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  • Launch Tech UK Blog | Page 7
    practices have been the saving grace of UK manufacturers which are now topping this survey of 16 000 customers This improvement has been a steep incline with Land Rover seeing the most marked improvement In 2004 it was positioned Read More X431 Pad More Information Posted on Tuesday 14th of May 2013 This month Launch UK has introduced the newest device in their diagnostic tools range the X431 Pad An advance in car diagnostics it combines professional standard capabilities with super fast performance The 9 7 LCD screen provides high definition features with the ability to show up to 12 pieces of data from a car at any one time With a Windows 7 operating system the Pad provides high quality and easy to use performance with all Read More Driverless Cars to Become Reality Posted on Tuesday 14th of May 2013 It was reported by the Sunday Times this weekend that the government is planning to amend the law to allow driverless cars to be tested on public roads allowing the roll out of self driving vehicles to take a big step forward Experts predict that this technology although in its early stages could be available on a commercial scale in around 20 years and would cut fuel bills for motorists by improving driving style and optimising journey routes The decision to allow self driving cars Read More Introducing Launch X431 Euro Pad Posted on Monday 22nd of April 2013 Those of you who regularly check our website will have noticed that we have recently added a brand new Launch car diagnostic tool to our range the Launch X431 Euro Pad A giant leap forward in diagnostic technology with the convenience of tablet computing the Euro Pad has the most up to date software and coverage which now extends

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  • The Pros & Cons Of Hybrid Cars
    than standard cars but as things stand now is getting a hybrid car an economical option 6 Pros of Hybrid Cars On average hybrid cars emit 23 less pollution and toxic emissions which is the reason behind its most apparent benefit their eco friendliness Whilst they do require petrol to run hybrid cars use their electric motor to provide some or all of the driving force which greatly reduces the petrol consumption allowing you to save money whilst reducing your carbon footprint The government charges considerably less road tax for hybrid cars due to their lower CO2 emissions Designed to be fuel efficient hybrids are lighter in weight than standard petrol run cars and make use of a considerably smaller engine both of which help to reduce fuel consumption The research being poured into hybrid cars is constantly bearing fruit with the average hybrid now being capable of running at 40 miles to the gallon and the newer more advanced models being able to operate at an impressive 50mpg Due to the many long term ways in which they can help save the driver money hybrids do not devalue in the same extreme way as regular cars would resulting in high resale values 4 Cons of Hybrid Cars Because they are designed with fuel economy in mind not speed hybrids will have a lower power output than cars that run purely on fossil fuels The research going into hybrid cars may regularly show results but it does make the initial expenditure of buying one noticeably higher The parts used to build the hybrids are less common than parts for ordinary cars meaning spare parts may not be immediately accessible This also contributes to their high initial cost as well as the increase in repair cost when out of warranty Not

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/06/11/the-pros-cons-of-hybrid-cars/ (2016-02-18)
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  • How Hybrid Cars Work & Why They're Needed
    capable of releasing a lot of energy which means that it needs to contain a high energy density but it also needs to be light enough to be carried within the vehicle and able to be stored safely at ambient temperatures Petroleum is a rare thing in that it meets all of these criteria and does so very well which is why its use is so prominent and also why it is so difficult to replace The Problem with Petroleum So if it s perfectly suited why bother looking for alternatives As said earlier the issues that arise as a by product of using petroleum and the internal combustion engine are multifaceted with one of the greatest concerns of course it s environmental impact When the engine converts the fuel into gas and the energy is spent it is released through the car s exhaust and goes into the atmosphere One of the elements that make up the gas which is released is Carbon Dioxide a major contributor to global warming There are also environmental issues that arise from oil spills which can occur during the extraction of petroleum from the ground or whilst it is in transit A spill is especially damaging if it occurs at sea as it spreads out across the water s surface covering vast distances of sea shoreline and beaches affecting all forms of life that live there Environmental concerns aside there is the addition concern of petroleum being a fossil fuel having finite quantities once its reservoirs have been depleted we will not be able to access any more This alone is enough of a good reason to search for alternative fuels or at the very least attempt to reduce the amount of petroleum we need to use One of the biggest steps we have made toward this end is the hybrid car which combines the use of an internal combustion engine with an electric powered motor The marriage between the two is ideal as sharing the workload between the two reduces the amount of fuel that needs to be used and as neither need to be as big as they would if acting individually the vehicle s weight is reduced along with the energy required to move it Types of Hybrid There are different ways in which a hybrid car can operate for instance the Toyota Prius uses its electric motor to start and accelerate up to around 15mph at which time its petrol engine will engage The Prius also has a power split device which means that once the engine is running the motion of the car can be powered by both it and the electric motor simultaneously with the engine kicking in fully when the battery needs to recharge The Prius is capable of acting like what is known as a series hybrid and also as a parallel hybrid A parallel hybrid is capable of using both the engine and the motor at the same time or independently to affect the

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/05/13/how-hybrid-cars-work-why-theyre-needed/ (2016-02-18)
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  • How To Repair Rust Damage On Your Car
    tape anti rust primer and some sand paper a sanding sponge or a sanding block How To Repair Rust Damage This first step may sound a little counter intuitive but to start with you will want to wash the area around the rust This is to remove any dust grease or dirt that may later go on to damage your car s body work Be sure to use soap when doing this as water alone will not break down grease Allow the area to dry but don t leave it too long as you do not want to allow more rust to take hold or allow it to get dirty again Taking your tape identify and make a box around the affected area to protect the other areas that are still intact We suggest using masking tape as other stronger types may remove the cars paint when removed Applying light force to begin with start to sand away the rust As you do you should be able to gauge how much extra force you can get away with applying but do not get carried away as you do not want to sand any area that is unaffected and cause additional damage One you believe you have removed all of the rust get rid of any residue by wiping the newly sanded area with a wet cloth This should give you the increased visibility needed to properly inspect your work and see if the once infected area is now truly devoid of rust If it turns out that some rust is still present then sand it away and repeat the above step Keep doing this until you can be 100 certain that it is all gone Once you are sure remove the tape and wipe the area down again with a

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/04/16/how-to-repair-rust-damage-on-your-car/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Why Car Batteries Die & How To Jump Start A Car In 7 Steps
    are several causes that can lead to a dead battery the most common of which is some of the electrics such as the headlights A C or radio being left on over night or whilst the car is not running Your battery could also die as a result of long periods of inactivity poor battery upkeeps low water levels unclean terminals etc old age parasitic draw and extremely cold temperatures It the moment however the why is not essential you need to get your car up and running There are several ways of doing this but the most simple is to get a jump start or Boost from a fellow driver Knowing how to jump start a car is irrelevant however if between you and your rescuer you have no jump cables which is why and we cannot stress this enough every car should have a set of jumper cables in it Just to be safe To start with you need to find some kind soul who is willing to give you a boost which is by far the most difficult part of the process however once you have caught the attention of a Good Samaritan and they have pulled over to help you you can begin First things first ensure both parties are safe from potential shocks and possible electrocution by making sure both cars are off The jump cables will come with red and black clamps the red being positive and the black being negative You will want to attach the positive red clamps to the positive terminals of both car batteries starting with the dead one The negative black clamps on the other hand have to be done differently On the battery of the working vehicle attach the clamp to the negative port The other clamp however is not attached to the negative terminal of the disabled car and should instead be attached to any clean unpainted metallic surface on the engine block Start the car which is able to and allow it to run for around a couple of minutes before tying to start the dead car Remove the negative black jump cables starting with the one attached to the engine block and the remove the positive red cables starting with the one attached to the rescuer s battery To ensure that your car will not have the same issue next time you try to start it keep your car running for at least half an hour If the problem persists despite your best efforts go to see a mechanic as your battery may be experiencing issues which need to be addressed professionally Just as a side note if you do connect the two negative terminals you will create a loop which will cause sparks to flying and may result in an explosion It is probably a good idea to avoid this There are alternative methods of starting your car without jump cables but they are a little more difficult and only work with manual cars

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/03/19/why-car-batteries-die-how-to-jump-start-a-car-in-7-steps/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Introducing The Launch BHP Calculator
    steam train and was used as a way to illustrate the number of horses which the trains were replacing that was equal to the power of one engine Naturally this number would have been a bit of an estimate as no two horses will have the same efficiency and output which is why it has since been refined into a more concrete term Specifically 1 horsepower is equal to 745 7 Watts a unit which is used to convey the rate at which energy is transferred All this is very well and good but does that mean for sure that a car with a brake horse power of 110 is going to be less powerful than a car of 150 Technically yes as the engine is inherently more capable of a higher energy output but this is where the brake aspect of horsepower comes in A car s brake horsepower is simply the power an engine s puts out without all of the energy that is lost inherently through energy transfer as well as all the various tasks a car has to perform apart from simply moving Another major factor that can affect a car s power is its weight as the heavier the car the more energy has to be expended simply getting its wheels move So when you are being sold a car and you are being told all about how high its brake horsepower is know that the number they are giving you may well be inaccurate If you would like to get a more accurate impression of the actual horsepower of a car ask for the car s weight in addition to its horsepower With this information and by using our BPH Calculator you can discover what horsepower a vehicle actually puts out and you maybe

    Original URL path: http://www.launchtech.co.uk/blog/2014/02/17/introducing-the-launch-bhp-calculator/ (2016-02-18)
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  • Launch’s Official 6 Point MOT Checklist
    car s oil is a standard car maintenance procedure but make sure that other fluids that your car relies upon are kept replenished also This includes things like your car s screen wash and water levels but most importantly the brake fluid To check your brake fluid simply push down on the brake pedal Brakes Continuing from the last point if your brake pedal receives little or no resistance and goes right down to the floor there could be a brake fluid leak somewhere in the system or possibly a damaged master cylinder the cylinder where the brake fluid gets compressed Either way this issue will need to be resolved before you will pass the MOT Other brake related issues that can result in failure if not addressed include Gritty brake pedals which may indicate that your brake pad has worn away and requires replacing A damaged vacuum servo AKA brake booster which can result in too much resistance from your brake pedals and prevent them from working at all Uneven brake pads that cause different levels of pressure to be applied to the tyres which in turn causes your car to feel as though it is being pulled to the left or right whilst you are braking Tyres A damaged tyre can cause you a lot of trouble but luckily the damage will rarely have occurred over night so you will have had plenty of warnings Before you go for your MOT check your tyre pressure and tread depth A tread depth gauge will allow you to check this and while 1 6mm is the minimum legal requirement damage will have started to occur It is for this reason that we recommend you never allow your tread to reach such a low level Lights Checking all the external lights

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  • Launch X431 Accessories
    accessories for our Launch X431 car diagnostic tools to allow you to get the very most from your device An innovative piece of technology like an X431 should be used to its full capacity especially in the professional workshop so have a browse through our range of X431 parts and consumables to find plenty of replacement accessories and additional Launch equipment Our X431 devices have a broad vehicle coverage which can be taken advantage of with the use of our adapter cables but for the busy garage changing adapters for every job can cost valuable time The Launch Super 16 connector is just one cable which is compatible with all makes and models of vehicle using the 16 pin standard socket removing the need to swap connections with the CAN BUS connectors configured with the Launch X431 series A further time saving device which is indispensable when dealing with a variety of vehicle models the EOBD Diagnostic Socket Locations Manual covers over 500 model ranges with photographs and diagrams showing the location of the diagnostic socket This socket is often hidden by car manufacturers for aesthetic reasons making it difficult for technicians to find We all know that time costs money so save that valuable time that would be spent searching for the socket with this handy A5 book For more useful car diagnostic tool parts and accessories for the Launch X431 series please visit our main website This post appears in Launch UK X431 Accessories This post has been tagged launch tech support X431 car diagnostic tool car diagnostics reference car diagnostic tools reference books manuals parts and accessories accessories This post was written by marc Marc Yates Leave a Reply Blog Categories Accessories Air Conditioning C Reader V C Recorder II Car Diagnostic Tools EVAP Testing Garage Tools

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