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  • How to Insure Your Exotic Pet
    your arthritic iguana you can only claim for treatments for other ailments it suffers Other insurance policies take the animal as is and will pay out accordingly although they may tend to have more expensive premiums as a result Depending on the species of animal and what you intend to do you might also want to check that the policy will insure things such as complications arising from breeding or whether your animal is covered in transit particularly if you intend exhibiting it in shows Life Long Cover does your policy insure your pet throughout its life or only until a certain age An eight or ten year cut off may not bother you if you re keeping something with a five year lifespan but if you re a tortoise keeper you ll be horribly under insured Lost or Stolen many policies will pay a specified amount to help you advertise the fact your pet has gone missing and may even cover the offer of a small reward Check the small print to make sure just what is covered Discounts does the pet insurance policy offer any discounts Some companies provide generous discounts if you insure more than one animal with them which is good news for anyone with a sizeable collection of pets and they don t necessarily all have to be exotics Most insurers are very keen to keep your business so if you have a policy to cover the family cat or dog it s worth asking if they ll cover your other animals too Liability Insurance does the policy cover you if your pet does damage to anyone else s property or worse to anyone else themselves You might think it s difficult to see how this could happen and it might be irrelevant if you only keep a couple of small and inoffensive geckoes but we do live in an increasingly litigious world and some people are quite prepared to claim for anything For the small extra cost on your annual premium it s definitely one to think about if there s a chance your pets could do any harm It s might also be worth checking to see if your house insurance covers any damage your pet does to your own home including a flooded living room if the tank breaks Getting Advice Your vet and other pet keepers can often offer useful advice from their own experience and there s a lot to be said for personal recommendation However don t forget that the people who really know their policies inside out are the insurance companies themselves so never be afraid to pick up the phone or write if there s anything you re unsure about before you sign up It can also be a good way of gauging how easy they would be in the event you ever do have to make a claim If your enquiries are met with anything other than a helpful pleasant and knowledgeable reception from whoever you

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  • Rules and Regulations on Keeping Exotic Pets
    minimum age for buying or winning a pet to 16 though children younger than this can of course still legally own a pet The new rules certainly have some serious teeth to back them up the most serious offences carry a maximum penalty of up to 51 weeks imprisonment or a fine of up to 20 000 or both This act applies only in England and Wales the Scottish Parliament having passed a similar legislation the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006 while in Northern Ireland the Welfare of Animals Act Northern Ireland 1972 is the principal set of legal rules governing animal care Dangerous Wild Animals Act Originally brought in to curb the ownership of creatures which posed a real danger to the public the Dangerous Wild Animals Act s main contribution was to stop clueless lunatics keeping lions and tigers in one bedroom flats to the obvious relief of sane people everywhere Owners of animals which featured on the dangerous list could apply for a licence to keep their pets but were expected to be able to demonstrate that they were competent to keep the creature in question and could provide it with a proper environment in which to live This situation has persisted since the act originally came into force in 1976 While some of the species originally on the list have been taken off and others added by and large the rules seem to be working pretty well if the reduction in the numbers of crocodiles being kept in baths is anything to go by Fortunately since no reputable dealer will sell you any creature to which this legislation applies unless you have a licence to keep it you re unlikely to fall foul of the rules Other Rules and Regulations Depending on the type of animal you keep other rules and regulations also apply The Wildlife and Countryside Act for example gives protection to some of our native species which might once have been considered for keeping as exotic pets and prohibits the release of exotic species into the wild Some of the European endangered species which in the past were seen as potential pets are today afforded protection under the Berne Convention and other similar EU statutes For questions about this kind of regulations or the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES DEFRA should definitely be your first call Away from the large national and international pieces of legislation there can often be other more local rules on keeping exotic pets particularly if you live in rented accommodation or a block of flats with a residents committee Not everyone is particularly open minded or welcoming when it comes to exotic pets and sometimes no amount of diplomacy or protestations about how inoffensive your snake is or harmless your scorpion will win people over Although just about everything seems to have some law or regulation attached to it for the most part law abiding responsible pet keepers aren t likely to need to

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  • How to Find a Vet for Your Exotic Pet
    practice might be so don t automatically assume that the expertise isn t available locally Failing that they may be able to recommend a colleague at another practice who does have the necessary extra training in exotics or refer you to one of the veterinary hospitals or universities Zoos and Animal Rescue If there s one place that needs a good exotic animal vet it has to be a zoo and if there s one anywhere near you it s got to be worth the cost of a phone call to see if they can point you in the right direction If nothing else you could end up with a good contact in the reptile house or aquarium and when it comes to exotic animal husbandry and looking after sick creatures these people can be invaluable sources of advice By the same token many of the animal rescue centres and welfare charities especially those which are specifically set up to deal with reptiles amphibians or other exotics should be able to offer you useful advice Exotic Pet Suppliers The place where you bought your pet is another possible avenue to explore in your quest for a vet Like zoos reputable exotic pet suppliers themselves need a good vet from time to time if you go down this route there is always the possible bonus that the vet who ends up looking after your animal will already know something about it and its medical history While nobody likes to think about their pet becoming sick with exotic species it s essential to face the prospect early on because unlike the dog owner you can t simply stroll into the local vets and expect your pet to be cured Some of the illnesses and ailments that affect unusual pets are as exotic

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  • Caring for an Exotic Pet While You're Away
    away You never know you could just be able to strike a reciprocal bargain to look after each other s animals or they might be able to point you in the right direction for a good pet sitter Your vet may be able to suggest a suitable solution or put you in touch with someone who can Sometimes vets who specialise in exotic animals offer their own kennel services though this is admittedly fairly unusual Again if yours does think yourself lucky Friends And Family The tried and tested solution of course involves imposing on friends and family While it is inevitably easier to ask your parents sister or best friend to care for your cat than your corn snake you might be surprised at how amenable those who care for you can be especially with the promise of a nice postcard and a suitably extravagant present in the offing Granted you may be foisted with their holidaying hamster in return but on balance it s got to be a good deal Why Bother Although it s true that since most exotic pets are cold blooded they don t need to be given food regularly that s clearly not an excuse to forget about them for the fortnight you re away Even if they don t have to have daily meals though the odd bit of food seldom goes amiss there are other reasons why exotic pets should always have someone to care for them With so many of them coming from warmer climes it s obviously important for someone to make sure the heating system is still working properly By the same token even the most dedicated of desert dwellers needs water so someone will have to be looking in to top up water bowls While many exotic pets

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  • What if Your Exotic Pet Escapes?
    your house through the eyes of an exploring escapee Hopefully you keep the door shut wherever your tank sits so there s only one room to search but if not start nearby and work outwards throughout the rest of your home It pays to be methodical and look into every nook and cranny and don t discount anywhere you d be amazed at how small a hidey hole even something the size of a 6ft python will happily fit into Luring Them Home If you can find them directly the next step is to try to lure them out of hiding so you can catch them although if you happen to keep geckoes or any other fast moving pet you may have your work cut out One trick which sometimes surprisingly seems to work is leaving the tank open many escapes are opportunist and when the animal needs warmth water or food it may seek out familiar surroundings However if your pet is stubbornly refusing to come back it can also be worth trying to bait an area in its new found home Escaped salamanders and newts for instance can often be recaptured by putting down a damp flannel in the middle of the floor once it s gone dark the lure of the moisture proving too much for them to resist Some spider and scorpion keepers have found this works for them too For other species of pet putting out a little food can work the draw of a few dead pinkies for a hungry snake can frequently overcome any reticence about coming out of hiding Let People Know It s obviously important to let your family or flat mates know what s going on and your neighbours too to avoid any awkward misunderstandings or your pet being hurt if anyone comes across it suddenly and unexpectedly Confessing to escapes may not make you the most popular person in the place but if you haven t managed to find your missing pet pretty quickly it s just something you re going to have to do Especially if you think there is any chance your animal may have found its way out of your home contacting the local vets animal charities and police is probably a very wise move If someone finds your pet it s likely that it ll end up with one of these so forewarn them not only will they know who to contact if it does turn up but you might help avoid a panic when someone stumbles upon an unknown creature sitting in their garden Finally it s important not to give up there are plenty of stories of pets being reunited with their owners weeks or even months after they first escaped The best way to deal with escapes is of course to ensure that they don t happen in the first place the old saying about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted was never more true than when it comes

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  • Keeping Axolotls
    single animal will do well in a tank measuring 24 x 15 x 12in 60 x38 x30cm Gravel makes a good floor covering but make sure you use stones that are too big to be swallowed since axolotls like to root about looking for food and accidentally ingested gravel can cause health problems An under gravel or box filter can often help keep the water in good condition but remember that these animals come from fairly still waters so don t have too violent a flow in the tank Their native home is quite cool so they are more like goldfish to cater for a temperature of 10 20 degrees C being ideal 50 68 F and they really do not tolerate conditions much above 25 degrees C 77 F at all well so keep your tank out of direct sunlight Food and Feeding Axolotls are carnivorous and will accept a range of foods including invertebrates and even pieces of meat although whatever you provide will have to be small enough to fit into their mouths in one piece since they cannot chew their food particularly effectively They are unfussy eaters and will happily eat anything of appropriate size so the likes of bloodworms tubifex and small earthworms will all be accepted with relish Feeding small amounts every couple of days is probably the best approach but be guided by your pet and any uneaten food should be removed promptly to help keep the tank clean Some axolotl keepers like to feed in the evening or night time to replicate the animal s natural behaviour they seem to be more active under these conditions and it can be a useful way of tempting a reluctant eater to start feeding Axolotls are certainly striking looking creatures whichever colour form you choose

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  • Vivarium, Terrarium or Aquarium; What's the difference?
    With many an aquarium tank having been put into use to house non aquatic pets especially in the early days of reptile keeping where specialist equipment was not available there s an obvious source of confusion and the answer is of course when it s a terrarium Interestingly although today the word terrarium is widely understood to describe a home for terrestrial animals rather than plants this use is a fairly modern one The first terrarium was invented back in 1827 by Nathaniel Ward a London doctor and amateur botanist to house his fern collection safely away from the growing levels of pollution being generated by the local industries of the day His work led to the development of Wardian Cases which were used in large numbers by explorers to contain the exotic plants they had collected on the voyage back to Britain For pets such as land crabs many newts and various kinds of frogs which need access to areas of both land and water a hybrid form of tank exists the aqua terrarium The derivation of this composite word is blindingly obvious So What s a Vivarium Any container which makes a home for your pet is a vivarium from the Latin vivere to live which means that technically you could possibly even argue that a rabbit hutch qualifies though it s not something you re ever likely to hear being said From this it s pretty clear that every aquarium as well as every terrarium and aqua terrarium is a vivarium but not every vivarium is an aquarium The term can be particularly useful to draw a distinction between when you are speaking generally about all kinds of exotic animals as vivarium pets rather than making a more specific point about either aquatic or terrestrial ones Does It Matter Today there is such a wonderful array of tanks and vivaria or vivariums if you prefer gracing the average exotic pet shop that it s hard to imagine the time when the only choice you had was how big an aquarium to buy The days of carrying your tank home and then having to set about making your own escape proof lid are not so very long ago so it s pretty clear that for many kinds of animals it really doesn t matter if you use an aquarium without water to house them and least of all from their point of view However there are times when a specialist vivarium comes into its own and many of the high end units are remarkable pieces of furniture in their own right making them ideal not only as homes for your pets but also as display pieces and talking points in your living room Opting for one of these Rolls Royces of vivarium design buys you an impressive level of convenience and a quality of finish You can certainly house your animal perfectly adequately for considerably less cost but then buying one of these was always going to be

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  • Keeping Exotic Pets Newsletter Registration
    comments We show only your firstname and never show your surname email address or any other personal information May we add your comments Yes No PRIVACY Your details will not be passed to anyone else or used for any other reason other than to send you our monthly newsletter which will update you about new content or features on the KeepingExoticPets website You may unsubscribe at any time Topics Questionnaires

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