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  • Khal Weir: Archive
    the desktop client Tweetie http www atebits com tweetie iphone I ve hardly logged into the Twitter web interface since downloading Tweetie and it s desktop counterpart The interface is slick and easy to use Bonus points for the slightly creepy location based search Awesome Note http bridworks com I just downloaded this one but it looks like a keeper I like the interface and the fact that I can import to and from Google Docs its a shame it can t sync though and I m considering using it s ToDo list as an alternative to Remember the Milk which I really rate but the iPhone app requires the 25 Pro account and mine is due to expire soon Other favourites Facebook this is fantastic so much better to use than the terrible website Wordpress I like this for starting drafts of new articles when I get an idea while I m out BeeJive instant messager app with push notifications Prowl pushes Growl notifications from your Mac s to your iPhone Shazam yeah its been around since day 1 but I m still amazed by how well this works Remote this may as well come preinstalled very useful HoldEm this is the only game I play the most on my iPhone Zen Bound a really pretty game the aim is to to wrap objects in string Sep 23 2009 Snow Leopard vs Windows 7 I ve recently installed two new operating systems on my Macbook Pro and thought I d write a quick comparison of them I m predominantly a Mac user and no longer own a PC yet I need Windows for testing damn you IE and gaming damn you Left 4 Dead Windows 7 Installing the Release Candidate of Windows 7 was quick easy and a lot prettier than installing previous versions of Windows To my surprise everything worked out of the box except sound and 3D graphics but a popping in the Leopard DVD and visiting the Nvidia site soon fixed that Only 3GB out of my 4GB of Ram is detected as I m using the 32bit version 32bit Leopard and Ubuntu don t seem to have that problem Like many I skipped Vista completely so I m not sure whats new for this version and what is brought over from Vista Things I ve liked so far are the new window management tricks like Aero shake and full screening an app by pulling it to the top of the screen things I ve not liked are the confusing control panel my NAS being detected as a media device and struggling to use it as networked drive and being nagged constantly I ve since managed to turn this off There s been improvements in the Start menu too and the Spotlight like search works well Overall Windows 7 feels snappy and is visually quite appealing although Microsoft really needs to get together and make their UI s consistent The price is right and now that

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  • Khal Weir: Archive
    contains upwards of 250 calories way to undo 25mins of biking or an hour walking I ve switched to rum Coke whenever possible Snacks are OK but make sure they are healthy I stick to things like wasabi peas rice crackers and dried fruit Didn t deny myself treats I occasionally went out for burgers had take out kebabs got a slice of cake at lunch or ice cream at the cinema just made sure to make up for it by doing some extra exercise that week Encouragement from friends and colleagues thanks guys Whats next I want to keep the weight off so I ll be sticking to the above but increasing my calorie intake to closer to my daily requirement I also want to continue improving my fitness level so I m planning to doing a couch to 5km challenge yup theres an iPhone app for that and I ll be setting some other arbitrary fitness goals too 100 consecutive press ups 10 pull ups Oct 10 2009 1 note Google Wave first impressions I managed to snag an invite from a friend who was lucky enough to be invited to a Google Developers event Just in case you don t know Google Wave is the new web app from Google which they believe will replace traditional email and more The project s strapline is what if email was invented now and aims to solve some of the problems with they way we communicate online Wave has the potential to merge and replace IM Social Networking Wikis Email will be open sourced and has an API allowing developers to write extensions or incorporate Wave in external sites Here are a couple of videos that explain Wave in more detail Google Wave in 2 minutes Google Wave revealed at

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  • Khal Weir: Archive
    this information has become more useful the content has context making it easier to be automatically processed or extracted for use in applications like Outlook or Address Book hCard is the web based equivalent of the vCard format Other Microformats include hReview hCalendar hResume and hRecipe take a look at http microformats org for more information One of the principles of Microformats is that they should be presentable and parsable visible data is much better for humans than invisible metadata this definitely seems to be the direction the web is going in as Google recently announced they ignore keywords in meta tags and Apple Microsoft Google and Yahoo have incorporated support for microformats some of their webapps as have popular social networking sites such as digg facebook last fm linkedin twitter Another interesting use of Microformats is the XFN XHMTL friend network this was the first microformat and is used to describe the relationship between individual s and their various online presences Its really simple and consists of two attributes rel me this is used to show that the link is related to yourself eg the links from this blog to my twitter profile page rel friend this can be

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  • Khal Weir: Archive
    an hour of awesome lo fi instrumental noise imagine Exit Planet Dust era Chemical Brothers combined with Mogwai great for coding and working out to Movies There were some really terrible movies this year with the exception of Where The Wild Things Are A beautiful adaption of the much loved children s book I m tempted to go see it again already Everything in the film is fantastically designed and takes inspiration from the source material I loved this film The Hurt Locker A superbly shot film about a bomb disposal unit in Iraq directed by Kathy Bigelow District 9 I loved this I was really into it s documentary style beginning although it gradually devolved into something more generic later on For me its between Where the Wild Things Are and this for the film of the year Moon I caught this at Edinburgh Film Festival and have been looking forward to seeing it again since Moon is a dark moody SciFi film directed by David Bowie s son starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey with a great soundtrack by Clint Mansell Drag Me to Hell Sam Raimi returns to horror and kicks ass the train wreck that was Spider man 3 is almost forgotten Avatar OK so I love SciFi movies and this is just Dances with Wolves in space but it sure is pretty and the 3D is really well done Software Spotify With a premium account I have almost all the music I could ever want on my desktop or phone legally whats not to like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 XBOX 360 Its the Call of Duty you know and love but totally Bayified I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT 1 XBOX 360 The best 80 points you ll spend on XBOX Live Marketplace Tech Apple Magic Mouse I ve always thought the Mighty Mouse was one of Apple s weakest designs its awkward to use the side buttons and the scrolling nipple gets clogged up and stops working The Magic Mouse is comfortable works really well and has replaced my Logitech MX 1000 at work Nike Sportband I recently started a running program and bought new pair of Nike compatible trainers I m still using an iPhone 3G which doesn t have Nike built in so bought the Sportband instead I really like the simplicity of it press to start a run press to end plug into computer watch the animated man run across the screen to show how much you suck at running Dec 29 2009 The Awesome power of Social Media Social media urgh its become one of my most hated of buzzwords but this week I was impressed with effectiviness of the RATM for Christmas No 1 Facebook Group It was announced yesterday that Killing in the Name was the UK s Christmas Number 1 with over half a million sales beating the latest X Factor winner Joe McElderry With just single single page on a website the

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  • Khal Weir - How I lost 20kg in 6 months
    meals as much as possible ensuring that their content accumulated to less than my daily calorie requirement This is what worked for me Avoided eating out its harder to approximate the calorie content of food you didn t make yourself Weighed myself everyday I found this to be motivating Eating whole foods these are very filling for few calories Dorset Cereal muesli Eat Natural bars and peanut butter on rye bread have become stables Workout every day I have a simple short routine of floor and weight exercises that I do everyday Varied additional exercise I supplement this workout with additional hour or more of exercise atleast 3 times a week this can be running a walk a bike ride Saying no to beer a pint contains upwards of 250 calories way to undo 25mins of biking or an hour walking I ve switched to rum Coke whenever possible Snacks are OK but make sure they are healthy I stick to things like wasabi peas rice crackers and dried fruit Didn t deny myself treats I occasionally went out for burgers had take out kebabs got a slice of cake at lunch or ice cream at the cinema just made

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  • Khal Weir
    enjoyment of the music I really enjoy seeing films at the cinema largely because I m forced to singletask I m there to watch a film my phone stays in my pocket and unless the film is poor I m focused on watching This experience is especially good at the IMAX as the screen fills your vision and people exit via the rear so there are no distractions Mountain biking rock climbing and cooking enforce the singletask mindset too if you let your mind wander you can screw up but even if you manage not to fall or burn your dinner you ve lessened your enjoyment of the activity I love the concept of apps like IA Writer stripped to the bear essentials it s minimal and task oriented interface encourage focus and care more software should be like this Singletasking enables us to get work done faster and better relax more effectively and enjoy our leisure time those kittens will still be on YouTube later May 10 The Oh yeah I have a blog update I m not going to apologise for not posting anything here for a while I hate it when bloggers do that my readership is low and the lack of posts will have had minimal impact on their lives The truth is I got distracted by tumblr check out khalweir tumblr com if you like charts graphic design animated gifs dinosaurs and bikes as much as I do moving across London and to a new job I m now a citizen of Croydonia and working as a UX Designer at dotDigital Group I ve had fun furnishing my new flat meeting new people and working on great new projects I ve got a few ideas for posts I d like to write so I ll hopefully be updating more frequently from now on but don t hold me to it Nov 29 Monthly roundup November Wow 2010 is almost done Its getting cold and my friends in the North are reporting epic snowfall Rodrigo y Gabriela I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the first of their 5 London shows I m still amazed by their extraordinary skill and the sound they can create from just two acoustic guitars Holiday I took a quick break and managed to visit 3 countries over a few days Gibraltar Spain and Morocco I enjoyed good weather good people good food and some new experiences all the while cursing my terrible language skills Christmas If the Trainline have managed to sort out my tickets I ll be going home to Durham for almost 2 weeks I m really looking forward to it as well as catching up with my family and walking the dogs every day I m couriering my bike up so I can rip up the trails that I rode as a kid Christmas I am by no means a religious person but the commercialisation of Christmas freaks me out I have a low tolerance to real world shopping as it is but the streets and shopping centres are just unbearable at this time of year Not to mention the terrifying the amount of money people seem willing to part with during the festive period as advertising persuades them to buy everything from new clothing to sofas and cars on top of presents and food Oct 24 Monthly roundup October Its a been a busy month I prepared a presentation for C21 Media s Ipad Entertainment Summit where the always excellent Stephen Fry gave an entertaining talk learned a bunch from some of the smartest people in my industry at the Future of Web Apps and was asked to write about user testing for probably the best digital marketing blog in the world Boxee Following from last month when I got all excited about the new Apple TV I became gradually deflated as I realised there are no TV rentals or Netflix or Lovefilm streaming in the UK Even though it is a very attractive device it simply doesn t do enough to justify its very modest price tag I downloaded Boxee to see how the project had matured and to see if one of the upcoming Boxee boxes would be a viable alternative I am impressed the interface is fast easy to use especially with the neat iPhone app and there is an impressive amount of free content available My mind was made up I would pre order a Boxee box as soon as possible but then I read about Google TV Tumblr So I started a tumblr blog I guess its for those things I like but aren t worth a blog post tweet or a share on Facebook Scottish Beer Update I ve found Innis Gunn in a bar in Camden and in Waitrose they even had the Rum Cask yum New stuff from Apple The new Macbook Air is interesting I would have thought the iPad would really limit the market for a netbook like Mac and its apparently starting trends that we ll see in future Macbooks SSD as standard no optical media and no Flash player installed Its logical that Facetime and the App store would transition from iOS to Mac and we d see an iLife refresh The successor to Snow Leopard Lion is scheduled for a summer release lions are regarded as kings of the big cats right Will Lion be the last incarnation of OSX Seasick Steve Somehow I totally missed that Seasick Steve was playing at the Blues Kitchen this month until after he d sold out Time to sign up for Songkick Punctures Cycling to work is great until your stupid skinny tyres get a flat and you are forced to face the horror of hour long 3 mile bus journeys Oct 17 Whatever happened to Microsoft As I m an avid fan of Apple products some people assume I m anti Microsoft that s not true I just dislike using crappy products Anyone

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  • Khal Weir - The pre-digital generation
    for the first time the sense of ownership and single tasking these out dated formats afforded The shift from paper to ebooks vinyl and CDs being replaced with streaming and MP3s creates a conflict within us We simultaneously appreciate their convenience while we lament the loss of experience Is there an opportunity to create a hybrid format or device Something that pairs the power and convenience technology with a lost

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  • Khal Weir - nevver: Math
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