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    simple theme website You are at the right place Fill the form below to get in contact with us right away Testimonials The customer is always right and the client never gets it wrong And so shouldn t they tell you about us Go on have a read I knew that for my start up to succeed I had to get my business a great website And I am happy that I chose JBS Webdesign to design it We have kicked off with a bang and these guys have played a major part in our success with their awesome web design services By Michael S Sorenson We are extremely pleased with the website that JBS Webdesign has built us The thing that makes us happy is the freshness in their work and the professionalism in their dealings You won t find better architects for your online home By Trevor A Bailey I came to know how your website can make the difference between success and failure online after using the services of JBS Webdesign My DIY website was neither able to woo visitors or increase organic traffic while my new website does ALL that I recommend these guys to anyone

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  • http www jbswebdesign co uk about 12 02 2016 never 0 8 http www jbswebdesign co uk testimonials 12 02 2016 never 0 8 http www jbswebdesign co uk terms 12 02 2016 never 0 8 http www jbswebdesign co uk privacy 12 02 2016 never 0 8 http www jbswebdesign co uk sitemap xml 12 02 2016 never 0 8 http www jbswebdesign co uk What makes a good

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  • What makes a good fashion photographer
    that fashion photographers are tech savvy and be able to use high end cameras computer system and computer software By using the right tools he or she will be able to produce effective photographs Outgoing Character Fashion is all about fashion shows catwalks and night life It is therefore important that a fashion photographer have an outgoing character Style A good fashion photographer should have a unique style of his own but he should be able to adjust his style to suit your needs and requirements For example the German photographer Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann was given the title the photographer of style because of the unique style that he displayed in his 60 year photography career Post Production He should not rely on other people to edit and develop the photographs that he has taken He should have the necessary materials and equipment needed to produce the photographers himself He should also be able to use the tools available to enhance them wherever necessary Attitude This quality is one of the most important qualities to consider when hiring a fashion photographer The attitude of the photographer is very important because it will determine the experience that you will have with him If he does not have a good attitude then he is not a good photographer and should not be considered for your project Some questions to consider are Is he pleasant to work with Is he willing to compromise Is he willing to take criticism for his work Is he willing to collaborate with you to make sure that your photographs turn out perfect Art A fashion photographer who considers his work as art will do more than just produce photographs Photographers are artists and as such they would spend days and night trying to perfect their work However a photographer that does not see his work as art but instead as a job will most likely not deliver quality work because he would not spend the time necessary to perfect his work Instead he would try to finish the project as quickly as possible As a photographer if you want to become a really good photographer and a fashion legend then you need to take all of the above points into consideration because when combined they are what it takes to be a good photographer It is important to remember that there is no such thing as the best photographer Each fashion photographer differ but there is such a thing as a great photographer The Number One Choice of Photographer in the UK If you are looking for a great fashion photographer for your event you should contact Prodoto as they are experts in fashion photography and the first choice for many across the United Kingdom You can be guaranteed that you will get the best product photography from this commercial photography studio Every photograph is checked for quality before they are released Some of the services offered by this company are Still life fashion photography foot

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  • Cheap web design
    to other clients try to establish the following Were the customers happy with what they were given Was the designer on schedule Did the designer ask for their input and was it implemented on the site Would they recommend the services of that designer 3 Investment The initial cost of design is without a doubt one of the main considerations when choosing a designer Top notch designers whose sites are irresistible and high ranking on search engines tend to be expensive Therefore if your goal is to find an affordable expert to deliver good results in web design as well as SEO your budget will dictate who you choose At JBS we we can provide your complete SEO requirements in addition to the regular design services The cost of designing a website varies greatly depending on a lot of factors Different designers charge varying rates for their services depending on the exact requirements and complexity of the work to be done Therefore before entering into a contract with a designer it is essential to clarify everything involved including the services negotiated their prices and billing method 4 Expertise When the first three factors are considered you probably have a shorter list of designers to think about now However this is as essential a factor as any other and probably the one factor that will ensure that your website will function optimally It is important to gauge the expertise of the designer in important fields as HTML coding SEO loading speed browser compatibility interactive content etc we can supply clean aged domains for all new sites Even if the designer will not provide services such as web content he should be in a position to advice on the same Professional designers make their clients understand that a website is not only about coding but has other elements that help in functionality If the designer does not offer all the required services he should be in a position to recommend an equally professional service provider 5 Customer relations This is probably one of the most overlooked factors It is essential to pick a designer who you will communicate with effectively Remember that it will take a considerable period to develop the site so you need to choose someone you can work with At JBS Web Design we can check your existing domain for SEO health issues before we embark on making any changes We ensure that you are fully informed of the progress at all stages About JBS Web Design Services We are the choice company if you are looking for professional yet affordable web design services We have a solution for you for as low as 149 Our services include 1 year hosting Logo design basic Templates over 20 options to choose from Graphic design including basic banner images Home page content search engine optimized 500 word article Anti spam contact form with captcha challenge Connection to CMS to view all text Ability to add content to site blogs articles images

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  • Scraping Twitter For Business
    and who speak English with this data we can then check their websites and look for matching words to ensure 100 relevancy then find any email addresses or contact forms listed this then becomes the most important piece of data most companies have ever had DON T GET TRAPPED WITHIN TWITTER GETTING THE DATA OUT of the Twitter platform is the key we need to be able to contact people without having to use the platform that essentially has been designed with a view to paying for tweets on a news feed that will result in abouslty ZERO engamenent EMAIL MARKETING TO THE RESCUE Email marketing has long since been used and proven to be the most successful way to get new customers and engage with people who maybe interested in your company services but not ready to make a purchase right now these people are often happy to receive your messages even though they dont need anything right now enjoying your content until such a time they may have the need Example of the data for Hair Salons RETARGETING Retargeting is one of the most imprtant concepts of marketing genetly reminding people that your company exists and is ready and waiting to serve any needs when you have them Combining the most relevant email database obtained from TWITTER USERS that have the right profile along with Email Marketing and Retargeting is simply the most powerful and cost effective method of marketing today It is akin to Growth Hacking via Twitter These are the challenges that any good technologist will attempt to solve for you today but the most important company in this sectror providing this service today is TWITTER FOR BUSINESS Sign Up Now For Free Are you looking for a professional web design company which offers custom web

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  • Effective Mobile App Development Methodologies
    cycle approach in which there are designated phases that need to be completed in order for the app to take shape The second one is the agile approach in which several phases occur simultaneously The following are some of the tried and tested mobile app development methodologies that have been used for creating apps Waterfall Development This approach towards app development is in line with the concept of life cycle approach It consists of sequential phases that need to be completed for the app to be created The phases which are included in this development approach include requirement analysis software design implementation testing integration deployment and maintenance It is a largely inflexible approach since it does not allow any revision of a completed phase during the development process Incremental Development Incremental development is an extension of the waterfall methodology The reason for this is that it makes use of the waterfall approach for each of its phases This approach utilizes mini waterfalls throughout the development process for completing small segments of the system However the waterfall approach is used until the designing phase only Once the designing phase is completed incremental development makes use of iterative prototyping for completing the development cycle Spiral Development Spiral development is another example of a life cycle approach which makes use of concepts of both waterfall approach and prototyping The focus of this development methodology is to reduce the project risk and for this it divides each phase into smaller segments that have to follow a similar sequence of steps followed by the development of a prototype The four steps that each cycle of the development process passes through are determination of objectives evaluation of alternatives development of deliverables and planning for the next iteration Rapid Application Development Rapid Application Development or RAD is a slightly progressive approach towards app development which focuses on quick delivery of the system at a very low cost In order to hasten the development process this approach does not make use of too much upfront planning This helps in reducing the development time RAD makes up for the planning phase by using rapid prototyping Moreover this approach also encourages active user involvement throughout the development process Agile Development Agile development is the example of agile approach This methodology advocates simultaneous work on all phases of the development process It makes use of cross functional teams which are working side by side and performing the tasks of designing construction and deployment all at the same time It is a largely flexible approach as it allows for revisiting any phase during the development process Moreover this development methodology requires that a working product is presented to the stakeholders at the end of iteration of the development process This minimizes risk and allows the development team to adapt quickly to changes Having chosen the right mobile app development methodology you will have to ensure that the right framework is also chosen for the app too Since there are a number of

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  • How to Use Guest Posts for Link Building
    of effort to build Those who want to escalate in a more efficient way face much greater risks as what saved you today can doom you tomorrow Guest posts and Backlinking Just a few years ago improving your SEO was as easy as seeding backlinks anywhere Directories blogs forums review sites random sites all of them would receive your spam or sell you a place for a penny Link seeding was against Google s principles so this technique lost its effectiveness as the algorithm started taking the quality of the host site on account Link seeding is still a good SEO strategy as long as it is performed in a way that works with Google s parameters It has become indispensable to take a careful look at the host site before placing a link If you do this properly not only will you be safe from a lot of penalizers but you will see your ranking satisfactorily rise Principles like relevancy and page rank of the host site are of key importance when analyzing a seedlot for your backlinks Only authentic websites with organic content and no known history of selling links are guarantee of any chance of improvement to you website s SEO Guest posting has for a long time been an accepted techhique to place backlinks and it is still of good use to rank a website However as we ve stated before you must take a good look at the host page s statistics and PR and only post in blogs with good qualifications and high relevancy Guest posting like a boss The number one rule of doing this right is being up to date Things can change from one day to the other and revert the effect of all your link building strategies In example there is a website called My Blog Guest a huge network that collects blogs that accept guest posts For a while this site has been the goldmine of SEO agents who wanted to do a little link seeding here and there MBG collected blogs of all kinds so not all of them had good ranking but if the SEO agent was clever and well instructed it was a matter of time until a great link network was built However My Blog Guest got penalized by Google quite recently so now all links placed through this website have turned against the target site s SEO New strategies should rise and take place of the old ones and the game goes on For now as it has always been good quality content in highly relevant good quality sites are a safe bet for SEO A review of all relevant blogs that allow guest posting and have good ranking is a part of an advanced technique to filter sites that could harm your target Sites that allow you to submit a list or a tutorial are also good options for the traditional blog scenario Finding new ways to please Google s algorithms will always

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