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  • How to Keep Corn Snakes
    any heaters or lamps They will also appreciate a few hiding places around their tank snakes like to feel secure and giving them somewhere they can retreat to if they feel the need will do wonders for their general wellbeing They ll also need a water dish one large enough to allow your pets to submerge themselves is ideal they drink often and typically enjoy the chance of a good soak as they prepare to slough their skins However they will often defecate in their swimming pool so the water will need to be changed on a regular basis Heating And Lighting Heating and lighting the tank are best achieved using separately controlled systems so that you can change the temperature and the day length independently of each other Aim for a general temperature of around 25 30 degrees C 77 86F with a hotter basking spot and cooler areas too to allow your pets to thermo regulate naturally A temperature drop of a few degrees at night mimics their natural environment and may also help if you re hoping to breed something which corn snakes do well in captivity The best way of achieving the extra warmth is probably to use a combination of heat mats under part of the tank base coupled with heat lamps or ceramic heaters making sure to fit strongly secured guards to any heat sources inside the container to stop the snake burning itself As always fitting a good quality thermostat is a must Food And Feeding Feeding corn snakes is not usually a problem although some youngsters can sometimes prove a little difficult to get going Although their wild diet would include a range of frogs lizards and probably even some large insects rodents of one form or another are the most usual food in captivity Depending on the size of the snake pinkies small mice larger mice and rats along with the occasional day old chick will be happily consumed but it s important not to overdo things as Corn Snakes seem prone to obesity As a general rule hatchlings will need a baby pinkie every three or four days while adults may only feed once a week and don t worry if your snakes stop eating around shedding time It s often a very good idea to keep a record of what your pets eat and when not only does it help you judge their feeding needs but it can be invaluable if an animal becomes ill since a depressed appetite can often be one of the first signs that something is amiss Undemanding in their needs providing their few basic requirements are met Corn Snakes make very rewarding pets As snakes go there s simply nothing to beat them it s small wonder they have so many fans the world over You might also like Ideal Invertebrates for Beginners Emperor Scorpions as Pets Pet Cockroaches and Crickets Keeping Snails as Pets Keeping Monitor Lizards Share Your Story Join the Discussion

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  • How to Keep Milk Snakes
    biologists as Batesian mimicry but fortunately for the snake enthusiast there s a little mnemonic to tell the venomous from the harmless based on which colours are actually next to each other in the snakes sequence of bands Red to yellow kill a fellow Red to black venom lack However if you do ever go hunting Milk Snakes in the wild do remember that this only works in North America down in Central and South America some venomous species have a different order of colours Housing Milk Snakes Milk Snakes are fairly small animals typically growing to around 3 to 4 feet 90 120cm long so an adult can be comfortably housed in a tank around 30 x 12 x 16 inches 75x30x40cm It s best to keep them singly as the species often has cannibalistic tendencies One of the most renowned escape artists of all snakes a securely fitting lid is absolutely essential since these handsome animals will make it their business to try to find even the tiniest hole and then they ll be off The choice of flooring is important This snake is a burrower so it needs a suitable floor material to allow it to do this but it s vital that it isn t allowed to sit in the damp or it may develop blisters and other health problems Shredded newspaper is probably the easiest material from the point of cleanliness but it admittedly doesn t look very pleasing so if your tank is on show you might prefer to use dry leaves or reptile bark routinely removing anything which gets soiled A few hiding places will also be appreciated along with a water container large enough to let your pet have a soak snakes have an unfortunate habit of defecating in their water so be aware and replace it when necessary Heating And Temperature Requirements With Milk Snakes now bred extensively in captivity it s not as important to match the temperature to the original geographical home of your particular subspecies as it was in the days when most of the specimens being sold were wild caught individuals A daytime temperature of around 25 30 degrees C 77 86F will be ideal dropping a few degrees at night with the provision of some hotter basking spots and cooler areas too allowing your pet to regulate its body temperature naturally The usual warnings about heaters apply so make sure you cover them properly to stop inquisitive snakes from getting burnt Feeding Milk Snakes Milk Snakes have a bit of a reputation as fussy eaters so although in the wild they eat a wide variety of prey in captivity it is often best to stick to whatever works and not vary things too much Most captive bred animals will take appropriately sized and well thawed mice or pinkies and as a general rule adults will need feeding once or twice a week while hatchlings and juveniles will require a baby pinkie every three or four days

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  • Keeping Butterfly Lizards and Plated Lizards
    of insects including crickets locusts and any amount of wild caught garden bugs Although these items make up the bulk of their food Butterfly Lizards seem to be more omnivorous than most of their relatives and appreciate the occasional treat of some suitable fruit and vegetables though how much plant material they eat seems to vary between individuals These animals also need ready access to clean water and to keep them in good health a UVB tube should be used for around 10 12 hours of the day Plated Lizards Plated Lizards are large robust lizards from Africa their common name coming from the armour like plates of fused scales that cover their bodies which lend them the general look of some kind of small dinosaur The Sudan also known as the Tawny or Great Plated Lizard Gerrhosaurus major is one of the most popular species kept as a pet though others are also to be seen including the Yellow Throated Plated Lizard G flavigularis and the Giant Plated Lizard G validus Growing to around 20 28 inches 50 70cm in length the greyish brown G major is the most heavily plated of all its relatives its squat body and broad tail which makes up less than half the overall length giving this reptile a distinctly prehistoric appearance Docile and seemingly quite intelligent reptiles Sudan Plated Lizards make good pets Caring For Plated Lizards The needs of these creatures are very similar to the Butterfly Lizards and demand equally spacious surroundings a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft 120x60x60cm terrarium at least Plated Lizards also like a deep dry floor to burrow into although they tend not to dig to such depth with much the same temperature requirements though these reptiles could happily take things a few degrees warmer Another omnivore

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  • How Well Do You Know Your Pet Spider?
    spider spin out of its old skin urticating hairs help it find its way around c Spinnerets help the spider find its way around urticating hairs are used in making silk Quiz Answers 1 The answer s a an arachnid named or so the story goes after a mythical Greek weaver Arachne She claimed that she could weave better than the goddess Athena herself but when the goddess rose to the challenge and won the boastful girl was turned into a spider leaving her descendants still weaving webs to this day into a spider leaving her descendants still weaving webs to this day 2 It s b crabs and woodlice are both crustaceans but the scorpion is another arachnid Mites and ticks are also in this group 3 A typical spider has 8 eyes arranged in 2 rows of 4 so it s b 4 The answer s c 25 years most spiders only live for a year or so while some survive for 3 or 4 but tarantulas are the real oldies of the spider world 5 It s a The Goliath Bird eating Spider Theraphosa blondi is widely accepted as the world s largest growing to the size of a dinner plate The Megamouth is a kind of large shark and with a body smaller than the head of a pin in males Borneo s Patu digua is the world s tiniest spider 6 Each leg has 7 segments which makes 6 joints 6 x 8 48 the answer s c 7 The answer is b male house spiders go looking for mates and often fall off walls and ceilings into baths and once there they re trapped The coming up the plughole thing is a very old myth 8 It s a spiders use spinnerets to spin

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  • Is an Exotic Pet Right for You?
    it then I can t begin to explain c They re interesting and a bit different d Because they absolutely positively fascinate me and they always have 5 What do you think about venomous snakes a Cool Where can I buy one b Great in the wild but definitely not a pet c I m not all that sure about any kind of snake d They re one of nature s most perfect designs 6 What are you going to do when you go on holiday a One of my mates my mum will look after it b I ve already made arrangements with an experienced pet keeper c I m going to get some advice about that from the vet pet shop d What s a holiday 7 Be honest with yourself can you afford to house and feed the pet you want a Of course I mean how much can keeping a python cost b Yes I ve worked it all out and it s all budgeted for c I don t really know but I m trying to do the sums to make sure d Well if I can t I won t be buying it 8 Do you have enough space to house the pet you want a Of course I mean how big a tank does an iguana need b Yes I know how much space my proposed pet will need even when it s fully grown c I m trying to find that out d Well if I don t I won t be buying it 9 Are you sure that everyone else in the household is OK with the idea a Who cares b It s my flat so it s not a problem c My parents partner children say it s all fine d My parents partner children are all really interested too 10 Finally what would you say was your ideal exotic pet a A crocodile or anything else big and impressive looking b A corn snake or a leopard gecko c I m not really sure I quite like them all d A tarantula or a stick insect Quiz Results Mostly As Is an exotic pet right for you Well probably not at least not right now It doesn t mean that won t change in future but for the moment you still need to do a bit of thinking about whether you really want to share your life with some of the world s most fascinating wildlife Then if you decide you do plenty of research is called for to make sure you choose something that will work for you so have a good look around the rest of this site you should pick up all kinds of helpful tips Mostly Bs and Ds If ever there was anyone just crying out for an exotic pet it s you but then you probably knew that already The planet s weird and wonderful creatures fascinate you and the idea of

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  • Quiz: Which Exotic Pet is Best for You?
    ll soon get you out of there c Yuk 3 Is being able to handle your pet important a No not really b I d like to be able to handle it from time to time c Yes very important unless it s a fish 4 Which of these prehistoric animals would you like to see for real from a safe distance of course a Those massive dragonflies with their 2ft wingspan b Dinosaurs dinosaurs and more dinosaurs c Woolly mammoths 5 How much space do you have for its tank or cage a Not much b Some c Plenty 6 You re on holiday somewhere hot and sitting outside the bar What gets your attention a The amazing butterflies flitting around the flowers b The lizards darting around the tables after flies c That skinny cat there s always one isn t there 7 Some exotic pets have strange diets How do you feel about feeding your pet a No worries my local pet shop stocks all kinds of food b Hey I ll dig worms and hunt bugs with the best of them c If I can t buy the right food at the supermarket I don t think I ll bother 8 Finally who is your favourite cartoon animal a Flik from A Bug s Life b The crocodile from Peter Pan c Nemo from Finding Nemo Quiz Results Make a note of your answers and total up which letter you answered most frequently Take a look at below to find how what your results tell you Mostly A You seem to have a strong interest in things with lots of legs at least 6 or more and preferably fairly hairy The good news is that if you re looking for your first exotic pet then there s no shortage of candidates for you to consider from the likes of praying mantis spiders and scorpions to creatures such as cockroaches stick insects or millipedes A good look around the rest of this site should help you decide and whatever you do eventually choose you ll find plenty to keep you interested Mostly B OK so you never really got over your childhood fascination with the dinosaurs did you Well relax you re in good company Reptiles and amphibians are incredibly popular exotic pets and the number of people keeping them gets bigger every year With plenty of choice available in terms of the animals themselves and the tanks and equipment needed to keep them there really is something to suit everyone and there s loads of information in the relevant sections of this site to point you in the right direction Mostly C You re looking for a pet that s a bit different but snakes and spiders don t really do it for you do they Well don t worry you certainly aren t alone and there are plenty of other options for you to consider from familiar creatures such as tortoises and chinchillas to some

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  • About Our Site
    you and keeping it in good health can often be a confusing process this site aims to make things a lot easier for novices and knowledgeable keepers alike Filled with a wealth of information and interesting facts about a range of amphibians reptiles insects spiders and other invertebrates the unique content available here specially written exclusively for this site by knowledgeable experts provides a one stop source of practical guidance for the UK pet keeper Looking after any pet is a serious responsibility and these species are certainly no exception so the more you know about your animal and its particular requirements the better you ll be able to care for it Covering everything from the tanks and essential equipment needed to finding a vet this site provides a valuable and comprehensive resource for anyone interested in keeping exotic pets Our concern was that there was no single UK resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject Our features and articles are written by experts who have experience or a particular interest in this area Our Background Dr Gareth Evans the primary writer of this site is a freelance writer and environmental consultant Gareth has written books on bio waste and environmental biotechnology He has a practical background in this subject keeping a wide range of reptiles amphibians and invertebrates since childhood and acting for a number of years as the International Herpetological Society s Conservation Officer KeepingExoticPets was founded by John Rowlinson the founder of PtS John through PtS is involved in a number of ventures including software and property companies A percentage of revenue from these activities goes towards funding KeepingExoticPets and a number of similar sites Our focus is simply on having experts create the highest quality information possible that is widely read Previous Page

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  • Contact Us
    word sponsor in the subject field and we can share the visitor stats for KeepingExoticPets and start a discussion Write to us If you are from the press a potential advertiser etc and want to get in touch with us in the first instance please contact Jane Marshall Features Editor Unfortunately we cannot publicise all of your causes or notices on our site we get too many requests Nor can we release the contact details of anyone featured in our case studies or articles Please note that to prevent spam the email address below is an image so you ll need to type it in manually Jane Marshall Features Editor KeepingExoticPets Daresbury Point Green Wood Drive Manor Park Cheshire WA7 1UP Join me on Facebook Add me on facebook to keep up with my latest news and gossip I ll be sharing snippets about our websites keeping you up to date with our latest fan page views and letting you know about exciting new things we re up to with our business It would be great to hear from you too share your tips views and news Search for janemmarshall in Facebook search Want to Write for Us If you are very experienced in your field and consider yourself an expert then we are interested in having you write for us If you would like to join us then send an email to Jane Marshall Please include Details of your experience or qualifications in this subject Details of your experience in writing about this topic Examples of your previously published work Our Images We get lots of requests to use our images for which we don t generally own the copyright as we buy them from photographers around the world Unfortunately we can t grant you the right to use

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