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  • Care Guides by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    the conditions and care they require Caring for Frog Toads Frogs and toads can make very successful pets keeping them healthy depends on getting the conditions right in the first place cleanliness once you have and Caring for Lizards Lizards can make very good pets the key to success lies in choosing the kind you keep carefully and meeting their feeding housing and general welfare needs properly Caring for Millipedes and Centipedes Although millipedes and centipedes look similar their needs are quite different however meet these modest requirements and they make some of the most fascinating Caring for Newts A number of kinds of newts can do well in captivity making these delicate creatures ideal and undemanding exotic pets to keep Caring for Salamanders Most of the kinds of salamanders commonly offered for sale are fairly easy to care for and make a very good introduction to the world of exotic pet keeping Caring for Snails Like all pets proper care is essential to ensure your snails stay in good health understanding their fairly undemanding needs is the key to keeping and breeding Caring for Spiders Scorpions Spiders and scorpions are well known exotic pets spend a little time getting conditions right for them and they will reward you with a fascinating insight into their Caring for Stick Insects and Praying Mantis Many of the world s 1 800 species of praying mantis and 3 000 stick insects make good pets simple to house and easy to feed both can be bred successfully in captivity Caring for Tortoises Terrapins Of all of the world s reptiles tortoises are probably the best known and most loved Together with their relatives the terrapins they make great pets and often Caring for Triops Sea Monkeys Triops and Sea Monkeys can trace their ancestry

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  • Costs & Regulation by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    can be a great help towards being successful in keeping them Caring for an Exotic Pet While You re Away Finding someone to look after your exotic pet can be difficult but if you sort out its holiday arrangements ahead of time going away should not be a problem How to Find a Vet for Your Exotic Pet Finding a vet for exotic pets is something that needs to be done long before they are sick it s not always easy but asking the right people can help How to Insure Your Exotic Pet Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular amongst exotic pet keepers but how do you pick the right policy and make sure all your needs are covered Rules and Regulations on Keeping Exotic Pets When it comes to keeping any kind of pets but perhaps especially exotic pets there are some rules and regulations that you really ought to know about What if Your Exotic Pet Escapes Many commonly kept exotic pets are remarkable escape artists if you find an empty tank don t despair there are a few tricks which can help reunite you with your Topics Questionnaires Need to Know Faqs Ask Our Experts Care

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  • Faqs by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    and other equipment on offer to house your exotic pets how do you know which ones to pick out of this bewildering array Keeping Amphibians FAQ Most of the commonly asked questions about keeping amphibians concern their handling feeding and general care and for the most part the answers are as uncomplicated Keeping Snakes FAQ Keeping snakes is an increasingly popular hobby but it s one which generates a huge

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  • Health & Safety by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    for Reptiles Amphibians Good health care largely depends on recognising the main symptoms and causes of disease keeping a careful eye out for them and knowing when to call the vet Picking the Right Exotic Pet for You If you re thinking about keeping an exotic pet there are lots of things you need to consider to make sure you get the right one for you Safety Issues with Exotic Pets Exotic pets do throw up a few safety issues all of their own but with a little knowledge and common sense you should be able to keep everyone safe Spotting the Signs That Your Pet is not Well The key to keeping exotic pets healthy is being familiar with the diseases likely to affect them and then watching out for the telltale signs of illness Understanding Venom Many types of animals kept as exotic pets have a reputation for being venomous but the issue of venom is more complicated and far more fascinating than most Where to Get An Exotic Pet There s no shortage of places to buy an exotic pet including pet shops specialist suppliers or fellow keepers it s worth doing your homework to make sure

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  • Housing & Equipment by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    pets needs a bit of care but with the wide range available picking the right one shouldn t be too hard Choosing Vivarium Floor Materials The flooring material for any vivarium needs to meet the basic needs of the animal it will contain be relatively easy to clean and look acceptable Common Problems With Aquarium Pets However well you manage things problems can still occur knowing what to look for and what to do about them can help you to minimise the damage if they do Common Problems With Terrarium Pets No matter how carefully you set up your terrarium sometimes you ll run into problems many common problems can be solved fairly easily or avoided altogether if Food and Feeding A proper diet is essential to keep any pet fit and well when it comes to exotic pets understanding the basics about food and feeding can be a big help Keeping Exotic Pets Outdoors Keeping exotic pets outdoors is not without its difficulties but it can be done even if only when the British summer is at its best Lighting Your Tank Getting the lighting right can benefit your pets health and well being as much as it helps make your tank look an attractive feature in your living room The Importance of Minerals and Vitamins Vitamins and minerals are important for the health of exotic pets the more you can find out about your own pet s needs the easier it is to avoid problems Using Heaters Thermometers Heating plays a vital role in keeping exotic pets successfully so it s important to choose the right kind of heaters thermostats and allied equipment to do the job Using Plants in Your Vivarium Plants add a very natural look to any vivarium hints and tips to help you incorporate

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  • Invertebrate Pets by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    animals will do well in captivity Ideal Invertebrates for Beginners Many invertebrates make good pets but some of them can be difficult for inexperienced keepers Here s a quick introduction to five different kinds that are ideal for Keeping Hermit Crabs and Land Crabs Land living crabs can make fascinating pets properly cared for and fed a suitably varied diet these attractively coloured creatures can live five years or more Keeping Monitor Lizards Monitors are impressive lizards but they are a challenge to keep however provide them with the right environment and put in the necessary work and they can make Keeping Snails as Pets Snails can make interesting and surprisingly engaging pets simple to keep and easy to house these molluscs have an attraction all of their own Keeping Stick Insects and Praying Mantis Whether you choose a mantis or a stick insect these fascinating and easy to care for insects are amongst the most popular of all invertebrate pets Keeping Tarantulas Spiders Tarantulas are one of the most popular kinds of exotic pets and given the right conditions and care can live to a ripe old age in captivity Keeping Vinegarones Whip Scorpions Vinegarones or whip scorpions are

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  • Need to Know by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    their anatomy to their evolutionary origins With a group like this no matter how much you know there are always What You Might Not Know About Tortoises However much you know about your pet there s always something new to find out and tortoises are no exception They ve outlived the dinosaurs so they ve some Topics Questionnaires Need to Know Faqs Ask Our Experts Care Guides Costs Regulation Health

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  • Oddities in an Aquarium by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    bit different for your seawater aquarium the attractive colours and fairly undemanding natures of marine worms make them definitely Keeping Sea Anemones Sea anemones make a great introduction to keeping marine life Easy to care for in the aquarium a range of native and tropical species make excellent and rather Sea Horses and Tube Fish Although sea horses and their relatives have an enduring appeal they are not the easiest

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