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  • Shopping guide - Chaweng beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
    to find it here Chaweng the busiest most developed and vibrant beach and shop ping district on the island and probably all the surrounding islands too offers the full suite of boutiques specialty stores arts and crafts workshops restaurants bars cafes dressmaker and tailor shops clothing fashion sports music furniture jewelry souvenir stores and much much more You will find the densest shopping area packed around the main beach road which hence the name follows the contour of the beach from southwest to northeast Traditional souvenirs For tourists looking for something traditional to take home as a souvenir of Koh Samui and Thailand the silk trade wood carvings lacquer ware metalwork beautiful oil paintings and Eastern style ornamentation jewelry and furniture are the best places to start depending on what you want and the size of your budget For those with a little extra to spend Thailand features some of the most exquisite hand crafted teak wood furniture in the world and with most stores providing full delivery and export services you need only make your choice of their outstanding selection and pay Thai oil paintings also deserve a mention here with some of the most fantastic and skilled artwork you will ever see and at a paltry price compared to the West those with a love of art should definitely pay Koh Samui s Chaweng shopping district a visit Artists often advertise their work on the street while toiling over a fresh canvas Bargains can be struck with these men and women but often visitors are so awe struck with the quality of the work that they are happy to pay the full price The Thai jewelers and craftsmen also enjoy a fantastic reputation for skill and keen artistic capabilities which is thoroughly visible in the quality of the work they produce As such if you feel that it s time to add another jewelry piece to your collection or if you are perhaps planning on popping the question to your partner then there s no better place to go shopping than in Chaweng Beach area Night bazaars If however cheap and charming is what you re after the Chaweng shopping district has its share of open air marketplaces and night bazaars for the intrepid explorer The Talad Laem is the largest and best known of these Thai marketplaces where visitors can peruse the great mounds of fresh vegetables fruit meat and seafood caught that very morning There are also a great number of vendors peddling cheap brand toiletries other miscellaneous items fake sunglasses and clothing brands as well as pirated CDs and DVDs Overall the best shopping experience and bargains you are going to get are from the street shopping Although prices are aimed at tourists at least you can negotiate your way down a few hundred Baht on the more expensive items and learn a great deal about Thai culture and communication in the process If you re looking for a place to go that offers all

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  • Shopping guide - Lamai beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
    novelty and souvenir stores retail outlets cafes bars and boutiques The dense population of shops that cater for the full spectrum of needs desires and wants continues up onto the Ring Road which encompasses the small Ban Lamai beach village Abundance of jewelry stores One of the best things about shopping in the Lamai area and in Thailand in general is that you can get absolutely anything imaginable from music CDs clothes hats and sunglasses to watches ornaments artwork linen and much more at approximately half the price you would get it for in the West Furthermore if you decide to pursue your shopping addiction at one of the many open air marketplaces or night bazaars around the Lamai shopping area then you can hunt for that absolute bargain price and even negotiate with the tradesmen and women As a general rule you will find that prices are inflated by the vendors so that they may bargain and negotiate and still walk away with a handsome profit So what decadent and extravagant shopping opportunities can the visitor anticipate in the Ban Lamai area For the ladies there is an abundance of jewelry stores Mr Samui Dreamcatcher and Exotica perhaps being the best known that incorporate the stunning Eastern influences into the artwork and crafting of their bracelets earrings necklaces rings and anklets Many a couple has decided to make the island of Koh Samui their romantic getaway so for the groom to be finding the perfect engagement ring is more than a possibility in Lamai For the bookworms Lamai has a clutch of second hand bookstores where you can buy any book of any genre and by any author for a fraction of the cost you would find in the West Island Books is especially one to visit and tourists are greatly encouraged to swing by and get the latest bestseller which they can either digest lying sprawled on one of Koh Samui s stunning beaches or on the long journey home Then there are the exquisite furniture stores curio shops and antique and artwork stores showcasing the very best in Thai style design art carving and metal work There is enough to make the visitor wish that unlimited luggage weight were possible If this piques your interest then Popala House for the furniture and carvings and the small clutch of vendor stalls called Hin Ta Hin Yai for the traditional art is a must see Traditional marketplaces If you ve had enough of trinket shopping for one day then there s no better place to hit than the traditional marketplaces such as Talad Lamai or Lamai Fresh Market where you will find heaps of local fruit and vegetables noodles rice eggs and other fresh natural produce for sale Alternatively if the night is only the beginning of your retail fever then the night bazaars are bursting with incredible opportunities for bargain striking The Lamai night bazaar is a pumping and thrumming stage of activity colors and the smell of

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  • Shopping guide - Bophut beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
    French stylistic theme which can be seen in its architecture and decor This can be attributed to its prior designation as a major French outpost which endured for many years Nowadays Bophut is both a great little shopping destination as well as a fantastic location for some history appreciation Regarded as one of the oldest villages on the island of Samui and one of the most beautifully preserved Bophut is also a stone s throw from the very popular Big Buddha tourist attraction So for those looking for some retail therapy and to perhaps pick up some souvenirs antiques and gifts for the family back home there are ample opportunities to be found here Fantastic Thai artwork Bophut features several small boutiques which specialize in only the best quality clothing jewelry fantastic Thai artwork ornamentation carvings furniture see Siri and design work There are also the standard curio shops of carved soap woodwork metal bamboo lamps silks and more Heading down the Bophut pier you will find an assortment of market stalls selling T shirts fisherman pants which are all the rage on this side of the world and sandals If you are more of a fashionista then the main beach road offers several boutiques such as Siddharta and Samui Footwear that should cater for your sense of style Should the heat and humidity of this tropical island get to you then there is a great number of cafes coffee shops and bars situated along the beach front offering refreshments and snacks Bophut Plaza is perhaps the best place to visit if you want to get to see everything on offer in a short amount of time Like most other Thai night markets the Bophut Plaza is open between the hours of 1800 and 2300 and offers just about every

    Original URL path: http://www.koh-samui-hotels.co.uk/samui-shopping/bophut-shopping-guide.aspx (2016-02-11)
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  • Shopping guide - Maenam beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
    retail hubs on the island like Chaweng or Lamai Maenam does not feature a densely packed shopping district Rather the village of Maenam is more residential in nature Shops are spread out more luxuriously along the length of the beachfront and in the sprawling village behind it Stores specializing in certain products like furniture crafts or clothing also tend to hang together in groups making your navigation around them as well as the hunt for the perfect bargain deal that much simpler Priceless memories and souvenirs The great thing about shopping in Maenam Koh Samui and in the rest of Thailand is that even the smallest furniture stores offer comprehensive delivery and export packages This allows you the luxury of taking home wherever it is in the world you may live exquisite and hand crafted Thai style furniture A Beautiful World and Benjavadee are great places to begin your hunt for furniture in Maenam which offers beautiful works for around 40 to 50 cheaper than anywhere in Europe For those jewelry enthusiasts Samui Coconut Beads is perfect for gifts to take home and Samui Lapidary is just bursting at the seams with stunning precious stones Tahitian pearls artwork carvings and ornamentation Thailand is revered for its highly skilled jewelry and gem craftsmen and with the dazzling array of gemstones to choose from you could even order a customized piece Once you ve perused your way through the stunning collection of Asian style teak furniture wood carvings extravagant jewelry stores and gift shops there can be nothing better than an ice cold Leo or Singha beer at one of the many bars coffee shops or cafes situated in Maenam If you are looking to do more essential shopping then there are the variety of international brands to be easily found scattered

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  • Shopping guide - Choengmon beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
    proliferate along the beach The increasing popularity of this secluded part of Koh Samui has seen the development of a small but serviceable shopping area which now boasts all the usual Thailand suspects from furniture clothing antique curios souvenirs and carvings Choeng Mon however is perhaps most popular for its untouched and unspoiled splendor than for the number and variety of opportunities it offers to shopaholics Having said this like any Thai village visitors will find ample stores and boutiques tucked away in which they can quench their insatiable appetite for spending money Most shopping activities tend to be restricted to within the private resorts that in any case provide the visitor with all the reasons they need to not leave the premises Choeng Mon bay itself is rather small but features white beaches with sand so clean and fine that it squeaks underfoot Incredibly upmarket The waters of the Gulf of Thailand lap warmly at the shore while dolphins can be spotted cavorting in the waves a stone s throw out from the beach Tropical fish varieties crowd around your legs as you wade into the turquoise ocean and the views from the jungle fringed beaches are so breathtaking that not even high quality and finely pixellated photos can do it justice Overall Choeng Mon is an incredibly upmarket but laid back part of the island that dedicates its resources to pure and utter relaxation and of course the appreciation of its natural beauty There are opportunities to shop but these tend to be restricted to the in house boutiques craft stores bookshops and restaurants offered by the resorts themselves Within the village there are the few shops and supermarket stores but perhaps not enough to cater for those with an appetite for retail therapy So if seclusion in

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  • Shopping guide - Big Buddha beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
    to such an extent thanks to the popularity of the Big Buddha statue that the beach now has its own marketplace that bustles with activity bargains and the smell of cooked food Tourists are offered an array of memorabilia and souvenirs ranging from hand crafted statues knock off T shirts embroidered table cloths and stunning oil paintings to the latest DVDs music CDs clothing sports gear and much more This marketplace is essentially a cluster of little stalls surround the temple area making it a great retail capper to a stroll around the Buddha statue and an unforgettable experience to those wishing to indulge in Thai shopping On Friday nights local bands get up on make shift stages set up around the marketplace to delight or in cases make you wince at the Thai interpretation of Western music Best hand crafted silver shops There aren t many brand name stores in Big Buddha Beach however the area does host a handful of beach shops a surf store and one or two women s clothing shops Some of the best hand crafted silver shops are to be found in this area and the quality of their craftsmanship draws people from all over the island These shops are located in a cluster around the corner of the market area The main road that leads straight through the centre of Big Buddha Beach has recently been upgraded and now sitting adjacent to it one can find a supermarket several dive shops and a fresh produce store As the road repairs grew closer to completion many pub owners took the opportunity to set up shop resulting in a proliferation of bars clubs and night time activity in this area which has certainly added to its growing popularity with the tourists However for those of

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  • Koh-Samui-Hotels.co.uk Corporate Information
    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Save Guests 1 Adults Children Child Age Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Save About Us Please visit this page for company history and general information about Koh Samui Hotels co uk Contact Us Please visit this page for our contact details addresses telephone numbers and email addresses We endeavour to respond to all enquiries promptly Sitemap Our website sitemap will help you navigate to all the sections of our website Terms Conditions Please visit this page for details of our terms of business We strongly recommend that all prospective customers should read this page carefully and we invite queries about any aspect that may be unclear We want you to be confident in your dealings with Koh Samui Hotels co uk Privacy Policy Koh Samui Hotels co uk operates strict privacy policies Like all UK businesses we are bound by current privacy and Data Protection regulations as well as by our own voluntary standards Please visit this page for full details Why choose Koh Samui Hotels co uk Over 400 Samui hotels The best hotels and resorts in Samui hand picked by us With such a selection you are bound to find something that suits you Read more Don t pay anything up front You donâ t need to make any payments when you make your booking with us You will receive an email confirmation first Read more Guaranteed to be cheaper We guarantee to be cheaper than any other website as we deal with the hotels directly cutting out any middle agent Read more Incredible hotel detail In depth descriptions videos hi resolution photographs maps facilities and independent Tripadvisor reviews Read more Guaranteed cheapest Samui hotel prices View the Top 10

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  • Chaweng Hotels & Resorts - book holiday bargains on Chaweng beach. Discounted rates on villas, spa and accommodation.
    the Gulf of Thailand The island is well known for its beautiful beaches lazy days balmy nights and hedonistic parties The island has several towns each with their own flavour and style This has evolved naturally and means that there really is a town and location to suit all needs on the island Click here to view all Chaweng hotels and resorts Chaweng is probably the best known of the towns on the island It is the biggest of the towns and has the most lively nightlife scene Chaweng Beach Road is the most central point and is a road that runs from the north of the town all the way to the south running parallel with the Beach It is also where most of the Chaweng hotels are located At any point the beach and the beach road are no more than 50 metres from each other Chaweng has the highest concentration of the cheapest hotel rooms though prices are rising as the five star luxury resorts are replacing the older Chaweng resorts Chaweng Villas and Chaweng Spa in Koh Samui It is not surprising really that the more upscale Chaweng villas and Chaweng Spa are developing along the beach as it really is a phenomenal stretch of sand The sand reaches in a curve for about three kilometres and is a beautiful powder golden colour The water on this beach is shallow and has a very gradual build to depth so this makes it a very safe beach to swim most of the year round There is plenty to see and do on Chaweng beach as there are bars and restaurants running most of the length of the sand There are also water sports available such as jet skis that prove extremely popular Coming back to the beachfront and onto Chaweng beach road you will find enough shops bars and restaurants to keep you entertained for hours The whole ambiance of the area is becoming more and more upmarket so if you are looking to eat out then you are spoilt for choice If you venture out of your Chaweng beach resort you can choose the small Thai style restaurants serving delicious Thai food and really cheap prices or you can really go to town and try one of the top notch five star restaurants You will need to budget for these restaurants as the bills can get steep if you venture into the exotic seafood dishes and the wine selection Once you have eaten try out a cocktail or two at one of the many bars some have live music too There really is always something to see and do to make your Chaweng holiday memorable A guide to the night life in the Chaweng beach area A guide to the restaurants in the Chaweng beach area A guide to the shopping in the Chaweng beach area Search for Chaweng Hotels on a map Close Window Move your mouse over the green pins to view more details

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