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  • Pete Quaife Memorial 2010
    fans made a pilgrimage to Hampstead Heath the location of many famous Kinks promo shots and videos in memory of the original Kinks bass player Pete Quaife who died earlier in the year Photographs courtesy of Simon van den Bergh

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  • Clissold Arms Kinks Night setlist 2011
    Clown Dedicated Follower Of Fashion Do It Again Education Fortis Green Holiday I Gotta Move I need you I m Not Like Everybody Else Johnny Thunder Lola Louie Louie Lost And Found Low Budget Misfits Muswell Hillbilly People Take Pictures Of Each Other Picture Book Pretty Polly Rosy won t you please come home Scattered See My Friends Set Me Free Shangrila She s got everything Sitting On My Sofa

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/kinks_jam_setlist_2011/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Clissold Arms Kinks Room
    beams are painted with various song lyrics and one wall has been specially painted in red with lips copied from the kover of the Word of Mouth album It has all been carefully thought out and put together and is certainly a labour of love Photographs courtesy of Frank Lima Olga Ruocco and The Clissold Arms Simeon Perlin bartender and actor tuned up his guitar and lead us in some well known songs from the Kinks kanon percussion accompaniment being beaten out with cutlery or in my case by shaking a small tin of throat sweets more or less to extinction or very small pieces We remembered the long gone summer with Sunny Afternoon well dressed Englishmen with Dedicated Follower of Fashion and recessions past and present with Dead End Street Mick and his girlfriend Marliesa came in from the cold after we had sung the first round of songs and Simeon had wandered off to the bar to go back to work Mick posed for some photos with George and chatted to the fans Suddenly Ray appeared wearing a grey beret looking bright eyed and bushy tailed and he and Mick posed for photos with George and then with the fans He stayed for a little while and then left us before we started on another round of Kinks songs An amazing buffet appeared on the long table which was one of the tastiest I have seen The food was absolutely delicious rustic breads fat prawns various meats potato croquettes bowls of chips a selection of cheeses and fruit a cornucopia of culinary creation A tv was playing video klips kompiled by one of the fans and at 10 35 this was tuned into the BBC for the documentary on Ray It was pretty surreal sitting in the Clissold

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Clissold/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Bruce MacQueen's Kast Off Kinks Tour
    up to and he said that they were cataloguing old tapes and were preparing to bake a bunch of old acetate for transfer to digital He also said he had been in NYC when Ray did the sessions with Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi Nice job if you could get it We snapped a few photos thanked him for his time and headed out Being late in the afternoon we were thirsty and decided a pint was in order So we decided to check out the Clissold Arms and see what this new owner we had heard about was up to So we figured out the bus route and wandered into Muswell Hill and walked down past the Alexandra to the Clissold Little did we know So we met the owner George who talked about creating a new room full of Kinks memorabilia and his idea to have a Guinness Book of World record set by having the largest sing a long of Sunny Afternoon on the patio I told him we would be there We waffled if we should have another pint there and opted instead to walk over to the Alex for one Crossing the street we were trying to identify the old Davies homestead and were blocking the garden entrance when the owner and his young daughter came home He knew we were fans and asked us in which we politely refused but asked a few questions and wandered into the Alex As we stood at the bar I surveyed the room and what to my wondering eyes should appear Dave Davies sitting at a table with his son Christian and a friend I elbowed my brother and turned to the barman who said Hey Bruce Did you see who is sitting over there I don t know if I was more flabbergasted that the barman Theo remembered my name from the two prior year s sing alongs hosted there or that Dave Davies was sitting 10 feet away Theo said We saw you walking by a while ago and tried to get your attention but you went in the Clissold I could have smacked him But he hadn t gotten my pint yet so I restrained myself We wanted to be respectful of Dave s privacy so we took our pints into the back room and tried to figure out what to do After about 10 minutes they began collecting their items so we walked over and apologized for the interruption and introduced ourselves Dave thought his friend had set him up but we assured him that we hadn t flown 3 700 miles for an ambush I was so pumped to see him that when he stood up to shake hands I gave him a big old bear hug and a got an amused grin in return He was in great spirits and said that he was planning to reschedule his US tour dates in April or May and that he had canceled due to

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Bruce/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Kast Off Kinks Song Poll
    Kast Off Kinks Set List Full Results The band have accepted the vote Twentieth Century Man will be in the set at the Official Kinks Fan Konvention at the Boston Arms on 18 November 2012 The rest of the top

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Song%20Poll/results/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Daily Echo Bournemouth April 2010
    you lists lasting longer than the set But Mick Avory s emergence from behind his drum kit to recount the genesis of Lola The Kinks musically magnificent and lyrically hilarious glimpse into the shadow world of transvestite clubs is arguably the evening s highlight Forty years after its release Lola still sounds brilliant and this four piece band of former Kinks personnel fronted by ex Noel Redding Band singer David Clarke does more than mere justice to its legacy The band rips through a well chosen set of Kinks classics and lesser known songs striking a perfect balance for the aficionado and the casual listener So David Watts is followed by the maximum R B of early B side I Gotta Move while Dave Davies solo hit Death of a Clown and the country tinged Muswell Hillbilly are aired before Sunny Afternoon Days and Stop Your Sobbing in quick succession establish more familiar territory Clarke s voice is gruffer than Ray Davies own melodic tones but in choosing an established performer over an impersonator the Kast Offs stamp their own identity on some of the best loved songs in the cannon of British popular music On David Watts and Dead

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/BournemouthEcho/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Guestbook
    Thank you so much for putting this together for the KoK s and KoK s2 You can use any of my photos or video from my trips over Just drop me a line Continued great success to you and all of the KoK s Love Sharon Chicago D 1 Name Olga olga ruocco which net Date Mon 30 Mar 2009 16 21 04 BST Subject Well Done That Man Congratulations

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  • Forum
    post a comment Please enter your message You will not be notified by e mail when your message has been posted HTML is permitted in the comment fields Name E

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