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  • Bob Henrit Interview
    Off Kinks website More about Bob Out takes This video has been reconstructed because NBC Universal suddenly decided that two section s may have content that is owned or licensed by NBC Universal The video can be obtained on DVD

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Henrit/Interview/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Argent Tour 2012
    Argent and Russ Ballard for a second reunion tour by the original Argent line up Videos courtesy of campervanman928 Kenzosclipz punkrocksal junehallard and gorgville Photographs courtesy of Beki Brindle Scala Sue Robinson Noel Buckley and Get Ready To Rock Skegness

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Argent2012/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Mick Avory Interview Part 2
    Quite a challenge Mick did not elucidate so we asked Dave Clarke about this The cocktail tour as far as I remember from silly conversations was exactly that they drank through the cocktail list wherever they went a real challenge especially in the US I ve done it myself it s wonderful if the tour is less than six months after that it s fatal KOK What is your favourite Kinks song and why and your memories during it s recording MA Hard to pick one but Sunny Afternoon has to rate pretty highly as it was my first number one It was recorded on Friday the 13th in 1966 the year England won the World Cup KOK What songs are you most proud to be associated with MA All the popular ones Lola probably stands out the most it was recorded at Morgan Studios It was fun as it was the Baptist s first recording with us KOK What were the highest lowest points during your time with The Kinks MA There were lots of ups and downs with the Kinks and a volatile atmosphere So it was hard for me to fit in with them initially and finally I had a bust up with Dave that was a real low point The high point came we were allowed back in America KOK What is your most treasured memory item of memorabilia from your time with The Kinks MA One of the most treasured memories with the band was in the USA in 1965 when I met Shelly Manne and Joe Morello and Dean Martin The treasured item The Kinks red hunting jacket KOK What was the most challenging Kinks song for you to drum to MA Power Man was a bit of a challenge at the time KOK If you could re do a Kinks song again what would it be and why MA Little Miss Queen of Darkness comes to mind as I did a 16 bar drum solo with phrases as an over dub and it went out of sync with the track near the end The producer thought it was ok but I hated it particularly as I could have corrected it in a few minutes KOK There has been talk of a possible Kinks reunion recently What is your view Do you think it could happen The line up on stage in Utrecht recently was pretty close to a full reunion anyway If there ever was a reunion should it be with new material or not MA A reunion would not be possible with the originals for a start due to ill health But it would be possible with the Kast Off Kinks plus Ray In any event Ray would record new material We have some old tracks from the 80s as well KOK What was your reaction to Pete Quaife s recent Garbo esque posting wanting to be left alone I know that this might sound self centred but I have had enough

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Mick%20Avory%20interview%20part%202.htm (2016-02-17)
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  • John Dalton Interview Part 2
    No one could compete with Ray as front man of The Kinks You asked before if I had considered doing Elvis impersonations I have found a photo showing that I did have a go but I decided to stick to impersonating a Kinks bass player KOK Do you have any regrets about your time with the Kinks JD My biggest regret is not signing anything with The Kinks perhaps if I had got royalties and other things that I wont go into I might not have had to choose between The Kast Off Kinks and my day job and would still be enjoying myself in the Kast Offs KOK Did you feel the band had changed much between your two spells with the Kinks and if so how JD Not when I first returned but it was better in 1970 when Baptist joined to have keyboards filled the sound out a lot on stage and he was funny on tour KOK Do you get on well with Pete Quaife Jim Rodford and Andy Pyle Have you considered forming a support group for all the former Kinks bass players out there JD I have not seen Andy Pyle for years It was nice when Pete Quaife turned up at the Holland gig we had a good time with him and his wife I got him up to do a couple of numbers with us on bass while I played acoustic guitar and sang I have known Jim Rodford for years he is a really nice guy and I have always got on with him well KOK Recently with the Kast Off Kinks you have played several tracks from the Phobia album which you claimed never to have heard before Did you listen to any Kinks albums made after you left the band If so what did you think of them JD No I didn t listen to any Kinks albums after I left I had not even heard Sleepwalker until a few years ago and I played on that one I only listen to it when we decided to do Juke Box Music in the KOKs KOK Was that because of animosity with the band JD Not at all it was just that that part of my life was over and I needed to move on KOK Do you remember any other Kinks songs that you worked on which were never released JD I don t think Ray has any tucked away but you never know He may find one somewhere one day KOK You are always very friendly towards the fans Were there times when fans became a pain JD As you know I love the fans I think bands in general must remember it is the fans that put them where they are I still get a thrill signing autographs and posing for photographs The real nice thing is that since we formed The Kast Off Kinks a lot of people are not just fans now but have become

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/John%20Dalton%20interview%20part%202.htm (2016-02-17)
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  • John Gosling Interview Part 2
    Nobby says he would rather NOT remember it JG I agree I hated the whole experience and it practically broke up the band the way we were treated on that show Like second class citizens stuck in a corner of the studio we weren t even given a chance to get a decent sound balance Soap Opera is the only CD by the band which I don t have and don t want It was load of bollocks and possibly the lowest point of our career Having said that we did have a great time recording Ducks on the Wall KOK What kind of music did you and the band listen to when hanging out in Konk or wherever JG Mostly The Kinks We rarely listened to anything else together but we all had our favourites Mick loved Jazz Nobby his Rock Roll Occasionally we would all go out to see a live band such as Canned Heat Ry Cooder was superb We invaded his dressing room after the show and Dave persuaded him to do an unplugged set just for us Dave and I would often get to a gig early to catch some of our great support bands such as Little Feat Taj Mahal and Tom Petty We all went to see Elvis courtesy of RCA We sat next to Black Sabbath who we d been heckling at the Whiskey a Gogo the night before We went to see Zeppelin in LA as well They were staying at the same hotel The Riot House as it was known then The following evening was a night off for all of us and the opportunity to celebrate Jimmy Page s birthday Mick had a wrestling match with John Bonham in the corridor and there were all sorts of unspeakable things going on in various rooms Somebody nicked my bed and put it in the lift Worst night s sleep I ever had After we left an entire floor had to be re decorated The Riot House was the Continental Hyatt House now the Andaz West Hollywood KOK Did you ever feel like you were competing with other bands or musicians JG No The Kinks were unique I can t see the likeness myself Ray doing the Alcohol drama The Andy Desmond album Living On A Shoestring John doesn t own Soap Opera KOK Were you mates with musicians in other bands during your time with The Kinks JG Only if they bought a round The chaps in Fairport Convention were very friendly as were Lindisfarne I already knew some of Badfinger and Ron Lawrence and Nick Trevisick through Andy Desmond I got to know Dave Rowberry the organist with The Animals through Mick and the three of us occasionally went out for a nightcap together He played on Celluloid Heroes and mimed to my Supersonic Rocketship piano part on telly Sadly he s no longer with us There was a girl band that we saw at The Whiskey a Gogo

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/John%20Gosling%20interview%20part%202.htm (2016-02-17)
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  • Clissold Arms Kinks Night Band 2012
    singalong there has been She is backing vocalist in The Spivs Dick van Veelen rhythm guitar Netherlands Dick a member of the board of the Dutch Kinks Preservation Society joined Dr Geoff for the first time at the 2010 singalong He is also a member of Kink In De Kabel Chris Griffiths drums UK Chris joined Dr Geoff and Anne France Legris to jam at the Pete Quaife book signing

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Kinks_jam_band_2012/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Kinks Jam 2010
    2010 Kinks Konvention a group of Kinks fans got together in the excellent Kinks room at the Clissold Arms Fortis Green for a good old Kinks jam Photographs courtesy of Simon van den Bergh and John Higham Konvention 2010 Pete

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/Jam2010.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Clissold Arms Kinks Night 2011
    The Clissold Arms Fortis Green London N2 9HR where Ray Dave Davies gave their first public performance Free admission To book a table for dining please send an email to clissoldarms googlemail com Or telephone 0208 444 7972 international 44 208 444 7972 Please indicate if you would be happy to share a table with other Kinks fans The band will commence playing at 6 30 pm Sing along to

    Original URL path: http://kastoffkinks.co.uk/kinksjam_2011.htm (2016-02-17)
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