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  • kaltek waterproofing systems
    THE KALIKO GROUP LTD Kaltek Kaliko Kaligard Kalikuva Kingdom Coverings

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  • Systems Kaliko Roofing Kalikuva Protection Kaligard Bridge Deck Kingdom Coverings The home of Kaliko PVC P Membranes the Kaliko Flex Fix Mechanical Fixing System and Kaliko Multiplan FG Universal single

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  • What is Kaliko PVC-P
    in 1998 for CAP 1000 protection fleece Developed in tandem with Kaligard for use in railway bridge deck waterproofing PRODUCT INFORMATION KALIKO D PVC P membrane Unreinforced Conforms to DIN 16 730 Tested in accordance with DIN standards Resistant to flying sparks and radiating heat in accordance with DIN 4102 part 7 Building material class B2 DIN 4102 part 1 Weatherproof UV stable Resistant to ageing Rot resistant Treated with biocide Root resistant Not compatible with bitumen NB Available types Kaliko D Type Thickness mm Width mm Length m Weight Gsm D 15 1 5 1450 20 1900 Kaliko D Technical data Properties Check Unit Value Max tensile force DIN 53455 N mm² 15 15 Elongation at max tensile force DIN 53455 300 300 Tear propagation resistance DIN 53363 N 50mm 120 100 Separation force DIN 53357 N 50mm 100 High temperature dimensional stability DIN 53377 6h at 80 C 1 5 0 5 Condition following storage at high temperature Decrease of elongation at break Decrease in max tensile strength DIN 53377 6h at 80 C 7 8 Behaviour when exposed to salt water milk of lime and sulphurous acid Decrease in elongation at break elongation Decrease in max tensile strength DIN 16726 5 5 Resistance to cold DIN 53361 C 30 Light fastness DIN 53389 grade 8 Weatherproof properties DIN 53387 No cracks form after 10 000 hours Water vapour permeability coefficient DIN 53122 Part 1 20 000 Root resistance DIN 4062 Fulfilled Impact resistance DIN 16726 No perforation Weldability Water proof Joint Strength DIN 16726 Rupture outside the seam joint Kaliko SFNS PVC P membrane Polyester reinforced Slip resistant Conforms to DIN 16 734 Tested in accordance with DIN standards Resistant to flying sparks and radiating heat in accordance with DIN 4102 part 7 Building material class B2

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  • The Flex Fix
    not last and reducing interstitial condensation risk by allowing buildings to breathe Kaliko membranes have been the leading light in PVC P development since the 1960 s introducing the first reinforced membranes the first slip resistant membranes the first chemical resistant membranes and the first long life membranes to the industry Development continues to this day with the introduction of low temperature flexibility for roofing and the latest fuel oil and bitumen resistant membranes designed to be positioned beneath railway lines The removal of lead and cadmium from the formulation in the early 1990 s was Kaliko s first positive step on the environmental ladder making in house recycling possible Kaliko is now the greenest of PVC s using all substandard or returned reinforced roofing membrane for the production of Flexi Fix Discs Unreinforced PVC P production waste is directly recycled and used in the backing for new membrane making Kaliko a green company long before recycling became the issue that it is today The Kaliko Flex Fix Roofing system developed in the UK by our own company is the most flexible roofing system in use throughout the world and is a major element of the Kaliko recycling process As contractor s in the 1970 s we were amongst the first users of single ply systems in the UK and were authorised fixers of the major roofing membranes of the day The experience gained fixing these single ply membranes allowed us to see where changes were needed to improve the systems life and ease of installation Kaliko Flex Fix is the result a combination of the best elements of all mechanical fixing systems brining together PVC faced metal profiles heat welded seams slip resistant surfaces and flexible fixings beneath a waterproofing layer with minimal maintenance and a long life expectancy

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    or solvent Very good mechanical properties Resistant to normal environmental pollutants and micro organisms Not resistant to Bitumen Free from heavy metals for easy recycling Root resistant according to FLL Guidelines Resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat according to DIN Standard 4102 part 7 Manufacturing in accordance with DIN and EN ISO 9001 requirements Supervision by state testing institutions Properties Requirements according to DIN 16734 Results Straightness g and

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  • Recycling the Kaliko Way
    P which is used only in the underside of the sheet is made up of Production waste Excess unreinforced membrane either over ordered or no longer current stock Unreinforced and reinforced membrane from the start and end of production runs Production waste is recycled hot in a continuous loop linked to the calendar Excess unreinforced membrane from stock is heated processed and fed into production Reinforced membrane is divided into

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