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  • The simple survival water collection system - Kaktus H2o
    find more information below and on our Kaktus information page Where to purchase You can find more information on how to purchase a Kaktus kit and spares on the Kaktus page If you have any questions about Kaktus please don t hesitate to get in touch from our Contact Us page Click here to purchase a Kaktus See Kaktus in use Click on the images below to see photos from

    Original URL path: http://www.kaktush2o.co.uk/ (2013-02-03)
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  • The Kaktus water collection system in a survival shelter or lean too - Kaktus H2o
    water in your burgan which allows you to travel with a lighter load The shelters are made in Great Britain we use 4oz pu coated nylon which make them very durable There are two types of A Pex The Kaktus H2o A Pex Shelter This is ideal too use with a hammock or erect it on the ground this enables two people to sleep under it The Kaktus H2o Lean

    Original URL path: http://www.kaktush2o.co.uk/kaktus-h2o-shelters.html (2013-02-03)
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  • The Kaktus H2o water proof survival tube
    hose and blow manually Tie the end off with a bungee Mattress Insert dry if possible foliage into the tube and tie off You can also use the Survival Tube as an Air Mattress Survival Bag You can put your sleeping bag inside the tube to use as a Bivi Bag Solar Still Insert small bag into the centre of the tube then grab the open end of the tube

    Original URL path: http://www.kaktush2o.co.uk/survival-tube.html (2013-02-03)
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  • The easy to use survival water collection system - Kaktus H2o
    live plant as the bag can accommodate Ensure that the plant is intact alive and growing Neither a dead plant nor a dormant plant will respirate water vapor With a severed branch prospects of collecting water are limited unless you are dealing with succulents such as cacti Secure the opening of the bag around the branch stem or trunk Make certain that the seal is as airtight as possible For example tie with the bungee over multiple layers of the plastic bag Envision a living leafy branch within an unpressurized sealed balloon This is your objective Ensure that a portion of the plastic bag is lower than the hopefully airtight seal This is where the water will gather Ensure that the plastic bag and plant can bear the weight of any collected water Wait for approximately 4 5 hours Depending on the type of plant surface area of the enveloped leaves local conditions and the air tightness of your seal there may be about 1 cup of water in the bag Plant water Collection Tips Unlike photosynthesis plant respiration does not depend on light it occurs at night as well as during the day As long as water is collected regularly and air within the bag refreshed any likelihood of suffocating the plant is remote Don t tie the bag around the plant too tightly or else it might kill the plant But make sure that the seal is airtight Leaving the bag on overnight can allow for more water to be collected Do not use this technique with poisonous plants or flora with a waxy texture Be sure to boil all water collected Solar Still construction The advantage of the Kaktus is that it can be on your person at all times which is essential for survival Understanding the principles of the solar still will enable you to adapt to your situation Construct your solar still in the lowest dampest area you can find in a vallery or at the bottom of a hill This is where ground water accumulates and is the best place for gathering Dig a large hole in the ground 2 feet deep and 2 feet in diameter The idea is to dig down to damp soil View image Use your packaging bag as a container Place it centred at the bottom of the hole View image Place one end of your plastic tubing in the small bag View image Cover the hole with the Kaktus Use the soil from the hole to weight the kaktus surrounding the hole so that no air can escape Make sure the free end of the plastic tubing is accessible View image Use a small rock to weight the centre of the Kaktus down over the container creating a cone over the small bag with the point pointing into the small bag View image Understand that as the sun heats up the soil moisture evaporates and condenses on the Kaktus This condensed moisture drips to the lowest portion of

    Original URL path: http://www.kaktush2o.co.uk/kaktus.html (2013-02-03)
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  • Contact Us
    Tube Day Sack About us Contact Us Contact us Company address Kaktus H2o 12 Keevil Avenue Calne Wiltshire SN11 0JH 07961 904584 Email mike kaktush2o co uk Copyright 2010 Mike

    Original URL path: http://www.kaktush2o.co.uk/contact-us.html (2013-02-03)
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