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  • K9 Connection - Home Page
    welcome Private one to one sessions Behavioural problems explained ADTB Jan Fennell Approved Trainers Home visits by arrangement Kennel Club Registration Certificate Classes held at Church of Ascension Hall Pineapple Road Stirchley Birmingham B30 2TJ on Wednesday Puppy Foundation 6 45pm to 7 30pm Bronze Award 7 30pm 8 30pm Silver Award 8 30pm 9 30pm Thursday Puppy Foundation subject to demand 6 45pm to 7 30pm Dogs with Issues

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  • K9 Connection - Contact Us
    9RN Trainers Details Name Mobile No Email Address Gary Chetwynd 07929 525241 Class times are as follows Day Class Times Sunday Puppy Foundation 10 00am 11 00am Sunday Silver Gold Awards 11 00am 12 00am Sunday Bronze Awards 12 00am 1 00pm K9 Krackers Agility is located at The Coach House Stables Grimpits Lane Kings Norton Wythall Birmingham B38 9EY Trainers Details Name Mobile No Email Address Gary Chetwynd 07929

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  • K9 Connection - KC Good Citizen Scheme (KCGCS)
    as you like basis as long as you are a member of Wyndsend Dog Training Club Club Costs Club Rules Equipment to bring Club Costs Please note these may be subject to change please ring for confirmation of current prices 5 Registration Fee This is a one off fee which applies to all new members of the Wyndsend Dog Training Club to cover administration charges You will recieve a membership card and training booklet as part of this fee 55 Puppy Class and Puppy Good Citizen The full cost of this six week course will be payable when securing your place on the next available course The cost covers the ongoing assessment and final certificate when obtained NO REFUND WILL BE MADE FOR WEEKS NOT ATTENDED Please check when the next course commences and availability 5 Pay as you go for all other classes from Bronze Good Citizen to Gold Good Citizen also includes Dogs with Issues classes We do not run specific set week courses for the Bronze Silver or Gold Awards as all dogs who attend learn at such different rates we prefer to offer Test nights when each dog and owner are ready to take it We have found this produces a much higher standard of entry and a lot less stress for all concerned POA Home Visits Home visits are available by appointment only Please contact us for further details top Club Rules Be on time for your class It is very difficult especially for more inexperienced dogs and owners to concentrate when a late arrival interrupts the class You will be advised of class times with your application to join The instructors are in charge well most of the time If you have any problems please let us know PLEASE ENSURE you ALWAYS clean up

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  • K9 Connection - Useful Links
    shop Cute Furries A collection of fantastic pet products for you to buy Agility Net All the views and news from the birthplace of Agility Flyball The British Flyball Association Mobile 07746 558 295 Jo Jo s Mobile Pet Grooming Home 0121 327 5964 Kennel Club The Kennel Club Organisation Marlin Rosettes Marlin Rosettes offer you a wide range of styles colours and pleats to choose from for your customised

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  • K9 Connection - KCGCS Puppy Assessment
    or she passes assessment How will courses be conducted The Puppy Foundation Assessment will be based on the puppy and its owner s attendance at training classes It is not an award that is conducted on a one test basis The thinking behind the Puppy Foundation Assessment course is that puppies learn on a gradual basis over a period of time This way a puppy will have time to settle into a new class and gradually build up solid foundations for the future Upon enrolment onto a course your puppy will receive an introduction pack including the Puppy Foundation Syllabus a Puppy Foundation diary and Canine Code top How old does my puppy have to be The minimum puppy age limit is at the discretion of the training course provider and will be based on the premises and environment used for puppy training Some dog training clubs may enrol puppies for their course from as young as 10 weeks other clubs may ask that puppies have completed their second vaccination whilst other training clubs may like your puppy to be older still The maximum age for a puppy to enrol will again depend on the individual training club but will not exceed 12 months old top How long does it take to complete the course Each dog training club or organisation will set their own duration for the courses e g 6 8 weeks but puppies must attend for a minimum of 4 weekly sessions top What does my puppy have to do As part of any normal dog training process training the owner is as important as training the puppy therefore both owners and puppies are assessed The course includes 12 different exercises and each exercise will be covered as part of each training session They are Responsibility Care

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  • K9 Connection - KCGCS Silver Award
    handler Play adds an extra dimension to a dog s life and can be used to make training fun Road walk The object is to test the ability of the dog to walk on lead under control Rejoin the handler The object is for the dog to remain steady while the handler leaves but the dog will rejoin when instructed to do so Stay in one place The object is that the dog will stay on the spot while the handler moves away for 2 minutes The handler should remain in sight Vehicle control The object is for the handler to get the dog in and out of a vehicle in a controlled manner The dog should remain quiet relaxed and under control during the exercise Come away from distractions The object is for the handler to remain in control of their dog when there are distractions Controlled greeting The object is to demonstrate that the dog will not jump up Should this happen the handler must be able to successfully instruct the dog to cease Food manners The object is for the dog to have good manners when aware of peoples food Examination of the dog The object is

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  • K9 Connection - KCGCS Gold Award
    a turn then stop at the kerb where the dog should remain steady and controlled On command they should proceed observing the Highway Code When reaching the other side they should turn and continue walking making a few changes of pace from normal to slow or fast walking pace The handler and dog will return across the road to the starting point of the exercise Distractions should be incorporated such as passing vehicles or bicycles people wheelchairs prams pushchairs etc Note The turns are only tests of ability to change direction 2 RETURN TO HANDLER S SIDE The object is to be able to bring the dog back under close control during a lead free walk With the dog off lead and not less than 10 paces away upon instruction the dog will be called back to the walking handlers side and both should continue together for approximately ten paces Note The dog moving loosely at the handler s side but under control is quite acceptable and there should not be a halt to complete the exercise 3 WALK FREE BESIDE HANDLER The object is for the dog to be kept close to the handler s side as may be necessary on a walk in the park This is not heelwork but a test of control while walking with a dog off lead beside its handler for approximately 40 paces Therefore it is only necessary for the dog to be kept loosely beside the handler Two changes of direction will take place and there will be the distraction of another handler passing with a dog on lead Upon instruction the dog will be placed on lead as a finish to the test Note Changes of direction are right and left turns without formality 4 STAY DOWN IN ONE PLACE The object is that the dog will stay down on the spot while the handler moves away for two minutes both in and out of sight This stay will be tested off lead and handlers should place their dogs in the down position During the test the handler will be asked to move out of sight for approximately half a minute While in sight handlers will be approximately ten paces away from their dog Note This exercise is a test to see if the dogs will stay down in one place without changing position 5 SEND THE DOG TO BED The object is to demonstrate control such as might be required in the home The handler may provide the dog s bed blanket mat or an article of clothing etc The handler should place the dog s bed in a position determined by the examiner The handler will stand approximately ten paces from the bed Upon instruction the handler will send the dog to bed where the dog will remain until the examiner is satisfied the dog is settled Note The dog is not being sent to bed in disgrace Where possible this exercise should be tested indoors The bed used

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  • K9 Connection - KCGCS Bronze Award
    is able to fulfil the task proficiently The final test is to be arranged by a Kennel Club approved organisation and the examiner will meet the following criteria Dog Warden someone that has a good understanding of dog training and the Scheme criteria Recognised Kennel Club Judge i e someone who judges at KC Licensed events on a regular basis open or championship show level in Obedience Agility Working Trials and Breed Shows Field Trials Panel Judges and Gundog Working Test judges who have handled and trained dogs to gain Field Trial or Gundog Working Test awards Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Associate or Full member Graduate or Advanced grade Also First Grade instructors with three years training experience obtained prior to the 1 1 2003 Police or Service Dog Handler one that has a good understanding of dog training and the Scheme criteria Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Approved Examiner Someone who fulfils the KCGCDS criteria and who has passed a GCDS Examiner Assessment course top Description of Exercises 1 CLEANLINESS AND IDENTIFICATION Each handler must carry with them some form of poop scoop and all dogs must wear a collar and identification tag The owner should be reminded that they must always remove any fouling caused by their dog and carry with them some form of poop scoop Note These essentials are part of the law 2 COLLAR AND LEAD Put on collar and lead It is important that the collar and lead are suitable for type of dog and that the owner is able to fit them correctly Note A dog that becomes frightened can back out of a loose collar 3 WALK ON LEAD Walk on lead without distractions The owner will be holding the lead with the dog by their side throughout this section The dog should walk at the handler s side without undue pulling forward or back Note Competition heelwork is not the aim 4 CONTROL AT DOOR GATE Walk on lead through Door Gate The owner will hold the lead and with the dog under control walk the dog through gate doorway Note The objectives of exercise three also apply The dog should not pull or be pulled through the doorway 5 CONTROLLED WALK AMONGST PEOPLE AND DOGS Walk on lead passing people and dogs Behave in controlled manner whilst owner holds a conversation for one minute The dog must be able to stand sit or lie down in a quiet relaxed manner whilst the owner is holding a conversation for one minute Note The objectives of exercise three also apply This is not a stay exercise 6 STAY ON LEAD FOR ONE MINUTE Stay in one position on command on lead The handler should place the dog with the lead attached in a position of their choice i e stand sit or down Upon instruction having quietly dropped the lead on the ground next to the dog the handler will move a distance of five paces

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