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    of these The patients concerned may not otherwise have been tested for osteoporosis and in a real life situation would immediately be referred for conclusive DXA testing This cheap simple and largely automated approach could be carried out by every dentist taking routine x rays yet the success rate is as good as having a specialist consultant on hand Colleague Dr Hugh Devlin continued As well as being virtually no extra work for the dentist the diagnosis does not depend on patients being aware that they are at risk of the disease Just by introducing a simple tool and getting healthcare professionals working together around two in five sufferers undertaking routine dental x rays could be identified The team is extremely encouraged by its findings which are now available online in the Elsevier journal Bone They are keen to see the approach adopted within the NHS with the next stage being for an x ray equipment company to integrate the software with its products Dr Devlin continued Once the software is available to dentists we hope that entire primary care trusts might opt in The test might even encourage older women to visit the dentist more regularly ENDS For further information or to arrange an interview please contact Jo Nightingale 0161 275 Images of dental x rays showing an at risk and normal lower jaws are available upon request Professor Horner and Dr Devlin are available for interview photography and filming and to demonstrate the software in action X ray equipment companies interested in discussing the integration of this software with its products should also make contact via the press office Notes for Editors Automated osteoporosis risk assessment by dentists a new pathway to diagnosis is published in Bone Elsevier at http www sciencedirect com science ob ArticleURL udi B6T4Y

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    but could get little relief from my symptoms Since visiting the clinic for 12 hypnotherapy sessions last year however they ve disappeared completely the difference it s made to my quality of life is indescribable Another happy patient Christine Walsh said After my hysterectomy I suffered from IBS for about five years and it totally ruined my quality of life I couldn t plan holidays or leisure activities and at work I was often doubled up in pain But since having weekly hypnotherapy sessions for three months I ve now been free from IBS for five and a half years the treatment has totally changed my life The treatment can only be carried out by practitioners trained in gut directed hypnotherapy and is not yet widely available on the NHS Professor Whorwell has therefore founded a dedicated unit at Wythenshawe Hospital which treats patients from all over the UK As IBS can be a life long condition it could clearly be a very valuable option for patients However it is not suitable for everyone and women tend to respond better than men he said The term hypnosis was coined by a Manchester surgeon James Braid early in the nineteenth century and it s been in and out of fashion ever since I d like to think that our Unit has brought hypnotherapy back to Manchester and helped improve its legitimacy ENDS Notes for Editors Professor Whorwell will be discussing hypnotherapy and IBS at the University s Café Scientifique discussion evening on 3 October at 6 30pm please visit www cafescientifique manchester ac uk for more details The event is open to all places must be booked and will be held in Cafe Muse at The Manchester Museum on Oxford Road Prof Whorwell Sonia Pinnock and Christine Walsh are available for

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    breaking Us and Us Only In recent years each new release has chipped away a little at my pride in being a fan too much falsetto sounds a lot like The Charlatans and God this is awful being some genuine responses to releases over the last decade So it was with some trepidation that I bought their first album for five years and since the sad death of drummer Jon Brookes Modern Nature I was familiar with the first three tracks from online previews and radio play and while a bit dubious about So Oh which seemed something of a chorus without a song and the monotonal vocals of the ironically named Talking in Tones had been encouraged by the release of third track Come Home Baby Now this was the Charlatans I knew and loved rolling bassline rousing chorus and something of the blue eyed soul to the vocal Subsequent album track Keep Enough also has a certain familiarity a pared down funky interlude of a song reminiscent of the direction first taken on 2001 s Wonderland LP The 70s organ sound is carried through to In the Tall Grass but both songs share So Oh s sense of being a groove and a chorus rather than a whole song The sound is appealing but there s a feeling of not quite having taken off thankfully rectified when we get to Let the Good Times be Never Ending Almost a partner song to Come Home Baby this is as Charlatans as could be in sound and structure but again the vocals stop it reaching the old highs Tim simply doesn t sound like he means the song s sentiment and just when you expect him to join the song s gospel crescendo it fades out Mr Burgess has left

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