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  • Is an Exotic Pet Right for You?
    it then I can t begin to explain c They re interesting and a bit different d Because they absolutely positively fascinate me and they always have 5 What do you think about venomous snakes a Cool Where can I buy one b Great in the wild but definitely not a pet c I m not all that sure about any kind of snake d They re one of nature s most perfect designs 6 What are you going to do when you go on holiday a One of my mates my mum will look after it b I ve already made arrangements with an experienced pet keeper c I m going to get some advice about that from the vet pet shop d What s a holiday 7 Be honest with yourself can you afford to house and feed the pet you want a Of course I mean how much can keeping a python cost b Yes I ve worked it all out and it s all budgeted for c I don t really know but I m trying to do the sums to make sure d Well if I can t I won t be buying it 8 Do you have enough space to house the pet you want a Of course I mean how big a tank does an iguana need b Yes I know how much space my proposed pet will need even when it s fully grown c I m trying to find that out d Well if I don t I won t be buying it 9 Are you sure that everyone else in the household is OK with the idea a Who cares b It s my flat so it s not a problem c My parents partner children say it s all fine d My parents partner children are all really interested too 10 Finally what would you say was your ideal exotic pet a A crocodile or anything else big and impressive looking b A corn snake or a leopard gecko c I m not really sure I quite like them all d A tarantula or a stick insect Quiz Results Mostly As Is an exotic pet right for you Well probably not at least not right now It doesn t mean that won t change in future but for the moment you still need to do a bit of thinking about whether you really want to share your life with some of the world s most fascinating wildlife Then if you decide you do plenty of research is called for to make sure you choose something that will work for you so have a good look around the rest of this site you should pick up all kinds of helpful tips Mostly Bs and Ds If ever there was anyone just crying out for an exotic pet it s you but then you probably knew that already The planet s weird and wonderful creatures fascinate you and the idea of

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  • Quiz: Which Exotic Pet is Best for You?
    ll soon get you out of there c Yuk 3 Is being able to handle your pet important a No not really b I d like to be able to handle it from time to time c Yes very important unless it s a fish 4 Which of these prehistoric animals would you like to see for real from a safe distance of course a Those massive dragonflies with their 2ft wingspan b Dinosaurs dinosaurs and more dinosaurs c Woolly mammoths 5 How much space do you have for its tank or cage a Not much b Some c Plenty 6 You re on holiday somewhere hot and sitting outside the bar What gets your attention a The amazing butterflies flitting around the flowers b The lizards darting around the tables after flies c That skinny cat there s always one isn t there 7 Some exotic pets have strange diets How do you feel about feeding your pet a No worries my local pet shop stocks all kinds of food b Hey I ll dig worms and hunt bugs with the best of them c If I can t buy the right food at the supermarket I don t think I ll bother 8 Finally who is your favourite cartoon animal a Flik from A Bug s Life b The crocodile from Peter Pan c Nemo from Finding Nemo Quiz Results Make a note of your answers and total up which letter you answered most frequently Take a look at below to find how what your results tell you Mostly A You seem to have a strong interest in things with lots of legs at least 6 or more and preferably fairly hairy The good news is that if you re looking for your first exotic pet then there s no shortage of candidates for you to consider from the likes of praying mantis spiders and scorpions to creatures such as cockroaches stick insects or millipedes A good look around the rest of this site should help you decide and whatever you do eventually choose you ll find plenty to keep you interested Mostly B OK so you never really got over your childhood fascination with the dinosaurs did you Well relax you re in good company Reptiles and amphibians are incredibly popular exotic pets and the number of people keeping them gets bigger every year With plenty of choice available in terms of the animals themselves and the tanks and equipment needed to keep them there really is something to suit everyone and there s loads of information in the relevant sections of this site to point you in the right direction Mostly C You re looking for a pet that s a bit different but snakes and spiders don t really do it for you do they Well don t worry you certainly aren t alone and there are plenty of other options for you to consider from familiar creatures such as tortoises and chinchillas to some

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  • Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Pet Snake?
    as a badger 6 Where is your snake s Jacobson s organ and how is it used a It is the name given to the pits along some snakes lips that help them sense heat b It is located in front of your pet s tail and is used during mating c It is in the roof of your pet s mouth and it is used in tasting smelling the air 7 How easy is it to incubate Boa Constrictor eggs in captivity a Completely impossible b Very difficult they need precisely controlled conditions to hatch c No more difficult than the eggs of any other snake species 8 How long could a pet corn snake live if properly cared for a 1 2 years b 15 20 years c 40 50 years 9 Do some snakes really still have legs a Well sort of pythons and boas have spurs either side of their vents and internally they have tiny remnants of hind leg bones b No you must be getting confused with the likes of skinks burrowing lizards that have very small legs c Yes most snakes have internal legs you just can t see them unless you x ray the animal 10 Strange though it sounds a snake s heart is adapted to help it feed How a The snake can stop its heart from beating so the sound doesn t alert its prey b It can be safely moved aside by food passing through the snake s gut avoiding damage to the organ c It has six chambers to improve blood oxygenation and allowing the snake able to strike its prey quickly Quiz Answers 1 The idea that snakes hypnotise their prey is a fairy story and while it is true that most snakes are fairly short sighted the real reason is c they have no eyelids 2 The answer s a it ll be shedding fairly soon 3 The whole forked tongue is a sting thing is an age old myth the answer is of course b it s tasting the air and it s a perfectly normal sign of a healthy snake taking an interest in its surroundings 4 Also known as the Fierce Snake the Taipan is the world s most venomous land snake making the answer b 5 It s a They are all completely deaf although they can feel vibrations through their bodies 6 Although many colubrid species possess specialised organs around their vents that are used in mating and some other snakes including pit vipers and pythons do have infra red sensors located in pits in their lips to help them hunt prey the answer is c The Jacobson s or vomeronasal organ is in the roof of your pet s mouth and it is used in tasting smelling the air it s where the snake s tongue deposits the scent molecules it picks up with all that tongue flicking 7 It s a completely impossible Boas don t lay eggs

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  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Exotic Pets?
    a cuttlefish bone a To help them keep the teeth on their tongues sharp b To help keep the humidity in the right range c To provide them with the calcium they need 6 What is unusual about the axolotl a It can breed although it hasn t actually metamorphosed into an adult b It is totally aquatic c It is always albino 7 Why are vinegarones so called a It comes from the French Vin garon they are common vineyard pests b They were first discovered in the Vinegaro region of Arizona c They defend themselves by spraying acetic acid vinegar 8 What s the link between Clawed Frogs and pregnant women a They used to be used as an early pregnancy test b According to African folklore eating a Clawed Frog s legs guarantees a baby boy c In eastern Europe pregnant women traditionally keep Clawed Frogs to ward off evil spirits 9 Milk snakes are harmless but which highly venomous snakes do they mimic a Banded sea snakes b Forest cobras c Coral snakes 10 There are 1 500 scorpion species in the world but how many are fatal to us a 10 b 100 c 1000 Your Quiz Results 1 Although they look almost exactly like earthworms caecilians are amphibians so it s b 2 It s answer a Millipedes have two pairs of legs per body segment while centipedes only have one pair Other differences include body shape and colour centipedes are typically flatter and often brighter and more colourful than millipedes 3 Answer b a temperature around 25ºC 77F would be ideal for this scorpion 4 Answer b again also known as Shield or Tadpole Shrimps Triops are crustaceans 5 It s c a cuttlefish bone will provide them with the calcium they need 6 Axolotls are aquatic and the ones on sale in pet shops often are albino but the really unusual thing about them is that they can breed while they are themselves still technically immature so it s a 7 It s answer c vinegarones defend themselves by spraying acetic acid from their rears and the vinegary smell gave rise to the name They are otherwise known as whip scorpions 8 It s a Long before home kits Clawed Frogs were used to test for pregnancy Injecting a female frog with a pregnant woman s urine will cause the frog to lay eggs in about 10 12 hours Goodness only knows who first worked that one out 9 Milk snakes mimic the highly venomous Coral Snakes which share their range in the wild so the answer s c Give yourself a bonus point if you knew that this kind of mimicry a harmless animal disguising itself as something more dangerous is known as Batesian 10 It s b around 100 of the world s 1 500 or so species of scorpion are known to be fatal to humans So how did you do Is David Attenborough out of a job or

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  • KeepingExoticPets Password Reminder
    password details immediately by email If you have not registered previously please Register Here User Info Your Email Address Topics Questionnaires Need to Know Faqs Ask Our Experts Care Guides Costs Regulation Health Safety Housing Equipment Invertebrate Pets Pet Amphibians Pet Reptiles Oddities in an Aquarium Site Information Get Our Newsletter onclick return fbs click rel nofollow Contact Us Sitemap About KeepingExoticPets Home You should seek independent professional advice before

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  • Basic Biology of Reptiles & Amphibians
    heat themselves up and the reason is to do with the way they breathe Reptiles have perfectly functional lungs getting all the oxygen they need from breathing in the same way that we do By contrast although all but a few kinds of amphibians have lungs they are by comparison small and poorly developed and their arrangement of ribs and breastbone does not allow them to be used as efficiently as they are in reptiles Their solution is to breathe partially with lungs and partially through their skins the oxygen diffusing across the thin moist skin and entering their bloodstream This inevitably means that unlike scaly skinned reptiles amphibians cannot sit out in strong sunlight or they would dry out and die As a result amphibians tend to be secretive and hide themselves away in shady spots during the day Reproduction Nowhere do reptiles and amphibians differ from mammals and from each other quite so dramatically than when it comes to reproduction Although some species have developed quite remarkable reproductive strategies amphibians as a group have remained heavily tied to the water for breeding purposes most going through the familiar egg tadpole frog sequence so familiar from our own garden ponds The details vary in terms of the tadpoles development the method of mating and the duration of tadpole hood but the core of the story is unchanged Even the most extraordinary approaches such as Darwin s frogs Rhinoderma darwinii which brood their young in their mouths and the Surinam toad Pipa pipa which implants eggs in its back until they hatch are essentially simply variations on the same theme By contrast back in prehistory reptiles mastered the transition to the land with the combination of their scaly water tight skins and the invention of an enclosed egg not in a shell as hard as a bird s but in a leathery parchment which does the job every bit as well In most species these eggs are laid and left to hatch in due course unlike a bird there is little parental care in most reptiles the notable exception being alligators and crocodiles which show remarkable dedication to their young However in some kinds of snakes and lizards the eggs are retained inside the female being laid simultaneously as they hatch the young to all intents and purposes arriving into the world in much the same manner as any mammal Three of Britain s own reptiles reproduce in this way the Common Lizard Lacerta vivipara the Slow Worm Anguis fragilis and the Adder Vipera berus a breeding adaptation known as ovi viviparity The biology of reptiles and amphibians is a fascinating study and contains so many remarkable aspects including the likes of a snake s ability to taste the air with its forked tongue the way salamanders can re grow lost limbs and how lizards shed their tails to escape predators For anyone interested in keeping these remarkable creatures delving into their extraordinary way of life and their unique adaptations

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  • How to Insure Your Exotic Pet
    your arthritic iguana you can only claim for treatments for other ailments it suffers Other insurance policies take the animal as is and will pay out accordingly although they may tend to have more expensive premiums as a result Depending on the species of animal and what you intend to do you might also want to check that the policy will insure things such as complications arising from breeding or whether your animal is covered in transit particularly if you intend exhibiting it in shows Life Long Cover does your policy insure your pet throughout its life or only until a certain age An eight or ten year cut off may not bother you if you re keeping something with a five year lifespan but if you re a tortoise keeper you ll be horribly under insured Lost or Stolen many policies will pay a specified amount to help you advertise the fact your pet has gone missing and may even cover the offer of a small reward Check the small print to make sure just what is covered Discounts does the pet insurance policy offer any discounts Some companies provide generous discounts if you insure more than one animal with them which is good news for anyone with a sizeable collection of pets and they don t necessarily all have to be exotics Most insurers are very keen to keep your business so if you have a policy to cover the family cat or dog it s worth asking if they ll cover your other animals too Liability Insurance does the policy cover you if your pet does damage to anyone else s property or worse to anyone else themselves You might think it s difficult to see how this could happen and it might be irrelevant if you only keep a couple of small and inoffensive geckoes but we do live in an increasingly litigious world and some people are quite prepared to claim for anything For the small extra cost on your annual premium it s definitely one to think about if there s a chance your pets could do any harm It s might also be worth checking to see if your house insurance covers any damage your pet does to your own home including a flooded living room if the tank breaks Getting Advice Your vet and other pet keepers can often offer useful advice from their own experience and there s a lot to be said for personal recommendation However don t forget that the people who really know their policies inside out are the insurance companies themselves so never be afraid to pick up the phone or write if there s anything you re unsure about before you sign up It can also be a good way of gauging how easy they would be in the event you ever do have to make a claim If your enquiries are met with anything other than a helpful pleasant and knowledgeable reception from whoever you

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  • How to Find a Vet for Your Exotic Pet
    practice might be so don t automatically assume that the expertise isn t available locally Failing that they may be able to recommend a colleague at another practice who does have the necessary extra training in exotics or refer you to one of the veterinary hospitals or universities Zoos and Animal Rescue If there s one place that needs a good exotic animal vet it has to be a zoo and if there s one anywhere near you it s got to be worth the cost of a phone call to see if they can point you in the right direction If nothing else you could end up with a good contact in the reptile house or aquarium and when it comes to exotic animal husbandry and looking after sick creatures these people can be invaluable sources of advice By the same token many of the animal rescue centres and welfare charities especially those which are specifically set up to deal with reptiles amphibians or other exotics should be able to offer you useful advice Exotic Pet Suppliers The place where you bought your pet is another possible avenue to explore in your quest for a vet Like zoos reputable exotic pet suppliers themselves need a good vet from time to time if you go down this route there is always the possible bonus that the vet who ends up looking after your animal will already know something about it and its medical history While nobody likes to think about their pet becoming sick with exotic species it s essential to face the prospect early on because unlike the dog owner you can t simply stroll into the local vets and expect your pet to be cured Some of the illnesses and ailments that affect unusual pets are as exotic

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