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  • Lifescience | News and Events Page
    centre on 17 19th June If you d like to see a working demonstration of the innovative Nova Flo flood prevention device or want to test our knowledge of physical water treatment visit us on stand R1670 If you re looking for expert advise on water treatment but are unable to make the show please call our technical helpline on 01608 811707 SECTIONS HOME TECHNICAL LIBRARY DOMESTIC ORDER FORM LATEST

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  • Lifescience | News and Events Page
    technology Lifescience Products Ltd was asked to provide a featured advertisement for Water King We ve also teamed up with the editor to run this months competition a chance to Water King Sentry units For your chance to win lookout for us in the June edition of Heating Plumbing Monthly If you d like more information on the Water King Sentry or have any other related queries please contact our

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  • Lifescience | News and Events Page
    building systems and their experience of developing new and innovative technologies Lifescience Products Ltd is the UK s only CIBSE and CIPHE accredited provider of CPD in the field of physical water treatment If you would like to learn more about the technology and what it can do for you please contact their office on 44 0 1608 811 707 or email darren lifescience co uk to arrange a presentation

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  • Commercial Water-King
    heated and scale is likely to form This means in practice it should be installed on the cold service within the same plant room as the calorifier or water heater If point of use electric water heaters are being used where hot water draw off is sparse or spasmodic such as in an office environment it is best to fit a dedicated unit such as the Sentry to each heater or cluster of heaters Signal Propagation The signal generated by Water King is transmitted through the water both upstream back signal and downstream from the unit This means that appliances and storage tanks upstream from the unit can be treated Cold Water Storage Cisterns and Break Tanks Vented cold water storage cisterns generally cause a discontinuity in the signal transmission resulting in decay of the clustering effect generated by the Water King This problem can be overcome by installing a unit on one of the outlet pipes from the cistern or header and utilising the Back Signal to treat the stored water within the tank Where hot and cold tanks are close coupled or there is no ready access to the outlet the Air Gap can be bridged by installing a unit on the supply pipe and grounding one of the aerials to the tank This procedure is fully explained in the installation instructions Booster Pumps Pumps cause a significant reduction in the effectiveness of Water King so wherever there is a pump in general there should be a Water King unit located downstream from it Hot Water Secondary Return HWSR We recommend that the HWSR should be treated with a Water King unit installed between the circulation pump and the calorifier or water heater Heat Exchangers and Modular Tank Heaters We recommend that the flow and the return of heat exchangers are treated Aerials should be applied to the flow after the pump This is most easily achieved using one of the four aerial units such as the WK2 or WK3 Frequently however access is limited or the pump is too closely located to allow treatment of the flow In these cases we recommend treating only the return This applies especially to modular tank heaters where the Water King should be installed on the return lines inside the casing Low Water Content Finned Type Water Heaters Generally this type of water heater is highly resistant to scaling but to protect buffer vessels and other downstream appliances we recommend treatment of the return to the buffer at a point after the HWSR and make up water Cold Water Supply to Mixing Valves and Showers Most of the scale formed in these fittings is precipitated from cold water The cold water supply to these appliances should also be treated with a Water King unit When a conventional water softener is installed to treat only the hot water services it is common to find scale forming in mixing valves shower heads and taps A Water King unit installed on the cold services

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  • Commercial Technical Library Page
    how hard water can be treated and the possible side effects of descaling using physical water conditioners p77 Enquiry no 153 Click here to read If you d like to discuss the issues addressed in the article or have any other technical queries please contact our office for advice on 01608 811 707 Fit for a King Darren Stacey Head of Sales Marketing at Lifescience Products Ltd teams up with Professional Heating Plumbing Installer to provide a step by step installation guide for the Water King electronic water softener Professional Heating Plumbing Installer December 2014 Click here to read The Rise of Physical Water Conditioners Darren Stacey Head of Sales Marketing at Lifescience Products Ltd examines how technological advances in the water treatment industry have led to an increase in alternative technologies as replacements to more traditional hard water treatments Business and Industry Today October 2014 Click here to read Electro magnetic Water Conditioners Explained Jonny Seccombe Chairman of Lifescience Products Ltd explains why the correct location of an electro magnetic water conditioner is vitally important Heating Plumbing Monthly October 2014 Click here to read Taking the Salt out of Softening An informative two part article written by Jonny Seccombe for the American Society of Plumbing Engineers monthly magazine Plumbing Systems Design November December 2010 Click here to read No Salt Softeners Fact Fiction or Fantasy Water Conditioning Purification October 2006 Click here for more Don t get left out in the cold Water King is the fit and forget way for RSL s and Housing Associations to comply with Part L February 2009 Click here for more Water King at the Radisson SAS Hotel Water King the softener alternative at the Radisson SAS September 2008 Click here for more Designing Scale Out Manufacturers should think scale when designing a

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  • Domestic Water-King
    and simpler to install than inline magnetic and electro magnetic systems Water King requires very little space no special plumbing no waste water connection nor access for the supply of salt and its storage There is no head loss nor any additional corrosion problems How Is The Water Softened The nucleation seeds created by Water King stimulate the conversion of more of the dissolved calcium bicarbonate in the water into crystals in suspension than would otherwise occur The resulting hot water with less calcium bicarbonate is now chemically softer Water King is the only electronic device of its kind that has been proven by independent laboratory tests to produce softer hot water See the test results here Drinking Water and Salinity Unlike ion exchange softened water where minerals are removed and replaced by sodium Water King treated water is good for drinking There is no need for a separate drinking water supply no health risks and no chloride effluent It can be used for reducing scale in irrigation systems and food preparation facilities Removal of Existing Scale Deposits Water King is very effective at removing existing scale deposits from water heaters Descaling occurs within a few weeks The scale breaks away in flakes as it loses adhesion with the surface that it is encrusting In existing systems that are already scaled up the use of strainers should be considered to reduce the problem that debris scale can cause Mixing valves aerators and shower heads can collect debris Heat exchangers with restricted flow passages such as Geononi Plate and Frame and MAXXflo are very vulnerable to debris and should be protected with strainers where possible Lifecycle Costs The running costs are negligible no more than 10 00 per annum for domestic models The design life is in excess of 25 years with a 5 year manufacturer s warranty Water King comes with a no quibble 100 day money back satisfaction guarantee Part L Regulations BREEAM Installing a Water King unit ensures compliance with the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide included in the Part L Regulations water treatment is required to reduce the accumulation of limescale in domestic water heaters Water King units have been awarded BREEAM credits on building projects For more information please call our technical hotline How does Water King solve the problems associated with hard water and provide softer water for the whole household Dr W G Abi Aoun B Sc MSc Ph D an acknowledged expert in water treatment explains Water King operates by inducing a specially selected range of electro magnetic signals into the water through aerials wrapped around the pipes These signals are carefully controlled by pre programmed micro chips The combination of frequencies and amplitudes is unique patent pending and these interact with the dissolved salts present in hard water whether it is flowing or static causing the formation of sub microscopic clusters These clusters act as nucleation seeds for the precipitation of calcium carbonate when the water is heated Precipitation in the form of

    Original URL path: http://www.lifescience.co.uk/domestic-water-king.php (2016-02-09)
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  • Drink King
    fitted in your kitchen you will never need to buy expensive environmentally unfriendly bottled water again If you currently use a filter jug you are bound to find the Drink King far more convenient and economic Just some of the benefits of Drink King filtered water removes unpleasant taste and odour filters out dirt rust and sediment reduces lead and cryptosporidium inhibits bacterial growth easy DIY installation inexpensive to run no more expensive bottled water no more ugly plastic jugs Drink King is a high quality cartridge based water filtration system that is simple to fit requiring no plumbing skills convenient to use and inexpensive to run Our water filters offer a choice of interchangeable replacement cartridges that meet most needs We also offer a reminder service to let you know when the cartridge needs replacing Please remember that your local tap water should be perfectly safe to drink untreated and the amount of metallic and other substances in the water should fall well below the maximum amounts allowed under EC law The Drink King under sink water filter can make a substantial difference to the taste and smell of the water You can enjoy the ease of having fresh

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  • Drink King Cartridges
    Silver Very similar to the Bronze cartridge but with the addition of metallic silver which acts as a biocide to inhibit bacterial growth This means that the life of the cartridge can be safely extended to twelve months 35 00 Order here Gold A Multi Media filter incorporating a range of materials to produce different levels of filtration The water first passes through a polypropylene filter which removes coarse particles of dirt sediment and rust held in suspension It then moves through a powdered activated carbon PAC briquette with a special media which is active against both suspended and dissolved lead The PAC briquette also absorbs certain pesticides and traps Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts The life of the cartridge is up to twelve months This unit is especially recommended where lead pipes are close to a Water King electronic water softener 59 00 Order here Scale Reducer A multi purpose cartridge containing food quality polyphosphate crystals which reduce scale formation in the kettle and other cooking utensils Like the Bronze it utilises GAC to remove tastes and odours and a polypropylene filter like the Gold to remove dirt sediment and rust The life of the cartridge is between six and

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