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  • Home - Learn Sign Language
    the way back in 1992 when I first started to learn sign language But what I discovered was not only was it fun to learn it was downright addictive as well I even practiced while facing a mirror to help speed up the learning process and I loved every single minute of it Initially I looked everywhere for sign language information and instructions If there were a book or DVD on it I would scoop it up and learn from it I d also watch signers on TV just to study all the fine details and movements But I ll be honest when I watched the signers on TV I could barely keep up They were moving SO fast and eventually it became too much But I did enjoy watching their enthusiastic facial expressions The FASTEST EASIEST method or platform that I learned sign language with was watching instructional videos Why Because I could actually WATCH the real experts in real time And as you know sign language is VERY visual so this only made sense that it was the easiest way for me to learn I started with the very first level at college which took about 30 weeks I loved it so much that I eventually entered Levels 2 3 4 and then graduated from Wolverhampton University with my BSL English Interpreting Degree and now work as a qualified BSL Interpreter RSLI As time moved forward many of my friends and other interested people would come up to me asking HOW do I sign this and HOW do I sign that That s when I had my AHA moment Even though I was teaching Level 1 and Level 2 sign language at a local college I soon realized that maybe I should create my OWN course on sign

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  • Purchase DVD's - Learn Sign Language
    Contact Why DVD s help Sign language by its nature is very visual and using a DVD will show you the techniques and skills that you need to start communicating in sign language straight away This will enable you to learn at your own pace at a time that suits you and you can decide how much time you put into your learning Just by going through the DVD a couple of hours a day you will at the end of the 4 weeks be able to comfortably have a basic conversation using sign language I ve been wanting to learn sign language for a long time now thank you for these really clear vids Sally Thankyou so much for designing a wonderful way to learn bsl in combination with my friends who sign I m making real progress Again thanks for such great and affordable resources Maurice So click on the pictures on the right that correspond to your current level of proficiency to start Learn to communicate effectively Accelerate your learning Sign with your friends and family Have fun 100 money back guarantee Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 100 no questions asked iron clad money back guarantee

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/dvds-and-downloads/ (2016-02-06)
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  • Intro to British Sign Language - Learn Sign Language
    Easy Way British Sign Language Level 2 Testimonials Contact An Introduction to British Sign Language DVD The first DVD in the Learn British Sign Language The EASY Way series With An Introduction To British Sign Language you will discover what British Sign Language BSL is and who uses it You will be taught how to fingerspell the alphabet sign your own name and understand various names signed to you You will see the difference in the number system of BSL and how the placement of the signs differ depending on whether you are discussing general numbering ages time or money You will learn how to greet a Deaf person and how to respond to simple phrases and questions You will also learn the signs for colours For a full script please click on Introduction to British Sign Language script Throughout the DVD there will be small tests to assess your learning and you will have a good foundation should you decide to learn more vocabulary and phrases with the next DVD in the series British Sign Language Level 1 DVD Product in the post only 17 99 plus 1 95 P P Money Back Guarantee If you find that you

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/dvds-and-downloads/introduction-to-british-sign-language/ (2016-02-06)
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  • British Sign Language Level 1 - Learn Sign Language
    Sign Language Level 1 takes you through the complete topics and vocabulary needed for the Level 1 in British Sign Language It is a DVD9 NTSC covering all regions with a run time of 104 minutes It is categorised into Topic A Meeting People At Home People and Animals Topic B Using numbers for Age Time Money and Calendar Topic C Weather Topic D Transport Topic E Directions Topic F Hobbies Activities and Occupations Topic G Refreshments Throughout the DVD you will find vocabulary sections story receptive skill practise with and without voice and question answer sections to recap on your newly acquired knowledge Unique to Learn Sign Language Ltd there is also an downloadable workbook which covers detailed information about what BSL is and who uses it Aquisition of Sign Language what is meant by Deaf Deaf Culture BSL features Sign systems used in schools sign language etiquette and Technology equipment used by Deaf people and Deaf organisations By working with the British Sign Language Level 1 DVD you will comfortably be able to have basic conversations with Deaf people and you will have the best foundation to progress to British Sign Language Level 2 DVD Product in the

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/dvds-and-downloads/british-sign-language-level-1/ (2016-02-06)
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  • Learn BSL The Easy Way! - Learn Sign Language
    Sign Language The EASY Way Learn British Sign Language The EASY Way is the first DVD in the series created by Sonia Hollis a qualified sign language interpreter MRSLI It covers the whole Level 1 BSL curriculum and has a run time of 146 minutes There is also some bonus material on this disc in addition to the Level 1 topics This DVD has sections with and without text to encourage receptive skills and there is no voice over There are 2 bonus sections fingerspelling practise with over 90 names and a section covering the 6 major handshapes in BSL covering an additional 400 signs The DVD NTSC all regions worldwide contains 5 chapters with 2 bonuses Chapter 1 Introductions Greetings and Family Members Chapter 2 Using Numbers Calendar and Time Chapter 3 Weather Transport and Directions Chapter 4 At Home Rooms and Objects Chapter 5 Animals Hobbies Work and Food Bonus 1 Fingerspelling practise with over 90 names Bonus 2 6 major handshapes in BSL covering 400 signs There is also a downloadable workbook containing information about sign language aquisition careers with Deaf people plus much more along with a script of the full DVD DVD Product in the

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/dvds-and-downloads/learn-bsl-the-easy-way/ (2016-02-06)
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  • British Sign Language Level 2 - Learn Sign Language
    a DVD9 NTSC covering all regions and runs for a total of 130 minutes It has the main 4 topics covered through the Level 2 curriculum along with an added section dedicated purely for Level 2 Topic Vocabulary enabling you to refresh your memory whilst building up your conversational skills The DVD9 Disc covers Topic 1 About you and Everyday Conversations introductory phrases describing people activities at school jobs activities at work attitudes and opinions time vocabulary activities in the home leisure activities opinion likes and dislikes and illnesses and health Topic 2 Eating and Drinking contains story practise and Question Answer sections for ordering food and drink and offering opinions describing preparation of food eating out and comparing food types and explaining your views Topic 3 Shopping and Spending contains story practise Question and answer sections on paying for services different types of shops and payments shopping experiences and comparing items that you have bought Topic 4 Travel and Holidays contains both stories and question and answers about countries places in England booking a holiday and a camping experience Topic 1 About You and Everyday Conversations Vocabulary Topic 2 Eating and Drinking Vocabulary Topic 3 Shopping and Spending Vocabulary

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/dvds-and-downloads/british-sign-language-level-2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • Testimonials - Learn Sign Language
    Karis D George What a delight I found this DVD very informative and helpful and so easy to follow I was particularly pleased that there was not commentary or music This helped me to focus totally on lip reading and following the signing I was pleased that Sonia produced the programme without any frills as there were no distractions and I surprised myself to find that I was able to learn very quickly Well done I look forward to the advanced edition Jinny H I was recommended this DVD by a friend as I have recently started my 1st level in British Sign Language I am really pleased that I heeded my friend s advice and bought the DVD set It covers so many topics as well as an extensive range of vocabulary in a no nonsense practical way As a complete beginner it took me through and incoporated different sections of practise material before leading onto the next topic to make sure that I could both produce and receive information in BSL I am sure my progress to the 2nd level in BSL will benefit because of this Thank you so much Patti UK I ve been wanting to learn sign language for a long time now thank you for these really clear vids sally Thank you so much as me and my best friend talk in bsl in science so the teacher dont understand plus it is a skill for life Annelise I was born Hard of Hearing but wasn t diagnosed until I was 8 but I have profoundly Deaf student friends at University and although they can just about speak I feel it would be nice and easier if I could sign to them Although I can t make sentences simple words like these really help

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/testimonials/ (2016-02-06)
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  • Contact - Learn Sign Language
    Learn Sign Language The EASY Way online or DVD courses or any other question related to the content or your purchase then please feel free to contact me I d also like to hear about your sign language learning and development and how it has helped you in your ambitions If you have any suggestions for additional support then please do talk to me Address Information 176 Avenue Road Rushden

    Original URL path: http://www.learnsignlanguage.co.uk/contact/ (2016-02-06)
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