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  • Launch Tech UK Blog
    the Autotech Experts centre of excellence provides classroom based training to enable the development of key skills required for use in the automotive industry Offering more than 10 000 hours of Read More Video tutorials to support diagnostic tool use Posted on Thursday 1st of October 2015 Launch Europe has released a series of new video tutorials to assist installers with using the X 431 PRO 3 diagnostic tool Available via YouTube there are three different videos focusing on setting up registering updating and also using the X 431 PRO 3 on a daily basis The X 431 PRO 3 is the most versatile product of its kind in the world and connects vehicles and workshops using both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity The PRO 3 also features a built in social network Read More Launch appointed seller of Smoke Wizard leak detector Posted on Thursday 9th of July 2015 Launch UK has become the approved lead distributor of Global Leak Detection s Smoke Wizard a diagnostic smoke machine used by OEMs such as AMG Audi KIA Mazda Porsche Volkswagen and Jaguar Land Rover There are two models available in the aftermarket the GLD 40 and the GLD 50 Smoke Wizards Smoke Wizards Diagnostic Smoke leak detection has completely changed the way system leaks are diagnosed Previously the accepted method for finding micro leaks was to use a stethoscope Read More Launch UK unveil unique X431 Euro Pad II diagnostic tool Posted on Wednesday 3rd of June 2015 Launch UK has unveiled its latest Android based diagnostic tool that brings an unrivalled level of user intuitiveness to the aftermarket The touch screen X431 Euro Pad II uses the same award winning vehicle diagnostic software as previous Launch X431 scan tools but also features improved multi manufacturer vehicle coverage powerful special functions

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  • Launch Tech UK Blog
    better to employ one of the many methods of keeping your vehicle air conditioning in its best condition We ve listed some of these cool care tips below ranging from those you can take care of yourself to others Read More Product Spotlight Launch CRP123 CReader Professional Posted on Monday 7th of December 2015 Selling reassurance when it comes to automotive repair is no easy task but with the right tool in hand it soon becomes routine Enter the Launch CRP123 CReader Professional a handheld diagnostic tool that can detect and report the underlying cause behind the faults of a vehicle with astonishing accuracy and in record time Designed not just to do its job to the highest standard the CRP123 features a sleek and slim design to rival that of any highstreet gadget making it as worthy a choice Read More Cars Computers The History of Diagnostic Tools Posted on Thursday 22nd of October 2015 One common factor to be found in every decade s ideal future is a sense of comfort and reassurance and in this regard car diagnostic tools could not be more modern For example each successive generation of products and software from Launch Tech not only allows for more extensive diagnostics of a vehicle s performance they also make the task more effortless and less time consuming as you go through the various generation models But exactly how far has this technology come in the Read More Product Spotlight Launch X431 Euro Pad II Posted on Wednesday 17th of June 2015 The X431 Euro Pad II is the latest Android based diagnostic tool from Launch This robust compact tablet offers features beyond other diagnostic tools all through the power of Bluetooth technology What sets the X431 Euro Pad II apart from others are the extensive

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  • Launch Tech UK Blog | Page 5
    Do Not To Do After A Road Traffic Collision Posted on Monday 18th of November 2013 A Road Traffic Collision also known as a Road Traffic Accident often leaves those involved disorientated shocked and possibly injured As a result any number of things can happen and how a person reacts in these sorts of situations can range from the extreme to the sombre Still it is important to know what you should or shouldn t do in these situations which could help you either as a bystander or as one of those directly involved WHAT TO DO 1 It is imperative that you are Read More Car Maintenance Tips You Can t Live Without Posted on Wednesday 16th of October 2013 Most of us out there will only ever look under the bonnet of our cars if and when we suspect something has gone wrong otherwise we just hop on into the driver seat and pay it no thought Taking a look at your car s inner workings regularly can alert you to the early symptoms of serious issues as well as simply help you to keep it running at 100 efficiency In the 50 s 60 s it was said that you should check your car s oil tyre pressure and water every Read More Simple Ways To Keep Your Car Going For Longer Posted on Monday 30th of September 2013 1 If you see a tanker filling the tanks at your local petrol station come back another day or go to a different station Why When the station s tanks are being re filled sediment is stirred up which can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors damaging your car s performance and possibly necessitating repairs 2 Does your car key share a place with every other key and

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  • Launch appointed seller of Smoke Wizard® leak detector
    find leaks by supplying a smoke vapour and UltraTraceUV dye solution which finds leaks in virtually any low pressure system In under 20 seconds the device heats the smoke solution to produce the vapour which is then delivered using compressed air or inert gas to the affected system The smoke vapour contains a specially formulated OEM approved non contaminating and non permanent UV dye for use in all automotive systems for leak detection The built in UV Dye leaves a residue around any leak sites which is especially important for finding leaks that may be hidden or require disassembly to find Using OEM approved technology the Smoke Wizard can easily help diagnose the most common check engine codes proving invaluable in all workshop environments The compact unit weighing 10lbs is powered from the vehicle s battery so it needs no external power source and can be stored upright or laid flat A number of visual indicators provide support for the user and it accepts air pressure ranging from 50 175 PSI The flow gauge displays flow into the system and provides a scale on the size of leaks prior to leak detection saving the technician time by proving there is a leak prior to looking for smoke vapour and UV dye The pressure decay gauge verifies leaks in the system by monitoring both positive and negative pressure during leak down tests and the flow control valve allows total control of the volume of vapour delivered from the machine The kit includes a Schrader tool EVAP service port adapter assortment of cap plugs a combination light UV Laser and white Exhaust cone adapter and 2 bottles of UltraTraceUV Smoke Solution On a safety level the GLD 40 is fully optimized to use inert gas for safer EVAP testing Using an inert

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2015/07/09/launch-appointed-seller-of-smoke-wizard-leak-detector/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Product Spotlight: Launch X431 Euro Pad II
    and easy to understand menu make using the X431 Euro Pad II a snap Unplugged the unit is good for up to 8 hours of use and comes with a hefty 32G hard drive with room for an additional 32GB using a micro SD card The unit is water drop and dust resistant and relies on real time remote telematics diagnosis using GOLO GOLO technology allows customers to connect with mechanics in real time through any Android phone Customers with vehicle problems contact their shop of choice and receive expert advice instantly This is a great advantage as late model vehicles are complex computerized and drivers do not have access to diagnostics Drivers can text or talk to a mechanic and follow along as the mechanic takes over the vehicle s diagnostic system and identifies problems The X431 Euro Pad II offers fast accurate date to the mechanic You can view and record up to 15 items simultaneously This allows you to perform general diagnostics graph performance and handle module coding You also have access to vehicle specifications in the Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Database Manufacturer suggested solutions to problems and search capability for fault codes are available too Since the X431 Euro Pad II is at the heart of the diagnostics some fault codes are correctable remotely Besides the powerful telematics the X431 Euro Pad II elevates customer service to a new level GOLO car care paired with Android technology revolutionises how you service and support your customers Customers not only gain confidence in your services as they follow along with the diagnostic process but you can also produce a written report instantly and send it the customer s mobile phone You can text or speak to the customer and even if they do not answer Bluetooth technology leaves

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2015/06/17/product-spotlight-launch-x431-euro-pad-ii/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Launch UK unveil unique X431 Euro Pad II diagnostic tool
    same award winning vehicle diagnostic software as previous Launch X431 scan tools but also features improved multi manufacturer vehicle coverage powerful special functions accurate and ultra fast live data and graphing along with module coding capacities The product also features a specific Golo button allowing independent garages to use telematics and remotely diagnose and fix specific vehicle issues via a Golo device fitted to the vehicle s OBD interface The Launch next generation software suite also allows users to access OE level Asian European and Domestic applications for module coding to perform resets as well as re learns and bi directional capabilities The Pad II also supports the use of Launch extension modules such as Multimeter Scope Box 4 Channel Oscilloscope Sensor Simulation and Endoscope Inspection camera Dave Richards Launch UK managing director said The X431 Euro Pad II brings a complete tablet experience to the aftermarket and the flexibility in installing third party Apps and software means it s a tool that can be completely customised to meet individual diagnostic needs Key features include VIN recognition and Auto ID available on vehicle systems and modules View Record up to 15 live data items at the same time Real time remote telematics diagnosis using GOLO Customer management software linking to the Launch online user community Online fault code search and possible causes and solutions help files Built in vehicle maintenance and repair database Easy one click updates over Wi Fi Class 1 Bluetooth 2 1 connector for optimum wireless connectivity 10 1 high resolution IPS capacitive touch screen 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera with flash and video function One year software subscription included no lock out period This post appears in Car Diagnostic Tools Industry News This post has been tagged This post was written by mark Leave

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2015/06/03/launch-uk-unveil-unique-x431-euro-pad-ii-diagnostic-tool/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Launch UK awarded European Best Business Partner 2014 by Launch Europe
    the European Best Business Partner 2014 accolade by the diagnostic brand s European headquarters The UK business led by managing director Dave Richards fought off numerous other mainland European Launch suppliers and was praised for its outstanding sales performance and support it provides to both motor factors and garages Launch offers an array of diagnostics solutions for both enthusiasts and professionals alike In 2014 it launched the new X431 PRO range which was extremely popular with the motor trade for its versatility and ability to diagnose vehicle faults remotely on 90 percent of all European Asian and American vehicle brands Using a 10 1 inch screen on a handy touch screen tablet the PRO has been designed to enhance functionality for the user As a privately owned business Launch UK is also able to offer customers a range of other products from air conditioning machines to Striker tools In 2015 The company looks set to seal a number of exclusive distribution agreements that will enable it to offer a greatly expanded range of products to customers Collecting the award were the Launch sales team of Sundeep Singh and Steve Russell Dave Richards commented It s fantastic to be recognised by Launch Europe and this is in response to how well the brand products and of course our team are accepted and regarded by motor factors and garages throughout the UK We ll continue to bring to market the most up to date products and ensure installers realise their full potential in order that they too remain competitive This post appears in Industry News This post has been tagged This post was written by mark Leave a Reply Blog Categories Accessories Air Conditioning C Reader V C Recorder II Car Diagnostic Tools EVAP Testing Garage Tools Hints Tips Hybrid Cars Industry

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2015/06/03/launch-uk-awarded-european-best-business-partner-2014-by-launch-europe/ (2016-02-18)
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  • How to Diagnose a Car that Won’t Start
    reasons a car won t start and the signs you should look out for A flat battery Diagnosing a flat battery is easy When you try to start the car all you will hear is a slight clicking sound The engine won t crank and the display will not light up A flat battery can be caused by leaving on lights and for newer batteries a recharge should be all that s needed to solve the problem though older batteries may need replacing Another cause for a flat battery is a faulty alternator which prevents the battery from recharging In that case the part rather than the battery will need to be replaced A failed starter motor If you hear a rusty clunking noise or a disconcerting click when you turn the key chances are your problem is a faulty starter motor This can be caused by faulty wiring or it could be a mechanical failure within the motor itself If the motor has failed then a replacement will be necessary before the car can be used again Faulty Ignition Even an almost dead battery can muster up a few dash lights so if you turn the key and nothing happens then you probably have a faulty ignition switch Replacement of the switch is the only remedy Faulty fuel system If everything else is working fine but your car won t start then a fuel system fault is likely the culprit It could be a clogged fuel filter so check that first and replace if needed If that checks out clear then you need to delve deeper An affordable car diagnostic tool like the CReader Pro CRP123 will help you identify the fault and as a fuel system problem will need a professional repair it will enable you go into

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