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  • Khal Weir - Do I even need a tablet?
    regular basis more suitable although still unpleasent to spend much time using are the cheap netbooks that have become so popular So whats left web browsing and media playback I already have a great product for that in the iPhone a fair percentage of my personal web use is already done on my iPhone Using excellent mobile formatted sites like BBC and Google s web apps and apps like Facebook and Tweetie I rarely miss a larger screen About the only situation I could see the larger screen of a tablet being an advantage is as an ebook reader however the larger the screen the less likely I am to carry it which is the strength of the iPhone I always have it to hand But what will the iSlate be It makes sense that it would run existing iPhone apps however it ll be a huge disappointment if it turns out just to be an iPod touch with a big screen but equally I don t want Apple to go the Microsoft route of cramming their full OS onto a small device Having owned a few Windows Mobile devices and a touchscreen PC I know that using unmodified Windows

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022198688/do-i-even-need-a-tablet (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - 2009 round up
    amazing stage presence and Jack White just kills on drums or guitar Them Crooked Vultures s t listen on Spotify Another debut from a supergroup Josh Homme QoTSA Kyuss Eagles of Death Metal Dave Grohl Nirvana Foo Fighters and John Paul Jones Led Zepplin I had to pay a silly amount of money on eBay to secure tickets to the Edinburgh show but it was worth it these guys rock Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport Just under an hour of awesome lo fi instrumental noise imagine Exit Planet Dust era Chemical Brothers combined with Mogwai great for coding and working out to Movies There were some really terrible movies this year with the exception of Where The Wild Things Are A beautiful adaption of the much loved children s book I m tempted to go see it again already Everything in the film is fantastically designed and takes inspiration from the source material I loved this film The Hurt Locker A superbly shot film about a bomb disposal unit in Iraq directed by Kathy Bigelow District 9 I loved this I was really into it s documentary style beginning although it gradually devolved into something more generic later on For me its between Where the Wild Things Are and this for the film of the year Moon I caught this at Edinburgh Film Festival and have been looking forward to seeing it again since Moon is a dark moody SciFi film directed by David Bowie s son starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey with a great soundtrack by Clint Mansell Drag Me to Hell Sam Raimi returns to horror and kicks ass the train wreck that was Spider man 3 is almost forgotten Avatar OK so I love SciFi movies and this is just Dances with Wolves in space but it

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022197081/2009-round-up (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - The Awesome power of Social Media
    single single page on a website the RATM for Christmas Number 1 campaign had such a viral effect that it eventually generated more sales than a campaign based on one of the UK s most popular TV shows radio play etc The fact that a single person could have an idea and reach so many people in a short period of time with easy to use tools is as inspiring as it is powerful The facts are these The campaign made Sony even more money Simon Cowel is still uber rich and doesn t give a crap over 60k was raised for the homeless charity Shelter through Facebook plus RATM are donating the proceeds of sales Killing in the Name is first song to reach number one in the UK charts through downloads alone The Facebook group has almost 1 million members RATM should release a new album already Don t feel bad for this X Factor guy he sold exactly the number of singles he was going to anyway its just more people thought it would be funny to make a mockery of the system I m sure he still has a few months of excitement in the music

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022197815/the-awesome-power-of-social-media (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Microformats
    blog khalweir co uk 2 Some Street Edinburgh Midlothian sourcecode With the hCard markup this information has become more useful the content has context making it easier to be automatically processed or extracted for use in applications like Outlook or Address Book hCard is the web based equivalent of the vCard format Other Microformats include hReview hCalendar hResume and hRecipe take a look at http microformats org for more information One of the principles of Microformats is that they should be presentable and parsable visible data is much better for humans than invisible metadata this definitely seems to be the direction the web is going in as Google recently announced they ignore keywords in meta tags and Apple Microsoft Google and Yahoo have incorporated support for microformats some of their webapps as have popular social networking sites such as digg facebook last fm linkedin twitter Another interesting use of Microformats is the XFN XHMTL friend network this was the first microformat and is used to describe the relationship between individual s and their various online presences Its really simple and consists of two attributes rel me this is used to show that the link is related to yourself eg the

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022196180/microformats (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - How I lost 20kg in 6 months
    meals as much as possible ensuring that their content accumulated to less than my daily calorie requirement This is what worked for me Avoided eating out its harder to approximate the calorie content of food you didn t make yourself Weighed myself everyday I found this to be motivating Eating whole foods these are very filling for few calories Dorset Cereal muesli Eat Natural bars and peanut butter on rye bread have become stables Workout every day I have a simple short routine of floor and weight exercises that I do everyday Varied additional exercise I supplement this workout with additional hour or more of exercise atleast 3 times a week this can be running a walk a bike ride Saying no to beer a pint contains upwards of 250 calories way to undo 25mins of biking or an hour walking I ve switched to rum Coke whenever possible Snacks are OK but make sure they are healthy I stick to things like wasabi peas rice crackers and dried fruit Didn t deny myself treats I occasionally went out for burgers had take out kebabs got a slice of cake at lunch or ice cream at the cinema just made

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022194529/how-i-lost-20kg-in-6-months (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Google Wave first impressions
    way we communicate online Wave has the potential to merge and replace IM Social Networking Wikis Email will be open sourced and has an API allowing developers to write extensions or incorporate Wave in external sites Here are a couple of videos that explain Wave in more detail Google Wave in 2 minutes Google Wave revealed at Google I O 2009 So far my impressions are it s fairly quick and clean but until more people I know are using it its only really useable as a kind of twitter forum hybrid by browsing the with public waves As far as I can tell theres no way of knowing if a person is currently online which seems odd to me and every now and again you are reminded that this is a product still in development as it hangs and gives you a quote from Firefly incidentally Wave gets its name from the show too I m looking forward to Wave being released publicly and using it at work as I think it will be an excellent project management tool We have two offices in different timezones and communication can be difficult We currently use an inconsistent combination of Basecamp

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022195446/google-wave-first-impressions (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Great iPhone Apps
    your data can be exported as CSV Convertbot http www tapbots com I recently decided to switch to metric for measurements still more commonly expressed in imperial in the UK this app has been handy to convert distance and weights to better communicate my achievements to olds and Americans Trails http trails lamouroux de This is a slick GPS logger I use it to map my bike rides and also for geocoding my photographs The logged GPS data can easily exported to be used in Google Earth TrailRunner etc iTreadmill Nike it ain t but it ll track your runs or walks and calculate calories burned Spotify http www spotify com The mobile version of Spotify a fantastic music streaming service is a killer app Streaming works well playlists shared with you or created on your desktop are available you can create new playlists easily and best of all you can offline sync a playlist The app is free however does require a Premium account 9 99 month which also removes the ads from the desktop client Tweetie http www atebits com tweetie iphone I ve hardly logged into the Twitter web interface since downloading Tweetie and it s desktop counterpart The interface is slick and easy to use Bonus points for the slightly creepy location based search Awesome Note http bridworks com I just downloaded this one but it looks like a keeper I like the interface and the fact that I can import to and from Google Docs its a shame it can t sync though and I m considering using it s ToDo list as an alternative to Remember the Milk which I really rate but the iPhone app requires the 25 Pro account and mine is due to expire soon Other favourites Facebook this is fantastic

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022191009/great-iphone-apps (2016-04-26)
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  • Khal Weir - Snow Leopard vs Windows 7
    as I m using the 32bit version 32bit Leopard and Ubuntu don t seem to have that problem Like many I skipped Vista completely so I m not sure whats new for this version and what is brought over from Vista Things I ve liked so far are the new window management tricks like Aero shake and full screening an app by pulling it to the top of the screen things I ve not liked are the confusing control panel my NAS being detected as a media device and struggling to use it as networked drive and being nagged constantly I ve since managed to turn this off There s been improvements in the Start menu too and the Spotlight like search works well Overall Windows 7 feels snappy and is visually quite appealing although Microsoft really needs to get together and make their UI s consistent The price is right and now that XP is almost a decade old I think I ll be buying a copy when it is released Snow Leopard This release isn t a huge update from the previous one and this is reflected by its name and very reasonable price The installation process was as simple but did take a while After a reboot nothing looked different at first but immediately I noticed my system was faster Safari especially seems faster than ever and start up and shut down speeds are noticeably quicker too Snow has a bunch of tweaks and nice new features it can automagically set your timezone based on your location based on your WiFi connection The largest change is behind the scenes the move to 64bit and Open CL allowing OSX to take full advantage of modern hardware and ditching support for legacy machines this also means you gain some

    Original URL path: http://blog.khalweir.co.uk/post/12022193652/snow-leopard-vs-windows-7 (2016-04-26)
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