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  • Khal Weir - UX isn't easy peasy, lemon squeezy
    that good at its job in fact it s designer Philipe Starck has said it was not meant to squeeze lemons but to start conversations This is a designed product while it is aesthetically pleasing the Catcher from Joseph Joseph is made from soft plastic so it feels comfortable in your hand and the integrated stand also catches pips and prevents juice from getting on the handle In thinking about

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022211620/ux-isnt-easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - UX - let's just call it what it is
    industries that refer to their customers as users The term users dehumanizes the audience so lets call them what they are customers or even better use personas By asking what would Bob do here and what would Alice expect vs what is a user going to do here immediately you are thinking differently and your product will be better for it So let s lose user ok When great rock acts like KISS play live shows they aim to excite delight and exceed the expectations of their fans in other words they craft an experience When I m working on a project I have similar goals I don t want an interface to be merely usable I want to do inspire engage and trigger an emotional response with the audience Restauranteurs car manufacturers hoteliers interior designers film directors and more share these ambitions Just like the projects I work on their products are all experiences so I feel experience is redundant from my job title too I strongly believe I work in what is currently the most exciting field in the industry but its so poorly understood I sometimes fear that it isn t taken as seriously as it should

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022209895/ux-lets-just-call-it-what-it-is (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - The Joy of Singletasking
    the narrative at the same time More and more of us are interacting with a second screen while watching TV see LukeW com for figures This might be fine for certain content something as vapid as Made in Chelsea or rewatching Firefly for the tenth time but can really hamper your enjoyment of new or interesting content Yet some see this as the future of TV and are exploring ways to capitalise on our use of these devices and social interactions ABC s social TV iPad app As a music fan I ll nearly always have headphones on at work I find blocking out background noise helps me to focus but I m conscious that my choice of music can affect my work I try to stick with really familiar albums or playlists of ambient instrumental tracks that are less distracting A side effect of this however is that I rarely just listen to music anymore I lament that music is becoming something in the background while I do two or three other things and intend to remedy this by buying a turntable and building up a record collection I feel that the manual process of playing vinyl and the fact that I ve tracked down a favourite album on this antique format will encourage me to spend more time actively listening and increase my enjoyment of the music I really enjoy seeing films at the cinema largely because I m forced to singletask I m there to watch a film my phone stays in my pocket and unless the film is poor I m focused on watching This experience is especially good at the IMAX as the screen fills your vision and people exit via the rear so there are no distractions Mountain biking rock climbing and cooking enforce

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022209118/the-joy-of-singletasking (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - The 'Oh yeah, I have a blog' update
    The truth is I got distracted by tumblr check out khalweir tumblr com if you like charts graphic design animated gifs dinosaurs and bikes as much as I do moving across London and to a new job I m now a citizen of Croydonia and working as a UX Designer at dotDigital Group I ve had fun furnishing my new flat meeting new people and working on great new projects

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022208403/the-oh-yeah-i-have-a-blog-update (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Monthly roundup : November
    cursing my terrible language skills Christmas If the Trainline have managed to sort out my tickets I ll be going home to Durham for almost 2 weeks I m really looking forward to it as well as catching up with my family and walking the dogs every day I m couriering my bike up so I can rip up the trails that I rode as a kid Christmas I am

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022207789/monthly-roundup-november (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Monthly roundup : October
    simply doesn t do enough to justify its very modest price tag I downloaded Boxee to see how the project had matured and to see if one of the upcoming Boxee boxes would be a viable alternative I am impressed the interface is fast easy to use especially with the neat iPhone app and there is an impressive amount of free content available My mind was made up I would pre order a Boxee box as soon as possible but then I read about Google TV Tumblr So I started a tumblr blog I guess its for those things I like but aren t worth a blog post tweet or a share on Facebook Scottish Beer Update I ve found Innis Gunn in a bar in Camden and in Waitrose they even had the Rum Cask yum New stuff from Apple The new Macbook Air is interesting I would have thought the iPad would really limit the market for a netbook like Mac and its apparently starting trends that we ll see in future Macbooks SSD as standard no optical media and no Flash player installed Its logical that Facetime and the App store would transition from iOS to Mac

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022205973/monthly-roundup-october (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Whatever happened to Microsoft?
    and feel The Office suite has the hateful ribbon UI which I haven t seen in any other application yet there are still traditional toolbars popup menus and tabbed interfaces Even when they do have something cool like Surface or Courier they move too slowly to get it out into the hands of the public Surface has revealed in 2007 yet remains an expensive toy for a select few retailers and hotels In the meantime cheaper and more sophisticated tech is being developed by competitors The Courier concept video was by far the coolest thing to come out of Redmond in years A potential iPad challenger the project was scrapped and apparently lead to J Allard Chief Experience Officer leaving Microsoft in frustration Legacy 66 of Windows users are running XP an OS that is approaching its tenth birthday Ten years in the tech industry is forever and when a large number of you customers haven t bought something from you in almost a decade you have a huge problem This can be attributed to Vista being a disaster users feeling an update doesn t offer any real benefits or in some cases software critical to their business doesn t work on newer versions With Snow Leopard onwards Apple have dropped support for legacy hardware they switched to Intel architecture in 2006 so to have the latest OS you need a relatively new computer This may seem mean but it allows for rapid progress Supporting legacy software convincing and transitioning users from a system they could have been using for over 10 years is probably the biggest challenge facing Microsoft Developers Developers Developers It seems like Microsoft like Google focus on the technology than the usability of their products This shows through the interfaces they produce Android for example can

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022207102/whatever-happened-to-microsoft (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Monthly roundup : September
    desktop client before its truly going to useful As for the Nano wow I m really looking forward to playing with one Working on my first iPad project I ve had this idea since we first got an iPad at work but only recently have we had resources available to work on it Check out the progress at http theduckpad tumblr com New Grinderman album oh boy Spotify Twitter Redesign The new page looks great I mostly use the iPhone app or Tweetie but I might start visiting twitter com more often once this rolls out Google Instant Search 3 5Billion seconds saved a day amazing No Innis Gunn in London One of the things I miss most about Edinburgh I can t find any bars serving my favourite beer Ping This is so weak I m unwilling to dedicate many pixels to it I only hope Apple have plans to drastically improve it soon Still no iTunes in the cloud Its 2010 and iTunes is in its tenth incarnation and still we aren t storing our media in the cloud I was really hoping that we d be seeing a huge leap forwards with iTunes 10 rather than an

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022205206/monthly-roundup-september (2016-04-26)
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