde shõ gëi tåmen 5 tåmen yòuyö yîge dèhuð jíntiån mêi læi Note that êr can be used here to connect the cause of an action with the action itself See the note at Exercise 19 1 about the use of bç EXERCISE 19 4 1 This thing is for your mother 2 He took this for his friend 3 He came for today s meeting 4 I will give them your book on behalf of your father 5 They didn t come today due to a meeting EXERCISE 20 1 1 zèi yîge fængzi lï 2 zèi nèbën shõ lïmian 3 zèi wóde lù shang EXERCISE 20 2 1 in a house 2 inside that book 3 on my road EXERCISE 20 3 1 wómende dèhuð huð shð zèi tåde fængzi lï 2 shïdang de wìntî zèi zhìbën shõ lï 3 nï mèma mêi zèi nïde fængzi lïmian 4 tåde shõ zèi lù shang 5 wó jíntiån huð zèi tåmende fængzi mian 6 nïmende pêngyou de shõ zèi nège fængzi EXERCISE 20 4 1 Our meeting will be in his house 2 Suitable questions are in this book 3 Your mother was not inside your house 4 Their books are upon the road 5 I shall be at their house today 6 YOUR friends books are located in that house EXERCISE 20 5 1 zèi nège fængzi shèngmian 2 zèi wóde shõ xièmian 3 zèi nï bèba de fængzi lïmian 4 zèi dèhuð wèibian 5 zèi nïde pêngyou qiænmian 6 zèi tåmen mèma hôumian 7 zèi tåde pêngyou pængbian 8 zèi wómende dèhuð jðn EXERCISE 20 6 1 on that house 2 under my book 3 inside your father s house 4 outside the meeting 5 in front of your friend 6 behind their mother 7 beside his friend 8 near our meeting EXERCISE 20 7 1 nège rên zèi nïde fængzi shèngmian 2 nïde shõ zèi wóde xðnxí xièmian 3 jíntiån de dèhuð huð zèi wóde fængzi lïmian 4 zuòtiån

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