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  • Links - Linda Chase
    www contemporarywriters com Literature North West www literaturenorthwest co uk National Public Radio www npr org search poetry Poetry Archive www poetryarchive org Poetry Business www poetrybusiness co uk Poetry Kit www poetrykit org Poetry Library www poetrylibrary org uk Poetry P F www poetrypf co uk Poetry Society www poetrysociety org uk Ready Steady Book www readysteadybook com search poetry Scottish Poetry Library www spl org uk Sheer Poetry

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  • Personal History - Linda Chase
    The book These Goodbyes appeared in 1995 Since Fatchance Press was very small the book was only available for sale through Louise or me but it managed to get reviewed in several small and medium sized poetry magazines I still have some copies of this book for sale Still a beginner in contemporary British poetry I enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan University on the MA course in Creative Writing I loved being a student I even attended undergraduate lectures and seminars My tutors included Michael Schmidt Jeffrey Wainwright Simon Armitage and Caron Ann Duffy I had truly come to poetry heaven From Michael I learned that poetry had in fact begun before 1950 and that it even existed outside of the United States From Jeffrey I learned how to assess and consider the written word From Simon I leaned to stand behind my own work and from Carol Ann I learned to be daring But the most exciting moment came after I finished the course work when Michael invited me to submit a manuscript to Carcanet When I graduated in 2002 38 years between my two degrees in the same subject The Wedding Spy already had been published Soon after I was invited to teach a course called Verse to the young actors at The Arden School of Theatre where I already had been teaching Tai Chi for 12 years The course which I inherited from the inspired founder of the school Wyllie Longmore soon evolved into a workshop for reading and writing poetry The young actors showed extraordinary creative energy for all aspects of poetry which made teaching this course the most exciting job I ve ever had As well I did some part time teaching at MMU on the MA and on some undergraduate writing courses These classes were also a treat for me though my first task was to teach the workshops which Carol Ann Duffy would have taught had she not been on sabbatical These are not easy shoes to step into but eventually the students forgave me for not being Carol Ann and the term went very well Through my connections with young actors and creative writing students at the university I was aware how little opportunity there was for performance of new work The actors would prepare wonderful self devised pieces that would be played for the staff and their fellow students and then never again seen The writing students would produce fine work but never have the chance to read to a group other than their fellow students I felt that these young actors playwrights and poets needed a public performance platform in order to develop their work further I started the performance series Poets and Players in 2004 which received an Arts Council grant in 2006 Funding enabled me to pay the performers as well as myself and to produce lovely leaflets for each gig Venues include my own Tai Chi Village Hall in South Manchester The Whitworth Art Gallery and St Ann

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  • Tai Chi & Poetry - Linda Chase
    exercises These are often done in pairs and small groups Linda offers week long residential courses called The Moving Line in Spain at Cortijo Romero Her course for The Poetry School is called Move and Be Moved please note that Linda uses her full name as a tai chi teacher Linda Chase Broda Article Move and Be Moved some ideas on letting go Tai Chi Personal History of Linda Chase

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  • Poets & Players - Linda Chase
    Chase Venues include The Whitworth Art Gallery The Manchester Museum St Ann s Church and the Tai Chi Village Hall in South Manchester Some performances are free Poets and Players is supported by the Arts Council Headline poets reading in the first year include Joan Poulson Grevel Lindop Michael Schmidt Jacob Polley Matthew Welton Pascale Petit New writers also perform at each gig as well as professional musicians Musicians include

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  • Reviews - Linda Chase
    experience as well as intensity of feeling She has a laid back conversational style which can contain a complex and much darker reality These Goodbyes Fatchance Press James Sale writing in Tears in the Fence 19 Linda Chase s poems are powerful and mature sensual and acerbic This is writing of a high order a directness that neither evades nor titillates a curiosity that investigates and interrogates the what ifs

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  • Readings - Linda Chase
    is natural and therefore very accessible to her audiences Because Linda s poems range in subject matter from the deeply serious to the absurdly ironic her programmes are varied and highly entertaining If you would like to book Linda for

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  • Young Men Dancing - Linda Chase
    way sticking like a magnet to the erratic rhythms of those young men their jeans curving and cupping and making promises in all directions of things to come Which way to go you must have asked yourself a dozen times at least as the young man with the smile turned this way and the young man with the dreamy eyes turned that and you were dazed in circles spinning this

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  • Lunch in Levenshulme - Poems from Young Men Dancing - Linda Chase
    deli No he said I ve had a snack already and a snooze sat here in front of the TV after I d done a morning s work in the studio My David he said more than once as he stroked the polished features of his son carved into mammoth chunks of wood His house was full of Davids other carvings drawings mirrors paintings posters right up to the ceiling

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