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  • Domestic Technical Library Page
    to read If you d like to discuss the issues addressed in the article or have any other technical queries please contact our office for advice on 01608 811 707 Fit for a King Darren Stacey Head of Sales Marketing at Lifescience Products Ltd teams up with Professional Heating Plumbing Installer to provide a step by step installation guide for the Water King electronic water softener Professional Heating Plumbing Installer December 2014 Click here to read The Rise of Physical Water Conditioners Darren Stacey Head of Sales Marketing at Lifescience Products Ltd examines how technological advances in the water treatment industry have led to an increase in alternative technologies as replacements to more traditional hard water treatments Business and Industry Today October 2014 Click here to read Electro magnetic Water Conditioners Explained Jonny Seccombe Chairman of Lifescience Products Ltd explains why the correct location of an electro magnetic water conditioner is vitally important Heating Plumbing Monthly October 2014 Click here to read No Salt Softeners Fact Fiction or Fantasy Water Conditioning Purification October 2006 Click here for more Don t get left out in the cold Water King is the fit and forget way for RSL s and Housing Associations to comply with Part L February 2009 Click here for more Water King at the Radisson SAS Hotel Water King the softener alternative at the Radisson SAS September 2008 Click here for more Designing Scale Out Manufacturers should think scale when designing a water heater says Jonny Seccombe managing director of Lifescience Products HVP March 2008 Click here for more Gobbledygook In Part L Lifescience Products looks at Part L s attempt to address the problem of limescale in hot water systems HVP June 2006 Click here for more Softer Water Technical research data illustrating the softening effect of Water

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  • Lifescience | Newsletter Sign Up Page
    add your name and email address to our list to receive all the latest in news articles training information and event attendance information indicates required Email Address First Name Last Name SECTIONS HOME TECHNICAL LIBRARY DOMESTIC ORDER FORM LATEST NEWS TESTIMONIALS CONTACT SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER COMMERCIAL WATER KING NOVA FLO UV STERILISER TECHNICAL LIBRARY AQUA REX DOMESTIC WATER KING ORDER FORM DRINK KING REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGES TECHNICAL LIBRARY Lifescience Products

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  • Lifescience Order Form
    Drink King Bronze Cartridge 27 00 Drink King Scale Cartridge 50 00 Blanketweed Controllers Mains Powered WK1PPIT 110 00 Low Voltage WK1PP 125 00 Discount Code Please call our office to discuss multiple unit orders UK Post Packing Per Unit Item 6 00 For export orders please contact our sales office on 01608 811707 or email sales lifescience co uk to obtain a carriage quotation Description of goods or services Water Treatment Domestic physical water conditioners and drinking water filtration equipment including spare replacement parts Refund Policy We offer a full 100 day money back guarantee on the Water King WK1 On all other goods including the Drink King filters and replacement parts we offer a 14 day returns policy If the customer wishes to return the unit they must inform us and arrange for return postage within the time limits stated Goods must be returned unopened unused and in their original packaging Delivery Policy including delivery on split shipment of goods All deliveries are made through the Royal Mail Signed For delivery service Each item ordered is shipped separately and will be charged individually Where multiple items are ordered we will ship each item as it becomes available All

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  • Lifescience Testimonials
    and no longer need to use the creams and lotions prescribed by my doctor Mrs L Wickford The scale which had formed on the bathroom washbasin taps has softened and been cleaned away the showerhead is cleaner and the hot water reaches the taps quicker and hotter Mr L North Crawley Bucks Last month I bought a Water King unit from you more in hope than expectation I have to tell you that in three days the diffrerence was amazing We actually had bubbles in the washing up water and lather when we washed our hands instead of the slimy scum we were used to Now a month later the whole water system seems to have taken on a new lease on life The washing machinie works better we only use a fraction of the soap shower gel and washing powder we used to need and we have had to turn down the setting on our shower because the water was so hot Mr B Cheltenham It is five weeks since I installed it Water King and am very pleased with the operation with the following improvements The water does feel softer The kettle has the scale dropping off the element The washing machine powder dispenser is scale free my daughter s skin problem has improved with her hair feeling softer after washing I am impressed Mr B Longfield Kent we had our doubts whether it would be efficient as our house was built in 1910 and still contains a lot of the original iron pipework Our water supply was always very hard and it was very difficult to get a lather on the water Since we have had the Water King installed we started to notice a difference a few months afterwards and now find the water silky soft

    Original URL path: http://www.lifescience.co.uk/testimonials.php (2016-02-09)
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  • Nova Flo
    from overflowing baths basins and sinks can be costly Repairs and replacements are expensive especially in multi storey buildings where the cost and inconvenience are multiplied dramatically Nova Flo is a simple solution to the problem Invisible to the bath user it requires no extra sensors to be fitted inside the bath and no power supply to operate It is intuitively self re setting and maintenance free How does Nova Flo work Nova Flo mechanically shuts off the hot and cold water supplies to taps when the water level reaches the overflow Everything functions normally unless water pours through the overflow pipe The overflow water lifts a float in the central chamber of the unit which triggers two magnetic valves in the water supplies thereby shutting off the flow of water There remains a very small stream of water running through the taps which encourages the user to turn them off When the taps are closed the float drops and the valves re open the unit is entirely reset Nova Flo Applications Nova Flo is already installed by leading Hotels Housing Associations Landlords Student Accommodation providers Assisted Living and Nursing Homes Military Barracks and Home Owners Click here to go

    Original URL path: http://www.lifescience.co.uk/commercial-nova-flo.php (2016-02-09)
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  • Lifescience | Domestic | Water-King Blanketweed Controllers
    with the calcium ions in the water Blanket weed is a long filamentous structure and calcium plays an important role in the strength and structure of the membrane which is responsible for controlling the nutrient intake to the cell The electronic signal will disrupt the equilibrium between the calcium present in the solution and the calcium in the cell membrane upsetting the cell metabolism The membrane will have no means of preventing excess solution from entering or exiting the cell and this means that the cell will either expand and explode or shrink and die Initially the process will encourage growth and the weed will expand but once the water reaches a super conditioned state the weed will begin to die away The Water King will control the growth of the blanket weed although it may not remove it completely Do I need to do anything else It is important that you monitor the conditions of your pond water during this time as high nitrate levels and pH fluctuations will cause the blanket weed to continue to grow This is especially important if your pond is constructed of concrete as lime may leach into the pond water and cause a variation in the pH level We recommend that the nitrate level should be kept at around 25ppm or lower It may be higher than this depending upon the quality of the mains water and the filtration system installed on the pond If you are in any doubt then seek advice from your local stockist We recommend that any dead or dying blanket weed is removed in order to prevent de oxygenation and clogging of filters Regular ammonia nitrite and nitrate tests should be carried out during this period Ponds with excess amounts of decaying material can suffer from a disruption

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