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  • Line and Light's July 2015 Newsletter
    s XT 10 the new baby brother to their flagship XT 1 which Bob sings about to us and with good reason The XT 1 is Fuji s CSC Compact System Camera pro body and for around 1100 gives a top quality camera to attach their large range of high quality lenses to This summer the XT 10 has been released at 499 body only and other than a lack of weather sealing seems to offer identical image quality and a slightly smaller housing which makes it that bit more pocketable I was planning to buy it with their pro spec 18 55 and 55 200mm lenses they offer budget zooms which are optically decent but are in plastic housings so not as robust as the others The kit came as a bundle through WEX or London Camera Exchange at 999 Every review I ve read describes how cracking the XT 1 system is to use and how superb the images are from it Whilst the XT 10 s tested were only pre production with the same sensor as the Xt 1 the results weren t likely to be called into question The rival contender was Canon s G3X a 1 sensor camera offering a built in 25x zoom 25 600mm and weather sealing but no EVF electronic viewfinder This came at a whopping 799 with the EVF at another 199 which placed it budget wise alongside Fuji s larger sensor XT 10 Again pre production reviews suggested good optical quality but no one had done proper testing So what to do Agonising handling sessions came into play once the G3X arrived in London Camera Exchange I think the model I ordered to view was one of the very first into the UK and this was placed with the XT 10 on the counter and compared Immediately the G3X raced ahead Start up time was swift no discernible shutter lag and no evidence of hampering camera shake 600mm is hard to hand hold however steady you are and I m NOT This is not to say the Fuji suffered from these faults it was just as nippy BUT to carry around a single body with a built in lens or have a kit bag with 2 lenses I was also stopping with the Fuji at 200mm the Canon went to 600mm I d need a third lens to match that range To listen to Bob when he tells me of blobs on his sensor which ruined a day s shooting last week or choose something where blobs are not a consideration Hmm Take a gamble on that 1 compared of the joy of a 4 3rd s Maybe The credit card flexed and as a result I ve deliberately shot 1000 frames this week to put it through its paces My brother kite surfing in the Solent James s school Lion King production his rock band playing their end of term gig and his leavers assembly on Thursday and I

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  • Line and Light's June 2015 Newsletter
    the new look website Paul ran the inaugural Motor Sports course at Cadwell Park which was a huge hit and Martine carried on preparing for her anniversary show As you might imagine with 25 years being quite a milestone her show is the subject of this month s newsletter Do read on The show is up 25 years of Architectural Photography I have been in business since July 1990 and have been lucky enough to have several notable shows during that time including a massive exhibition in Ningbo China in 2009 However what will possibly be one of the most personal event hough all of the others were my work is this summer s exhibition at Bromley House Library in Nottingham You will recognise the name as it is where How to shoot historic Interiors is based and featured in last month s newsletter Bromley House is one of my favourite buildings in the world and the show tells the story of my working life in the form of several mini shows which hang across the building on all four floors The ground floor has a collection of my favourite images from the digital collection shots form the last ten years where as lots of material taken with my beloved 5 4 Linhof Tecnikardan hangs elsewhere prints from exhibitions such as 1997 s One City One hundred years a whole room of my years working for the architectural press another room of images for The University of Nottingham and for those who missed the RIBA show at Newton Arkwright last May a chance to see some of the buildings which featured in that collection Bromley Library We held an industry Private View for my architectural clients on June 10th which was a great success with some pretty senior people from the building world present which was a lovely acknowledgement to the value they must place on my work Since then we have had another event for my family friends and assistants from across the years so that was fantastic However if you ve not seen the exhibition yet yourself and would like to do so its on until August 19th The pics below by Jon Hancock show Bob and Melanie looking at displays and family friends with me at the Private View Sporting Courses Rugby Saturday Sept 5th 79 Motor Sports at Cadwell Park Fri Sept 18th 125 Thought we would bring two events to your attention which run just after the summer break firstly on Sept 5th we are at the Nottingham Outlaws ground for the first time which is at Highfields Park near The University of Nottingham We are delighted to be working with this club who are allowing us roving access and a dedicated viewing area from above the action as well as on the touchline We re able to price point this course at a slightly lower level than with our previous location and team so if you ve not dabbled with sports as a subject

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  • Line and lIght's May 2015 Newsletter
    are not only lots of providers of DIY kits ready mades and custom built products out there but there s just as much variety in pricing too Back in the days when I was a BA hons student the preferred method of finishing and presenting our work was to do it ourselves and in the 1980 s bought I into the Maped system which is a French product with an incredibly easy to use mount cutting method Maped s cutters sit in a grooved metre rule which allows you to lock them in place and provided you hold the two together firmly on your mounting card you can cut a really straight 45 degree line ensuring proper pro quality window cuts Recalling this I thought I d do all my mount cutting myself as I did 25 years ago for my degree show but discovered my existing stock of cutting blades was depleted and my ancient ruler in poor condition from hard use Having subsequently discovered that mounting card was not the price I had remembered I then looked at the option of buying ready made window mounts instead When I was at the The Photography Show at the NEC in March there was a whole host of folk selling mounts and frames If you re wanting to mount your own images you re best sticking to standard sizes and I ve been pricing up 40x50cm mounts which are perfect for showing off A3 prints Do shop around but I latched onto Pinnacle who sell a variety of sizes and rather than buying single apertures you can buy packs of 5 or 10 which are discounted for bulk quantities This seems a sensible approach if you re not likely to make a regular habit of mounting your photos like me as gone are the days when I sold framed images to clients everything commercial goes out on DVD or via FTP upload now So having sourced my mounts I was onto frames Oh boy So much choice Gone are the days when you simply stuck your picture in the car and took it to the framer on the high street For bespoke sizes E Frame kept popping up their website is easy to use and their prices are lower than the high street with a standard delivery time of 7 9 days which is on a par with the local supplier with a shop too However if your needs are simple Sainsbury s Homebase Tesco at Home BHS Next John Lewis and lots of retailers came into the frame oh Martine these puns are dreadful but the clear winner for not only a huge variety of sizes but pretty decent quality and a cracking price was our favourite bunch of Swedes Ikea No contest As for what I m sticking into these mounts and frames Well all will be revealed on June 10th at Bromley House Library in Nottingham when the show opens to the public And there s no

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  • Line and lIght's April 2015 Newsletter
    manufacturers release their cameras with software on board that controls everything from exposure control focusing features right through to raw file handling and noise control plus a whole lot more besides Over time this will go out of date as they work ever harder to unlock newer ways of processing the information inside your camera Given the fact that you could be using all these wonderful new features now and for free it makes sense to check your camera manufacturer s website regularly You can find your camera s current firmware in the menu system on your camera It s usually listed as a number and most are shown similar to 1 10 although Canon choose to show theirs similar to 1 3 3 If you find yours is different to the latest version available then follow the instructions on the website You ll need a full camera battery or your camera s mains power supply if it came with one and memory card to copy the update onto You then load the firmware onto your camera from the memory card If you haven t done this in quite some time or never knew it was possible any updates you can find will include all the previous updates from your current version up to the latest release If you have an older model camera and you can t find an update it may be because your camera is no longer supported by the manufacturer Fuji seem to be the best at supporting their customers by listing many of their older camera s firmware updates If you can t find a current update on your manufacturer s website you might find it on an alternative website but be wary as if it s from a third party site it might cause more problems than it solves These releases are always designed to bring you the latest functionality and never remove features from your camera so you can rest assured that the camera will get better with each firmware update The bottom line is keep your camera as up to date as you do your computer and you ll enjoy using it all the more Sports Photography Cadwell Park motor racing Fast cars fast action fast photography 125 for the day Friday 15th May 2015 We re rolling them out this year folks with yet another brand NEW course to tell you about this time at glorious Cadwell Park circuit in the Lincolnshire Wolds and a day to shoot track testing for the BARC Championships to be held that weekend If you enjoyed our Rugby Sports course then this is definitely a day for you but really anyone with a desire to develop their skills in front of fast moving subject matter would benefit from attending Learning to track pan cars at speed practice using Al Servo when vehicles come towards you shooting using long lenses and pushing the depth of field on a car moving 100mph it s going to be

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  • Line and lIght's March 2015 Newsletter
    half hours worth of sky If where you are is right in the heart of the city you ll need to get up high to be able to follow as much of the action as you can The kit you ll need should be your sturdy and ever faithful tripod your camera and lenses preferably the longest one you own formatted memory cards full batteries cable release or intervalometer your solar glasses and lens filter of choice I ve heard it is possible to do it with a 10 stop ND filter but you can buy a whole variety of filters specifically designed to do this job Again Amazon is your best friend here with many different types of filter available They range from ones designed to fit over a specific lens diameter to sheets of the stuff that you can cut to size and use on several lenses images 2 3 It s also worth pointing out that you will want to remove any clear filters you might already have on the lens This will help cut out the possibility of getting double image of the sun on your images It s rather a lot like looking out into a dark night through a double glazed window and seeing two images of your self starring back Remember to put the filter back on once you re all done shooting image 4 Image Credits Image 1 www abc net au by unfoldedoregami Image 2 www rainbowsymphony net Image 3 www amazon co uk Image 4 www ibtimes co uk by zadhli So you ve got the kit and chosen the spot to shoot from what next It s not simply a case of turning up setting up and starting to shoot Ideally you ll need plenty of time to set up then some tinkering time to allow enough time to rattle off some practice exposures and focus tests Set your lens and camera to manual for shooting and choose a low ISO You ll be working with fast shutter speeds ranging from 1 500th sec to 1 8000th sec possibly even faster and also need a range of apertures too f8 f16 To begin with you ll need a narrow aperture and fast shutter e g 1 8000th sec f16 and as you reach maximum eclipse you ll need a wider aperture and slower shutter speed e g 1 500th f8 It can take a couple of attempts to get the right balance between shutter speed and aperture for the optimum exposure but take note of the ones that work as you ll be using them again once the maximum eclipse is over These settings will differ greatly depending on how dark the filter is in front of your lens The darker filters can mean you ll have less flare and over exposure issues The bonus of lighter filters may be that you own one already However to cut out too much extra light means you ll need to stop

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  • Line and lIght's February 2015 Newsletter
    Portraiture at the Rugby on the Summer Gardens course and on our Stage 3 Refining skills course These represent just a fraction of the fabulous pictures which Bob Dan Paul and I saw on the back screen of your cameras whilst we were out with you and would love to be able to create a second volume of highlights for release later in the spring If you have any great shots that you think would work well in this format do email us some jpegs a minimum of 1500px wide but below 5MB and we ll add them to the list You don t need to worry about them being lifted for use by others they re embedded within the video and it would be extremely difficult to extract them Instead we ll put your name by them and use them to illustrate your photographic adventures with Line Light It would be super to illustrate different course activities next time so if you were on any of the architectural itineraries flash or Stage 1 or 2 that would be fab A huge thank you to the kind folk whose pics are up first we re as proud of them as you are Changes to courses for 2015 Our very popular Learn Photography courses have traditionally been rolled out as a three stage platform with regular Stage 1 dates where getting folk off the green square was key to the teaching input This led to Stage 2 where shutter speed aperture control were introduced and finally Stage 3 which covered the principles of colour light with hands on practice in portraiture and closeup macro to illustrate these concepts O ver the last year we ve been talking about introducing another tier to slip between the current Stage 2 3 This would firm up on aperture shutter priority confidence explore metering and focus in more detail savvy with tracking motion spot metering to introduce filters with the use of polarisers grads and ND s for greater exposure control establishing RAW shooting for quality We re bringing the dusk low light section down from what will become the new Stage 4 and placing it into Stage 3 We know how popular the hands on session is for lighting studio portraiture with our model plus close up and macro so we re extending the practical element of the new Day 4 so that you can all get the most out of the experience there too The Stage 1 course will remain at 69 Stages 2 and 3 at 79 and Stage 4 with the model at 99 We are confident that bringing in the new workshop will allow photographers to increase their skills with their camera and therefore lead to confident shooting across a whole variety of situations from days out holidays family events or sporting activities Come and join us for the new Stage 3 on Saturday 9th May Shoot modern architecture this spring 99 Friday 24th April 2015 Jubilee Campus Nottingham Jubilee

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  • Line and lIght's January 2015 Newsletter
    based on your own personal choice but never stray from thinking you can avoid backing up regularly Are you happiest with all your images in one location copied across multiple discs or shared on a cloud based system Storing one copy of your photographs in one place is a bit like putting all your eggs into one basket fine until the basket gets dropped Once something happens to a disc drive the recovery can be a costly and time consuming process which is not always guaranteed to achieve success either By copying your images to a second hard drive you re building in insurance against losing images further down the line This does mean that you ll need to develop a routine to keep the second copies current and up to date with any changes you ve made to the original files as and when you work on them Weekly monthly or as often as you create new work is entirely down to how prolific you are with your photography and editing The cloud storage remotely via the web options available these days are great but only if you re comfortable storing your images off site on a server somewhere else in the world The bonus is that no matter what happens at home you ll always have the cloud based storage to fall back on There are however always costs involved with this solution and limits on your storage allocation but you can always purchase more space later should you need it The added benefit with this style of storage is that it s accessible anywhere in the world so as long as you have your laptop and log in details to hand you re all set to edit on the go The downside Some people feel that it is vulnerable to hackers corruption and the whims of the cloud provider There are multiple disc systems available specifically designed to make a copy your work across as many drives as you have or prefer to back up to They can be configured to do this as you create or save work alternatively back ups can be made at the end of the day week month and even the year The systems can create a back up as a straight copy on one or more discs or it can share the data across a few discs So with the price of disc drives getting cheaper it makes more sense to start planning something to be safe now rather than sorry later The key thing is to regularly keep on updating the backups you have as it s so much easier to do a little bit often than a lot infrequently By keeping your images safe and backed up you ll never need to worry about loosing great memories and images through accident theft or failure of hardware It s also worth baring in mind that backing up your whole computer is just as important as keeping your images nice and

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  • Line and lIght's December 2014 Newsletter
    brilliant 2015 ahead Do read on Pixel Peeping to get you ahead of the game Shopping can be a simple matter of buying what you need like and trust But how do you go about buying a new lens or camera body One way is to go into a shop and have a good look at the item concerned you re then putting your new purchase into the hands of the advice in the shop on the day The other option is to ask someone who already owns one and then it s down to how well the item suited them as to whether you get a good review or a bad one But what if there was a way of seeing the images you could take with the kit your e looking at buying without the need to buy it first Well the magic answer is yes there is It s a simple website that covers almost all the lens and camera manufacturers that you could need Pixel Peeper is a great way to see the images that other photographers have already taken using the kit and as we all love looking at great images it can become a great resource as an image bank for ideas and inspiration too It is a fairly easy website to use click a manufacturer and then chose the gear you re looking for and then the website really starts to excel You ll see a whole host of images with all the relevant camera settings included It also gives you similar alternatives to think about review links as well as more places to look at for buying options too It s the smartest way of looking and trying before you buy How to use Adobe Lightroom 2015 Workshops Now with two skill levels Stage 1 Saturday 31st January 2015 Stage 2 Saturday 14th March 2016 Following last month s launch of Astrophotography only a couple of places left on the second date now March 1st we bring you news of another new course for 2015 To compliment our Stage 1 Lightroom Workshop we are introducing a second day which will take you deeper into this brilliant software and image finishing More people seem to be using a double combo now of Lightroom together with Elements and whilst the Elements 13 brings benefits in post production akin to those of the Pro Photoshop software the raw processor is quite basic compared to that of Lightroom s Our Stage 1 course with Dan continues to look at the set up and import method cataloguing and basic raw processing but for those who have good working practices established the Stage 2 day takes you into further creativity together with output options for print and web resolution images The ability to create slide shows and webpages is also covered As with all software the more you delve the more shortcuts for quicker work flow you ll need That s also included in stage 2 work smarter

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