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  • Lancashire VS Yorkshire - 06 Jun 2014 - Lancashire County Cricket Club
    00 Alex Lees Bowled Junaid Khan 36 29 3 1 124 14 Adam Lyth Bowled Kabir Ali 7 9 0 0 77 78 Jonny Bairstow Not Out 19 13 1 1 146 15 Tim Bresnan Run Out Steven Croft 2 3 0 0 66 67 Richard Pyrah Not Out 10 4 0 1 250 00 Adil Rashid Azeem Rafiq Oliver Robinson Jack Brooks Extras 0b 5lb 2nb 4w 6p 17 Totals 180 for 5 19 3 overs RR 9 33 Bowler O M R W ECO Kabir Ali 3 3 0 22 2 7 33 Junaid Khan 4 0 25 1 6 25 Jordan Clark 4 0 44 0 11 00 Tom Smith 4 0 37 1 9 25 Stephen Parry 3 0 31 0 10 33 Arron Lilley 1 0 10 0 10 00 Fall of Wickets 1 3 Andrew Gale 2 102 Alex Lees 3 129 Adam Lyth 4 144 Aaron Finch 5 163 Tim Bresnan Lancashire innings Batsman How Out Runs Balls 4 s 6 s SR Tom Smith Caught Aaron Finch Bowled Adil Rashid 55 28 8 1 196 43 Alex Davies Caught Tim Bresnan Bowled Richard Pyrah 5 7 0 0 71 43 Karl Brown Caught and Bowled Adil Rashid 11 13 1 0 84 62 Paul Horton Bowled Oliver Robinson 60 45 6 0 133 33 Jos Buttler Caught Adam Lyth Bowled Tim Bresnan 19 15 0 1 126 67 Steven Croft Not Out 21 10 1 1 210 00 Jordan Clark Bowled Oliver Robinson 1 2 0 0 50 00 Arron Lilley Kabir Ali Stephen Parry Junaid Khan Extras 0b 4lb 0nb 3w 0p 7 Totals 179 for 6 20 overs RR 8 95 Bowler O M R W ECO Tim Bresnan 4 0 33 1 8 25 Jack Brooks 3 0 42

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  • Warwickshire VS Lancashire - 08 Jun 2014 - Lancashire County Cricket Club
    55 4 1 54 55 Andrea Agathangelou Stumped Tim Ambrose Bowled Jeetan Patel 19 37 2 1 51 35 Simon Kerrigan Caught William Porterfield Bowled Boyd Rankin 6 25 1 0 24 00 Ashwell Prince Stumped Tim Ambrose Bowled Jeetan Patel 36 78 5 0 46 15 Steven Croft Not Out 104 118 10 0 88 14 Jos Buttler Caught Tim Ambrose Bowled Rikki Clarke 22 33 2 0 66 67 Tom Smith Bowled Boyd Rankin 20 57 3 0 35 09 Glen Chapple Not Out 34 29 3 1 117 24 Kyle Hogg Kabir Ali Extras 4b 3lb 2nb 0w 0p 9 Totals 322 for 7 82 overs RR 3 93 Bowler O M R W ECO Chris Wright 8 0 50 0 6 25 Keith Barker 14 1 55 0 3 93 Jeetan Patel 38 12 116 3 3 05 Boyd Rankin 13 0 39 3 3 00 Rikki Clarke 6 0 30 1 5 00 Ateeq Javid 2 0 10 0 5 00 Laurie Evans 1 0 15 0 15 00 Fall of Wickets 1 71 Alex Davies 2 83 Paul Horton 3 101 Andrea Agathangelou 4 103 Simon Kerrigan 5 179 Ashwell Prince 6 224 Jos Buttler 7 266 Tom Smith Warwickshire 1st innings Batsman How Out Runs Balls 4 s 6 s SR Varun Chopra Caught Andrea Agathangelou Bowled Kabir Ali 9 30 2 0 30 00 William Porterfield Caught Andrea Agathangelou Bowled Tom Smith 57 198 5 0 28 79 Ateeq Javid L B W Glen Chapple 7 49 0 0 14 29 Laurie Evans Caught Paul Horton Bowled Kyle Hogg 20 65 2 0 30 77 Sam Hain L B W Tom Smith 22 81 2 0 27 16 Tim Ambrose L B W Kyle Hogg 62 106 7 0 58 49 Rikki Clarke Bowled Simon Kerrigan 56 105 8 0 53 33 Keith Barker Not Out 44 64 6 0 68 75 Jeetan Patel Caught Alex Davies Bowled Kyle Hogg 11 18 2 0 61 11 Chris Wright Bowled Simon Kerrigan 6 14 1 0 42 86 Boyd Rankin Bowled Tom Smith 12 12 2 0 100 00 Extras 8b 8lb 0nb 0w 0p 16 Totals 322 for 10 123 4 overs RR 2 61 Bowler O M R W ECO Kyle Hogg 28 8 56 3 2 00 Kabir Ali 17 7 43 1 2 53 Tom Smith 24 4 4 50 3 2 08 Glen Chapple 16 5 36 1 2 25 Simon Kerrigan 32 6 104 2 3 25 Steven Croft 6 1 17 0 2 83 Fall of Wickets 1 11 Varun Chopra 2 31 Ateeq Javid 3 62 Laurie Evans 4 113 Sam Hain 5 142 William Porterfield 6 239 Tim Ambrose 7 255 Rikki Clarke 8 272 Jeetan Patel 9 293 Chris Wright 10 322 Boyd Rankin Lancashire 1st innings Batsman How Out Runs Balls 4 s 6 s SR Paul Horton Caught Tim Ambrose Bowled Chris Wright 12 24 2 0 50 00 Alex Davies

    Original URL path: http://www.lccc.co.uk/lccc/fixtures/warwickshire-vs-lancashire-08-jun-2014/ (2016-02-10)
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  • Lancashire VS Leicestershire - 13 Jun 2014 - Lancashire County Cricket Club
    Bowled Stephen Parry 12 16 0 0 75 00 Matthew Boyce Bowled Junaid Khan 47 35 6 0 134 29 Tom Wells Caught Jordan Clark Bowled Junaid Khan 28 22 1 1 127 27 Rob Taylor Bowled Kabir Ali 20 12 0 1 166 67 Ben Raine Not Out 2 3 0 0 66 67 Anthony Ireland Jigar Naik Richard Jones Extras 2b 2lb 0nb 2w 0p 6 Totals 157 for 7 20 overs RR 7 85 Bowler O M R W ECO Steven Croft 3 0 22 0 7 33 Kabir Ali 3 0 26 2 8 67 Jordan Clark 3 0 24 1 8 00 Junaid Khan 4 0 30 3 7 50 Arron Lilley 3 0 24 0 8 00 Stephen Parry 4 0 27 1 6 75 Fall of Wickets 1 36 Niall O Brien 2 38 Josh Cobb 3 46 Greg Smith 4 87 Ned Eckersley 5 122 Matthew Boyce 6 140 Tom Wells 7 157 Rob Taylor Lancashire innings Batsman How Out Runs Balls 4 s 6 s SR Tom Smith L B W Rob Taylor 50 36 5 2 138 89 Ashwell Prince Caught Matthew Boyce Bowled Richard Jones 12 9 1 0 133 33 Karl Brown Caught Niall O Brien Bowled Richard Jones 7 7 1 0 100 00 Paul Horton Caught Anthony Ireland Bowled Richard Jones 40 40 3 0 100 00 Jos Buttler Caught Jigar Naik Bowled Richard Jones 20 18 0 1 111 11 Steven Croft Caught Rob Taylor Bowled Richard Jones 7 5 1 0 140 00 Jordan Clark Caught Greg Smith Bowled Anthony Ireland 9 4 0 1 225 00 Arron Lilley Not Out 12 3 1 1 400 00 Kabir Ali Not Out Stephen Parry Junaid Khan Extras 0b 4lb 4nb 1w 0p 9 Totals 166

    Original URL path: http://www.lccc.co.uk/lccc/fixtures/lancashire-vs-leicestershire-13-jun-2014/ (2016-02-10)
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  • Durham VS Lancashire - 15 Jun 2014 - Lancashire County Cricket Club
    SR Mark Stoneman Caught Paul Horton Bowled Kyle Hogg 14 32 1 0 43 75 Keaton Jennings Caught Ashwell Prince Bowled Glen Chapple 12 47 2 0 25 53 Scott Borthwick Caught Tom Smith Bowled Simon Kerrigan 92 139 12 1 66 19 Michael Richardson L B W Tom Smith 9 17 2 0 52 94 Ben Stokes Caught Tom Smith Bowled Tom Smith 0 2 0 0 0 00 Paul Collingwood Caught Ashwell Prince Bowled Tom Smith 47 108 4 0 43 52 Gordon Muchall Caught Jos Buttler Bowled Tom Smith 15 41 2 0 36 59 Phil Mustard L B W Tom Smith 0 4 0 0 0 00 John Hastings Caught Simon Kerrigan Bowled Kyle Hogg 40 70 6 0 57 14 Paul Coughlin Caught Jos Buttler Bowled Kyle Hogg 15 33 2 0 45 45 Chris Rushworth Not Out 10 6 2 0 166 67 Extras 0b 7lb 6nb 0w 0p 13 Totals 267 for 10 82 4 overs RR 3 24 Bowler O M R W ECO Kyle Hogg 18 4 6 49 3 2 72 Kabir Ali 9 0 56 0 6 22 Glen Chapple 17 3 56 1 3 29 Tom Smith 18 6 42 5 2 33 Simon Kerrigan 20 3 57 1 2 85 Fall of Wickets 1 26 Mark Stoneman 2 36 Keaton Jennings 3 62 Michael Richardson 4 62 Ben Stokes 5 161 Scott Borthwick 6 193 Gordon Muchall 7 193 Phil Mustard 8 214 Paul Collingwood 9 251 John Hastings 10 267 Paul Coughlin Lancashire 1st innings Batsman How Out Runs Balls 4 s 6 s SR Paul Horton L B W Chris Rushworth 9 28 1 0 32 14 Alex Davies Caught Michael Richardson Bowled Ben Stokes 46 76 8 0 60 53 Usman Khawaja Caught Michael Richardson Bowled Paul Coughlin 86 139 11 0 61 87 Ashwell Prince Caught Phil Mustard Bowled Paul Coughlin 49 83 5 0 59 04 Steven Croft Caught Paul Collingwood Bowled Paul Coughlin 1 13 0 0 7 69 Jos Buttler Caught Phil Mustard Bowled Ben Stokes 8 54 0 0 14 81 Tom Smith Caught Phil Mustard Bowled Ben Stokes 11 27 1 0 40 74 Glen Chapple Bowled John Hastings 2 10 0 0 20 00 Kyle Hogg Caught Paul Coughlin Bowled John Hastings 2 14 0 0 14 29 Kabir Ali Not Out 15 16 2 0 93 75 Simon Kerrigan Caught Gordon Muchall Bowled John Hastings 6 21 0 0 28 57 Extras 0b 7lb 24nb 0w 0p 31 Totals 266 for 10 78 1 overs RR 3 41 Bowler O M R W ECO Chris Rushworth 17 3 42 1 2 47 John Hastings 21 1 3 45 3 2 14 Paul Coughlin 16 7 42 3 2 63 Ben Stokes 18 2 97 3 5 39 Scott Borthwick 6 0 33 0 5 50 Fall of Wickets 1 30 Paul Horton 2 94 Alex Davies 3 205 Usman Khawaja 4 213 Steven Croft 5 220

    Original URL path: http://www.lccc.co.uk/lccc/fixtures/durham-vs-lancashire-15-jun-2014/ (2016-02-10)
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  • Lancashire VS Northamptonshire - 20 Jun 2014 - Lancashire County Cricket Club
    Rob Keogh L B W Arron Lilley 28 28 1 0 100 00 Steven Crook Caught Ashwell Prince Bowled Stephen Parry 14 11 0 1 127 27 Ben Duckett Caught Karl Brown Bowled Kabir Ali 17 15 1 0 113 33 Matthew Spriegel Run Out Ashwell Prince 32 16 4 1 200 00 James Middlebrook Bowled Junaid Khan 1 3 0 0 33 33 Graeme White Caught Steven Croft Bowled Kabir Ali 6 4 0 0 150 00 Oli Stone Bowled Junaid Khan 0 1 0 0 0 00 Azharullah Not Out 3 3 0 0 100 00 Extras 0b 0lb 2nb 3w 0p 5 Totals 134 for 10 18 5 overs RR 7 24 Bowler O M R W ECO Steven Croft 4 0 17 0 4 25 Junaid Khan 3 1 16 3 5 33 Kabir Ali 3 5 0 37 2 12 33 Stephen Parry 4 0 36 1 9 00 Arron Lilley 4 0 28 2 7 00 Fall of Wickets 1 3 Richard Levi 2 3 David Willey 3 45 David Sales 4 71 Steven Crook 5 74 Rob Keogh 6 124 Ben Duckett 7 124 Matthew Spriegel 8 128 James Middlebrook 9 128 Oli Stone 10 134 Graeme White Lancashire innings Batsman How Out Runs Balls 4 s 6 s SR Tom Smith Caught James Middlebrook Bowled David Willey 2 4 0 0 50 00 Ashwell Prince Caught Steven Crook Bowled James Middlebrook 43 33 7 0 130 30 Karl Brown Caught Rob Keogh Bowled James Middlebrook 46 38 6 0 121 05 Jos Buttler Not Out 58 26 3 3 223 08 Steven Croft Not Out 29 20 4 0 145 00 Paul Horton Jordan Clark Arron Lilley Kabir Ali Stephen Parry Junaid Khan Extras 3b 2lb 2nb 2w 0p 9 Totals 187

    Original URL path: http://www.lccc.co.uk/lccc/fixtures/lancashire-vs-northamptonshire-20-jun-2014/ (2016-02-10)
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  • Lancashire VS Northamptonshire - 22 Jun 2014 - Lancashire County Cricket Club
    the first hour of play when the Northants attack had made good use of early moisture in the Emirates Old Trafford wicket and made three breakthroughs Alex Davies was lbw when barely half forward to Lancashire old boy Steven Crook for 14 in the 12th over of the innings and Usman Khawaja followed him to the pavilion six balls later when Azhar Ullah brought one back off the seam to trap the Australian in front of his stumps for only a single The visitors success continued in the next over when Paul Horton edged a lifting delivery from Crook to wicketkeeper Ben Duckett and few in the crowd can have guessed then that they were about to witness the making of two centuries and the rewriting of the record books However as the wicket eased and the new ball lost most of its hardness Croft and Prince settled into their task with ominous ease although Croft was dropped by wicketkeeper Ben Duckett off Azhar Ullah when only 34 The pair added 172 runs in only 35 overs in the afternoon session with Croft reaching three figures for the second time in four innings with a pulled four off spinner James Middlebrook and Prince following his partner four overs later with a clip to mid wicket for two off the same bowler Having hit 15 fours and two sixes Croft eventually fell when his tired prod at a ball from Andrew Hall only edged the ball to Middlebrook at slip Like Croft Prince returned to a standing ovation but the South African is still there to torment Northamptonshire on the second morning Prince has so far hit 17 fours and three sixes and faced 234 balls in his 332 minute innings Crook ended the toughest of days as the most successful of the Northants bowlers with two for 63 It is nice to get a few records but getting us in a strong position in the game is more pleasing said Croft It wasn t the best start to the season for me but I wanted to prove that I didn t want to play in the second team and I did it in the best way by scoring runs And once I got back in and wanted to cement my place Hopefully I have done that now and I can go on and score more We have a lot of good batsmen out of the side Luis Reece did well last year and Luke Procter isn t in the side and we have Liam Livingstone and Jordan Clark not playing There is great competition for places in all formats and that is beneficial for the club It is going to cost me a round but I would take 156 and a career best any time of the week Not much has changed technically I am just relaxing more at the crease and letting it flow Last year I tensed up a bit and was in and out of the side which didn t help I felt good at the crease earlier in the season and the century a few weeks ago helped my confidence a lot We want to get away from the bottom of the table and this is a great first day The pitch was turning a bit and we think it will turn more as the game goes on and the new ball was swinging We can create scoreboard pressure because it is not nice to bat when you see the opposition have 500 plus on the board We want to score as many as we can and then spin and swing them out Northamptonshire skipper Stephen Peters was objective and candid in his assessment of the day Given that we had two spinners in the side we d have liked to have won the toss but we started nicely and brightly he said We were probably only one wicket away from winning the session at lunch but after that Prince and Croft played very well and it was one way traffic We dropped a catch but then those two guys ground us into the dirt all afternoon I m afraid Lancashire Emirates Old Trafford Manchester Sun 22 Jun 2014 11 00 English LV County Championship Division Two 2015 V Lancashire win by an innings and 200 runs Northamptonshire A shwell Prince scored a career best 257 not out and Glen Chapple took his 900th County Championship wicket as Lancashire continued to dominate Northamptonshire on the second day of their LV Division One match at Emirates Old Trafford Building on their overnight 384 4 Lancashire had made 650 for six declared the eighth biggest total in the county s history when Chapple declared in mid afternoon Northants were 113 for seven in their first innings at close of play and now need another 387 runs even to avoid the follow on Most of the visitors batsmen seemed unable to resist a Lancashire attack led by Chapple who claimed four wickets on a wicket offering extra bounce from the Pavilion End The first half of the day was dominated by the batting of Prince whose 500 minute innings was the second double hundred of his career as well as being the 14th highest score by a Lancashire batsman in the county s history and the biggest since John Crawley made 280 not out also against Northants at Emirates Old Trafford in 2001 However the highlight of the morning session was the clean hitting of Jos Buttler who scored a further 74 runs off 67 balls before he was caught behind by Ben Duckett off Andrew Hall for 87 England s limited overs wicketkeeper in cricket hit three sixes in four balls off Graeme White and Steven Crook and he went from 37 to 87 in just 22 balls a T20 rate of progress Striking the ball straight down the ground with enormous power and deploying a variety of reverse sweeps Buttler could not be contained by the Northants bowlers until Hall moved one off the seam in 114th over of the innings His fifth wicket stand with Prince yielded 138 runs in 24 5 overs and Lancashire scored 174 runs in the morning session Even then the suffering did not end for Stephen Peters attack many of whom bore up well under the pummelling they received Tom Smith made 79 and joined Prince in a stand of 140 for the sixth wicket the third successive century stand of the innings It was a great feeling to make a career best score said Prince It is well known I will be retiring at the end of the season and it is great to know I can still produce the highest score of my career in my final season That s what I want people to remember that whenever I walk out there in the middle I always give my best It is the first time I have been in a 300 run partnership which is very pleasing I think being part of three 100 plus partnerships in the same innings is a record for me too We have a little honours board in the changing rooms for things like 100 partnerships so it is nice to get my name on it three times in a row Northamptonshire s reply could scarcely have got off to a worse start as Peters was brilliantly caught one handed in the gully by Usman Khawaja off the third ball of the innings and James Middlebrook edged to Smith at slip both openers falling to Chapple without scoring Matthew Spriegel s attempted sweep off Simon Kerrigan only lobbed the ball via bat and pad to Buttler for 14 and Smith removed Rob Newton and Ben Duckett in the space of three balls Newton chopping on and Duckett edging to Prince at slip That left Northants on 54 for five but Richard Levi and Andrew Hall then provided the only prolonged resistance with a stand of 44 However Chapple claimed the wicket of Levi for 59 and then removed David Willey for two both batsmen being caught at short leg by Alex Davies The Lancashire captain finished the day with 4 42 The most important thing is it has been a great day for the team said Prince The bowlers could have been forgiven for thinking it would be hard work after we got a big score but they put in a great effort To get them seven down makes it a great day for the team We have been talking about using the bumper a lot this season and to be fair to the bowlers not a lot of the pitches have been conducive to that sort of bowling This is probably the hardest pitch we have played on this season Glen is getting it through at a good pace It is an opportunity for the bowlers to use the short one more than normal We were in a bit of trouble early in at 33 3 and one or two of their bowlers had the wind behind their sails and had a bit to say and that spurred me on a bit I am sure one of their bowlers called me a little word I can t repeat Having watched a lot of the World Cup recently I was probably a bit tired going in to bat and that just have me the little bit of motivation I needed This season I have had quiet a few low scores and it has been disappointing If I had had a few more scores under my belt this season I would have gone out a bit more aggressively but I was determined not to get myself out I just wanted to cash in and make the most of it I knew all the landmarks but I wanted to take it one ball at a time With us scoring at such a rate the had to relax the field they weren t creating so much pressure so I could tick over at a run every other ball so it was reasonably comfortable It is one thing walking out to the crease with the team 150 2 and then get a century but to come in with the side 33 3 it is nicer to produce something special to get the team out of trouble Lancashire Emirates Old Trafford Manchester Sun 22 Jun 2014 11 00 English LV County Championship Division Two 2015 V Lancashire win by an innings and 200 runs Northamptonshire I t may take no more than a couple of deliveries but Lancashire s cricketers must return to Emirates Old Trafford on the fourth morning to wrap up victory against Northamptonshire After a day in which Tom Smith had taken five more wickets to take his Division One tally to 40 this season Lancashire had reduced a relatively resolute Northamptonshire side to 231 for eight still 239 runs of the total they need to make Lancashire bat again After being dismissed for 180 and conceding a first innings lead of 470 the third highest in Lancashire s history Stephen Peters batsmen made a slightly better fist of their second innings and Andrew Hall was still there on 36 not out when bad light ended the third day s play with Lancashire unable to claim the extra half hour Hall had batted 90 minutes in a laudable display of grim defiance but given good weather Lancashire bowlers will surely not be denied a win which would take them up to seventh in the table on Wednesday morning albeit only for a few minutes or so and if their victory precedes Durham s over Sussex All the same this was an effective display from Glen Chapple s six man attack with Simon Kerrigan and Wayne White taking two wickets apiece and Kyle Hogg removing James Middlebrook on the third day We ve played some good cricket this season said Chapple after the day s play was ended We ve had sessions which have cost us games but we re getting more and more players in good form which ultimately is what you need When you get most of the lads playing well we become a good team and the fact of winning games builds your belief We re looking for a win here and to reproduce this kind of form in the next games All the same one of the most heartening aspects of Lancashire s display on the third day was the way in which they overcame Northamptonshire s batsmen precious few of whom gave their wickets away in the second innings Things were a little different in the first innings and in the opening hour or so of the day s play the visitors last three wickets had succeeded in adding 67 to their side s total Steven Crook and Graeme White were both removed with little fuss by Tom Smith but last man Muhammad Azhar Ullah then clubbed six boundaries five of them off Wayne White in his 28 runs before edging a pull off Chapple to Buttler Despite this latter resistance Lancashire still gained that massive first innings lead and Chapple finished the innings with five for 51 his 39th haul of five or more wickets in first class cricket Hall was left undefeated having patiently accumulated 42 off 125 balls Northamptonshire s second attempt with the bat began far more promisingly than their first as Peters and James Middlebrook put on 58 for the first wicket either side of lunch However Smith struck two important blows in three overs when he trapped Peters lbw for 41 and induced Richard Levi to give first slip Paul Horton a catch when he had made seven Two balls later Middlebrook could only edge a good ball from Kyle Hogg to Jos Buttler and Northants were reduced to 111 for four when Rob Newton could not keep out a straight ball from White which removed his off stump Bad light and rain then came to the visitors rescue trimming 14 overs of the day s cricket but Simon Kerrigan struck with the tenth ball after the resumption when he had Matt Spriegel lbw on the back foot for a determined 29 The Lancashire slow left armer struck again eight over later when Ben Duckett gave a bat and pad catch to silly point Alex Davies and although David Willey struck his second ball from Kerrigan straight for six he fell to Smith in the next over when he miscued to Chapple at mid on Hall and Crook proved that Northamptonshire s powers of resistance were not eroded with a defiant 50 run partnership for the eighth wicket and the former Lancashire all rounder Crook was bitterly disappointed when he pulled the first ball of White s spell straight to Usman Khawaja at deep backward square leg However the weather came to the visitors aid and against most expectations the match will go into a fourth day Smith finished with three for 56 for Lancashire We ve played really well obviously apart from the first hour when we were 30 3 said Chapple but since that point we ve played excellent cricket Obviously the 300 partnership was excellent between Ashwell and Crofty and the other batters have played well around them All the bowlers have put a really good effort in to almost get through with a day to spare Also all the batsmen scored at a good rate as well which has given us time on a fairly unresponsive pitch to get in a position where we ve almost closed the game out We ve just got to come back tomorrow and do a professional job Hopefully the weather holds out and we can get over the line Lancashire Emirates Old Trafford Manchester Sun 22 Jun 2014 11 00 English LV County Championship Division Two 2015 V Lancashire win by an innings and 200 runs Northamptonshire I t took Lancashire just 46 balls to take the two wickets they needed to complete a comprehensive innings and 200 run thrashing of Northamptonshire on the final morning of the LV Division One game at Emirates Old Trafford Simon Kerrigan trapped Graeme White lbw on the front foot for six with his first ball of the morning and then the slow left armer sealed the win six overs later when Paul Horton ran round from slip to take a skier off Muhammad Azhar Ullah miscued thrash By that time Azhar Ullah had slog swept Kerrigan for two sixes off successive balls and also hit the left arm spinner for a couple of boundaries but that did virtually nothing at all to alter the direction of the contest Kerrigan finished the innings with figures of 4 76 while Northants all rounder Andrew Hall remained undefeated on 50 Indeed the Northamptonshire all rounder faced 223 balls without being dismissed in the match and his batting was one of the game s few saving graces for the visitors This was about as complete a victory as one finds in the top division of English cricket Northamptonshire enjoyed a good first hour of the game but the remainder of the contest belonged to Glen Chapple s team Lancashire are now two points behind Sussex and five behind Warwickshire in a LV Division One table which will now make much happier studying for Red Rose supporters as they travel to Taunton this weekend I think the win gives us belief back that we can play good cricket and win games like we did last year said Lancashire coach Gary Yates The players will feel good about themselves because they ve played some positive cricket The victory will give everybody a lift At almost no point in either of their innings in this match did Northants look like avoiding a very heavy defeat although their determination to resist for as long as possible during their second effort with the bat was admirable As for

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  • Yorkshire Vikings v Lancashire Lightning
    Hodge to Muttiah Muralitharan to VVS Laxman to Stuart Law to Sanath Jayasuriya the list goes on But he believes this group on a fantastic run of six wins from their opening eight North Division matches tops the lot We have all bases covered said the 29 year old all rounder We have batting at the top middle and the death and we have spin and seam covered at the death with Junaid Khan and Kabir Ali It is probably the best T20 side I have been involved in here mainly because of the balance we have in the team There is probably no other T20 side in the competition that bats as long as we do and has as many bowling option as we have Everyone has chipped in this season We aren t relying on one person producing the goods every game Croft an all action all rounder described his record as quiet an achievement and says he got his break in the side as a seam bowling all rounder nine seasons ago Now his seamers are no longer in operation having become a canny off spinner who often takes the new ball in this format I love bowling in Twenty20 now he said If you had asked me when I first started bowling spin to open the bowling in T20 I would have probably shied away from it But now I really enjoy it He loves batting as well You can build an innings in Twenty20 I try to go at a run a ball in the first ten balls but then I look to move on if the situation allows If you are in early though you can build an innings and go on to make a big score At the start I stuck to what I was good at with the bat but now you see people like Jos Buttler with his scoop shots I have had a try but I normally end up hitting myself on the head There is no reason why I can t carry on and add to it number of games It doesn t seem like 95 games ago that I made my debut but it is something to be proud of to stay in form and stay fit that long It would be one heck of a surprise to see Croft get a warm welcome from a jam packed Headingley crowd as a result of his record tonight but he won t be bothered about that All he wants is for the Lightning to win and cement their position at the top of the North Division Every Roses game we win is special especially at Headingley he added I have been to Finals Day a few times and now I want to go one step further Hopefully with this side and the way we have played this season there is no reason why we shouldn t win it Graham Hardcastle Photo c Simon Pendrigh Yorkshire Vikings Headingley Leeds Fri

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  • somerset v lancashire 2014
    and a six in his 248 ball stay at the crease Somerset are 73 runs behind The Red Rose were left to rue letting a couple of chances slip the obvious one of those being a dropped catch from Ashwell Prince at second slip in Wayne White s first over with the left hander on 25 Trescothick who took 31 balls to get off the mark could also have been run out completing the single which took him to 50 but Jos Buttler missed the stumps at the non striker s end from the short cover region Ultimately it was a frustrating last session said Red Rose Academy director John Stanworth present at Taunton helping Chapple with coaching duties whilst Gary Yates spends time with the second team The fact that the run rate has been quite low is a reflection of the pitch When opportunities come to try and force an advantage it was disappointing that we didn t get the slip catch when we did because with a world class player like Trescothick you ve got to take those opportunities when they come We created a lot of pressure The game s not over by a long stretch but there was a relieving of the pressure after tea which Somerset made the most of and scored at three an over It s a drier pitch than I ve seen ever before here I think Tomorrow is going to be a key day The first session will determine whether we can restrict them sufficiently to stay in the game I think we can do that In a game that s played on a pitch like that momentum s crucial To lose Horton last night it gave them a little bit of momentum 220 5 coming into the second day had we scored another 100 then you re thinking we re really in this game and the pressure on them would have been different We weren t sure whether that was a really good score When we bowled in that first two sessions we were comfortable that 260 was a decent score It might be a bit below but not significantly In that final session it looked an easier pitch when I don t think it is Chapple uprooted Jones middle stump as he played around one with 19 on the board before Kerrigan bowled Compton through the gate to leave the score at 49 2 in the 35th over New ball bowler Kyle Hogg bowled six maidens on the trot from the start of his fifth over to the end of his tenth spanning two spells Trescothick reached his ton in the 70th over off 219 balls with 15 fours and a six Petersen reached his fifty shortly afterwards Lancashire who started the day on 221 6 added 45 runs for the loss of their last four wickets Tom Smith was trapped lbw by Lewis Gregory 13 balls into the day with the score on 226 Wayne White was bowled by Alfonso Thomas to leave the score at 249 8 in the 95th before left arm spinner George Dockrell struck twice in the 104th to wrap the innings up He had Kyle Hogg caught at slip with his first ball of the morning and Kerrigan trapped lbw with his fourth Chapple s 27 not out at least helped his side claim a second batting point and it was the second highest score of the innings behind Paul Horton s 140 Gregory Thomas and Dockrell all finished with three wickets Graham Hardcastle Photo Andrew Matthews PA Wire Press Association Images Somerset The County Ground Taunton Sun 29 Jun 2014 11 00 English LV County Championship Division Two 2015 V Match Drawn Lancashire L ancashire opener Paul Horton scored a confident 140 during an even and intriguing first day of their LV County Championship match against Somerset at Taunton today The Red Rose vice captain put a shaky run of form behind him to pass three figures for the first time this season and anchor a score of 221 6 from 87 overs which also included 18 from Jos Buttler on his return to his former county Horton the first Lancashire player to pass 400 this summer had only scored 90 runs from his last eight innings prior to this knock which included 21 fours off his 256 balls But although the 31 year old was dropped at first slip on 54 and 81 by James Hildreth he played a series of handsome cover drives for four on the way to an eye catching 209 ball ton with 16 boundaries included This does not seem to be the stereotypical batsman s paradise at Taunton although it is far from a bowler s paradise either It has something in it for everybody and it should make for a good contest during the next three days Simon Kerrigan should enjoy it later in the game No other Red Rose batsman made it to 20 with Steven Croft also making 18 to match Buttler who hit two sixes off the left arm spin of George Dockrell over long off and long on either side of tea Buttler received a warm ovation from his former home crowd Every partnership topped 20 with the best the sixth wicket 54 in 17 overs shared between Horton and Tom Smith who will resume in the morning on 13 with Wayne White for company It swung a little bit for long periods of the day and they bowled quiet well with that assessed Horton who posted his 13th Championship century and first of the season after rain delayed the start by 65 minutes Obviously with a rain delay at the start there s a little bit of moisture around The wicket is green even though it s dry underneath Once we got over that we prospered a little bit through the middle period If you look at the wicket in depth it s dry underneath We ve already seen

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