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  • Pet Amphibians by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    not the easiest of animals to keep with their bright colours and bold markings Poison Arrow Frogs can make striking terrarium pets if cared for Keeping Axolotls Although axolotls are endangered in the wild they have been successfully bred in captivity for more than 200 years these unusual and undemanding salamanders are Keeping Caecilians One of the world s least known animals caecilians are not the easiest of pets to keep but these unusual amphibians have an appeal for the experienced keeper Keeping Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamander Strikingly marked and easy to keep both of these naturally inquisitive and remarkably long lived amphibians make good and rewarding exotic pets Keeping Marine Toads and Green Toads Marine Toads and Green Toads make interesting and surprisingly intelligent pets very similar and undemanding in their needs both kinds of toads do well in captivity The Fire Bellied Toad Horned Toad Fire Bellied Toads and Horned Toads make fascinating vivarium pets attractive and relatively easy to care for both of these kinds of amphibian do well in captivity The Japanese Fire Bellied Newt Sharp Ribbed Newt The Japanese Fire Bellied Newt and the Sharp Ribbed Newt are two of the best known exotic

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  • Pet Reptiles by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    Geckoes are very popular pets and it s not hard to see why most species are simple to care for fairly long lived and quickly become tame How to Keep Milk Snakes Strikingly patterned and brightly coloured the many varieties of Milk Snake each with its own distinctive look are well established as firm favourites with How to Keep Pet Tortoises Although tortoises are universally familiar keeping them as pets can pose a few challenges success calls for optimum conditions a proper diet and a good knowledge How to Keep Rat King Snakes Undemanding in their needs and easy to keep these snakes make excellent and long lived pets whether you re just starting out or have been keeping reptiles for years How to Keep Red Eared Sliders The well known Red Eared Slider isn t the easiest animal to keep but if you know what you re getting yourself into from the outset it can make a rewarding and Iguanas as Pets Few lizards can match iguanas for sheer grandeur and presence but these impressive reptiles require knowledgeable care if they are to stay in good health and thrive Keeping Butterfly Lizards and Plated Lizards Butterfly Lizards and Plated Lizards make fascinating and slightly unusual vivarium pets their housing needs omnivorous diet and general care are surprisingly similar Keeping Snapping Turtles Although Snapping Turtles are not a beginner s choice for anyone with the experience and interest and enough space to house these giants they can make Looking After European Pond Terrapins The European Pond Terrapin is a smaller and hardier alternative to the more familiar American varieties just as attractive in its own way it s a good pet to keep Skinks as Pets Skinks are a fascinating group of lizards with their playful engaging natures and undemanding

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  • Questionnaires by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    Do You Know About Exotic Pets How much do you know about exotic pets and just how much have you picked up without even trying Test your knowledge in our fun quiz Quiz How Well Do You Know Your Pet Snake There are so many stories about snakes that it s often hard to know fact from fiction try our quick quiz and see how much you know about these

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  • Site Information by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    Disclaimer Notice KEEPINGEXOTICPETS makes no representation or warranty of any kind express implied or statutory in relation to this website or its content and KEEPINGEXOTICPETS Discussions Guidelines Please take a moment to read through our code of conduct before posting on our discussions board Language Defamatory Remarks Do not post anything that could be Guidelines for Submitting Comments When submitting comments you need to take into account our guidelines which are detailed here IP Copyright Notice KeepingExoticPets are the owners of all intellectual property rights in relation to this website and its content including but not limited to all trademarks and Link To Us It s not so very many years ago that anyone who chose to keep a snake snail or spider as a pet would probably have been looked on as a little strange but today RSS News Feed Our RSS feed allows you to see when we have added new content providing the latest headlines and information as soon as its published without having to visit the Tell Us Your Story Whilst we have a great team of experienced writers sometimes it s hard to beat stories provided by our readers who have experienced first hand the

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  • Swifts and Fence Lizards
    30 x 12 x 16 inches 75x30x40cm will be adequate for a male and two females though a larger tank would be better Sceloporus are territorial animals so it s unwise to house males together A good lid is also essential as these lizards can jump surprisingly well Woodland and grassland species can be kept on a floor of purpose bought bark chippings sterile compost or sphagnum while desert species will require drier sandier conditions The tank should also contain plenty of hiding places cork bark caves along with suitable logs and stones for clambering over and a shallow water bowl The heating requirements vary slightly with the species but as a general rule the daytime temperature should be around 25 30 degrees C 77 86F with a warmer basking area and a night time drop to 16 or 20C 62 68F though tropical or desert dwellers will probably like a little more warmth Most Sceloporus keepers tend to use ceramic heaters or spot lamps to achieve these requirements rather than heat mats or hot rocks largely because these lizards often burrow and digging themselves down onto heaters runs the risk of getting severe burns Your pets will also need exposure to a suitable UVB source for 12 hours a day to stay healthy Food and Feeding These lizards are carnivorous actively hunting their prey which in the wild comprises a wide range of insects and other assorted arthropods In captivity almost any appropriately sized live food will be acceptable from the normal standbys of crickets and mealworms to any wild caught garden insects larvae and earthworms Sceloporus seem to do best if they have a number of different foods in their diet so it s worth trying to replicate something of the variety they would naturally encounter whenever you

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  • Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Pet Snake?
    as a badger 6 Where is your snake s Jacobson s organ and how is it used a It is the name given to the pits along some snakes lips that help them sense heat b It is located in front of your pet s tail and is used during mating c It is in the roof of your pet s mouth and it is used in tasting smelling the air 7 How easy is it to incubate Boa Constrictor eggs in captivity a Completely impossible b Very difficult they need precisely controlled conditions to hatch c No more difficult than the eggs of any other snake species 8 How long could a pet corn snake live if properly cared for a 1 2 years b 15 20 years c 40 50 years 9 Do some snakes really still have legs a Well sort of pythons and boas have spurs either side of their vents and internally they have tiny remnants of hind leg bones b No you must be getting confused with the likes of skinks burrowing lizards that have very small legs c Yes most snakes have internal legs you just can t see them unless you x ray the animal 10 Strange though it sounds a snake s heart is adapted to help it feed How a The snake can stop its heart from beating so the sound doesn t alert its prey b It can be safely moved aside by food passing through the snake s gut avoiding damage to the organ c It has six chambers to improve blood oxygenation and allowing the snake able to strike its prey quickly Quiz Answers 1 The idea that snakes hypnotise their prey is a fairy story and while it is true that most snakes are fairly short sighted the real reason is c they have no eyelids 2 The answer s a it ll be shedding fairly soon 3 The whole forked tongue is a sting thing is an age old myth the answer is of course b it s tasting the air and it s a perfectly normal sign of a healthy snake taking an interest in its surroundings 4 Also known as the Fierce Snake the Taipan is the world s most venomous land snake making the answer b 5 It s a They are all completely deaf although they can feel vibrations through their bodies 6 Although many colubrid species possess specialised organs around their vents that are used in mating and some other snakes including pit vipers and pythons do have infra red sensors located in pits in their lips to help them hunt prey the answer is c The Jacobson s or vomeronasal organ is in the roof of your pet s mouth and it is used in tasting smelling the air it s where the snake s tongue deposits the scent molecules it picks up with all that tongue flicking 7 It s a completely impossible Boas don t lay eggs

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  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Exotic Pets?
    a cuttlefish bone a To help them keep the teeth on their tongues sharp b To help keep the humidity in the right range c To provide them with the calcium they need 6 What is unusual about the axolotl a It can breed although it hasn t actually metamorphosed into an adult b It is totally aquatic c It is always albino 7 Why are vinegarones so called a It comes from the French Vin garon they are common vineyard pests b They were first discovered in the Vinegaro region of Arizona c They defend themselves by spraying acetic acid vinegar 8 What s the link between Clawed Frogs and pregnant women a They used to be used as an early pregnancy test b According to African folklore eating a Clawed Frog s legs guarantees a baby boy c In eastern Europe pregnant women traditionally keep Clawed Frogs to ward off evil spirits 9 Milk snakes are harmless but which highly venomous snakes do they mimic a Banded sea snakes b Forest cobras c Coral snakes 10 There are 1 500 scorpion species in the world but how many are fatal to us a 10 b 100 c 1000 Your Quiz Results 1 Although they look almost exactly like earthworms caecilians are amphibians so it s b 2 It s answer a Millipedes have two pairs of legs per body segment while centipedes only have one pair Other differences include body shape and colour centipedes are typically flatter and often brighter and more colourful than millipedes 3 Answer b a temperature around 25ºC 77F would be ideal for this scorpion 4 Answer b again also known as Shield or Tadpole Shrimps Triops are crustaceans 5 It s c a cuttlefish bone will provide them with the calcium they need 6 Axolotls are aquatic and the ones on sale in pet shops often are albino but the really unusual thing about them is that they can breed while they are themselves still technically immature so it s a 7 It s answer c vinegarones defend themselves by spraying acetic acid from their rears and the vinegary smell gave rise to the name They are otherwise known as whip scorpions 8 It s a Long before home kits Clawed Frogs were used to test for pregnancy Injecting a female frog with a pregnant woman s urine will cause the frog to lay eggs in about 10 12 hours Goodness only knows who first worked that one out 9 Milk snakes mimic the highly venomous Coral Snakes which share their range in the wild so the answer s c Give yourself a bonus point if you knew that this kind of mimicry a harmless animal disguising itself as something more dangerous is known as Batesian 10 It s b around 100 of the world s 1 500 or so species of scorpion are known to be fatal to humans So how did you do Is David Attenborough out of a job or

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  • Contact Us
    word sponsor in the subject field and we can share the visitor stats for KeepingExoticPets and start a discussion Write to us If you are from the press a potential advertiser etc and want to get in touch with us in the first instance please contact Jane Marshall Features Editor Unfortunately we cannot publicise all of your causes or notices on our site we get too many requests Nor can we release the contact details of anyone featured in our case studies or articles Please note that to prevent spam the email address below is an image so you ll need to type it in manually Jane Marshall Features Editor KeepingExoticPets Daresbury Point Green Wood Drive Manor Park Cheshire WA7 1UP Join me on Facebook Add me on facebook to keep up with my latest news and gossip I ll be sharing snippets about our websites keeping you up to date with our latest fan page views and letting you know about exciting new things we re up to with our business It would be great to hear from you too share your tips views and news Search for janemmarshall in Facebook search Want to Write for Us If you are very experienced in your field and consider yourself an expert then we are interested in having you write for us If you would like to join us then send an email to Jane Marshall Please include Details of your experience or qualifications in this subject Details of your experience in writing about this topic Examples of your previously published work Our Images We get lots of requests to use our images for which we don t generally own the copyright as we buy them from photographers around the world Unfortunately we can t grant you the right to use

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