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  • Sitemap of www.keepingexoticpets.co.uk
    You NEED TO KNOW CATEGORY What You Might Not Know About Snakes What You Might Not Know About Tortoises FAQS CATEGORY Furnishing Your Tank FAQ Housing Exotic Pets FAQ Keeping Amphibians FAQ Keeping Snakes FAQ COSTS REGULATION CATEGORY Basic Biology of Reptiles Amphibians Caring for an Exotic Pet While You re Away How to Find a Vet for Your Exotic Pet How to Insure Your Exotic Pet Rules and Regulations on Keeping Exotic Pets What if Your Exotic Pet Escapes HEALTH SAFETY CATEGORY Basic Biology of Invertebrate Exotic Pets Health Care for Reptiles Amphibians Picking the Right Exotic Pet for You Safety Issues with Exotic Pets Spotting the Signs That Your Pet is not Well Understanding Venom Where to Get An Exotic Pet HOUSING EQUIPMENT CATEGORY Aeration Filtration Choosing and Using Thermostats Choosing Tanks Containers Choosing Vivarium Floor Materials Common Problems With Aquarium Pets Common Problems With Terrarium Pets Food and Feeding Keeping Exotic Pets Outdoors Lighting Your Tank The Importance of Minerals and Vitamins Using Heaters Thermometers Using Plants in Your Vivarium Vivarium Terrarium or Aquarium What s the difference INVERTEBRATE PETS CATEGORY Emperor Scorpions as Pets How to Keep Millipedes Centipedes How to Keep Scorpions Ideal Invertebrates for Beginners Keeping Hermit Crabs and Land Crabs Keeping Monitor Lizards Keeping Snails as Pets Keeping Stick Insects and Praying Mantis Keeping Tarantulas Spiders Keeping Vinegarones Whip Scorpions Pet Cockroaches and Crickets PET AMPHIBIANS CATEGORY Clawed Frogs and Tree Frogs How to Keep Poison Arrow Frogs Keeping Axolotls Keeping Caecilians Keeping Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamander Keeping Marine Toads and Green Toads The Fire Bellied Toad Horned Toad The Japanese Fire Bellied Newt Sharp Ribbed Newt PET REPTILES CATEGORY American Chameleons as Pets How to Keep Corn Snakes How to Keep Geckoes How to Keep Milk Snakes How to Keep Pet

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  • About Our Site
    you and keeping it in good health can often be a confusing process this site aims to make things a lot easier for novices and knowledgeable keepers alike Filled with a wealth of information and interesting facts about a range of amphibians reptiles insects spiders and other invertebrates the unique content available here specially written exclusively for this site by knowledgeable experts provides a one stop source of practical guidance for the UK pet keeper Looking after any pet is a serious responsibility and these species are certainly no exception so the more you know about your animal and its particular requirements the better you ll be able to care for it Covering everything from the tanks and essential equipment needed to finding a vet this site provides a valuable and comprehensive resource for anyone interested in keeping exotic pets Our concern was that there was no single UK resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject Our features and articles are written by experts who have experience or a particular interest in this area Our Background Dr Gareth Evans the primary writer of this site is a freelance writer and environmental consultant Gareth has written books on bio waste and environmental biotechnology He has a practical background in this subject keeping a wide range of reptiles amphibians and invertebrates since childhood and acting for a number of years as the International Herpetological Society s Conservation Officer KeepingExoticPets was founded by John Rowlinson the founder of PtS John through PtS is involved in a number of ventures including software and property companies A percentage of revenue from these activities goes towards funding KeepingExoticPets and a number of similar sites Our focus is simply on having experts create the highest quality information possible that is widely read Previous Page

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    including negligence breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any costs losses claims damages expenses or proceedings including special incidental or consequential loss or damage loss of profits and wasted management time incurred or suffered by you arising directly or indirectly in connection with this website and its content including any loss damage or expense arising from but not limited to any defect error imperfection fault mistake or inaccuracy with this website its content or associated services or due to any unavailability of part or all of the website or any content or associated services This website contains material submitted and created by third parties KEEPINGEXOTICPETS excludes all liability for any illegality arising from error omission or inaccuracy in such material and KEEPINGEXOTICPETS takes no responsibility for such material This website also contains links to other websites which are not under the control of and are not maintained by KEEPINGEXOTICPETS KEEPINGEXOTICPETS makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy completeness or fitness for purpose of any material on these sites KEEPINGEXOTICPETS provides these links for your convenience and does not necessarily endorse the material on these sites In the event you purchase or obtain goods or services from a third party then your acquisition of such goods or services will be in accordance with the third party s terms and conditions and KEEPINGEXOTICPETS will have no liability to you in respect of the same KEEPINGEXOTICPETS does not represent or warrant and excludes such representations and warranties to the extent permitted by law that any e mails from this website will be sent to you or received by KEEPINGEXOTICPETS Nor does KEEPINGEXOTICPETS warrant the privacy and or security of e mails during internet transmission Previous Page Next Page Related Articles in the Site Information Category Cookies Policy Discussions Guidelines Tell

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    alterations or additions are made to the content Any other use of material on the Website including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above modification distribution or republication without the prior written consent of KeepingExoticPets is strictly prohibited No part of the website may be distributed or copied for any commercial or public use without the prior written consent of KeepingExoticPets In relation to any information or materials submitted to KeepingExoticPets using this website you grant KeepingExoticPets a world wide royalty free perpetual licence of the intellectual property rights in such information or materials for any purpose it deems including without limitation the copying transmission distribution and publication thereof unless restricted by applicable law Law Jurisdiction This website has been created and is hosted in the United Kingdom The terms and conditions and accordingly all visits to this website shall be governed by the laws of England and the court of England will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in relation to these terms and conditions Previous Page Next Page Related Articles in the Site Information Category Cookies Policy Discussions Guidelines Tell Us Your Story Guidelines for Submitting Comments Use Our Content RSS News Feed Listings FAQ Link

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    is committed to protecting your privacy We will only use information collected lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 There are two kinds of information that we track from our users non specific information and specific personal information In the first case we track the non specific information by IP address from which we cannot identify a user or any personal details This information is merely to identify trends in order for us to focus on future content In the second case we collect the information you provide when registering with us and from questions which we receive We do not ask for any sensitive information We use the information which we collect solely to inform you of new articles or features on a monthly basis We will not share your name address or other details with any third party without your consent You can check the information we hold about you by emailing us at email protected If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct them promptly If for any reason you no longer wish to receive any information send an email message to email protected with the words remove me in the subject line

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  • Search results for 'Keeping Exotic Pets' on Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    a major consideration when it comes to keeping exotic animals they depend www KeepingExoticPets co uk faqs about housing exotic pets html How to Keep Pet Tortoises One of the first exotic pets and certainly one of the most instantly recognised and universal www KeepingExoticPets co uk how keep pet tortoises html Food and Feeding Getting any animal s diet right is obviously important to its health and welfare and when it com www KeepingExoticPets co uk food feeding html Choosing Tanks Containers If you re planning on keeping exotic pets then with very few exceptions you re going to need www KeepingExoticPets co uk choosing tankscontainers html Keeping Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamander Fire Salamanders and Tiger Salamanders are two of the most commonly seen varieties of tailed am www KeepingExoticPets co uk keeping salamanders tiger salamander html Caring for Caecilians Caecilians are probably one of the least familiar animals on the planet and don t feature par www KeepingExoticPets co uk caring for caecilians html Caring for Spiders Scorpions Spiders and scorpions are well established favourites in the world of exotic pets and if proper www KeepingExoticPets co uk caring for spidersscorpions html The Importance of Minerals and Vitamins Just like us exotic pets need the right balance of minerals and vitamins to stay healthy and u www KeepingExoticPets co uk importance minerals vitamins html Keeping Axolotls Axolotls have a good claim to being one of the world s original exotic pets having been kept i www KeepingExoticPets co uk keeping axolotls html Keeping Hermit Crabs and Land Crabs We re all familiar with seaside crabs but when it comes to exotic pets hermit crabs and tropi www KeepingExoticPets co uk keeping hermit crabs land crabs html Caring for Salamanders Ranging in length from little more than 1 inch 25mm to approaching 5ft 1 5m and often err www KeepingExoticPets co uk caring for salamanders html Spotting the Signs That Your Pet is not Well No one likes to dwell on the thought of their pet being ill but our animal companions like th www KeepingExoticPets co uk spotting signs your pet not well html Caring for an Exotic Pet While You re Away Having any kind of pet is a responsibility and a tie especially when it comes to taking a hol www KeepingExoticPets co uk caring for exotic pet while away html Using Heaters Thermometers With most exotic pets coming from the warmer parts of the world it s inevitable that most owne www KeepingExoticPets co uk using heatersthermometers html How to Keep Scorpions Scorpions are one of the most instantly recognisable of animals There are around 1 500 specie www KeepingExoticPets co uk how keep scorpions html Keeping Caecilians Caecilians are pretty unusual animals even in the world of exotic pets but their unique appear www KeepingExoticPets co uk keeping caecilians html Using Plants in Your Vivarium There are few things which make a vivarium setting look more instantly natural than the additio www KeepingExoticPets

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  • Ask Our Experts by Keeping Exotic Pets (UK)
    do affect them from time to time with few kinds of commercial treatments available owner vigilance and What Species are my Millipedes With 10 000 species of millipede on earth it s not always easy to know what you ve got for those which are reluctant breeders there are a few tricks which can help Topics Questionnaires Need to Know Faqs Ask Our Experts Care Guides Costs Regulation Health Safety

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  • Basic Biology of Reptiles & Amphibians
    heat themselves up and the reason is to do with the way they breathe Reptiles have perfectly functional lungs getting all the oxygen they need from breathing in the same way that we do By contrast although all but a few kinds of amphibians have lungs they are by comparison small and poorly developed and their arrangement of ribs and breastbone does not allow them to be used as efficiently as they are in reptiles Their solution is to breathe partially with lungs and partially through their skins the oxygen diffusing across the thin moist skin and entering their bloodstream This inevitably means that unlike scaly skinned reptiles amphibians cannot sit out in strong sunlight or they would dry out and die As a result amphibians tend to be secretive and hide themselves away in shady spots during the day Reproduction Nowhere do reptiles and amphibians differ from mammals and from each other quite so dramatically than when it comes to reproduction Although some species have developed quite remarkable reproductive strategies amphibians as a group have remained heavily tied to the water for breeding purposes most going through the familiar egg tadpole frog sequence so familiar from our own garden ponds The details vary in terms of the tadpoles development the method of mating and the duration of tadpole hood but the core of the story is unchanged Even the most extraordinary approaches such as Darwin s frogs Rhinoderma darwinii which brood their young in their mouths and the Surinam toad Pipa pipa which implants eggs in its back until they hatch are essentially simply variations on the same theme By contrast back in prehistory reptiles mastered the transition to the land with the combination of their scaly water tight skins and the invention of an enclosed egg not in a shell as hard as a bird s but in a leathery parchment which does the job every bit as well In most species these eggs are laid and left to hatch in due course unlike a bird there is little parental care in most reptiles the notable exception being alligators and crocodiles which show remarkable dedication to their young However in some kinds of snakes and lizards the eggs are retained inside the female being laid simultaneously as they hatch the young to all intents and purposes arriving into the world in much the same manner as any mammal Three of Britain s own reptiles reproduce in this way the Common Lizard Lacerta vivipara the Slow Worm Anguis fragilis and the Adder Vipera berus a breeding adaptation known as ovi viviparity The biology of reptiles and amphibians is a fascinating study and contains so many remarkable aspects including the likes of a snake s ability to taste the air with its forked tongue the way salamanders can re grow lost limbs and how lizards shed their tails to escape predators For anyone interested in keeping these remarkable creatures delving into their extraordinary way of life and their unique adaptations

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