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  • Khal Weir - Monthly roundup : November
    cursing my terrible language skills Christmas If the Trainline have managed to sort out my tickets I ll be going home to Durham for almost 2 weeks I m really looking forward to it as well as catching up with my family and walking the dogs every day I m couriering my bike up so I can rip up the trails that I rode as a kid Christmas I am

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  • Khal Weir - Monthly roundup : October
    simply doesn t do enough to justify its very modest price tag I downloaded Boxee to see how the project had matured and to see if one of the upcoming Boxee boxes would be a viable alternative I am impressed the interface is fast easy to use especially with the neat iPhone app and there is an impressive amount of free content available My mind was made up I would pre order a Boxee box as soon as possible but then I read about Google TV Tumblr So I started a tumblr blog I guess its for those things I like but aren t worth a blog post tweet or a share on Facebook Scottish Beer Update I ve found Innis Gunn in a bar in Camden and in Waitrose they even had the Rum Cask yum New stuff from Apple The new Macbook Air is interesting I would have thought the iPad would really limit the market for a netbook like Mac and its apparently starting trends that we ll see in future Macbooks SSD as standard no optical media and no Flash player installed Its logical that Facetime and the App store would transition from iOS to Mac

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022205973/monthly-roundup-october#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Whatever happened to Microsoft?
    and feel The Office suite has the hateful ribbon UI which I haven t seen in any other application yet there are still traditional toolbars popup menus and tabbed interfaces Even when they do have something cool like Surface or Courier they move too slowly to get it out into the hands of the public Surface has revealed in 2007 yet remains an expensive toy for a select few retailers and hotels In the meantime cheaper and more sophisticated tech is being developed by competitors The Courier concept video was by far the coolest thing to come out of Redmond in years A potential iPad challenger the project was scrapped and apparently lead to J Allard Chief Experience Officer leaving Microsoft in frustration Legacy 66 of Windows users are running XP an OS that is approaching its tenth birthday Ten years in the tech industry is forever and when a large number of you customers haven t bought something from you in almost a decade you have a huge problem This can be attributed to Vista being a disaster users feeling an update doesn t offer any real benefits or in some cases software critical to their business doesn t work on newer versions With Snow Leopard onwards Apple have dropped support for legacy hardware they switched to Intel architecture in 2006 so to have the latest OS you need a relatively new computer This may seem mean but it allows for rapid progress Supporting legacy software convincing and transitioning users from a system they could have been using for over 10 years is probably the biggest challenge facing Microsoft Developers Developers Developers It seems like Microsoft like Google focus on the technology than the usability of their products This shows through the interfaces they produce Android for example can

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022207102/whatever-happened-to-microsoft#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Monthly roundup : September
    desktop client before its truly going to useful As for the Nano wow I m really looking forward to playing with one Working on my first iPad project I ve had this idea since we first got an iPad at work but only recently have we had resources available to work on it Check out the progress at http theduckpad tumblr com New Grinderman album oh boy Spotify Twitter Redesign The new page looks great I mostly use the iPhone app or Tweetie but I might start visiting twitter com more often once this rolls out Google Instant Search 3 5Billion seconds saved a day amazing No Innis Gunn in London One of the things I miss most about Edinburgh I can t find any bars serving my favourite beer Ping This is so weak I m unwilling to dedicate many pixels to it I only hope Apple have plans to drastically improve it soon Still no iTunes in the cloud Its 2010 and iTunes is in its tenth incarnation and still we aren t storing our media in the cloud I was really hoping that we d be seeing a huge leap forwards with iTunes 10 rather than an

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022205206/monthly-roundup-september#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Less is more
    Orwell novels and the WWF cookbook are nice things to own in truth I may never read them again Keeping back issues of magazines is crazy too as a majority of their content is more accessible online With the exception of the Apple goodies ok and Mike Patton s scribble I m not terribly attached to any of this stuff the only problem items are my 3 bikes yup I m a bike nerd and am currently trying to figure out a solution I ve already made a decision to stop buying music movies and games on physical media I got burned in the HD format wars and am sick of storing and lugging around shiny discs I ve been streaming music from Spotify buying from iTunes or erm acquiring it from other sources for years and can t remember the last time I bought a DVD Basically I ve come to the conclusion that I can reduce my processions further still I ll begin a clearout session this week and at some point will buy an iPad as a replacement for printed media An iPad in fact could serve as a replacement for my MacBook for a large proportion

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022204498/less-is-more#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Foursquare, Gowalla - Fight!
    Foursquare I thought I d give it a try too Initially there doesn t seem to be much difference between the two apps they share a lot of common functionality such as posting your check ins to Facebook and Twitter but its where they differ that is interesting Gowalla allows users to upload photos at their check ins and to add comments which only their Gowalla using friends can see The application makes use of attractive graphics and a traveller metaphor users have a passport collect stamps and pins and add items to their backpack Occasionally when checking in to a location you will find an item thats been left by another user and when creating a new location you can drop an item to become a founder As well as adding locations users can string together a collection of locations to create a trip such as sight seeing or a pub crawl Foursquare is a little more popular and as such has more locations most of the high street near my work is covered by Foursquare with only a handful of check ins available in Gowalla One of the differences between Gowalla and Foursquare is that user comments are

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022203725/foursquare-gowalla-fight#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - My Favourite Non-Tech Blogs
    you not love a blog that features Space Suit of the Week KN has varied content covering fashion music culture and art with frequent free mixcasts downloadable mixtapes based on themes and some fantastic wallpapers by guest artists topleftpixel com I first came across this photoblog while reseaching for a holiday in Toronto a few years back and have been following it since I love Sam s photography and the simple concept of uploading a photo every day the site reminds me of my time in a fantastic city and the alt text included on every image detailing the equipment used even influenced my last camera purchase locallemons com I m into food and enjoy cooking Local Lemons is probably my favourite recipe site The photography is beautiful dominating the page and detailing all the ingredients and stages required Its clear that the author has a real passion for food check out her Fast Food Slow Big Mac boutiquecycles com Bikes are another passion of mine I recently added a third to my stable Boutique Cycles is a simple site for proud owners to show of their custom bikes There is a subculture of riders that make building up bikes

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022202827/my-favourite-non-tech-blogs#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Inspiration is where you find it
    made a difference to your visit what can you take from that How can you use what pleased you in the real world and apply it to your site or application The pride and attention to detail a master knifemaker puts into his work is inspirational even if your product is virtual and your tools a mouse and keyboard Seeking inspiration from unusual sources isn t new the development methodology

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022201917/inspiration-is-where-you-find-it#_=_ (2016-04-26)
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