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  • Privacy and Cookies | Hartleys
    trademarks of J E Hartley All trademarks service marks company names or logos are the property of their respective holders and no permission is given by J E Hartley in respect of the use of any such trademarks service marks company names or logos and such use may constitute an infringement of the holders rights You may store manipulate analyse reformat print and display the content of this site solely for your own personal use Any other use of materials on this site is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from us Links to other sites The links to other sites on the Internet are purely to allow you access to more information on related topics J E Hartley does not accept any responsibility for information contained in any such sites or for the fact that such sites may not be available at all times Use of Cookies Cookies are small text files placed on your computer when you browse a website In common with many other websites J E Hartley uses cookies in a general way to help us to understand how to make our website more effective We do not use data from which you can be individually identified Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies If you re using Microsoft s Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator you should be able to configure your browser to restrict or block cookies or you may wish to delete them For more information about how to find and accept reject cookies please read your browser help manual Privacy policy We treat all the information provided by you with the utmost care and security Any details you give will remain confidential and will only be disclosed where disclosure is made at your request with your consent or where we

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  • Sitemap
    and specialist vegetables Whole peeled fresh vegetables Our markets Baby Foods Soups Sauces Ready meals Savoury pastries Ready to eat salads Our clients Joubere Greencore Grocery Heinz Peppers Heinz Mushrooms Apetito Baxters Peter s Goodlife New Covent Garden Facts dont lie Our people Tom Verity Georgina Bugler Cadenhead Jessica Robinson Adrian Etchells Marcus Smith Sheena Wright John Pick Maria Lewington Gower Julie Dallas Mike James Sheppard Matthew Hayward Mark Headley

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    Foods Soups Sauces Ready meals Savoury pastries Ready to eat salads Our Clients Facts Don t Lie Our People Additional Services Sorting Mixing IQF Packing Storing Food Safety Specialists How We re So Safe Awards and Accreditations Safety Importing Our

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  • Baxters | Hartleys clients
    Hartleys and Baxters have worked together to find the right grade of peas for new recipes and we have also started working with a coldstore in Inverness to enable same day deliveries and smaller quantities when needed We bring our can do attitude to the relationship and work hard to ensure our vegetables meet the high standards we have set every time We like to think these are some of

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  • New Covent Garden
    product which was being used in their Leek and potato soup After several discussions NCG decided they wanted to change the appearance of the product to deliver a much lighter overall brighter green leek colour We looked at the colour they needed and using our European sourcing experience we knew that Turkish leeks grown over the winter have a much larger white portion and the green flag material of the

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  • Peter's | Hartleys clients
    is developing frozen vegetables that work perfectly in pies and pasties Peter s produce quality pies for retail and foodservice and they asked us to develop a Flat Slice swede that would work in a Cornish pasty What we produced was a 20 x 20 x 5 mm sliced swede this worked because each piece of swede was thin enough that it could be layered up in the pasty but the 20mm dimension allowed the swede to still be seen On the success of this we were then asked to develop a 10 mm diced potato that would help to thicken the sauce in a pasty but still retain some of the texture so that the customers could see it in the product What we created was an overblanched 10 mm diced Nadine potato Nadine is a great potato for pies and pasties because it has a low dry matter this means it will add some texture to the filling but still hold up after it has been baked If you are a pie and pasty manufacturer and you have a requirement you would like us to take a look at please don t hesitate to contact us Or if

    Original URL path: http://www.jehartleyfrozenveg.co.uk/our-clients/peters.php (2016-02-11)
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  • Goodlife | Hartleys clients
    us asking if we could offer vegetables with a story behind them we were more than happy to oblige We started with parsnips which are grown but a stone s throw away from our factory here in Yorkshire We spoke to the grower about what varieties he had in the ground and from there we decided on Picador parsnips This particular variety is favoured for its ability to grow lovely long straight roots it sounds simple but when you are chopping the parsnips up into a 4 x 4 x 40 mm baton a wonky veg just won t do The team from Goodlife came to visit us and as well as a factory tour they met our grower and we explained all about parsnips from when the grower buys the seed to when the parsnip is processed through our factory We finished off the visit with a trip to the field handily it was only 1 mile away The Picador parsnips went down a treat and you can now find them proudly displayed on the front of Goodlife s Picador Parsnip Sweet Carrot Nut Burger Next stop petit pois Celebration peas and beetroot If you are looking for provenance

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  • Apetito | Hartleys clients
    vegetables for a high risk market We have been a key supply partner to Apetito for many years their high risk market place is a natural fit with our food safety vision as and a result we have developed a long standing strategic relationship based on them having the unquestionable trust in the food safety and provenance of our products Delivering a technical service coupled with the safest possible ingredients was key to growing our business s together In recent years Apetito have focused in on their clientele and have really pushed to develop a bespoke product for their market Predominantly a meals on wheels service for the elderly generation they require a safe easy eat product which is bite sized and palatable Therefore we worked closely with Apetito to make changes in our growing and manufacturing processes to create a tailor made product A perfect example is the sliced carrot We planted the carrots later in the month and spaced them closer together to ensure they did not grow too large they are harvested at the peak of their nutrition and when they are the perfect slicing size We reduced the slice thickness and increased the time in the

    Original URL path: http://www.jehartleyfrozenveg.co.uk/our-clients/apetito.php (2016-02-11)
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