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  • Laser cutting services with laser cut and engraved fabric pattern for Manchester fashion designer
    year collection comprising 8 laser cut outfits The collection was based upon different layering techniques of cut geometrical shapes In order to achieve a precise finish the fabric had to be lasercut as the collection was made from delicate fabrics requiring an accurate and precise finish Laser cutting was also the best method as a large quantity of fabric was required Delicate fabrics such as silk chiffon and sequinned require a particular expertise and technical ability Many designers want to push the boundaries and laser cutting gives them the opportunity to develop totally unique designs We work closely with all designers and design students with every fashion fabric or textile cutting job and carry out sample tests to ensure the lasercut fabric is finished to the desired effect We can cut an extensive variety of textiles and fabrics including cotton linen silk polyester nylon felt wool voile and organza and we can produce cut fabric pieces for a varied range of end uses 3D effects multi layering and geometric effects Asymmetric shapes Slipper Satin was laser cut into asymmetric shapes to add a contemporary funky ruffle to Lucy s garment Laser cut fabric Lucy used Laser Cut fabric shapes to

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/laser-cut-fabric-and-fashion/laser-cut-silk.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Laser cutting services for leather fashion with laser cut design, Glasgow, Scotland
    contemporary fashion designer Iona modernises the way in which Scottish fabrics are traditionally recognised Laser cut fabric and textile laser cutting has become a very popular form of production as part of the manufacturing process for the fashion industry in particular during London Fashion Week creating some very unique ranges of clothing This very accurate and successful method of cutting a variety of fabrics allows fine cut detail to be achieved creating exquisite and stunning results Unusual textiles and fabrics which can be laser cut range from latex rubber leather hide and faux to highly decorative synthetic fabrics We can also cut cotton silk linen and polyester Performing sample test cuts prior to all cutting jobs allows us to try out your ideas on different materials so please talk to us about your specialist requirements With even the smallest amount of synthetic fibres mixed with natural fibres the finished edge is clean cut that seals the fabric and prevent fraying Fashion week Iona s From Scotland with love collection was modelled at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo Laser cut leather Beautiful custom laser cut leather This contemporary fashion garment design is made unique by the delicate laser cut leather back

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/laser-cut-fabric-and-fashion/laser-cut-leather.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Laser cutting services for fashion with laser cut rubber and textiles , Edinburgh, Scotland
    create her final catwalk collection Our laser cutting process enabled her to produce multiples of the same shape to her exact specification The cutting process produced precision accurate identically cut sections which due to the nature of the material would have been impossible to cut sufficiently well by any other method Laser Cutting Fabrics and Textiles is a very popular part of the design process within the fashion industry especially during Fashion Week producing very exciting and innovative ranges of clothing Laser cutting produces an extremely accurate method of achieving exquisite designs in a variety of fabrics We can laser cut an extensive range of fabrics ranging from latex rubber leather to highly decorative contemporary and synthetic fabrics We also cut cotton silk linen and polyester If you have a particular fabric or idea you wish to explore we are happy to work with you and will sample test cut prior to cutting your fabric or specialist textile The particular process of laser cutting lends itself to extremely intricate designs resulting in stunning effects for your fashion garments and accessories Multi colour sections Multi Layer latex was laser cut to create complex garment designs Test cut fabrics Our technical expertise

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/laser-cut-fabric-and-fashion/laser-cut-rubber.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Laser cutting services using custom design laser cut corporate invitaion, Emirates
    Dinner at The Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi The invitations were printed first then cut to the print registration marks to ensure perfect alignment We can produce laser cutting and stencils for companies within the following industries industrial large commercial outdoor advertising marketing and promotion corporate branding commercial feature walls textile and fashion industry interior design retail shopping outlets film entertainment Paper butterflies in new york gallery Brand promotion cards GET

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/laser-cut-paper-card/lasercut-card.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Custom interior designer Mylar wall stencils
    sell the range of exciting up to date stencils including large feature wall stencils from the designer and author Henny Donovan Henny has a reputation as the home of original contemporary stencil design and the popularity of her contemporary stencil designs continues to progressively grow Our design team are skilled and experienced in liaising with designers on large scale stencil projects We also offer a quality professional customer services package incorporating artwork proofing invoicing and packaging to ensure we satisfy our clients rigorous briefs Henny s innovative trademark designs are used worldwide by homeowners interior designers architects production companies shops theatre companies and are featured extensively on television and in interior and lifestyle magazines around the world Simple design The oversize Chrysanthemum stencil recreates the original drawing beautifully Blossom stencil Large wall stencils for interior projects can be spray or hand painted in one or multi layers Wall stencil We work closely with all our clients to ensure the finished effect achieves the desired effect Exhibition display stencils Interior design stencils for Proud2 GET A QUOTE ENQUIRY FORM click here prompt response PHONE US 01360 850389 EMAIL US Testimonial Henny Donovan Project Henny Donovan Motif Stencils Client Henny Donovan Motif London I originally chose to work with Laser Cutting Services as we were looking for a company who could produce a high quality of laser cutting for intricate and oversize stencil designs We have now been working with Laser Cutting Services for 8 years and have been very happy with the service and quality of stencil cutting they produce from digitised design files Consistency of high quality has been really important so that Motif can sell a genuinely high quality product on to Motif customers where the cutting matches the quality of the design work One of our aims was

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/large-stencils/interior-decor-stencils (2016-04-28)
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  • Custom window stencils for sports promotion and display
    promoting events at Snozone centres all around the UK This main picture left shows the finished effect Graffiti stencils can be applied with spray snow or chalk spray The thumbnail illustrates that the logo stencil can also be used on glass windows or interior panels SNO Zone indoor ski snowboard centres are at Xscape Castleford Leeds Milton Keynes and Braehead Glasgow Exhibition billboard advertising Street stencils for clean campaign GET

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/street-stencil/graffiti-stencils-chalk-spray.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Laser cutting services using custom laser cut paper and card for display, London
    with a laser cutter Paper cuts have a naive quality re creating the simplistic style of drawing that is required The laser cutter portrays the intricate detail in a contemporary and visually striking way Papercut map Intricate and detailed designs can be cut with extreme accuracy with the laser cutter Various colours Papercut maps were laser cut for Famille Summerbelle in various shades of coloured card Naive design A simplistic

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/laser-cut-paper-card/paper-cut-map.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Laser cutting services using custom laser cut and engraved paper for exhibition, New York
    AND CARD Laser Cutting Paper Creates 2000 Butterflies We were approached by a London based artist to laser cut over 2 000 paper butterflies These were attached to a live model and displayed as a piece of sculptural visual art in a New York gallery for just one day Laser Cutting Services are specialists in laser paper cutting and laser card cutting and have years of experience and expertise Laser cutting technology allows us to produce fine detailed artwork papercuts and cardcuts Or if you have a 3D engineered paper or card design once cut the card or paper can be assembled to fashion the 3D effect Many of our clients display and frame their finished cut artwork paper cut or card cut to be presented as celebratory gifts and prizes Many 3D effect sculptural artwork pieces are displayed in major galleries and or reproduced in quantity We work from Illustrator or vector type artwork files to allow us to cut your job however our design team can prepare these for you if required Laser cut stage show props Laser cut printed invitation GET A QUOTE ENQUIRY FORM click here prompt response PHONE US 01360 850389 EMAIL US Laser Cutting

    Original URL path: https://www.lasercutit.co.uk/laser-cut-paper-card/laser-cutting-paper.html (2016-04-28)
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