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  • Les Parfums d'Isabelle - Home
    perfumes it is as if I am surrounded by a delicate and fragile scent of flowers it is like being given for a while your very own private window to something truly beautiful and eternal I have never really been so carried away by floral scents and it is you whom I must thank for this new experience K H Estonia Your perfumes are like a masterclass in a bottle I particularly love Paradise of Aldabra it is wonderfully rich and reminds me of places where it doesn t rain in summer A B Isle of Man Each composition is beautifully made like a kind personality We went crazy choosing our best and favorite they all are best and favorites J P North Carolina USA I love the 1950 It s a perfume Marylin Monroe would have worn So elegant N A Portsmouth U K Your scents are splendid A classic example how the aroma could move you through the centuries For me they bring the unique scent of old times and homesickness A S Bulgaria My favourite is 1950 because I find it mysterious It takes me to where I do not usually go L H Singapore I love your parfums I only use organic and natural cosmetic and your natural perfumes are the best I have ever tried I hope you have more scents in the future D M V Gran Canaria During the most difficult times of my illness I would unravel one of the glass vials one at a time and let each perfume take me on a journey to a place better than the one I was in Each one would take me to a new and different wonderful parts of the world I absolutely love them When I spray either on me I feel

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  • About - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    naturals online to offer natural bespoke perfumes services to private clients and to deliver Introduction to perfumery workshops in the UK leading the way to a form of New Luxury Over the years she has become recognised as an expert in making classic and authentic perfumes using only high quality naturals She created her first perfumes at the early age of 10 in New Caledonia learning the traditions of Monoï from her Tahitian friends macerating gardenia flowers and other tropical plants in coconut oil and scenting beeswax candles She draws her inspiration from the classic and natural perfumes of her distant ancestors who were renowned and awards winning perfumers in France at the end of the 19th century but also from Nature itself bringing you the experience of rare and ultimate all natural luxury Since 2013 her perfumes are produced in the Indian Ocean islands because of their luxurious Nature and abundance of aromatic raw materials The New Luxury One source of inspiration for Isabelle Private individuals and corporate companies commission Les Parfums d Isabelle to create or recreate the scents of Nature according to the traditions All the creations respect the safety standards that have evolved over the centuries and comply with regulations Equally all are made with ecology and ethics in mind Recycling everything that can be recycled is part of the social responsibility of the company Les Parfums d Isabelle International believes that recycling materials is the New Luxury A fervent activist in the protection of Perfume Heritage Perfume plants and the Art of Perfumery worldwide Isabelle supports the actions of the Perfume Foundation International who named her Chairperson for the Indian Ocean islands and Southern Africa regions at the beginning of 2014 As a perfumer Isabelle has developed a passion for aromatic tropical plants and spices

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  • Perfume collection - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    the scent of Nature during a walk in a mossy forest at dawn Try our Chypre floral Eau de Parfum 1950 I am looking for the smell of clove and vanilla on a market in Zanzibar or the Bourbon islands Try our Amber Spicy Floral Eau de Parfum Coeur d Île I want to feel uplifted and refreshed like I had a shower under a waterfall in the rainforest of an Indian Ocean island NEW Try our Green tea and citrus Eau de Cologne Paradise of Aldabra Please take me to an oasis between the desert and mountains of Oman to experience the pure smells of Arabia Try our Amber Woody Oriental Eau de toilette Escapade à Oman I want to discover the beauty of patchouli NEW Try our Patchouli gourmand Eau de parfum Ode to Kathmandu Invite me to discover a fruity and tropical perfume with coconut lime and frangipani NEW Try our Woody Gourmand Eau de Cologne Ô de Bourbon I want to try your perfumes Buy a set of samples to experience our natural perfumes Perfume samples I want a different perfume or a gift What have you got on demand Try our range of perfume and

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  • Coeur d'Ile Floriental eau de parfum - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    exotic scent will transport you to the tropical world where the clove of Zanzibar meets the Bourbon vanilla and the patchouli of the Seychelles with at its heart a bouquet of white flowers symbols of these lush islands The top notes are composed of a cocktail of island citrus grapefruit petitgrain bigarade and lime all complementing the sweetness of vanilla and the spicy clove INGREDIENTS citrus citral petitgrain carnation Madagascar ylang ylang linalol benzyl acetate benzoin cinnamyl alcohol benzyl benzoate frankincense patchouli Bourbon vanilla FLORIENTAL FLORAL AMBER FOR WOMEN 30 ml Eau de toilette PRICE 65 Go to shop Description of Amber accords Amber notes are generally warm and sensual The Amber accord is based on vanilla or coumarin odour of fresh mown hay which are obtained with ingredients such as Tonka bean Ambrette seed Vanilla Frankincense Myrrh Styrax benzoin and Cistus labdanum The amber perfumes are divided into the following groups Sweet amber classic base with sweet ingredients such as vanilla characterised by warmth and sweetness Amber Spicy floral The addition of clove bud or carnation gives a strong floral smell to this type of perfume Amber Citrus Citrus notes are highly present in this amber accord Amber floral

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  • Escapade a Oman Arabian eau de toilette - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    of a desert oasis including rose and patchouli amber and frankincense myrrh and vanilla Not forgetting the traditional Arabian ingredient Oud The feeling is of earthiness with masculine musk notes and some zest Sensual INGREDIENTS citrus citral ylang ylang benzyl benzoate vanilla absolute olibanum rose Otto Egyptian myrrh agarwood ORIENTAL AMBER WOOD UNISEX 30 ml Eau de toilette PRICE 85 Go to shop Description of Oriental accords In Oriental accords Amber notes dominate But Oriental perfumes represent a separate family because of their accentuated warmth and sensuality Their character comes from a composition of opposites such as vanilla and agarwood or sandalwood They also include the classic Amber ingredients like vanilla and resins like frankincense myrrh opoponax and most of the time contain Rose Damascus This family is the source of intoxicating and musky perfumes Oriental perfumes are divided in the following categories Floral Oriental also called Floriental Sweet warm powdery base is typical of this group and marries with flowers like gardenia tuberose tiare or with a spicy note of carnation Fougere Oriental The harmony of oriental components warm woody and spicy notes is refreshed with aromatic lavender rosemary coumarin and oak moss Spicy Oriental Hot and sensual spices

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  • Kathmandu patchouli gourmand - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    notes of sweet anis earthy amber and floral iris will immediately make you want to explore Ode to Kathmandu further Soon it develops into a fruitchouli type of fragrance like a ballet dance between the anis frangipani Indian jasmine and osmanthus with a background of leather amber and dry musk The dry down drags the floral gourmand heart further thanks to a complex accord of dry and powdery sandalwood green and leathery oakmoss dry musk and the smell of pure forest wood Both men and women can wear this perfume in the knowledge that the notes will exalt their own individuality and uniqueness INGREDIENTS sweet fennel patchouli amber notes iris root angelica root black pepper jasmine peach note vetiver oakmoss evernia prunastri sandalwood Virginia cedarwood mastic INCI ingredients limonene citral linalool citronellol benzyl benzoate farnesol anethol evernia prunastri WOODY AMBER GOURMAND UNISEX 30 ml Eau de parfum PRICE 109 Go to shop Description of Wood accords Wood accords are some of the most important accords in perfumery since the woody notes are typically heart or base notes and add strong personality to the perfume Despite their masculine character they are found in many so called feminine compositions The most popular wood notes include sandalwood cedarwood patchouli guaiac and vetiver Woody perfumes are divided into the following categories Woo dy The blend of mostly wood notes usually balanced with spices or flowers in the heart makes those compositions typically masculine Woody citrus The wood notes are refreshed by the presence of citrus and sometimes pine Woody spicy The base notes are sweet or soft wood such as vanilla and balanced with spicy notes like cinnamon clove nutmeg or pepper Woody spicy Leather The woody spicy base is reinforced by notes such as birch tar to give a leather feel Woody Oriental

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  • 1950 Eau de parfum - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    women Our clients have labelled it unique rounded a perfume that Marilyn Monroe would have worn addictive This is Chypre with a soul by excellence INGREDIENTS Mandarin orange flowers rose otto citronellol Japanese osmanthus Indian jasmine farnesol oakmoss Evernia prunastri amber patchouli and vetiver CHYPRE FRUITY FOR WOMEN 7 5 ml Eau de parfum PRICE 28 Go to shop Description of Chypre accords The Chypre accord is usually composed of a base containing bergamot cistus labdanum patchouli and oakmoss It was originally created by French perfumer Rene Coty in 1917 The name comes from the French for Cyprus as Coty found that most of the ingredients for this type of perfume odour were found in the Mediterranean and particularly in the Hesperide Gardens of Cyprus Its composition is characterised by the contrast between the fresh citrus accord and the woody oakmoss base with patchouli often considered as an indispensable element From the traditional base other accords can be created including Chypre Fruity peach and exotic fruit are added to the classic Chypre base Chypre Floral Citrus more top fresh notes are included in the floral composition Chypre Leather Animal notes such as ambergris as well as leather smoky burnt wood

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  • Paradise of Aldabra Fresh Cologne - Les Parfums d'Isabelle
    tea and lime combined with verbena and a pinch of pepper your nose will experience the various contrasts of zesty green odours with enchanting tropical flowers wrapped with yummy exotic fruit notes of mango guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and joyful wherever you are This fresh Cologne is an all day round fragrance that is appreciated both by men and women Wear it immediately after a bath or shower or whenever you need your spirit to be uplifted during the day Close your eyes and travel to Paradise islands INGREDIENTS clary sage green tea extract camellia sinensis leaf verbena Indian lime wild orange pepper white frangipani pink lotus mango extract coconut extract Bourbon vetiver INCI ingredients organic alcohol aqua limonene citral linalool citronellol farnesol coumarin CITRUS GREEN AROMATIC UNISEX 15 ml Eau fraîche PRICE 48 Also available as a perfume oil and alcohol free Please enquire to isabelle lesparfumsisabelle co uk Go to shop Description of Citrus accords Citrus accords are also called Hesperides in reference to the Garden of Hesperides from the Greek mythology Citrus notes are top notes and are characterised by their freshness and uplifting undertone The accord of Neroli Petitgrain and Bergamot constitue the base for the classic Eau de Cologne The chemical components found in the zest of the citrus fruit create the aldehydes that give a slightly metallic note in a perfume Other classic ingredients from the Citrus group include Litsea Cubeba Lemongrass Grapefruit Orange Mandarin and Lime The Citrus perfumes are divided into the following categories Citrus spicy The Classic Cologne base is topped up with spicy notes of clove cinnamon pepper or nutmeg Citrus gourmand The combination of a classic Cologne formulation with notes of exotic flowers and fruit such as frangipani coconut mango makes these fragrances freshly enjoyable all day

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