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  • 5 Car Problems Anyone Can Fix | Launch Tech UK
    re still not rocket science if your car isn t taking off there s no need for a professional to check it s the battery that s at fault with tools like the Launch Batter Tester and Launch Battery Power Jump Start Booster Pack you can ensure the problem does indeed lie in your lack of power rather than say the alternator or starter and give you the jump you need Both are designed to give as simple a read out and jump start respectively as possible 2 Drive Belt issues Whilst diagnosing your car s drive belt for the actual problem at hand may require more effort the easiest way to figure out if there s an issue is just hearing the screech when you start it or use certain accessories A visual inspection can quickly reveal cracks wear and looseness and even if the aforementioned harpy like quality isn t heard you may see it s looking rather worn out or perhaps loose Replacing your drive belt requires no specialist tools just a ratchet sockets wrenches and a screwdriver and there are plenty of online guide s that walk you through each step of its replacement 3 Cooler Leaks That s right seeing green orange or yellow liquid forming a pool from your parked car is actually a bad thing This leak is antifreeze born from a hole or crack in your car s exterior hose If you notice a leakage open the hood and look for where the same offending liquid may be pouring out of If you spot it without touching the antifreeze it will be hot unclamp the leaking hose replace with a new hose and re clamp in place Even if the leak isn t obvious Launch Tech have various electronic leak detector kits to get fast and accurate readings 4 Brake Pads We can t think of a better car part to keep working at optimal condition preventing both accident or injury than your brake pads If your car s stoppers are producing an unbearable squeak or squeal then you ll want to get the car jacked up the tire removed and a new brake pad in there as soon as possible Another easy car repair task for anyone to take care of the signs of a worn out brake pad are mostly visual either being worn down or with rotors with uneven or warped services There s guides to changing your brake pads virtually everywhere online so make sure you get familiar with them to save some easy money 5 Regular Maintenance Not so much a car problem as trying to avoid one there s a lot of car parts and facets that are easy to access and assess and this should be done every 30 000 miles or every two years Whether you have the time to spare or have a big road trip coming up replacing your fuel fiter air filter spark plugs wires distributor cap rotor and of course

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2015/01/26/5-car-problems-anyone-can-fix/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Launch Tech UK Blog | Page 6
    An increase in demand for British brands from big consumers like China is fueling the industry s growth which is also opening plants by brands like BMW and Nissan in the country Last month it was reported Read More Hot Concept Cars 2013 Posted on Thursday 1st of August 2013 This year s motor shows have revealed a huge range of concept cars which offer us a glimpse of what the future of motoring might look like here s a few of the ones we want to get our hands on now Top Row Alfa Romeo Gloria Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Lexus Autonomous Car Middle Row Ford Atlas Infiniti Emerge E Chevrolet Tru 140S Bottom Row Porche Panamera Sport Turismo Peugeot Onyx Jaguar Read More X431 Pad Video Round Up Posted on Wednesday 17th of July 2013 Our latest diagnostic tool the X431 Pad has taken the world by storm with people from multiple countries appreciating the giant leap forward in diagnostic capabilities With this interest there has been a wealth of videos being made showcasing it s features So we ve decided to bring together some of them so you can see for yourself what a fantastic tool the X431 Euro Pad is One Unboxing If you ignore the rather energetic music and sometimes shaky camera work this video shows Read More Fantastic Weekend for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 Posted on Monday 15th of July 2013 It was a fantastic weekend for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 this weekend and the order of events at this year s festival transformed it into the fully fledged international motorshow it has been growing into Manufacturers used the show to showcase several new cars with significant impact including the Alfa Romeo 4C Porche 918 and the hybrid supercan Jaguar C X75

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/?pg=6 (2016-02-18)
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  • Preparing Your Car for a Long Road Trip | Launch Tech UK
    at least a month before your planned departure date Checking your fluids are up to the task More than just a question of petrol it helps to ensure all your car s liquids are fully optimized for a 10 hour trip Particularly if your destination is considerably warmer cooler than old Blighty check your coolant s mixture of anitfreeze and water suits the climate Meanwhile other items like engine oil transmission fluid gasoline and their filters should receive particular attention Ensure your tires will see you there With extended high speeds on the motorway particularly on top of heavy loads making sure your tires are at the right pressure can avoid a blowout at high speeds For the best way to check tire pressure consult the owners manual and put your tire s rating to match the amount of passengers and expected speeds Don t forget that your spare tire should also be fully inflated with all the necessary tools alongside it though hopefully they remain unnecessary Have a look for any leaking loose or incorrectly operating parts A week before you departure date maybe earlier form a basic checklist of things to check as you drive during the day These can include your battery water level windscreen wipers washers fuel temperature gauge lights radiator hoses fan belt steering joints exhaust system gearbox or the master cylinders If your steering should feel the least bit loose or your mountings contaminated with oil then talk to your mechanic Readying the Car for Depature A lot of the above is standard technical fair for your car that should be always in check When it comes to readying your vehicle for the demands of a holiday there s certain subtle best practices that should ensure a smooth drive Give the interior of your

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/12/18/preparing-your-car-for-a-long-road-trip/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Top 5 Car Problems That Come With Age | Launch Tech
    over 6 or seven years old it may be wise to replace the tensioners idlers or water pump which can cause the belt to move of its pulleys when if they seize 4 Rust A familiar no brainer rust is something that can start out as a troublesome spot on a car but can quickly spread as the metal underneath is further exposed to moisture and air Rust far too often sends perfectly good cars to rest and whilst it begins as a simple stain caused by driving through a puddle the technically named iron oxide can work its way through untreated raw sheet steel and iron in just a few years Solution The first thing to treating rust is to try and prevent it Washing you car regularly and keeping it free of road grime salts and dirt will stop corrosion from taking hold as will checking the drain holes along the bottom of doors When you first start to see surface rust immediately make plans for either your or a professional to remove the paint around the rust with a sander cut through the rust build up before applying primer paint and buffer to make it good as new Our Launch CReader VI is a user friendly diagnostic tool for both professional workshops and DIY enthusiasts 3 Disc Brake Braking The otherwise reliable car disc brake is itself prone to braking over time Whilst this can be due to simple wearing out on most cars it s can also be due to corrosion caused by a build of rust in infrequently used cars left in damp conditions Eventually most front discs wear out and become too thin hence why most vehicle manufacturers specify a minimum thickness Not replacing a disc brake at this time is a serious threat to motor safety the judder it causes can lead to a complete wheel lock up and loss of control of the vehicle Solution Rotor cracking can be put down to poor manufacturing or just eventual wearing out Either way inspection for excessive build up of corrosion can be done either by yourself you can find a guide in the video below or by a trained mechanic 2 Fuel Economy Less a safety issue than the last three points and more a monetary one it s a fact that old cars rarely get fuel economy the way modern ones do Rising repair costs are often seen as a key reason to get a new vehicle but likewise your petrol bill should factor into your repair or replace formula Solution Opting for a more modern make of car that averages more miles per gallon makes a careful balancing act of our whether to drive an existing car into the ground or immediately strive for a more efficient model Consider different variables relevant to your driving habits model type age of current model distance driven annually etc Keep track of your fuel economy by noting the odometer reading and the number of gallons

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/11/19/top-5-car-problems-that-come-with-age/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Brand Spotlight: Striker
    Pack Of 5 Dura Lead Refills appearing downright mundane but there is no doubt that once having tried them you will see how much difference their unusual designs and inherent quality make To give you a rough idea about the kind of accessories that Striker provide we re going to quickly show you three which you can find on Launch UK and that can be in your hand by this time tomorrow thanks to our next day delivery service Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine Professional With eight white LED lights on the front and four red ones on the back this light mine is covered with magnets and can be securely stuck on to any steel surface thereby giving you ample light whilst going about your work Though the casual Striker Magnetic LED Mine is more than adequate in most situations the professional magnetic LED mine is capable of producing light up to eight times brighter than its more casual counterpart and it is designed to last over four times longer Ideal for illuminating the darkest recesses of a car s engine the professional light mine is a must have gadget for any mechanic or technician Striker Garage Parking Sensor Most garages were not designed to accommodate the slowly growing width and length of modern cars so as the years creep by so too do we whilst we pull into our garages trying not to graze the wall Utilising ultrasonic technology the Striker parking sensor has a very clear red yellow green lighting system that helps drivers to see when they may be getting a little to close to their garage wall Placing one at the far end of your garage ought to be enough but for those who like to be really safe having an extra two placed on

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/10/20/brand-spotlight-striker/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Jump Starting A Car With The Launch Battery Power Pack
    more simple and whilst you may not think so with its small unassuming size when fully charged the device is capable of starting a car over 20 times before a recharge is necessary It can even start cars in which there isn t even a battery present Available at a price that makes it affordable and practical for mechanics and individual car owners when the power pack finally requires charge it can be quickly re energised via a mains power supply Alternatively by using one of the accessories that come with the pack it can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port present on the dash of most cars and charged whilst on the go Launch UK s Battery Power Mini Power Pack Though the Battery Power Pack is primarily used for jump starting a car it has a whole host of additional uses that make it even more perfect for the average car owner To start with each power pack comes with an ensemble of connection cables that will allow the power pack to recharge popular electronic devices including the Sony PSP Sat Navs tablets iPhone 4 iPhone 5 other mobile phones and many more The Power Pack is fitted with 2 ports giving its user the ability to charge 2 devices simultaneously On top of this it is fitted with a powerful integrated LED light making it useful to have around should you run into trouble at night The LED light has a battery life of 120 hours and can be switched between 3 possible light settings steady flashing and SOS Obviously this pack is a very useful and valuable piece of machinery which is why this 420 gram battery pack has a protective plastic cover and soft rubber aspects to help absorb any shocks It also has

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/09/19/jump-starting-a-car-with-the-launch-battery-power-pack/ (2016-02-18)
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  • 5 Car Problems You Must Know How To Fix Yourself
    fixing it will at best result in wasted time perhaps some wasted money and a car that is still not running correctly Having said that not all afflictions that can ail your beloved auto mobile are difficult to diagnose in fact in some instances the cause is quite blatant In these situations going to a mechanic or calling for road side assistance is completely reasonable but considering how simple it is to remedy these problems you will be spending your money on a service that you could just as easily do yourself for free Common Car Problems We have already put together a list of car maintenance tips that we don t think any car owner should live without but sometimes bad things happen to good car owners which is why now we re going to share with you 5 car problems you must know how to fix yourself Flat Tyre Usually the result of a puncture a flat tyre is one of the most basic common and easily diagnosed problems that any car owner will face and is the reason why a great many cars have a space on the back underside or in the boot to store a replacement tyre Punctures are not always obvious when they happen as they do not always blow out like they do in cartoons and films but they will cause the tyre to deflate which will set the car at an angle and that is rather noticeable Front Rear Light Out Particularly dangerous if you re driving at night it is actually against the law to drive in the dark without functioning lights If it is the front lights that are out then the problem is usually easy to spot as you will only have one side of your car illuminated and other drivers may well flash their high beams at you to let you know The rear ones are a little bit more tricky to work out as the glare it would cause in the rear view mirror will deter many drivers from flashing their high beams at you from behind so you are better off inspecting them yourself about every week or so Dead Battery There are many reasons why a car battery could run dry but you can worry about the why after you have gotten your car up and running again Much like changing the fuse in a plug knowing how to jump start a car really is something of an essential life skill in this day and age so if you do not know how to do it then take a look at Launch s easy 7 step guide to jump starting a car Faulty Spark Plugs Spark plugs are there to ignite the engine which is to say that they are responsible for staring the quick succession of tiny explosions that occur in an engine and allow it to run If for whatever reason a spark plug is unable to perform its job adequately the car

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/08/18/5-car-problems-you-must-know-how-to-fix-yourself/ (2016-02-18)
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  • 8 Steps On How To Sell Your Car For More
    come in 4 Ways To Make Yourself Look Good By presenting yourself as a good driver and more over as a good trustworthy person you will foster a positive impression of yourself in the mind of the person you are selling to This goes further with resale than part exchange as those who work for organisations will have fixed amounts that they can offer with only room for a small amount of give or take but it is still useful for getting the higher end offers Making yourself look good and coming over as likeable is easy to do and is something that many people are capable of doing it s making yourself look like a good conscientious driver that some may have trouble achieving There are many things you can do to give this impression but we find the following are the most important Have All Your Paperwork A car comes with a lot of paperwork including a users manual that details how the car and all of its features work Having all the car s paperwork including any other relevant documents such as an in date preferably recent MOT certificate will go a long way to showing you treated your car with care and consideration especially if all the information is kept neatly organised in a ring binder or folder Clean Your Car It may be a rather simple thing to point out but you will be surprised how many people do not bother to give their car a good clean before trying to sell it By offering up a dirty car the prospective buyer will assume that you are not willing to shell out the cash to clean it because it will not be yours much longer and if you are not willing to pay for it to be cleaned what else are you skimping on Vacuum The Interior Most people will have a clean looking exterior but a messy crumb ridden interior which will denounce how much the owner truly cares for their vehicle As the car s prospective user it is likely that the person buying will see the inside of the car more than they do the outside so it will be important to them that the interior is aesthetically pleasing Having a clean interior will also show that you cared for all aspects of your car not just that which other people could easily see Added Value Once a price is agreed upon refilling your car with clean oil water and petrol will serve as a gesture of good faith to the car s new owner and may possibly pay off in a big way This may seem pointless and it is a little bit of a risk but by filling up the car to maximum the buyer will not have to spend their time and money doing so most people will often acknowledge this and repay your kindness by covering the cost of the fuel and then some 4 Ways To Make

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/07/24/8-steps-on-how-to-sell-your-car-for-more/ (2016-02-18)
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