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  • jenniferbinnie.co.uk | Just another WordPress site
    content Home 2011 2012 2013 2014 Contact Info Events cv and biog New paintings Other Paintings paintings made in 1980s Jennifer Binnie paintings Posted on November 29 2011 by admin 1 Hunt in the Forest 2009 oil on canvas 96

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  • 2011/ 2012 | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    your paintings to express these emotions They are all expressive paintings but they come about in different ways Sometimes I have a very clear vision of what I want them to look like and they get resolved very quickly and at other times they can evolve almost directly out of me and my emotions and can really change a lot during the process With the painting I m working on at the moment Woman Fiddle Player the main image has completely changed it has really thick layers of paint because there are layers and layers of other things that have been covered up underneath Animals under a black moon oil on board 61cms X 41cms 2012 Fiddling under a black moon oil on board 2012 31cms X 49cms Hope 2011 oil on canvas 31 X 23cms Romance 2011 oil on canvas 31 X 23cms Fox smoking in Paradise Gardens 2012 oil on board 42cms X 34cms Fox 2011 oil on board 13cms X 28cms Beltane Leaping 2011 oil on canvas 31cms X 23cms Fox Fiddling 2011 oil on board 30 X 53 cms Wierd 2011 oil on board 13cms X 28cms Mad 2011 oil on board 32cms X 53cms Sad 2011 oil on board 24cms X 48cms Fear 2011 oil on canvas 23cms X 31cms Alone 2012 oil on board 25cms X 47cms A Hut in The Mountains 2012 oil on board 30 X 46cms A Mountain Walk 2012 oil on board 31 X 46cms Fox oil on board 14 cms X 24cms 2012 Do you see the subjects of the paintings as self portraits A lot of who I am comes out in them so in a way they are self portraits but they are not actual portraits of myself Self Portrait 1 2012 oil on board 26 X

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  • 2013 | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    his raw quality Then my other main influences are aboriginal art native American art and I really really love pre historic rock paintings the forms of the animals have influenced me for as long as I can remember Then there s the more modern art that s been influenced by those images like Kandinsky and those abstract paintings with bits of cave paintings in them I can t remember ever not having those paintings in my life My Dad was a painter and very into Kandinsky and Chagall and Expressionist artists and I ve always really really liked them and found them very important 3 Foxes oil on board 15 X 35cms 2 Horses oil on board 21 X 42cms 2 Unicorns oil on board 26 X 42cms The paintings at The Black Shed have all been done over the last 18 months do you feel your work has changed in any way I feel I ve just ended a phase the paintings at Black Shed have been very much to do with the last two years of my life I think my paintings taking longer and longer to do and I want to do more of the works that evolve straight out of my emotions because those are more interesting to me I ve been working on MDF board a lot lately because it s more resilient and you can build up more layers of paint and you can also scratch right back through the paint and almost carve into the surface with a knife I love the way with oil paint that even if the paint s dried you can still get a knife and cut into it and cut right through to the board which you couldn t do with canvas I like the way with oil paint you can go back two or three weeks later and get some white spirit and something still happens when you rub it even if its partially dry you can push through the first skin of paint it opens it up Overall they seem to be more thickly painted In this recent set of work I have discovered very new ways of using paint which feels quite fresh to me I m using the paint in very many layers so the paintings take a very long time to do because its oil paint and you have to wait for each layer to dry That painting Woman Fiddle Player that I m still working on now I ve been doing since January and its changed so much you can see the different layers coming through and it s very new for me to use the paint so thickly some of it I use absolutely raw out of the tube and often I use my hands to put the paint on I think there s a bit of a fight in me between the two parts of my personality one is very much putting the paint straight on with my hands straight

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  • 2014 | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    a Forest The Shard with Deer in Spring Spirituality April 2014 The opium Den The Horse Hospital Colonnade London WC1 In the summer of 1984 artists Jennifer Binnie and Grayson Perry created an opulent and fantastical Opium Den in the basement of their infamous squat on Crowndale Road Mornington Crescent London We painted the walls dark red and the lino tiled floor black The ceiling was already very dark with the rafters showing through Then we found heavy old velvet curtains for the window and various bits of fabric to cover the old sofa We had an Indian rug which went on the floor and we hung paintings all over the walls and carefully placed objects on the shelves and mantel piece including some of Grayson s new creations from the pottery class I think we were quite pleased with the effect This was a unique time the Warren Street and Carburton Street squats occupied by luminaries such as Boy George Marilyn David and Stevie of Bodymap fame Cerith Wyn Evans Steven Jones and many others had recently ended and the illustrious tenants had largely been rehoused in council flats on Crowndale Road The Opium Den became a focal point for many outrageous parties screenings and performances attracting avant garde film makers artists and eccentrics Jennifer Binnie together with Wilma Johnson and her sister Christine Binnie had earlier formed the earthy anarchic performance collective The Neo Naturists which performed body painted ritualistic cabarets They were an integral part of the seminal 80 s London scene although with their anarchic and boisterous brand of exhibitionism they offered an alternative to the arch posing and arrogance of it Combining ideas of ancient rituals with contemporary life they were consciously unfashionable and independent In these chaotic cabarets the three core members were often

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  • Contact/Info/Events | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    W1 Off Kilter July18th September 7th 2015 Animals Under a Black Moon 2012 oil on board 48 X 25cms You can now follow me on www artfinder com See more paintings and it is possible to purchase paintings drawings and limited editions through this site JENNIFER BINNIE Winter Exhibitions and Sales Paintings Drawings Limited Edition Prints Saturday and Sunday 29 th and 30 th November 11am 6pm Saturday and Sunday 6 th and 7 th December 11am 6pm Open House in Jevington The Old Schoolhouse Jevington Polegate East Sussex BN265QB Wednesday and Thursday 3 rd and 4 th December 6 30 9 30 Wednesday and Thursday 10 th and 11 th December 6 30 9 30 Saturday 13 th December 12 00 5pm Jennifer and Christine Binnie at Andrew Logan s Last Christmas at the Glasshouse The Glasshouse Melior Place London SE13SZ Tuesday December 9 th 6 30 8 30 Thursday December 11 th 6 30 8 30 Sunday December 14 th 12 00 3 00 Wednesday December 17 th 12 00 6 00 The Gallery 286 Christmas Show 2014 286 earls Court Road London SW59AS Saturday December 20th 10am 7pm Sunday December 21st 10am 7pm The House of Fairy

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  • cv and biog | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    Diorama Heaven Gay Pride Andrew Logans Alternative Miss World James Birch Fine Art Birch and Conran The London Film co op Biographical details 1958 Born Hampton Court Middlesex England to Kenneth and Beryl Binnie Encouraged to paint from an early age by her Father who was a follower of Rudolph Steiner practicing his Painting out of Colour theory 1976 1978 Jennifer Binnie completes a 2 year Foundation course at Eastbourne College of Art and Design Her sister Christine Binnie had attended the college for 5 years previously Both sisters fell easily into the fashionable Art college system of the day 1978 1981 Jennifer Binnie moves to Portsmouth to take a 3 year degree course in Fine Art at Portsmouth Polytechnic It was here that she met Grayson Perry her partner of the next 7 years Lecturers at the college included Darrell Viner Helen Chadwick Richard Wilson Anish Kapoor and Bruce Lacey 1980 The heart of the New Romantic Era Jennifer Binnie and Grayson Perry spend the Summer in London and complete their first performance at Christine Binnie s Coffee Spoon Cafe part of the infamous Warren Street squat whose inhabitants included such rising stars as Boy George and Maralyn Grayson Perry drives into the cafe on his motor bike dressed as Fanny Craddock with Jennifer Binnie on the back as husband Johnny They complete a cookery demonstration of how to make Flambé Bananas 1983 Jennifer Binnie and Grayson Perry move to London permanently inhabiting the Crowndale Road squat in Mornington Crescent along with Christine Binnie Marilyn Cerith Wyn Evans and Wilf Rogers By now the Neo Naturist Cabaret group is performing regularly at a variety of night club and gallery venues The group perform naked except for body paint indulging in purposefully amateurish shows which include cookery demonstrations wobbly human pyramids yoga demonstrations and recorder playing 1984 Jennifer Binnie and Grayson Perry both have studios at the squat and they have fallen into a routine of regular artistic practice Jennifer Binnie has her first solo exhibition at James Birch Fine Art which is a sell out success 1986 The colourful bohemian life at Crowndale Road ends with the closing of the squat Jennifer Binnie moves to Jevington East Sussex to pursue her Rural Idyll She is joined by Wilf Rogers and their son Magnus is born in 1987 Jennifer continues to paint her work is strongly influenced by her idyllic surroundings at this time and included reference to life with animals and the cycles of nature 1989 Jennifer Binnie and Wilf Rogers form Jevington Fine Arts Workshop successfully making and selling painted furniture Jennifer Binnie continues to exhibit her paintings locally and in London 1990 1998 Jennifer continues to paint large richly coloured canvases featuring animals the landscape and the cycle of nature and the seasons Imagery is hugely influenced by her surroundings The South Downs represented with a strong emotional response 1999 Jennifer embarks on a PGCE course at Brighton University She starts teaching at Bishop Bell School Eastbourne

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  • New paintings | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    Events cv and biog New paintings Other Paintings paintings made in 1980s New paintings Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment You may use these HTML tags

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  • Other Paintings | jenniferbinnie.co.uk
    painter per se but rather an artist who works with paint I am very aware of colour and I love the texture especially of oil paint which is the medium I use most of the time I love the whole using of paint the mixing and the application and the colour and everything about it but I still think that I ve got a very direct relationship with paint which is not so in depth or academic I tend to think of paint as a medium that I use to make art with so I might paint on any object whether body paint on a person or painting on walls and furniture Lately I ve been painting televisions and DVD players and bits of old technology It s almost like a form of adornment I don t feel that decoration is a dirty word where you are concerned It s more as if you take adornment a step further and think of it as a transformation I like decorating rooms because I love the way you can paint a wall another colour and the whole room is transformed to me it is almost magical and I never have got over

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