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  • Khal Weir - Memories vs Experience
    twice what you d planned to but before you leave you treat yourself to an ice cream Once you get home and you ve made all your new furniture chances are your overall impression of the experience is favourable This is due to the strategically placed points where Ikea s store designers hope to trigger positive emotions We remember the high and low points and our overall impression of an experience is affected by their serverity and position along the experience s duration This can be explained by how our brain works it s pretty lazy When asked about our trip effort is required to fully evaluate the experience so instead we use our memories as a heuristic If we have a fond memory of eating ice cream or recall the feeling of finding a bargain then it is more likely we ll respond that the trip was great We value memories over experiences this explains why every gig is now a sea of glowing rectangles as fans frantically try and capture as many memories as they can I m interested in ways I can use this difference in my work When designing a process like a checkout can it

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/27426352834/memories-vs-experience#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Communicating the value of Design Research
    you ll know that design research is critical to the success of a project Sadly this relatively new approach is difficult to communicate especially in a company or industry where it s benefits are yet to be widely proven It is time consuming and the output is minimal and deceptively simple looking building a set of three A4 sized personas could take months of multifaceted research Often the faster horse story or the fallacy that Apple don t do user research is used as an argument against design research You ll face blank faces when you suggest a persona project or ethnographic study and you won t get budget or time to conduct the research you want to do So what can you do Designers are passionate about their work but are generally meek and vastly outnumbered by project managers developers sales and stakeholders We need to share this passion for design and our vision for crafting a great experience with the rest of the company Get the client or team involved This is my favourite technique and can be very effective If your process is visible it can be better understood Invite stakeholders to design studios and persona building sessions Get a sketchboard going on the wall have the team play with paper prototypes perform user testing sessions with every department Use their language Every department has their own language spend time listening and get to know their lingo Stakeholders seek ROI Marketing want engagement developers understand processes Know your audience and when explaining a design or concept use their own terminology and jargon Outside of our little circle design speak sounds wooly and wanky so let s keep it to ourselves k Use appropriate tools to communicate Your client may roll their eyes at a persona but love

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/16420202043/communicating-the-value-of-design-research#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more...
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    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/14319551420/take-the-risk-of-thinking-for-yourself-much-more#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Creative workers are not motivated by money,...
    by money directed by authority or impressed by status Alan Cooper via mralancooper Reblogged from mralancooper 2 notes Permalink Posted at 8 26 PM Notes khalblog reblogged this from mralancooper darrengeraghty liked this mralancooper posted this View the discussion thread

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/14319539043/creative-workers-are-not-motivated-by-money#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - The language of UX
    field Nor does their use help our reputation of being pretentious douchebags within some circles Sure buzzwords are handy shorthand for complex concepts but are dangerous when not understood watch a Web Developer respond to the term Web 2 0 for an example Terminology can be interpreted differently too leading to confusion or arguments about semantics We pride ourselves with creating intuitive designs and clear copy but all too often

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/14318868031/the-language-of-ux#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Software is not built with “resources”, nor is it...
    nor is it built with money It is built by intelligent non fungible people Alan Cooper via mralancooper Reblogged from mralancooper 1 note Permalink Posted at 6 34 PM Notes khalblog reblogged this from mralancooper mralancooper posted this View the

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/13212125452/software-is-not-built-with-resources-nor-is-it#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - I want everything we do to be beautiful. I don’t...
    to be beautiful I don t give a damn whether the client understands that that s worth anything or that the client thinks it s worth anything or whether it is worth anything It s worth it to me It s the way I want to live my life I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares Saul Bass Permalink Posted at 8 14 PM View the discussion

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12522350931/i-want-everything-we-do-to-be-beautiful-i-dont#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Beyond usable
    users smile or feel like they achieved something awesome It can be through great copy the way you deal with complaints or quirky easter eggs in your site Get this right and your customers will fall in love with your brand and become ambassadors Brand ambassadors will tell their friends about your product and be willing to engage at a much higher level This can lead to drastically reduced marketing

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12290164199/beyond-usable#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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